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by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

When highly toxic materials are sprayed into skies around the globe as part of the ongoing climate engineering assault, these materials must inevitably fall to Earth and be inhaled and/or absorbed by every single living organism. The atmospheric spraying programs must  be considered biological warfare. The primary objective of any such spraying operation is irrelevant to the aforementioned scenario, the end result is still the same.

Global climate engineering is not just shredding the ozone layer and disrupting the entire climate system, climate engineering is also an all out biological assault against the entire planet and all life. Though governments around the globe and the entire climate science community are discussing and debating the  “option” of geoengineering (never admitting to the rationally inarguable fact that geoengineering has been going on for decades), the question of fallout contamination from SRM aerosol spraying is never even mentioned by our so called scientists. The US military has for many decades routinely conducted biological testing on US citizens and our own soldiers without their knowledge or consent. In some experiments soldiers were made aware of the fact that they were being used as lab rats. Decades ago the US military waged biological warfare in Vietnam which is still destroying countless lives today. All of this and more is historical fact which cannot be denied.

Climate engineering is nothing less than biological warfare against civilian populations around the globe. In regard to climate engineering, specific scenarios should be considered and remembered. At minimum we are all being “slow killed” with the toxic materials which lab tests from around the globe prove are raining down on us from the aerosol spraying. If those in power feel they are losing control over populations they could at any point in time could alter the elements being sprayed to something much more lethal. If you don’t think this is a very real possibility, if you don’t believe your own government would commit such a crime, you are not yet awake. The article below is an exceptional and compelling exposé of the US military waging biological warfare against its own citizens with total impunity.
Dane Wigington

How The U.S. Government Tested Biological Warfare On America


Source: priceonomics, article by Zachary Crockett

As leaves turned red, and as San Francisco segued into the smoky autumn of 1950, Edward Nevin lay dying in a hospital bed.

A rare bacteria had entered his urinary tract, made its way through his bloodstream, and clung to his heart — a bacteria that had never been seen in the hospital’s history. Before researchers could hypothesize the bacteria’s root cause, ten more patients were admitted with the same infection. Doctors were baffled: how could have this microbe presented itself?

For nearly thirty years, the incident remained a secret — until Edward Nevin’s grandson set out to bring about justice.

What ensued was a series of terrifying revelations: for two decades, the United States government had intentionally doused 293 populated areas with bacteria. They’d done this with secrecy. They’d done this without informing citizens of potentially dangerous exposure. They’d done this without taking precautions to protect the public’s health and safety, and with no medical follow-up

And it had all started in 1950, with the spraying of San Francisco.

Biological Warfare in the U.S.

Biological warfare, or “germ warfare,” is the “use of biological toxins or infectious agents (bacteria, viruses, and fungi) with the intent to kill or incapacitate humans.” Historically, the United States’ involvement in bacterial weaponry has been driven by competition and paranoia.

In 1918, toward the tail end of World War I, the government briefly experimented with ricin — a deadly, natural plant protein — and the Chemical WarfaService (CWS) was formed to oversee research and development. With the signing of the Geneva Protocol in 1925 (which prohibited the use of biological and chemical weapons in international warfare), the U.S. government’s interest waned: until the 1940s, biological weapons were largely considered impractical.

Shortly after Pearl Harbor, the United States changed its mind.

In 1942, President Roosevelt signed into action the first biological warfare program; backed by the National Academy of Sciences, the initiative sought to develop biological weapons and explore vulnerability of the U.S. to such attacks. A government body — the War Research Service (WRS) — was created to oversee these activities, and George W Merck (of the Merck Pharmaceutical Company) was appointed to leadership. At his team’s directive, Fort Detrick, the United States’ biological warfare “headquarters,” was constructed in the small town of of Frederick, Maryland.

The facility then embarked on top secret plan to stage open-air “biological warfare tests” using the unsuspecting American public.


Technicians test a bacteria at Fort Detrick (c.1940s)

By the the end of World War II, the government had amassed a massive arsenal of biological weapons (using anthrax and other various bacteria) — all under the “strictest secrecy.” Soon, justification for continuing the research shifted to the “need for national defense.”

“Work in this field cannot be ignored in a time of peace,” Merck warned officials. “It must be continued on a sufficient scale to provide an adequate defense.”

The government agreed. Under the command of University of Wisconsin professor and bacteriologist Ira Baldwin, A Committee on Biological Warfare was established in 1948. When a subsequent report determined that the United States was “particularly susceptible” to attacks, a series of “open air tests” were ordered. The purpose of these efforts? To simulate the effects of a realistic biological warfare attack.

With a plan in place, a task force was sent to unleash bacteria on San Francisco.

San Francisco’s Bacteria Fiasco

A confidential government report written in 1951 — “Special Report No. 142: Biological Warfare Trials at San Francisco, California, 20-27 September 1950” — maps out the details of the city’s top-secret bacteria bombing. Through the tests, officials sought to accomplish three objectives: to study the “offensive possibilities of attacking a seaport city with a biological warfare aerosol,” to highlight the vulnerability of the country’s defense against such attacks, and to gain data on how bacteria affected a population.

Nowhere in the report was the welfare of San Franciscans mentioned; the tests proceeded without knowledge or consent from the public.

On the 20th, just three days after the 49ers made their NFL debut, the U.S. Army was deployed to San Francisco and began secretly showering the city with bacteria. Over a course of eight days, a ship puttered along the shoreline of the bay, releasing massive clouds of two different pathogens — both of which were supposedly non-pathogenic, yet “realistic simulants that might be used in an attack.” In total, six “experimental warfare attacks” were carried out: four with Bacillus globigii, and two with Serratia marcescens.


Serratia marcescens, known for its blood-red coloration, is one of two bacterias sprayed over San Francisco in 1950

The Army blasted these chemicals in 30-minute spurts, producing huge clouds up to two miles in length, then proceeded to collect and assess dozens of samples a various collection spots across the city. As noted in the report, various aspects of each of the six tests were scrupulously monitored — the time, the temperature, the wind speed, the humidity — but the most important factor seemed to be brushed over: the well-being of the people being sprayed.

The samples collected yielded counts that gave some indication of how much bacteria was being inhaled. According to Leonard J. Cole, author of the biological warfare book Clouds of Secrecy, it was quite a bit:

“Nearly all of San Francisco received 500 particle minutes per liter. In other words, nearly every one of the 800,000 people in San Francisco exposed to the cloud at normal breathing rate (10 liters per minute) inhaled 5000 or more particles per minute during the several hours that they remained airborne.”

