Russia Has Never & Will Never Win a War

January 4, 2023 3

Russia Has Never & Will Never Win a War Poli-tickle thoughts by Woodward & Witt The image of Russia being a world power has been effectively unmasked in the last eleven months by its incursion […]


Dems Systematically Destroying Our Military

November 1, 2022 1

Democrats are systematically destroying our military By: Andrea Widburg A little over a week ago, the Heritage Foundation issued a report that did not get the attention it deserves. The report is entitled “2023 Index […]


It’s Time to Admit the Left is Malevolent

June 14, 2022 0

It is time to admit that the American left is malevolent By: Patricia McCarthy An assassin attempts to murder a sitting Supreme Court Justice and the NYT puts it on page 20 and the Sunday […]


Joe Biden – Delusional Americans Are Imagining Inflation

February 27, 2022 0

Joe Biden says delusional Americans are imagining inflation By: Andrea Widburg Hard-left podcaster Brian Tyler Cohen interviewed Biden. The topics were what would expect—Biden’s race- and sex-based Supreme Court nominee, claims that Trump and other […]

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