Fauci As Darth Vader Of The “Health” Wars

December 1, 2021 0

Fauci As Darth Vader Of The COVID Wars Post by Tyler Durden | Written by Pepe Escobar Robert F Kennedy Jr’s The Real Anthony Fauci: Bill Gates, Big Pharma and the Global War on Democracy and […]


The WHO, An Institution Of Corruption

November 25, 2021 1

Story at-a-glance Fundamental corruption at the World Health Organization (WHO) contributed to manufacturing a “test pandemic” Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg, former head of health at the Council of Europe, explains that a pandemic used to be […]


Awake vs. Unawake: When Fear Destroys Common Sense

November 21, 2021 0

The Awake Versus the Unawake: When Fear Destroys Common Sense By: MB Bose For the past 18 months, we have witnessed continuous mind-numbing propaganda of fear and division, ongoing scientific censorship, and unreasonable political agendas […]


WHO database reveals horror show

November 19, 2021 0

Intro by Watchdog The Source of the following excellent article is here. The website Covid Call to Humanity is an excellent resource for thought-provoking articles and I highly recommend it. Before we get into the […]


Vaxx Status Is Temporary … Boosters for Life Required

November 17, 2021 1

Story at-a-glance Major health organizations across the world have changed several definitions of medical terms, including the definitions for “vaccine,” “herd immunity” and “pandemic,” which in turn have a significant impact on everyday life. The […]

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