“Since the army’s bacteria ‘presented similar dosage patterns,’” he continues, “San Francisco residents were inhaling millions of the bacteria and particles every day during the week of the testing.”

San Francisco residents’ safety was wholly brushed over in the report, which promptly concluded “it’s entirely feasible to attack a seaport city with [biological warfare] aerosol.”

The Death of Edward Nevin

A month prior to the Army’s tests, a 75-year-old man named Edward Nevin checked into a San Francisco hospital to undergo a prostate gland surgery. The procedure went well, and after a month in the facility, he was on his way to recovery. Then, on September 29, two days after the Army’s tests, Nevin fell contracted a urinary tract infection and fell gravely ill.

When the man’s urine culture came back, it contained Serratia marcescens — a bacteria that had not once been documented in the hospital’s long history.

In mid-October, the bacteria spread to Nevin’s heart, and he died.

Over the next six months, 10 more patients were admitted with infections caused by Serratia marcescens (all of whom later recovered after long, painful hospital stays). Like the rest of San Francisco’s citizens, the hospital’s doctors were unaware that the government had just clandestinely sprayed the city with Serratia marcescens. A panic ensued at the hospital, as researchers frantically struggled to determine how the bacteria infected these people.

The following year, a team of Stanford University researchers dug into the case; led by Dr. Richard Wheat, they published an article in the American Medical Association’s Archives of Internal Medicine exploring the facts: 11 patients infected over 6 months, aged 29-78, all with urinary tract infections caused by Serratia marcescens.

Despite the best efforts of some of the nation’s leading scientists, no source could be identified. Historically, Serratia marcescens had no record in San Francisco — or California, for that matter.

The medical paper did not go unnoticed: when the government read it and realized that they’d caused a bacterial outbreak, they reeled to cover their tracks.

In August 1952, a secret, four-person investigation was ordered by Fort Detrick commander, General William Creasy to reassess the pathogenic nature of Serratia marcescens. In a two-page report, the investigators admitted that the bacteria was NOT an “ideal simulant,” and mused that the likelihood it had killed Nevin was considerable. Despite this, they proceeded to justify its continued use in biological tests:

“On the basis of our study, we conclude that Serratia marcescens is so rarely a cause of illness, and the illness resulting is predominantly so trivial, that its use as a simulant should be continued, even over populated areas.”

Throughout the report, investigators showed little remorse for the infected civilians. General Creasy was equally unphased: in a follow-up with Army officials, he promised to consult with the U.S. Public Health Service regarding the safety of Serratia marcescens — but he never did.

And all the while, the public remained completely in the dark about what was going on.

Edward Nevin’s Grandson Fights for Justice

For 25 years, the government’s involvement in biological warfare testing — and its use of civilians as unwitting guinea pigs — remained top-secret. It’s a secret that likely would’ve gone on indefinitely if not for the efforts of a savvy Newsweek reporter named Drew Fetherston.

In November 1976, Fetherston exposed a number of biological tests performed in major cities by the Army and the CIA. Using his research, the San Francisco Chronicle uncovered the bacteria spraying that had occurred in its streets in 1950.


A sketch of Edward Nevin III — Edward Nevin’s grandson

Edward Nevin III, a young lawyer in San Francisco, was waiting for a train in nearby Berkeley when he read the news. When he skimmed the name of the man who’d died from the bacteria — Edward Nevin — he reeled in shock. Good heavens, he muttered, that’s my grandfather!

Growing up, he’d always been told that his father’s father had died from kidney disease; now that he knew the bitter truth, he felt a need to exact revenge in the form of justice.

Nevin wrote the government, demanding access to case’s related documents; his request was denied. Though the Freedom of Information Act had just been enacted, the government maintained that all files were classified — despite the fact the the media had already exposed the incident. In turn, Nevin sued the government to the tune of $11 million.

“Our motive [is] to obtain information,” he told a group of reporters who’d asked about the high amount, “would you fellows have paid attention if the claim were for only a few thousand?”

The government tried to dismiss the case on the grounds that they were immune from lawsuits involving “basic policy,” but the request was denied. Samuel Conti, a federal judge, was appointed to preside over the trial, and a date was set for mid-1977.

In light of this news, the government decided it was best to relinquish some of its information. In February 1977, an extensive history — “U.S. Army Activity in the U.S. Biological Warfare Program, 1942-1977” — was released, chronicling the country’s involvement in open-air testing for the first time in history. (Click the image below to view the document in its entirety):


From March to May of 1977, a series of hearings commenced in the Senate’s subcommittee on Health and Scientific Research. Medical experts, military leaders, and politicians ferociously debated whether or not Serratia marcescens — the bacteria that killed Nevin — was harmful. George H. Connell, the assistant to the director of the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), was especially vocal about its dangers:

“There is no such thing as a microorganism that cannot cause trouble. If you get the right concentration at the right place, at the right time, and in the right person, something is going to happen.”

“An increase in the number of Serratia marcescens,” added an unnamed microbiology professor, “can almost certainly cause disease in a healthy person…and serious disease in sick people.”

A copy of the full hearing transcript (all 300 pages) can be accessed by clicking the image below:


Meanwhile, Nevin III’s trial was postponed or rescheduled a half dozen times from 1977-1980. By the time a trial was set in stone for March 16, 1981, he’d already spent some $60,000 on legal fees, and was mentally and emotionally drained.

Nonetheless, he found solace in the case’s stipulatons: to win, all he’d have to do is show that there was a “probability” — or greater than a 50% chance — that the Army’s germs were responsible for his grandfather’s demise.

And as a lawyer, he’d have the opportunity to defend his own family in court.

As the trial began, the evidence seemed to be overwhelmingly in Nevin III’s favor: on September 26th and 27th, the government had sprayed the city with Serratia marcescens; on September 29th, Serratia marcescens showed up in his grandfather’s system — and directly led to his death.

“We’ve been nothing but loyal to this country,” Nevin told the Judge Conti in his opening statement. “and we feel betrayed.”

His argument was threefold: the bacteria sprayed by the government directly caused his grandfather’s death; the Army used Serratia marcescens despite inadequate testing; and, since they’d sprayed it without consent, it had been “an act of negligence.” He questioned the legality of these actions:

“On what basis of law does the U.S. government of the United States justify the dispersion of a large collection of bacteria over the civilian population in an experiment…without informed consent?”

