God-Given Rights & The Schools

February 10, 2023 0

God-given Rights and the Schools By: Sheri Few State legislatures, along with enthusiastic parents, are proposing parental rights legislation. A national group tracking parental rights legislation reports that 15 states have adopted statutes that “protect” […]


Bill Gates Global Takeover Is Official

December 26, 2022 0

STORY AT-A-GLANCE The World Health Organization has become extraordinarily conflicted, primarily through its funding, and by serving corporate masters, it fails miserably at promoting global health The WHO will form the foundation for a one […]


COVID Communism Has Been Contagious

December 20, 2022 0

COVID Communism Has Been Contagious By:  J.B. Shurk Now that we’re approaching the three-year anniversary of COVID-1984’s global demolition (or “Great Reset” in World Economic Forum parlance), reality looks very different from what many people […]


Mayorkas Earned His Looming Impeachment

December 7, 2022 1

Alejandro Mayorkas has earned his looming impeachment By: William J. Davis Sometime next year, it is likely that Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas will be impeached for his role in opening up […]


The War On Humanity Continues

November 1, 2022 0

The War on Humanity Continues By: Michael Lesher A year ago, after a melancholy Halloween that more resembled a funeral than a holiday, I published an article I called “A War against Humanity.” I wanted […]


WITNESS: A Massive Indictment of the Democrat Party

October 8, 2022 2

A massive indictment of the Democrat party By: Ed Brodow The U.S. Constitution, by limiting federal power, is designed to protect the individual citizen from external coercion. “Man should not be in the service of […]


WITNESS: The Unbearable Miseries Of Democrats

September 30, 2022 1

The unbearable miseries of Democrats By: Ron Ross Democrats and the Left have a long and ever-expanding list of concerns: climate change, white supremacy, rising sea levels, non-organic vegetables, insufficient diversity, COVID, systemic racism, population […]

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