Russia and China have had enough

May 26, 2024 0

. ER Editor: A round up of the week on the geopolitical front from Pepe Escobar. ******** Russia and China have had enough Both have had enough of being “polite”. You want confrontation? Confrontation is […]


De-Dollarization Bombshell

May 16, 2024 0

De-Dollarization Bombshell The Coming of BRICS+ Decentralized Monetary Ecosystem PEPE ESCOBAR Get ready for what may well be the geo-economic bombshell of 2024: the coming of a decentralized monetary ecosystem. Welcome to The Unit – a concept […]


The Nuland – Budanov – Tajik – Crocus connection

March 27, 2024 0

ER Editor: Readers may also be interested in this piece by Thierry Meyssan for further background — Moscow attack reminds us of the links between Islamists and Kiev’s fundamentalist nationalists It doesn’t matter whether the attack […]


It’s War: The Real Meat Grinder Starts Now

March 24, 2024 0

ER Editor: Pepe Escobar below pulls together all the threads, taking into account the massacre at the Crocus Theatre in Moscow on Friday evening, with the current death toll standing at around 133 at least. […]


Will BRICS launch a new world in 2024?

March 16, 2024 0

ER Editor: Notice the mention of a new financial system below, already in place with Russia to greenlight it. Is this the QFS, we wonder? ******** Will BRICS launch a new world in 2024? BRICS […]


Axis of Resistance from Donbass to Gaza

February 18, 2024 0

ER Editor: We remind readers that Pepe Escobar never factors in Trump’s continuing role as Commander in Chief, nor that there is a global military alliance of ‘good’ guys (anti-cabal) involving 35 countries worldwide. Escobar […]


How Yemen Changes Everything

December 30, 2023 0

ER Editor: Who’s still US Commander in Chief? If that’s taken into consideration, this all makes a lot more sense. It’s a takedown of Neocons / Zionists, not a confrontation of military powers. (So what’s […]

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