John Kern, the sharp, respected attorney representing the government, denied all of these allegations. The Serratia marcescens that killed Nevin and the Serratia marcescens released by the Army were two entirely different strains, he maintained; it was mere coincidence that the hospital had an outbreak around the same time.

Incredibly, Kern also attested that the Army needed no permission to spray the public without consent or knowledge. The Federal Torts Claims Act, established in 1946, gave the public the right to sue the Federal government — but it came with limitations. Among them, a vaguely-worded “discretionary function” made the feds immune to suits in which they were “performing appropriately under policy.” The dousing of civilians in bacteria, contended Kern, qualified as such.

Kern then launched into a theatrical denial of Serratia marcescens’ harmful effects. “Every atom in this pen could decide right now to rise up about six inches and turn around 180 degrees,” he emphatically stated, with his pen thrusted in the air. That, he concluded, would be about as likely to happen as the bacteria killing someone. He continued, citing a series of Fort Detrick tests in the 1940s in which “volunteers” were exposed to millions of Serratia marcescens organisms and suffered only “some coughing, redness of the eye, and a fever,” with all symptoms subsiding after a few days.

One of Kern’s witnesses, a doctor for the biological warfare unit at Fort Detrick, agreed. In possibly the most callous statement of the day, he looked Nevin III in the eyes, and delivered his opinion: “The strain [wasn’t] pathogenic,” he said, “[and] I would still spray SF again today.”

Dr. Wheat, the Stanford physician who’d investigated Nevin’s death in 1951, testified to a different tune.

“No similar organisms had ever been isolated in the hospital laboratory…then over a relatively short period of time, there were a number of cases,” he told the judge. “It’s very difficult for me to escape the conclusion that there is at least some probability, some causal effect [that the cases are related].”

Debates on the bacteria’s safety and the cause of Nevin’s death continued in this way for several hours, each side presenting a slew of medical “experts.” The government’s legal team maintained that the odds of Nevin’s death being linked to the Army’s bacteria spray were “one in a hundred;” Nevin III’s witnesses held the belief that the events were inseparably connected.


General William Creasy in uniform

When it came time to cross-examine military officials, the case suddenly took a jarring turn.

As General William Creasy, commander of the United States’ biological warfare unit, stepped to the stand, it became clear that presiding judge Conti was leaning toward the defense of the military. “When the government trotted out a witness in uniform,” noted one San Francisco Examiner court reporter, “it was all over.” After telling Nevin III that he was “wasting [his] time,” the General proceeded to defend the ethics of spraying people without their knowledge:

“I would find it completely impossible to conduct such a test trying to obtain informed consent. I could not have hoped to prevent panic in the uninformed world in which we live in telling them that we were going to spread non-pathogenic particles over their community; 99 percent of the people wouldn’t know what pathogenic meant.”

During the cross-examination, Judge Conti continually denied Nevin III’s reasoning, and even berated him for his lack of respect toward military officials. After several interruptions, Judge Conti altogether halted the questioning and called a recess. Out in the hallway, a belligerent General Creasy unsuccessfully challenged Nevin III to a fistfight.

Nevin III’s legal opponents were simply too powerful: he was swimming upstream and flailing.

When Judge Conti’s verdict was handed down on May 20, 1981, it surprised no one: the case was ruled in favor of the government.

The Army had been entitled to spray the population without consent, concluded Conti, under the “discretionary function exception” in the Federal Tort Claims Act. Despite a lack of convincing evidence, Conti also declared that the Army had skillfully chosen its bacteria — and that it was not, in fact, harmless.

For Nevin III, whose grandfather had died from the organisms, this was not easy to swallow. He appealed, but the U.S. Court of Appeals did not overturn the verdict. He appealed again — this time to the Supreme Court — and received a similar response.

For Nevin III, justice was not served.


San Francisco’s incident was just one of 293 bacterial attacks staged by the United States government between 1950 and 1969. It was neither the most heinous, nor the deadliest.

In 1955, as an “experiment,” the CIA sprayed whooping cough bacteria over Tampa Bay, Florida. Whooping cough cases in the area subsequently increased from 339 and one death in 1954, to 1,080 and 12 deaths in 1955 — but no hard evidence has ever surfaced linking the two incidents. In an infamous 1966 test, federal agents crushed light bulbs containing trillions of bacteria on the New York Subway, exposing thousands of rush hour commuters; the government never followed up to see how many people fell ill.

Before a crowd at Fort Detrick in 1969, Richard Nixon terminated the offensive use of biological weapons in the United States, effectively ending open-air testing.

It wouldn’t be until 1977 that the public learned any of this was even going on — and even then, the U.S. government never admitted its fault, or seemed to show any indication of remorse for its actions.

Serratia marcescens, the bacteria sprayed over San Francisco, has since been declared hazardous. “It can cause serious life-threatening illness,” wrote the FDA in 2005, “especially in patients with compromised immune systems.” Much other medical literature contends the same.

Today, Edward Nevin III is a practicing medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer in Petaluma, California. Though he lost the case in 1981, he succeeded in bringing to light many government actions that had previously been shrouded in secrecy.

“At least we are all aware of what can happen, even in this country,” Nevin Jr. said, shortly after the trial. “I just hope the story won’t be forgotten.”


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Dane Wigington 5.20.2015



Climate engineering is the most powerful and most utilized weapon of the western power structure to destabilize and topple the countries and governments around the globe which it wishes to control. Geoengineering is a primary tool that has been used to help force nations to allow US or NATO occupation. The military industrial complex has always sought to “control the weather” and historical documents prove that the US has been heavily invested in climate modification for a very long time.

US/NATO occupation of the Middle East

How many countries have US military boots on the ground? There are at least 156 US occupied countries around the globe with some 900 bases. Does anyone really believe that all these countries just wanted the US to occupy them? Is it a coincidence that many if not most of these countries endured some sort of climate cataclysm prior to the occupation being allowed? How many countries in Africa were subjected to record drought before being destabilized and occupied? Occupations that often began under “humanitarian” pretexts due to climate catastrophes?

What about the Middle Eastern countries that have recently been destabilized? Many of these countries were not cooperating with the US agenda before they experienced record drought, is there a connection? Record drought in Syria preceded the recent destabilization, was weather warfare used to help trigger the ongoing civil war?



