The Wuhan Cover Up, By RFK Jr.

August 11, 2023 0

The Wuhan Cover Up, By RFK Jr. By: Robert Malone The title of US Presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy Jr.’s new book, The Wuhan Cover Up, does not really represent the scope and nature of […]


The Covid Response Museum

March 12, 2023 0

The Covid Response Museum By: Bhaskaran Raman •••• •••• The world’s Covid response has been steeped in such absurdities and atrocities. Worse, there has thus far been little accountability for the human right violations. The […]


Major New Statement On Medical Freedom

January 24, 2023 0

Major New Statement on Medical Freedom By: Brownstone Institute This letter has been signed by Dr. Rachel Corbett, Dr. George Fareed, Dr. Melanie Gisler, Dr. Brian Hooker, Dr. Pierre Kory, Dr. Katarina Lindley, Dr. James […]


The Nuremberg Code – 1947 & Today

April 1, 2022 0

Nuremberg, 1947 By: Aaron Kheriaty In the 1930s, German medicine and German healthcare institutions were widely considered the most advanced in the world. However, subtle but enormously consequential shifts had been underway decades before Hitler […]



November 26, 2014 0

By: Jefferey Jaxen Modern medicine and the world community currently find themselves at a moral, ethical, and legal crossroads. The recent public admittance of Dr. William Thompson as well as other information being forced to […]