Vaccines: The True Purpose of CA SB276

August 31, 2019 0

The True Purpose of CA SB276 By Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., Children’s Health Defense Chairman Merck introduced its measles vaccine in 1963, claiming the vaccine would convey lifelong immunity equivalent to a natural infection, with […]



September 3, 2016 0

by Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer All of these videos have been around for a while but they are worth re watching and sharing because they explain exactly how fear is sold and used as […]


Vaccines: Let’s Take A Peek Beneath The Hood

November 15, 2015 0

TLB: Listen to recorded show with TLB and Dr. Susanne Humphries below this article. It is dangerous to let the public behind the scenes. They are easily disillusioned and then they are angry with you, […]

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