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Is the Christmas tree to blame for global warming?

February 10, 2016 0

Is the Christmas tree to blame for global warming? By Reuters Researchers say Europe’s shift to dark green forests of conifers such as pine and spruce has ‘stoked’ global warming Conifers such as pines and […]

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Pentagon tasked with fighting phantom menace

February 8, 2016 0

Article preface by Ralph Ely (TLB) Coming for a military, broadcast media and business management background, (in that order) it is almost ingrained into my thought process to be skeptical and ask questions.  So you […]

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How to Geoengineer a Planet with Jet Fuel

February 6, 2016 0

The History of Artificial Clouds: How to Geoengineer a Planet with Jet Fuel by Pam Jones | TLB Staff writer/reporter | Jim Lee Contributor  Contrails? Chemtrails? Geoengineering? Weather Modification? Weather Warfare?  What ever we call it, we […]

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Flint Officials Could Have Prevented Lead Crisis For $80 A Day

February 5, 2016 0

By Claire Bernish | AntiMedia “It’s outrageous that this sort of government-made catastrophe would happen anywhere in the United States,” Representative Justin Amash said Wednesday as he opened his allotted time period to question a panel before Congress […]

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Why is the USA Rushing Headlong into Environmental Armageddon?

January 31, 2016 1

Contributed by Zen Gardner Manmade Environmental Catastrophes Now Plague the Nation Public Health Disasters Threaten Citizens Everywhere Chemical Geoengineering via Chemtrail Aerosols and Space-based HAARP Transmitters Threatens the Biosphere State of the Nation The List of Calamities in […]

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