Look out! Climate Fibbing crisis!

September 28, 2022 0

Intro by Jon Davy This featured article from Electroverse highlights a fascinating climate phenomenon: Global Fibbing. Global Fibbing is the belching forth of  bare-faced lies, exaggerations and “predictions” that, predictably, turn out not just to […]


The non-meek shall inherit the Earth

September 24, 2022 0

by The Masked Writer Regarding the Covid19 psyop, the evidence is overwhelming that: The government lied cynically on several fronts and fabricated from false reports and false stats a smoke-and-mirrors “health emergency” that was intended […]


Unsafe, ineffective and downright lethal . . . . . .

September 23, 2022 0

Intro by Steve Cook Here is a very insightful analysis of the many falsehoods we were told, with evident malice aforethought by malevolent globalist cadres infiltrated into our media and government. These things are important […]


How to salvage the energy shipwreck

September 19, 2022 1

Intro by Steve Cook The featured article below is from The Conservative Woman. It lays out concisely what MUST be done immediately to salvage the economy from the “energy crisis” shipwreck caused by decades of […]

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