Governor Brown Signs AB499 Allowing Shots Without Parental Consent

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

The subject of the article below AB499, although signed into law in 2011 by CA Governor Brown, still needs to be considered as one of the greatest examples of Medical Tyranny of our time.

I remember my out-burst when seeing the headline, “THIS IS OUTRAGEOUS!”  I was angry and almost without words!

Today, I am again begging you to talk to your children about vaccines and  I encourage you to get them involved and talking with their friends. Pharma is preying on children and they are attempting to make it so teens and children will see non-vaxers as stupid and as the enemy. With their game plan in place to vaccinate without parental consent all of us need to step up our educational efforts. With this kind of Medical Tyranny in place, can you imagine what the future holds?

As a person who has suffered from the impact of a vaccine injury I am asking you to PLEASE take this serious and get involved because they are pushing vaccines for minor illnesses and for the childhood illnesses that are required to build a Healthy Immune System. I will even go as far as to say they are inventing diseases to vaccinate for. As non / anti vaxers we have to do more than talk about vaccine dangers online, we have to move this fight offline into the real world and start protecting everyone by protesting vaccines and bringing natural immunity to the childhood illnesses back. THIS IS HOW WE END THE MADNESS! (CW)


Governor Brown Signs AB499 Allowing Shots Without Parental Consent

by Sarah


The Gardasil vaccine package insert is 30 pages long.

That’s right.  30 PAGES LONG!

California Governor Jerry Brown thinks your 12 year old child is old enough to competently read and digest this information and to decide whether or not to accept this vaccine and/or the Hepatitis B jab without your knowledge or consent.

 But wait!  There’s more.

Any new vaccines for sexually transmitted diseases that are released in the future are covered by this law as well.

Here’s the kicker:

If your child suffers any disability from these vaccines that you never consented to, you still have to foot the bill and the companies that manufactured the vaccines are free of any liability!

This law was sponsored by political lackeys in the pocket of Merck who are either on the take (legislator Toni Atkins who lied about the money she received) or own a significant stake in the company (CA assemblywoman Sally Leiber who was forced to remove her name on the bill when her conflict of interest was revealed).

This shocking breach of parental rights goes into effect tomorrow.

 It seems the citizens of California need to storm the Capitol steps to demand the repeal of this law borne of greed and corruption immediately much the same as the citizens of Texas succeeded in getting Governor Rick Perry to eat crow and apologize publicly for his overreaching executive order requiring all girls to be vaccinated with Gardasil without exception.

At least one positive thing will most certainly come out of this law.  The number of families choosing to homeschool in California will definitely be on the increase!


12 year old girl injured by the HPV vaccine.



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4 Comments on Governor Brown Signs AB499 Allowing Shots Without Parental Consent

  1. Mandatory Vaccination is against the Nuremberg Code…No one can be forced to submit to any medical procedure without “informed consent”…and we DO NOT have true Informed Consent when it comes to Vaccines….
    There has never been a long term controlled blind study done on any vaccine…vaxed vs non-vaxed!
    Please look up Jacobson vs Massachusetts which went to the Supreme Court.
    I tell everyone to Investigate BEFORE you Vaccinate…Do not submit to vaccines while you are pregnant…and make sure you have a birth plan where your baby will not receive vaccinations or a Vitamin K shot at birth…without your permission….You might avoid a trip to the Hospital to the NICU unit….or even worse…the death of a child.
    Silent Epidemic; The Untold Story of Vaccines Movie Dire

  2. I am currently in the UK I was STUPID enough to allow my kids to have the M.M.R .and I REGRETTED it ever since both are SEVERALLY mentally handicapped my 3rd daughter I did not allow her to have it and she and the grandaughter is good but unfortunately my grandson is NOT now I am HORRIFIED THAT U.S.A. now allows that to happen .Jowett dare any person have the right TO SAY what a mother or a parent gas to do or not do with their own children….It is disgusting and Immorale …. If I was in the USA believe me I WOULD TAKE THIS TO THE HUMAN COURT RIGHRS I AM FURIOUS WHAT CALIFORNIA HAS DONE HOW DARE THEY …..AND TO SUBJECT BABIES TO ILLNESS AND AUTISIM IS DEPLORABLE …I’M ABSOLUTELY DISGUSTED AT AMERICA ALLOWING THIS ..

  3. What a dirt bag. Does he have children or grandchildren if so they may reap the rewards of these shots. Remember karma’s out there.

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