Obama on Congress: ‘They Order Me to Spend’

January 14, 2013 0

( – President Barack Obama said Congress must raise the debt ceiling without cutting any federal spending to avoid being a “dead beat nation” and added that Congress orders him to spend money as the […]


Obama Signs Bill Giving Him Armed Protection For Life

January 12, 2013 0

Despite launching a gun control agenda that threatens to disarm the American people, President Obama has signed a bill that would afford him armed Secret Service protection for life. “The legislation, crafted by Republican Rep. […]


The Scandal That Will Bring Obama Down

January 12, 2013 1

It’s even worse than we previously thought. A retired four-star admiral is now claiming that Barack Obama intentionally conspired with America’s enemies to stage a bogus attack and the kidnapping of an American ambassador so […]


House Dems Say President Can Raise Debt Ceiling

January 9, 2013 1

WASHINGTON (AP) — House Democrats say President Barack Obama should consider invoking a little-known constitutional provision that they say gives him the power to raise the debt ceiling without going through Congress, where Republicans are […]


Obama Vows More Tax Increases

January 2, 2013 0

President Obama this morning pocketed the Republican concessions on tax hikes included in the Fiscal Cliff deal and promised that it was only the beginning of new taxation to be assessed on the American people. […]

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