It’s the End of the World

June 24, 2024 0

Commentary/Satire by Bill the Butcher It’s the end of the world! Call in the dogs and pee on the fire. The impossible has now become possible and the loyal opposition has fallen on their swords. […]


Asteroid Anyone?

January 3, 2024 0

Asteroid Anyone? Commentary/Satire by: Bill the Butcher  What do Netanyahu, Putin, and Kim Jong Un all have in common? I’ll make this quick because I have a lot to say. I’m gonna prophesize  here. An […]


You Weren’t Worried About WWIII Then

August 16, 2023 0

You Weren’t Worried About WWIII Then Commentary by: Bill the Butcher Trump was the first American President to visit Korea since Jesus was a corporal. He flew in to meet with Won Hun Lo and […]


Russia Has Never & Will Never Win a War

January 4, 2023 3

Russia Has Never & Will Never Win a War Poli-tickle thoughts by Woodward & Witt The image of Russia being a world power has been effectively unmasked in the last eleven months by its incursion […]


Dems Systematically Destroying Our Military

November 1, 2022 1

Democrats are systematically destroying our military By: Andrea Widburg A little over a week ago, the Heritage Foundation issued a report that did not get the attention it deserves. The report is entitled “2023 Index […]

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