Was 12-Year-Old Vaccine Boy a Hoax?

Preface By Christopher Wyatt | TLB staff writer/documentary producer

Earlier this week I posted an article about the twelve year old “vaccine boy” Marco Arturo who was promoting vaccines as being safe. I immediately called this kid out as a hoax due to the scripted video and professional camera work / editing that simply do not follow the mindset of a person his age or any person doing an at home video. Now others are coming forth with evidence of the fraud.

The first bit of damning evidence is that this kid was sponsored by Walgreens and shared by Ashton Kutcher’s media company A Plus. The problem is how fast this was shared and how certain people knew about the video way too fast. According to Levi Quackenboss’s blog Walgreens has dropped their sponsorship of  Marco Arturo’s article due to a campaign by Hear This Well and parents of vaccine injured children. As a person who was nearly killed by the Hepatitis B  vaccine this kid angers me but I also feel sorry for him because I know he is being exploited. Take a look at the following video because it proves “vaccine boy” to be a total fraud and it proves that something really sinister going on behind the scenes. The true villains in this are the parents, the pharmaceutical industry, and the PR firm that decided to use a kid to promote vaccines as being safe.

Parents PLEASE talk to your children because the video from this kid is the first wave of videos from children and teens pushing vaccines as being safe. What is being done is a dangerous new tactic and we as non vaxers have to move forward and step up our game to educate and protect humanity. (CW)

Was 12-Year-Old Vaccine Boy a Hoax?

by Forrest Maready



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