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By: VisionLiberty (Video Included)

Michael Chapman explains the Connections between Common Core, UNESCO, and Agenda 21.

The UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has a program called “Education for All” that includes the same people and same ideas as Common Core. The Global Fund for Education was formulated by the UN, “agreed to” by Barack Obama, funded by Bill Gates, and Common Core was imposed on the American people through Department of Education (DOE) funding schemes.

Before explaining Common Core, you must first understand that it is a part of the Agenda 21 program. In the Agenda 21 document chapter 36 is titled “Promoting education, public awareness and training”. This chapter goes on to explain how promoting education, public awareness and training, with focus on environmental education, is a critical theme both relevant to the implementation of the whole of Agenda 21 and indispensable for achieving sustainable development.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) has a program called “Education for All” that includes the same people and same ideas as Common Core. The UNESCO goals and objectives for education are very similar to the Agenda 21 and Common Core goals and objectives.

During the 2008 Presidential campaign Barack Obama committed to making sure that every child has the chance to learn by creating a Global Fund for Education. This would require a new architecture of global cooperation that requires institutions to “combine the efficiency and capacity for action with inclusiveness.”

UNESCO’s educational goals and Common Core are both heavily funded by activist and philanthropist Bill Gates. So the Global Fund for Education was formulated by the UN, “agreed to” by Barack Obama, funded by Bill Gates, and Common Core was imposed on the American people through Department of Education (DOE) funding schemes that included “strings.”  I say “agreed to” because the taxpayers never had a say, or vote, and neither did the 45 States who were essentially coerced into adopting by the president’s Race to the Top program, before Common Core was even defined, because they desperately wanted the federal funds that came with it. The “strings” were that it was a take it or leave it now proposition from the DOE — there was no time for analysis or evaluations. Just sign on now and accept your federal funds. 45 states did sign on, while Texas, Alaska, Virginia, and Nebraska declined. Minnesota did adopt the English standards but not the math standards.

Common Core promotes the “three E’s” of Agenda 21 — equity, economy and environment. These three E’s are integrated throughout the standards and intended to be taught in every class, including math. To be clear the real meaning of these three E’s is as follows:     Equity means social equity or social justice, it does not equal justice.  It means the “Common Good” — not individual rights.     Economy means redistribution of wealth, global trade, and Public/Private Partnerships (PPPs).     Environment means animals have equal rights or even more rights than humans. Nature or the environment is the central organizing principle for our economy and society.

We have established that the Common Core standards are derived from UNESCO and Agenda 21 goals and objectives, and that it has been accepted by 45 states. But does that mean Common Core is so entrenched in the US that it’s here to stay? Maybe not. Opposition to Common Core is growing daily.

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By Devon DB

 Currently being debated by the Senate, but rarely discussed on mainstream television, is the Shield Law. While on the surface it may seem to be rather innocuous, some of the language in it and its implications are quite problematic for journalists.

A Shield Law is a law which “provides statutory protection for the ‘reporters’ privilege’— legal rules which protect journalists against the government requiring them to reveal confidential sources or other information.”[1] Generally, this is a positive occurrence as journalists are much more able to conduct their work and bring information to public light if they do not need to worry about having to reveal their sources. While Shield Laws have occurred in the past, they have only been on the state level. This currently proposed Shield Law is the first one to reach the federal level and the main goal is to protect journalists from having to reveal confidential sources in federal cases.[2]

However, there are certain instances in which journalists will have to reveal sources, such as “(1) The party seeking disclosure has exhausted all reasonable alternative sources of the information; (2) The requested information is essential to resolving the matter; (3) Disclosure of the requested information would not be contrary to the public interest; and (4) In criminal cases, if the requesting party is the federal government, the government must show that there are reasonable grounds to believe that a crime has occurred.”[3]

While overall it may seem like a good bill, there are a number of problems with this Shield Law, officially known as the Free Flow of Information Act of 2013. For starters, this law would “allow the government to seize reporters’ records without notifying them for 45 days – a period of time that could be renewed by a judge 45 additional days – if investigators convince a judge pre-notification ‘would pose a clear and substantial threat to the integrity of a criminal investigation.’”[4] This power of seizing records without notifying reporters was used most recently in regards to the Associated Press, when the federal government seized their phone records in May of last year, with the government only saying that “they were needed for investigation of an unspecified criminal matter.”[5] Oh yes! What transparency and accountability! Infringing upon the First Amendment rights of reporters and then only giving what is essentially a BS, purposefully vague explanation.

