Suicidal Elite attacks Wolf: Tipping point looms.

January 12, 2024 1

The attack on Dr Naomi Wolf and her DailyClout website provides a fascinating  insight into the lengths the criminal elite will go to to prevent exposure of their crimes. The attack, described vividly in the […]


The Meaning of Tucker Carlson

May 5, 2023 1

The Meaning of Tucker Carlson By: Naomi Wolf •••• The whole world is commenting on and speculating about the abrupt departure of former Fox commentator Tucker Carlson from that network. Addressing the current moment is […]


‘The greatest crime against humanity’

April 28, 2023 1

ER Editor: Kanekoa The Great reproduced this article in crib note form on twitter today (April 27): .@NaomiRWolf ‘The Greatest Crime Against Humanity In History’: 11 Revelations From Pfizer’s Vaccine Documents #1: Pfizer knew their […]


TLBTalk Radio: The Globalist War Against Humanity

June 20, 2022 0

TLBTalk Radio (E22): The Globalist War Against Humanity (Archived) Listen to Archived Show below Intro See Talking Points & Links below Archived Show •••• (SHOW SPONSOR) •••• Commentary by your Host: Roger Landry (TLB) Hello […]


Witness the Last Stage of a Tyrannical Takeover

June 19, 2022 0

Story at-a-glance There are 10 steps that leaders who want to crush a democracy will always take. We are now in Step 10, and traitors are dissolving the boundaries and sovereignty of the United States. […]

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