Even a Monkey Knows What It Means to be Free

July 19, 2015 2

“Man is not a rational animal, he is a rationalizing animal.” Assignment in Eternity (1953) Roger Sayles’ mentor, John Benson, went to great lengths and much personal sacrifice to uncover the legal concepts and facts presented […]


AIPAC: Anti-Iranian Propaganda at Congress

July 17, 2015 0

  By David Swanson Here’s AIPAC’s statement: “AIPAC Statement on Proposed Iran Nuclear Agreement“AIPAC has consistently supported diplomatic efforts to end Iran’s nuclear weapons program,” Except when lobbying for ever greater sanctions that would have […]


Project Paperclip: Nazis in America

June 28, 2015 0

By: John W. Whitehead Few Americans have heard of Project Paperclip. Among those who have, the majority do not know its true extent because the U.S. government has successfully concealed most of the facts surrounding […]

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