In addition to this, the government can force journalists to give up information in the name of national security.[6] This is quite worrying as the US government has time and time again been involved in operations of entrapment.[7,8] Due to this, they could potentially have a scenario where they create a case of entrapment, label it terrorism, and then force all journalists to give up information on any and all sources as well as seize their records under the guise of national security.

Yet in this current bill, not only can the government continue to engage in the above behavior, but they are also defining who is and who is not a journalist. Initially, the bill defined a journalist as “a person who has a ‘primary intent to investigate events and procure material’ in order to inform the public by regularly gathering information through interviews and observations” and added the stipulation that “The person also must intend to report on the news at the start of obtaining any protected information and must plan to publish that news.”[9] This seems to be rather fine as it would include mainstream and independent journalists. However, the situation became problematic when in September 2013, an amendment to the bill was proposed that- let’s just say- ‘more clearly’ defined who and who was not a journalist.

Kevin Gostolza of Firedoglake discussed this amendment last year and it would be appropriate to quote him now at some length:

A “covered journalist,” under the amendment, would be the following: an employee, independent contractor, or agent of an entity or service that disseminates news or information by means of newspaper; nonfiction book; wire service; news agency; news website, mobile application or other news or information service (whether distributed digitally or other wise); news program; magazine or other periodical, whether in print, electronic, or other format; or through television or radio broadcast, multichannel video programming distributor (as such term is defined in section 602(13) of the Communications Act of 1934 (47 U.S.C. 522(13)), or motion picture for public showing… That person must also have the “primary intent to investigate events and procure material in order to disseminate to the public news or information concerning local, national, or international events or other matters of public interest.” Or, that person should be engaged in the “regular gathering, preparation, collection, photographing, recording, writing, editing, reporting or publishing on such matters.” A person would also qualify as a “covered journalist” if they had experience in journalism and had “substantially contributed, as an author, editor, photographer, or producer, to a significant number of articles, stories, programs, or publications” in the past twenty years. As Feinstein said, it would “cover a legitimate journalist such as a Dan Rather who leaves his media entity and takes to publishing freelance stories on the web.”[10] (emphasis added)

Now, let’s begin to take those paragraphs apart and analyze them, bit by bit.

In the first paragraph, the law defines a journalist as “an employee, independent contractor, or agent of an entity or service that disseminates news or information” and then goes on to define the many mediums by which the news can be disseminated. Some of this language seems to be problematic. What exactly do they mean by “independent contractor?” Do they mean a freelancer? Do they mean someone like myself who researches and writes independently?

In the next paragraph, it adds a caveat to the definition of journalist, stating that the individual in question must also “have the ‘primary intent to investigate events and procure material in order to disseminate to the public news or information concerning local, national, or international events or other matters of public interest.’” Well, how do you prove that this is one’s primary intent? Do you just have to state as such? And what do they even mean by the term “primary intent?” Isn’t the main goal of most if not all journalists to disseminate news to the public?

The final paragraph offers an alternative if one is not with a mainstream source by stating that they are covered if “they had experience in journalism and had ‘substantially contributed, as an author, editor, photographer, or producer, to a significant number of articles, stories, programs, or publications’ in the past twenty years.” Does this mean that contributing to sites such as Truthout and Alternet could qualify one as a journalist under this law?

Apparently, in an earlier version of the bill, the law defined “journalists so narrowly that it excludes bloggers, citizen reporters and even some freelancers,”[11] and thus the amendment was added. However, this amendment seems to leave more questions than answers.

