Biden’s Big Cookbook For Inflation

November 16, 2021 0

Joe Biden’s big cookbook for inflation By:Jack Hellner Joe Biden says we must pass his huge slush-fund social-spending package now in the works in Congress in order to reduce inflation. Since when does throwing money […]


Wake Up! … The Real Constitutional Crisis is Upon Us

February 2, 2021 0

The Real Constitutional Crisis is Upon Us By: John Green We’ve heard repeated claims over the course of the Trump presidency that we’re facing a constitutional crisis. We’ve been told that everything from executive orders […]



May 22, 2019 0

US vs. THEM (PART II) by Jim Quinn via The Burning Platform blog In Part I of this article I discussed why the “Us versus Them” mindset permeates society and how Trump has become a lightning rod […]


Once Again, I Ask: Why Vote Republican?

March 24, 2018 0

Once Again, I Ask: Why Vote Republican? By Brian C. Joondeph Every few months, Republicans behave stupidly, causing their voters to again ask themselves, “Why vote Republican?”  Supporting congressional Republicans seems an exercise in futility – […]


Killing Obamacare

November 7, 2017 0

Killing Obamacare by Bill Muckler | TLB Contributing Author Antonio Galis, an insurance agent from Sunshine Life and Health Advisors, discusses with a client plans available in the third year of the Affordable Care Act […]


Here Is The Leaked Trump Tax Plan

September 27, 2017 0

Here Is The Leaked Trump Tax Plan via ZeroHedge and Tyler Durden This afternoon, during a speech in Indianapolis, President Trump was expected to reveal, for the first time, the details of the long-anticipated Republican tax […]


Health Care’s Four Horsemen [VIDEO]

June 24, 2017 0

Health Care’s Four Horsemen By Eileen F. Toplansky Should the Senate Republican health care reform legislation pass, it will usher in another house of horrors just like Obama’s patently not affordable health care law. In […]

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