How about Iraq, were they also a target of weather warfare to help trigger destabilization? Was the record drought in Iraq during the years prior to the invasion in 2003 a natural occurence? Or was it also engineered? Were there plans to invade Iraq years ahead of time? If available data is examined, the answer is inarguably yes. The invasion of Iraq was planned well before the events of 911.
How many know there has been a crop destroying drought in Russia and Ukraine? Just another coincidence? Certainly the whole world understands that Iran is also a current primary target for the western power structure, is it just bad luck for Iran that there is record drought there, too? Does anyone in the US even know that the leaders from Iran have been on the floor of the UN openly stating that the western powers are causing the record drought with climate modification? Pakistan showed resistance to US policy in 2010, were the record floods that occurred there later the same year just an act of nature? Or were other forces in play? Record deluge is also a weapon used by the weathermakers.

How are things in South America? Certainly we all know how the US power structure is constantly complaining about the BRIC countries. Brazil and Venezuela have been a source of aggravation for our government for a very long time. Brazil is experiencing devastating record drought, and yes, so is Venezuela.




Catastrophic drought in South America


I could go on and on about the countries that have been victims of the US/NATO weather warfare juggernaut of biosphere destruction, but let’s now consider the catastrophic and unprecedented drought being engineered in the US West, should we ask ourselves what agendas are now being carried out on the US population? The laws of physics make clear that a warming world should bring more rain overall, the atmosphere can carry 7% more moisture for every degree of additional warming. Why is there so much drought in so many countries around the world when the laws of physics state there should be more overall rainfall on a warming planet, not less? 


Global water shortages


Now it seems that the power structure is sending us the message that they know the drought in the US West is only going to get worse. In fact NASA has recently stated on the record that the western US states can expect “megadroughts” in the coming decades, how do they know this? NOAA (National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration) has recently stated that even with a potential record el nino event, there will be no relief for the completely parched state of California. Since when does El Niño not bring more rain to the West? How does NOAA know this? The heat and drought in California has destroyed all previous records.
It is important to remember that defense contractor Raytheon (which is involved in geoengineering programs) does the weather modeling for NOAA and the National Weather Service. Lockheed Martin (another defense contractor involved in weather modification) supplies the weather modeling for the FAA. The weather “predictions” are nothing more than the scheduled weather. 5 Western states are close to running out of water, Lake Mead is is at record low levels. The states most affected by the engineered record drought are also the stated location of the upcoming “Jade Helm” military exercises, another coincidence perhaps? The global power structure is playing every card they have, they are moving their chess pieces into place rapidly as they prepare for total societal collapse. Climate engineering/weather warfare is making an already bad climate situation far worse. These programs are being used as a primary method to control populations around the globe with no regard to the damage being done to the biosphere. The highly toxic fallout from geoengineering is also rapidly sickening global populations thus making them easier to control. US citizens must wake up. Our brothers and sisters in the US military must also wake up, the stakes could not be higher. DW




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by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

In regard to the true state of the ice deposits on planet Earth, many have been confused by the constant bombardment of completely false headlines by media sources that are totally controlled by special interests. Overall, the cryosphere (ice deposits) are disintegrating and geoengineering is accelerating this process, not slowing it. Geoengineering CANNOT help mitigate the warming of the planet, it can only make it worse and that is exactly what is happening as recent studies prove. Climate engineering is simply weather warfare. The highly toxic fallout is nothing short of biological warfare which is fueling global omnicide. As the cryosphere collapses, runaway methane releases will increase. If the methane releases continue, “Venus Syndrom” will be the final result. The newly released article below further documents the rapidly accelerating implosion of Earth’s ice deposits. The Climate engineering assault must be halted immediately so that the biosphere can respond on its own to the damage already done.

12,000 Year Old Ice Shelf Gone In A Few Years, NASA Says

Source: Scott Sutherland, Meteorologist,

Friday, May 15, 2015, 10:08 AM – According to a new NASA study, Antarctica’s Larsen B Ice Shelf is collapsing before our eyes, and will very likely be gone within the next few years.

In 2002, over the span of just 35 days from late January to early March, scientists watched with alarm as two-thirds of the Larsen B Ice Shelf rapidly broke apart and collapsed into the sea. A total of 715 cubic kilometres of ice – over 200 metres deep and roughly the area of the state of Rhode Island – was lost from the ice shelf, tumbling into the waters off the coast of the Antarctic Peninsula.

Larsen-466The 1998-2002 deterioration of Larsen B. Credit: NASA


For an ice shelf that had been stable for somewhere around 11,000 to 12,000 years, this collapse was shocking.

Now, a new study using data from NASA’s Operation Icebridge mission is showing that the remainder of Larsen B is going through big changes – fragmenting, cracking apart and flowing even faster than before.

“These are warning signs that the remnant is disintegrating,” said Ala Khazendar, a Radar Scientist with NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. “Although it’s fascinating scientifically to have a front-row seat to watch the ice shelf becoming unstable and breaking up, it’s bad news for our planet. This ice shelf has existed for at least 10,000 years, and soon it will be gone.”

According to Khazendar, the reason for the gloomy prognosis for Larsen B is a large rift that formed where the ice shelf rests on the bedrock of the Antarctic continent. Once this rift spreads to span the entire width of the ice shelf, the part hanging over the water will split off, float away and shatter into numerous icebergs, adding to the sea ice floating around Antarctica.

A further complication this adds to the region is that the three glaciers feeding the ice shelf, Leppard, Flask and Starbuck, have already been accelerating after the 2002 collapse, and will speed up their advance to the sea as the remainder slips away.

“What is really surprising about Larsen B is how quickly the changes are taking place,” Khazendar said. “Change has been relentless.”



NASA Operation Icebridge


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by Christina Sarich

Should children be so close to pesticides?

Is your child one of the thousands of children being exposed regularly to Monsanto’s toxic glyphosate, recently called “probably carcinogenic” by the World Health Organization?

Considering that GMO corn and soybeans are planted just about everywhere and they were created to withstand egregious amounts of toxic herbicidal spraying with Monsanto’s favorite product, Round Up, the answer to the question is likely yes. There’s no reason to guess about it though.

The Environmental Working Group (EWG) has released an interactive map that shows the amounts of glyphosate sprayed in each U.S. county and tallies the 3,247 elementary schools that are located within 1,000 feet of a GM corn or soybean field as well as the 487 schools that are within 200 feet of toxic glyphosate.

You can click on any county on the map (via the EWG resource, not the image below) to see how much GMO corn and soy acreage is grown in an area, as well as the number of nearby elementary schools. Does your child attend one?