In addition to this, many supporters of this bill have been using some rather bellicose language. For example, Senator Dianne Feinstein has been quoted as saying that “real journalists draw salaries”[12] and stating that the First Amendment is “a privilege,”[13] which is rather worrying.

On top of all these other problems, former U.S. Attorney General Michael Mukasey, has written that this bill would “give judges too much power to decide on their own whether the disclosure of the information would be contrary to the public interest and thus not protected.”[14] This means the issue of deciding whether or not information that is being withheld by journalists, say, sources for example, violates the public interest in the form of national security would be decided by judges. If the judges do decide that the information being withheld does violate the public interest, then the journalist would be forced to hand over that information.

While judges do from time to time uphold the rights of the people, they seem to have often sided with the national security state as of recent. For example in 2010, a federal appeals court “ruled that former prisoners of the C.I.A. could not sue over their alleged torture in overseas prisons because such a lawsuit might expose secret government information,”[15] last year, the US Supreme Court decided to “allow the National Security Agency’s surveillance of domestic telephone communication records to continue.”[16]

This year it was reported that the US Supreme Court “rejected [the Center for Constitutional Rights] lawsuit against Bush-era warrantless surveillance, which “guarantees that the federal courts will never address a fundamental question: Was the warrantless surveillance program the NSA carried out on President Bush’s orders legal?”[17] Thus, it seems that the situation of on whose side the courts would rule in a case regarding national security is rather iffy. This is made all the more strenuous by the fact that if a case were to make it up all the way to the Supreme Court and they ruled in favor of the US government, it has the potential to set a precedent which could only be overturned by an entirely new Supreme Court case.

As of now, there are conflicting reports about whether or not Chuck Shumer (D.-N.Y.) has the votes to pass the bill in the Senate, with Schumer saying he does and Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) saying he doesn’t.[19] However, if it does pass, there is no doubt about it going into law as Obama has already voiced his support for it.[20]

By essentially giving the government the power to define what a journalist is, it has the potential to hurt independent media when it is needed now more than ever. The mainstream media consistently sits on stories to please the US government. It was reported in 2006 that the New York Times made a decision to “[withhold] a story about the Bush administration’s program of illegal domestic spying until after the 2004 election.”[21] More recently, the US media reported again and again that the Syrian government had used chemical weapons in Ghouta and that the UN report confirmed it[22], when in reality, the question is still up in the air as new information has come to light that puts the official narrative in doubt.[23]

We need independent alternatives to the mainstream media like Corbett Report, Citizen Radio, and Black Agenda Report to allow people to get a glimpse behind the wall of misinformation that permeates much of the mainstream and get an idea of what is truly going on in the world. If this law gives the government the power to define who a journalist is, we may just lose that.


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Devon DB is a 22 year old independent writer and researcher. He can be contacted at devondb[at]mail[dot]com.

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Vaccines, Chemotherapy, Radiation all VOODOO medicine and we are forcibly STUCK with it! So lets talk about this …

Dr.Patrick-Vickers-Chiropractor-Trained-Gerson-Therapist-San-Marco-Jan-07[1]The following link is a TLB Special recording we had the privilege to make with Dr. Patrick Vickers founder of the Northern Baja Wellness Center and Gerson Health Advocates Society. He is a long time advocate of the Gerson therapies and practices in Mexico because to do so in the USA would find him in prison faster than your head could spin. It would seem by all indications that the profits of big pharmaceutical companies far outweighs the saving of millions of lives … how do you define tyranny?

We all know someone (a loved one, friend, co-worker) who is suffering what will most likely be a terminal cancer or degenerative disease,  and being treated by prohibitively expensive and toxic drugs or radiation. It does not need to be this way … but in a vast majority of cases there is no other choice offered. When in the (supposedly) freest and most technologically advanced country on this planet, one must leave the country to have any real chance of beating a debilitating disease and living … again how do you define tyranny?

