Profit Maximization is Easy … Invest in Violence

September 8, 2017 0

Profit Maximization is Easy: Invest in Violence By TLB Contributing Author: Robert J. Burrowes For those of us committed to systematically reducing and, one day, ending human violence, it is vital to understand what is […]


Time to Close the Foreign Investors Tax Loophole

September 6, 2017 0

Time to Close the Foreign Investors Tax Loophole By Howard Richman, Raymond Richman, and Jesse Richman Congress will put together a tax reform bill with the goal of eliminating tax loopholes, simplifying the tax system […]


Freedom from Mind-Controlled Education

September 5, 2017 0

Freedom from Mind-Controlled Education by Jon Rappoport Over the past few years, I’ve written extensively about clap-trap higher education, which is turning out to be a combination of values-indoctrination, peer pressure, conformity, Leftist ideology, peppered […]

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