Summer Surprise: The Looming Biden Replacement

June 16, 2024 0

By: William Sullivan In February, I predicted that it can’t be Joe Biden representing the Democratic Party in November, and that he would be replaced sometime in the summer before the Democratic National Convention. The […]


It Doesn’t Matter Who The Democrat Nominee Is

March 6, 2024 0

It Doesn’t Matter Who the Democrat Nominee Is By: Matt Kane From the moment Joe Biden illegitimately took office, whispers about whether he would run again in 2024 began. Biden himself even said the quiet […]


Why the Democrats Can’t Replace Biden

March 1, 2024 0

Why the Democrats Can’t Replace Biden By: Brian Burke After the release of Special Counsel Kennth Hur’s report on Joe Biden’s mishandling classified documents and then the President’s performance several hours later in his hastily […]


I Sure Am Glad I’m Not Biden’s Food-Taster!

December 10, 2023 0

I sure am glad I’m not Biden’s food-taster! By: Mark C. Ross Few things are as enjoyable as watching one’s political opponents wrestle on the horns of a dilemma. Today’s Democrats are trying to reconcile […]


Hillary Just Won’t Go Away!

October 7, 2023 0

Hillary just won’t go away By: Marcus Ebenhack Hillary Clinton has to be the Rasputin of 21st century American politics. Grigori Rasputin – the “Mad Monk” — was a Russian religious fanatic who managed to […]


Republicans Must Impeach Biden

September 10, 2023 2

Republicans Must Impeach Biden By:  Lewis Dovland There is a reason the issue of impeaching President Biden has finally come into the spotlight, and it isn’t what you may think. The Republicans have neither the […]


I Love That Little Girl 

July 24, 2023 1

I Love That Little Girl By: Bill the Butcher Had a most interesting chat with a supporter today. Terri, in North Carolina has been a follower of mine for years. She has bought into every […]

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