Cannabinoids & Autoimmune Disease

June 15, 2017 0

 Cannabinoids for Autoimmune Disease By: Ali Le Vere, B.S., B.S. “This unjustly demonized plant is about to change the scope of medicine and disease management as we know it.” Historical Maligning of Marijuana Although legalizing recreational marijuana is […]


Russia-gate’s Mythical ‘Heroes’

June 9, 2017 2

Russia-gate’s Mythical ‘Heroes’ The mainstream U.S. media sells the mythical integrity of fired FBI Director Comey and special Russia-gate prosecutor Mueller, but the truth is they have long histories as pliable political operatives, writes ex-FBI […]


Did Comey Violate Laws When Leaking The Trump Memo?

June 9, 2017 0

Did Comey Violate Laws In Leaking The Trump Memo? By: Jonathan Turley One of the most interesting new disclosures today in the Comey hearing was the admission by former FBI Director James Comey that he intentionally […]

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