America’s Medical Dictator

April 24, 2022 2

A Medical Dictator By: Jim Hollingsworth I believe that Dr. Anthony Fauci is a medical dictator, and I have reached this conclusion through personal experience. Under his ‘guidance’ at the NIH, every level of government […]

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Are You Aware Of Big Pharma’s Impressive Records?

February 14, 2016 0

Catherine J. Frompovich,  Waking Times Everyone probably is familiar with the world population growth clock. Likewise, there’s the time-bomb-like clockwork for the United States national debt. But has anyone ever imagined what a clock would […]

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Big Pharma Exposed by Insiders and Many Others

February 9, 2016 0

by Anticorruptionsociety HONORABLE SCIENTISTS AND RESEARCHERS HAVE BEEN EXPOSING THE TRUTH ABOUT BIG PHARMA  . . . FOR DECADES! By AL Whitney © copyround 2016 Permission is granted for redistribution if linked to original and […]


The Truth About the Rockefeller Drug Empire

October 7, 2015 0

By Hans Ruesch BIG PHARMA’S SEEDY SECRET HISTORY! In the 30’s, Morris A. Bealle, a former city editor of the old Washington Times and Herald, was running a county seat newspaper, in which the local […]