Please listen to this recorded discussion and read the accompanying article. What you are about to hear and read should piss you off to no ends

TLB’s Discussion with Dr. Patrick Vickers: Click HERE to listen.



“I see in Dr. Max Gerson one of the most eminent geniuses in the history of medicine” Nobel Peace Prize Laureate, Dr. Albert Schweitzer


History of the Therapy

DrMaxWhat follows is an introduction to Dr. Gerson, his life and his path to real medical awareness. You will find Tyranny and promise in what you read … but read it we beg of you, for your sake and the sake of your loved ones …

Born in Wongwritz, Germany in 1881, Max Gerson studied medicine at the University of Freiburg from 1899-1906. While a student, Max Gerson suffered from severe, debilitating migraine headaches that left him unable to function for days. With his professors of medicine unable to help him, Max Gerson set out to cure himself of his condition by making dramatic changes to his diet and adding specific natural supplements. He eliminated the heavily salted, processed, fatty foods and meat that were a major component of the standard German diet and replaced them with raw and cooked, unsalted, organic fruits and vegetables. Within a matter of weeks the migraines disappeared.

Now graduated, and practicing in Bielefeld, Germany, Dr. Gerson was successfully applying his “migraine” diet to his patients when one returned to him completely cured of his skin tuberculosis. This success caught the attention of world renowned thoracic surgeon, Ferdinand Sauerbruch and, together Gerson and Sauerbruch commenced a study of the diet on 460 terminal tuberculosis patients. Of the 460 patients treated on the Gerson therapy, 456 were completely cured making Gerson a household name throughout all of Europe.

With Hitlers rise to power, Dr. Gerson (a German Jew) fled Germany while narrowly escaping his own death in the Holocaust. After briefly fleeing to France, Dr, Gerson eventually made his way to the United States where he set up practice on Park Avenue in Manhattan. Dr. Gerson lost all of his seven siblings in the Holocaust.

While practicing in Manhattan, Dr. Gerson was approached by a woman dying of stomach and gall bladder cancer. Having heard of his famous tuberculosis treatment, she implored him to apply it in her case but Dr. Gerson refused due to the enormous political pressure he knew he would eventually face from his colleagues….after continual pleas from the woman Dr. Gerson finally agreed to treat her in secret….and she, too, was cured. From that moment on Dr. Gerson admitted that he could no longer turn his face away from this deadly scourge of cancer and began to treat people given up to die by their medical doctors… many of which he also cured.

Rapidly, Gersons name began to spread and as a consequence, on July1-3 1946, he was called to testify before the United States Senate at a hearing for the Pepper- Neely Anticancer Bill which was designed to appropriate 100 million dollars in funding for anyone who could show promise in the realm of cancer treatment. Gerson presented five of his formerly “terminal” patients before the committee and the complete records of five more. So shocked were those in the room that renowned ABC news broadcaster, Raymond Gram Swing, present at the testimony, went on his national radio broadcast that night and announced to the entire nation that a cure for cancer had been discovered. Unfortunately the dark forces of medicine were also listening and from that point on Dr. Gerson became a marked and censured man and the Pepper-Neely Anticancer Bill (document # 8947 of the United States archives) was defeated by four senators who were medical doctors.

Over the next 13 years, Dr. Gerson would lose his membership privileges to the New York State Medical Society, be prohibited from publishing his work in peer-reviewed medical journals and, ultimately, murdered by a likely medical and pharmaceutical industry more interested in preserving vast pharmaceutical profits then curing a dying and suffering humanity.

