How hard is it to Hack the US Election?

October 15, 2019 0

How hard is it to Hack the US Election? By: Emily Green Can America’s democracy be hacked? Many security researchers have looked into the voting system and have found countless loopholes. However, many questions have […]


Why independent websites matter {more than ever!}

October 8, 2019 0

Greetings to whoever stumbles upon this article! We hope you stick around to read it. We’re going to talk about the current state of “communication” (in quotes on purpose) in the world today. Why independent websites matter […]


YouTube’s Latest Purge [Video]

June 7, 2019 0

YouTube’s Latest Purge Video sharing platform enforces new rules against “extremist content” by Kit Knightly YouTube has just announced they have changed their “community standards” to combat “extremist content” on their platform. This is just […]

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