KEN’S CORNER: Dreams of Liberty

September 26, 2023 0

KEN’S CORNER: Dreams of Liberty Commentary by: TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive The nightmare: It is six o’clock in the morning, and my eyes feel like they have sand in them. I went to bed […]


KEN’S CORNER: Liberty’s Spontaneous Combustion

August 22, 2023 2

KEN’S CORNER: Liberty’s Spontaneous Combustion Commentary by TLB Contributing Writer: Ken LaRive Let’s look at the truth of the matter. Lets look at Liberty exploding in a ball of fire… Yes Hurricane Hillary brought her […]


The Weaponization of Justice

August 13, 2023 0

The Weaponization of Justice By: Clarice Feldman If you read nothing else this week, read Victor Davis Hanson’s article in American Greatness detailing how Obama began “the most radical revolutions” in our history. As legal matters […]


Kamala Harris’s … Population Bomb

July 22, 2023 0

Kamala Harris’s Population Bomb By: Jeffrey Folks Kamala Harris recently came out with another shocking statement, and one that made it clear just where progressives stand on euthanasia, the right to life, and related issues. […]


KEN’S CORNER: What Have We Become?

July 11, 2023 1

Author’s note: Our world, our life, our Constitutional Republic before Obama was quite different then what it has become by mandate. We are now completely at the mercy of an unsustainable debt that went from […]


Foretelling America’s Descent Into Totalitarianism

June 13, 2023 0

Foretelling America’s Descent into Totalitarianism By: Jeffrey Folks Michael Polanyi was born at a particularly inauspicious place and time: in Budapest, Hungary, in March of 1891, just as central Europe was heading toward two devastating […]

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