Thousands of children attend these schools that are mere feet away from a known cancer-causing agent. If you think fields blanketed in these chemicals is safe – just wait another decade and watch the number of autism, childhood cancer, reproductive problems, and gut devastation cases absolutely explode.

What’s worse is that glyphosate has given rise to a whole additional class of herbicides since it didn’t do the job it was so heavily marketed to do. Superweeds are now taking over the American Midwest, and elsewhere.

There are also 15 states outlined on the EWG’s map, running through the center of the country, that the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has approved to be sprayed with Dow AgroSciences’ Enlist Duo – a combination of glyphosate and 2,4-D. This toxic pesticide is sprayed on GMO corn and soybeans engineered to tolerate both toxic chemicals, marketed as weed killers.

Meanwhile, retail giants have decided to remove all glyphosate-containing products from their stores.

Just ten states account for 53 percent of the total acreage planted with GMO corn and soy, but no state is safe as long as Monsanto, Dow, Syngenta, and Bayer are allowed to call the shots.

Source: Alternet

As reported by Alternet:


EWG approximated school locations using the ESRI ( landmark shape file for schools, derived from the U.S. Geological Survey Geographic Names Information System – Schools layer. These are considered the best available data for school locations. The data were filtered to the best of EWG’s knowledge to include only locations whose attributed name reflects an operating elementary school, but they may inadvertently include some free-standing school administrative offices or buildings that formerly housed schools but are now in other use.

Zones within 200 feet and 1,000 feet of each school were delineated using the school’s point location in the ESRI data, not the physical footprint of the school grounds. As a result, EWG’s analysis may over- or under-estimate the exact distance of school grounds to the boundaries of nearby corn or soybean fields. School locations were evaluated for proximity to the boundaries of corn and soybean fields as delineated in the USDA 2013 cropland data layer (30-meter resolution).

EWG acknowledges that spatial analyses of this kind may include some level of error (such as incorrect or outdated school or crop field locations or boundaries) even with standard, best available data sources. EWG welcomes information to revise and correct any locational errors in the underlying data.

Data on estimated glyphosate use was drawn from the U.S. Geological Survey’s Estimated Annual Agricultural Pesticide Use for Counties of the Conterminous United States (2008-2012 & 1992-2009). According to the USGS, “Pesticide use estimates from this study are suitable for making national, regional, and watershed assessments of annual pesticide use, however the reliability of estimates generally decreases with scale.”

Data on the acreage of genetically modified corn and soybeans were assembled by extrapolating from county-planted acreage using state percentages of biotech varieties by crop, as reported by the USDA. For corn, state level “herbicide resistant” + “stacked gene” varieties were used to extrapolate county-level planted acreage. If a state was not specifically listed in the USDA NASS Acreage Report, the category “Other” was used in the extrapolation. For soybeans, the state-level “all biotech varieties” was used to extrapolate planted acres at the county level. If a state was not specifically listed in the USDA NASS Acreage Report, the category “Other” was used in the county extrapolation.”


About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.


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By Prof. James F. Tracy

“The ultimate solution is a multiplication of leverage by citizens to the point where it simply cannot be denied”. –Clifford Carnicom

The materials disbursed in stratospheric aerosol geoengineering operations contain a combination of ionizable metallic salts, filaments, gel-type materials, and crystals. These are the longstanding and deeply interrogated observations of independent environmental research scientist Clifford Carnicom given on a December 10 conference call organized by director Russ Tanner. During the meeting, coincidentally held on International Human Rights Day, Carnicom asserted that because the system of responsible government has failed, the immediate collective efforts of citizens are necessary “to claim their rights upon this planet.”[1]

His remarks were made just three months after his presentation at the Consciousness Beyond Chemtrails conference held in Los Angeles last summer. In that talk, “Geoengineering and Bioengineering: The Unmistakable Link,” Carnicom upheld his research detecting such a correlation. “’Is there a direct relationship between the alteration of living systems (us) and ecosystems (the environment)?’” he asks. “My answer is unequivocally, ‘Yes.’”

Mr. Carnicom’s work began in 1999 when he noted clear changes in the skies overhead. He has since produced a large body of sound and meticulous yet accessible research reports examining the nature and contents of such aerosols, all of which are available at

The implications of his observations—that virtually every breathing organism is an unwitting participant in a massive biological experiment of unknown purpose—have proven terrifying enough to prevent many individuals from even tentatively considering his investigations and hypotheses. “There’s a personal journey everyone has to take about the reality of this,” Carnicom told call participants.

The most well-known manifestation of such nano-biologicals is the oft-misunderstood Morgellons ailment, an especially unusual and disturbing condition marked by painful dermal lesions through which such nano-fibers protrude. Tammy, a participant on the conference call suffering from Morgellons who became intimately informed about the sickness because of Carnicom’s work, asked if the broader population was also susceptible.

“I want to be as accurate as possible if I’m going to make a public declaration,” Carnicom stated. “The diplomatic way of saying this is that the evidence indicates that the general population is subject to the very same symptoms that Tammy is experiencing.”

How can one determine whether they are an unknowing subject of bioengineering? In 2008 Carnicom presented a simple technique developed by naturopathic physician Gwen Scott for the lay population to detect the presence of nano-fibers in their bodies. A mouthwash consisting of two teaspoons dry red wine and one teaspoon hydrogen peroxide vigorously applied for five minutes yielded observable clumps of fibrous strands comprised of an “encasing filament, sub-micron filament network, Chlamydia-like structures and the ‘hybrid form’” in fourteen subjects tested from diverse geographic locations across the US.

According to Carnicom such organisms “have now been discovered repeatedly across all major body systems and functions, including skin, blood, hair, saliva, dental(gum), digestive, ear and urinary samples.” [2]

US Government’s Conflicted Interest

Shortly after Carnicom began his research in the late 1990s major government and corporate entities with probable ties to this program made numerous repeated visits to the researcher’s website. Their interest suggests the threat Carnicom’s investigations posed in making such programs publicly known. IP addresses employed to peruse the site included offices as high as the Secretary of Defense and Air Force Headquarters, as well as over one dozen US Air Force bases, several US-based research laboratories, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), and the corporate offices of Lockheed, Boeing, Merck Pharmaceuticals, Arco Chemical, Kaiser Permanente, and the Mayo Clinic.[3]

Yet such curiosity fails to permeate the US agencies entrusted with the preservation of the environment and public health. Even though Carnicom is producing especially valuable research and has persistently called for regulatory intervention on the public’s behalf, the EPA and Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have been wholly dismissive of his findings and requests to actively enforce existing laws intended to protect the environment and public health. Nor have these agencies presented comparable evidence of their own refuting Carnicom’s findings and justifying their failure to act upon the standards under which they are purportedly governed.

