Gun Control Is A Four Letter Word

April 17, 2023 0

Gun Control Is A Four Letter Word By: Bill the Butcher You cannot deny that America has a gun issue. It is so bad that when an active shooter does his thing the average American […]


Kamala Harris: The ‘Grand Inquisitor’

June 18, 2022 1

Kamala: the new grand inquisitor By: M.B. Mathews Because Kamala Harris has done such a stellar job as Border Czar, Joe Biden wants her to head up the “White House Task Force to Address Online […]


It’s Impossible to Outlaw “Crazy”

September 5, 2019 0

It’s Impossible to Outlaw “Crazy” Note from KrisAnne: This is an entry under our guest author series by Victor Sperondeo. Mr. Sperandeo was a 2008 inductee into the Trader Hall of Fame by Trader Magazine […]

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