US Army’s Recruiting Crisis Worsens

September 18, 2022 4

US Army’s Recruiting Crisis Worsens Test Scores Drop, Disqualifications Rates Surge BY TYLER DURDEN The US Army has a major recruiting problem and can’t find enough young people who meet the basic requirements to enlist, according to Army […]


Fat Britain and how to slim it down a bit

April 22, 2022 0

Here is a neat in-a-nutshell briefing from Dr Aseem Malhotra that concisely summarises how, by taking responsibility for our own habits, we can uplift our own health, wellbeing, immunity and so forth – and indeed […]


Autism & Obesity: Common Ground & Origins?

October 3, 2018 0

Autism and Obesity: Common Ground and Origins? Contributed to TLB by: The Children’s Health Defense Team Almost two decades into the twenty-first century, the state of children’s health in the U.S. could scarcely be more […]


Six Toxic Artificial Sweeteners Approved By The FDA

January 18, 2017 3

These 6 Toxic Artificial Sweeteners Are Still Approved By The FDA By: Natasha Longo Artificial sweeteners prime the human body to selectively choose high-calorie foods. By disrupting the fine balance of appetite and metabolic hormones, […]

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