For example, when Carnicom sent the EPA samples of fibrous pollutants for analysis several years ago the agency responded, “It is not our policy to identify unsolicited materials.” Carnicom characterized this key instance of bureaucratic denial as “a powerhouse of innuendo and obfuscation that has never been resolved. When you have a specific mission statement you do not adopt a policy that suits the person in office at the time.”

Along these lines in early 2012 the CDC announced the findings of its inquiry into Morgellons by stating that it could not identify an origin for the fibers and concluding that individuals demonstrably suffering from the condition were “delusional.” Environmental writer Randy Ananda commented that the obfuscation merely provided cover for the Department of Defense’s ongoing experimentation.[4]

The US Government and Human Experimentation

The US government and military have long possessed the capacity and demonstrated the will to violate the Nuremberg Code by using nerve, biological, and radiological agents on unsuspecting human subjects.The fluoridation of public water supplies and above-ground nuclear testing are but a few dramatic and irrefutable examples. The premeditated will to do so further resounds in the government’s overt sponsorship of over 700 Nazi scientists under Operation Paperclip. The fruits of their research included the noxious and debilitating mycoplasma stealth pathogen derived from the brucellosis bacterium that likely infects many today.

Further, the US military’s ability to administer lethal substances on civilian populations is well established. In 1969 testimony before the House Defense Appropriations Committee the Pentagon’s Deputy Director of Research and Technology Dr. Donald MacArthur explained how “[l]ethal chemicals … about ten times more potent than the most toxic of World War I gases” could be released “in artillery shells or bombs, rockets, or you can deliver them from spray tanks … [T]o attack a complete city of many millions of people,” MacArthur continued, “let’s say a densely populated city like New York—it would take 300 to 400 tons efficiently dispersed to immobilize the city.”[5]

There are likewise numerous historical instances of the US government using citizens as nothing short of guinea pigs. For example, in 1994 Freedom of Information Act requests forced the US Army to divulge how in the mid-1950s it sprayed hundreds of pounds of zinc cadmium sulfide into a densely populated and predominantly black district of St. Louis.

“I’m wondering if it got into our system,” said former resident Lisa Martino-Taylor, who lost four brothers and sisters to cancer early in their lives and suspects that radioactive particulates were mixed with the metallic substance. “When I learned about the testing, I thought ‘Oh my god. If they did that, there’s no telling what else they’re hiding.’”

The Army claimed that it only used blowers atop buildings to distribute the toxins. Yet a resident of another targeted neighborhood in St. Louis, Mary Helen Brindell,

recalled a summer day playing baseball with other kids in the street when a squadron of green Army planes flew close to the ground and dropped a powdery substance. She went inside, washed it off her face and arms, and then went back out to play. Over the years Brindell has battled four types of cancer—breast, thyroid, skin and uterine. “I feel betrayed,” said Brindell, who is white. “We pointed our finger during the Holocaust, and we do something like this?[6]

With such instances in mind the question is no longer, “Would the government partake in such human experimentation that may be injurious or fatal to its own population?” It is instead, “What safeguards and systems of accountability exist that would prevent the government from using members of the general population as unwitting lab animals?” The bureaucratic shenanigans of the EPA and CDC and the abandonment of their respective mandates to protect the environment and public health make the answer more than obvious.

“Our World Has Been Transformed”

In a 2011 paper Carnicom demonstrates how the filament samples likely originating from aerial spraying are identical to those found in Morgellons’ victims. “The fact that this traces itself to a repeatedly occurring environmental sample represents, in my opinion, the worst crime in human history.”[7]

Indeed, such observations suggest how the unspeakable horrors of Dacchau and Auschwitz are not the stuff of a seemingly distant historical past. As Carnicom’s deep research suggests, such profound crimes have been resurrected in the skies above and worlds within. “Our biology is being negatively affected by this intrusion into our lives,” Carnicom warns, “whether it will be fifteen or fifty years.”

Drawing a conclusion to his remarks on the GlobalSkywatch call, Mr. Carnicom responded to an attendee articulating frustrations shared by many conscious and concerned citizens. “How do we get this to stop? How do we get the government to respond to us?”

“I will be inadequate in terms of what I can offer,” Carnicom began.

I have an obligation as a human being to do what is within my means to make the world a better place. As an individual I have that obligation, and so I do that to the best of my ability, so much so that it has occupied the past 15 years of my life and I have to spend a good part of it managing a non-profit. I’m one person that has certain particular talents and a background. I’m not the best public speaker in the world. I’m not the best activist in the world. I’m not the best money raiser in the world. But I do some things hopefully reasonably well.

To start answering this question I have to extend it to each one of you. Do you remember the old JFK [challenge]? I know it’s a cliché but clichés sometimes have some meaning. “Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for your country.” Just skip the patriotic aspect of it and ask yourself what you’re going to do.The first thing that I would do is extend to every one of us the necessity for involvement and using your talents.

The second thing is that our world has been transformed now. Normal things don’t work. Frustration does not eliminate the call for duty that exists upon each of us … This is more a level of consciousness and awareness; of planting a seed, but the level that is going to be required is so different in this world than anything that has been imagined in terms of the demand for the right to a healthful and peaceful existence on this planet. It’s going to have to happen at a level that we’re not thinking of right now because the normal processes are not working. The Million Man March doesn’t cut it. I wish that I could answer simply what it is going to be. But it is going to [require] a shift in consciousness and awareness that is so forthright and direct that all of the games and manipulations–and the business of three, four, six companies controlling the media–no longer works and no longer applies. I don’t want for it to be decades in our future.


[1] Clifford E. Carnicom, Remarks to GlobalSkyWatch Weekly Phone Meeting, December 10, 2012, Unless otherwise noted, all quotes are from this December 10 event.

[2] Clifford E. Carnicom, “’Morgellons’:The Wine – Peroxide Test,” Carnicom Institute, March 9, 2008. For an example of Morgellons plaguing an entire family see, “Famous Baseball Player Gets Morgellons,” KTVU San Francisco/Youtube, October 2009,

[4] Rady Ananda, “CDC Calls Morgellons’ Nanoworms a Delusion—Protects DARPA,” Activist Post, January 30, 2012,

[5] United States House of Representatives, Ninety-First Congress, Hearings Before a Subcommittee of the Committee on Appropriations, First Session. In Jesse Ventura with Dick Russell, 63 Documents the Government Doesn’t Want You to Read, New York: SkyHorse Publishing, 2011, 65-66.

[6] Jim Salter, “The Army Sprayed St. Louis with Toxic Aerosol During a Just Revealed 1950s Study,” Business Insider/Associated Press, October 4, 2012.

[7] Clifford E. Carnicom, “The Biggest Crime of All Time,” Carnicom Institute, March 1, 2011.


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Sa no to GMO

By TLB Contributor: Susanne Posel

The US Department of Agriculture (USDA) have created their own new government certification for foods that are non-genetically modified.

This will be offered on a voluntary basis to food producers who want to pay for approval from the government that their food is void of GMO.

Tom Vilsack, secretary of the USDA, explain in a letter to department employees that the new certification is being created at the request of an undisclosed “leading global company”.

The USDA Agriculture Marketing Service (AMS), a department that collaborates with “interested companies to certify the accuracy of the claims on food packages” will take in the payments for this new non-GMO certification.

Vilsack wrote: “Recently, a leading global company asked AMS to help verify that the corn and soybeans it uses in its products are not genetically engineered so that the company could label the products as such. AMS worked with the company to develop testing and verification processes to verify the non-GE claim.”

Ahead of the rollout of this new certification, Vilsack said “other companies are already lining up to take advantage of this service”; however the details are still unknown.

The label template will resemble the example proposed by Congressman Mike Pompeo in 2014.

Pompeo introduced the Safe Accurate Food Labeling Act (HR4432) to “establish a federal labeling standard for foods with genetically modified ingredients, giving sole authority to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to require mandatory labeling on such foods if they are ever found to be unsafe or materially different from foods produced without GM ingredients.”

Although on the surface Pompeo’s effort appear to be championing the consumer’s “right to know” when it comes to GMO, Pompeo is actually the sponsor of efforts by Monsanto and Koch Industries according to Colin O’Neil, director of government affairs for the Center for Food Safety (CFS).

O’Neil explained that the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) selected “Congressman Pompeo as their champion shows how extreme the proposal really is. Selecting Pompeo creates an unholy alliance between Monsanto and Koch Industries, two of the most reviled corporations in America.”

Pompeo owes his win to the House of Representatives in 2010 to his largest donor, the Koch Brothers.

As a thank you, Pompeo hired a Koch Industries attorney to manage his congressional office on Capitol Hill and subsequently introduced Koch-friendly legislation into the House.

Koch Industries is connected to the GMA through Georgia-Pacific, a member of the industry lobby. Monsanto is also a member of the GMA.

Through the GMA, Monsanto and Georgia-Pacific have spent tens of millions to squash state-level legislation that would require GMO food be labeled.

O’Neil pointed out: “With Vermont, Oregon and other states poised to take action this year, it is clear that GMA is scared of what’s ahead. They know that the food movement’s power is growing and that labeling is not a matter of if but when. They are afraid of state action and now they’re trying to steal away consumer choice in Congress.”

Alongside GMA is the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO) who represents Monsanto, Du Pont, Dow Chemical Co and other biotech corporations that manufacture GMO seeds.

BIO has invested more than $6 million to bribe Capitol Hill into supporting their efforts.

Back in early 2014, food manufacturers stated they would give in to labeling GMO if they can voluntarily participate in the rule.

These corporations have been lobbying Congress to “pass legislation that would require the FDA to create guidelines for the new labels, which food manufacturers could use.”

These processed foods giants are proposing a “voluntary labeling of genetically modified foods” in an attempt to preempt the possibility that more states will consider legislation to make this practice law.

The groups involved in this offering include:

• National Corn Growers Association
• National Restaurant Association
• National Beverage Association

In 2001, the FDA drafted an industry guide on voluntary labeling of GMO ingredients in consumer products.

The GMA are in full support the voluntary labeling policy which would preempt “any state labeling laws that are not identical to the federal program.”

Susanne Posel is the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism | The US Independent


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by: David Gutierrez

On May 1, a worker at Japan’s crippled Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant discovered a storage tank leaking radioactive water, plant operator Tokyo Electric Power Company (TEPCO) announced the following day.

In March 2011, a major earthquake and tsunami triggered three separate meltdowns at the Fukushima plant. Large quantities of water have been rendered radioactive from being used to cool the crippled reactors. In addition, groundwater has been leaking into the basements of the reactors, mixing with contaminated water there and also becoming radioactive. TEPCO has been frantically pumping this water out and concentrating it into onsite storage tanks in an effort to minimize how much radioactive water spreads beyond the plant as groundwater.

The leak was found on the same day that TEPCO resumed tests for its beleaguered plans to construct a nearly mile-long “ice wall” of frozen soil to prevent more groundwater from infiltrating into the plant.

Second leak in weeks

The leaking tank was discovered when the worker noticed a wet patch just three inches wide next to it. The ground at that spot tested at 70 microsieverts per hour of beta-ray-emitting radioactivity; this is more than 600 times the 0.11 microsieverts per hour of maximum recommended exposure.

Workers piled sandbags around the tank to keep the leak from spreading, TEPCO said.

The leak was the second one reported in the last few weeks. In late April, a still-unexplained power outage caused water transfer pumps at the plant to shut down. The pumps were being used to move radioactive water from one drainage channel into another after it was revealed that water had been spilling from the first channel directly into the Pacific Ocean. When the power to the plants shut down, radioactive water resumed flowing into the sea. Approximately 100 tons of contaminated water — also exceeding the legal limit — are estimated to have escaped before power was re-established.

Cleanup could still be centuries away

More than four years after the Fukushima disaster, 70,000 people are still unable to return to their homes due to high levels of radioactive contamination. The local agricultural economy has been devastated.

Meanwhile, TEPCO’s efforts to clean up the plant are plagued with failures and missteps. Radiation levels inside the failed reactors are still so high that scientists believe that any human entering would die almost instantly.

As a result, TEPCO has struggled to find ways to locate the reactors’ radioactive fuel rods, let alone remove them. These problems caused the company to announce last year that removal of the fuel would not begin until 2025, five years earlier than previously announced. The company expects the full cleanup to take 40 years, though the head of the plant has admitted that the technology for the cleanup does not actually exist and may not come into existence for centuries.

An example of this technological limitation was seen in late April, when a high-tech robot designed to withstand high levels of radiation died just three hour into its mission.

The “transformer” robot, a snake-like device designed to be able to change its shape to adapt to its surroundings, was supposed to be able to withstand the heat and radiation levels inside the reactor for ten hours.

Following the device’s failure, TEPCO announced that it was severing the cables used to control the robot and postponing its plans for robotic inspection of the reactors.

“Radiation levels in these structures is higher, and working inside them is problematic,” said TEPCO adviser Dale Klein, a former chairman of the U.S. nuclear regulatory commission. “This is a challenge that has never been faced before.”



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by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

I have been fighting to expose the spraying of our skies for 12 solid years. During this period I could never recount how many times I have had people tell me “those in power would never spray the skies with toxic materials, they would never do this to themselves. They need to live on this planet also.” The assumption that those in power would not willfully destroy the environment on which their lives also depend is absolutely false.

“They would not do this to themselves” is the excuse many use to remain in their comfort zone of total denial while the walls close in around us all. If the oceans die, we die. Our oceans are being irreparably poisoned from above and below. The geoengineers are poisoning the surface of the seas with ocean iron fertilization. The military industrial complex of insanity are permanently poisoning the oceans from the bottom up as well. As if Fukushima was not bad enough with its rapidly worsening dangers, the US military has routinely used radioactive ammunition for practice around the globe including off the US west coast. The radioactive and chemical munitions that the military chooses to abandon, they simply dump in the sea.

On top of all this, the power structure has been dumping nuclear waste in the world’s oceans for many decades. The documentary below is exceptional and well worth the time view. It exposes the lethal and rapid poisoning of seas around the globe by the willful and illegal dumping of nuclear waste, a routine practice of the military industrial complex. No matter how painful it is to face such realities and learn about them, we must face these truths if we are to have any chance of ever changing them. DW

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by Christina Sarich

Boulder City, Colorado has just become the first locality in the state to pass a comprehensive resolution banning the use of bee- and butterfly-killing neonicotinoids.

As reported by Beyond Pesticides, the resolution was successful primarily due to the efforts of grassroots activists, especially a local organization called Bee Safe Boulder. City officials also ended up supporting the ban.

David Wheeler, co-founder of the Bee Safe Boulder stated:

“We at Bee Safe Boulder, along with city staff and elected city council members, believe that this resolution will become the go-to template for other local governments with similar aspirations in the near future.”

This and other efforts, like the $450-million, class-action suit filed against Syngenta and Bayer by thousands of bee-keepers and honey-makers in Canada, are what keep biotech from destroying our food supply entirely. If you haven’t already read, Natural Society has listed just some of the hundreds of foods we would lose without the bees.

Colony collapses in Oregon and other states have been linked repeatedly to the use of harmful biotech chemicals like neonicotinoids and glyphosate.

A study by the European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) for example, has labeled the pesticide clothianidin as completely unacceptable for use, and banned it from use entirely. Meanwhile, the U.S. uses the same pesticide on more than a third of its crops – nearly 143 million acres. Two more pesticides linked to bee death are imidacloprid, and thiamethoxam. These are also used extensively in the US, while elsewhere, they have been completely banned.

Thankfully, more communities and individuals are realizing the dire impact this class of pesticides can have on our ecosystem. Even Lowe’s, one of the US’s largest home improvement and gardening supply stores, has plans to stop selling products containing ‘neonics,’ largely in response to activist pressure.

The makers of neonicotinoids such as Syngenta and Bayer will have to sell their toxic chemicals elsewhere. Hopefully other municipalities will decide to ban neonics as well, as this small town in Colorado has done successfully.

Photo credit: (Mark Leffingwell / Staff Photographer – DailyCamera)


About Christina Sarich:
Christina Sarich is a humanitarian and freelance writer helping you to Wake up Your Sleepy Little Head, and See the Big Picture. Her blog is Yoga for the New World. Her latest book is Pharma Sutra: Healing the Body And Mind Through the Art of Yoga.

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by TLB Contributor: Dane Wigington

Hurricanes (called cyclones in the western Pacific) have been actively and aggressively manipulated for a very long time. The more that the climate engineers hamper Earth’s natural life support systems, the more dire our climate and environmental scenarios will become. Hurricanes in the Atlantic basin have been actively suppressed from becoming major circulations since 2006. Major landfall events to the US have been completely suppressed during this same time frame (hurricane Sandy was not a “major” hurricane, though it did do horrific damage). And what about the Gulf of Mexico? In spite of record warm waters, hurricanes have not been forming as conditions indicate they should. Any developing circulation in the Gulf is immediately knocked down and kept in check by the climate engineers. They do not want the sea of BP oil sitting on the bottom of the Gulf to get churned up. There is officially a hurricane “slump” in the Atlantic basin and the weather makers appear to have yet another mild hurricane season scheduled for the US in spite of record warm ocean temperatures. A single large cyclone in the right location of the Gulf would likely again scatter oil all over beaches yet again.


Some hurricanes are allowed to reach damaging intensity if they are going to impact Cuba, Haiti, or other parts of central America where damage can be tolerated or may even be a desired outcome. What about the hurricane season in the eastern Pacific (west of the US)? The 2014 season was the most active in 22 years. The western Pacific (east of Asia) is already off to a record year for cyclones. Massive and continuous cyclones in the western Pacific are wreaking havoc on many nations that are either adversarial to US “interests” or that the US wants to “occupy” by building military bases after it moves in damaged countries under humanitarian pretexts. Are cyclones in the Pacific actually being allowed to strengthen or even being augmented by the weather makers (with ionosphere heaters like HAARP) as a form of weather warfare? Why would we believe otherwise when available data makes clear the technology has existed for decades and has actively been used.


What is all this manipulation doing to the state of the oceans? The extremely rapid buildup of Co2 and methane in the atmosphere is an immense problem for life on Earth. The climate engineering insanity is an even bigger problem overall. The ongoing climate manipulation has prevented the planet from responding to the damage being done from other forms of anthropogenic activity while at the same time geoengineering programs themselves have added exponentially to the overall damage to the climate and atmosphere from countless directions. Earth’s oceans are warming at the thermal energy release rate of 4 Hiroshima bombs per second, the warming is occurring so rapidly the records keep breaking the existing charts. The more man interferes with the life support systems of the planet, the less our chances of survival will be. Earth’s oceans are dying along with the rest of the biosphere. Educate yourself and make your voice heard in this battle while there is yet time to make a difference. DW

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