Successfully Treated Diseases

Throughout its history, the Gerson Therapy has become synonymous with the successful treatment of advanced and non-advanced cancer. While it is true that the Gerson Therapy has a long, proven history of curing most cancers, what many do not realize is that the Gerson Therapy also has a long, proven history of successfully reversing a vast majority of other degenerative diseases. The following is a complete list of conditions that we have successfully treated using the Gerson Therapy:

1) Acne

2) Addictions


4) Allergies

5) Anemias

6) Ankylosing Spondylitis

7) Arthritis

8) Asthma

9) Cancer

10) Candidiasis

11) Chemical sensitivities

12) Chronic Fatigue

13) Constipation

14) Crohns disease

15) Cushings Syndrome

16) Depression/Panic attacks

17) Diabetes

18) Emphysema

19) Endometriosis

20) Epilepsy

21) Fibromyalgia

22) Fibroids

23) Genital Herpes

24) Gout

25) Heart and Artery diseases

26) Hemorrhoids

27) Hepatitis

28) High Blood Pressure

29) Hyperactivity

30) Hypoglycemia/Hyperglycemia

31) Infertility

32) Intestinal Parasites

33) Kidney Disease

34) Liver Cirrhosis

35) Lyme Disease

36) Lupus Erythematosus

37) Migraines

38) Macular Degeneration

39) Mononucleosis

40) Multiple Sclerosis

41) Obesity

42) Ocular Histoplasmosis

43) Osteomyelitis

44) Osteoporosis

45) Phlebitis(Varicose Veins)

46) Psoriasis

47) Premenstrual Syndrome

48) Shingles

49) Stroke

50) Tuberculosis

51) Ulcerative Colitis

Are you angry yet?

There is SO MUCH more information available for your research and curiosity. TLB highly recommends you vist  This is information you will never see or hear from our government or the hypocritical American Medical Association (AMA) … WHY ???


By TLB Staff Writer: Zine Larbaoui

“Make the lie big, make it simple, keep saying it, and eventually they will believe it.”–Adolf Hitler

War Propaganda certainly does explain a lot of things that we can now see because we are right into the subject. To not believe everything and to be skeptical of all, may seem paranoid in nature and yet here we are … The information war for the support of the international community is not a concept, it is a reality.

It’s actually very informative, very rewarding even, to see that these techniques are used every day to make us swallow snakes better, for some of us to thoroughly take into account, before you even continue to watch the MSM news!

How did the Western media cover the various wars that followed the first Gulf War? Can we detect common denominators? Are there any applied fundamental rules with regard to “war propaganda”? Yes.

1. Hide interests.

Our governments are fighting for human rights, “democracy,”peace or some other noble ideal. Never present the war as a conflict between economic and opposed social interests. The most basic rule of war propaganda is to hide the fact that these wars are fought for specific economic interests, those of multinational corporations. Whether for control over strategic raw materials or oil and gas routes, whether to open markets and break the will of too independent States or whether to destroy any country that may endorse an alternative system to the established world order, wars are always ultimately economically motivated, never humanitarian. Yet each time, the humanitarian narrative is told to the public. “No nation has friends, only interests.” – Charles de Gaulle

2. Demonize.


To secure the support of public opinion, prepare every war by organizing a large spectacular media lie blitz. Then continue to demonize the adversary, showing, particularly, images of atrocities. Every major war begins with a large media lie campaign on the controlled media that serves to tilt the public view so that it stands behind its leaders. Media content like horrific pictures showing that the opponent is a monster and we must intervene for “humanitarian or democratic reasons.” For such media lie to work well, several conditions are necessary, notably the incessant broadcast of appalling images, rigged if necessary, the constant hammering which lasts for several days and then extended by frequent reminders, monopolize the media, exclude the version of the other camp, denounce the critics as appeasers or subversive elements, even describe them as “accomplices” or even “revisionists” for questioning the official media line. “Every nation in every region now has a decision to make. Either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.” – George W. Bush

3. No History!

Hide the history and the past geographical delineations of the region, whatever fueled local conflicts or caused by the great powers themselves incomprehensible to the public. In every major conflict, the Western media have concealed the opinions of essential historical and geographical data which helps to understand the situation of the relevant strategic areas in question. The rule is simple. Hiding the past can prevent the public from understanding the history of local problems and provides a way to demonize its protagonists who coincidentally still resist neo-colonial ambitions of the great powers.

“Historical amnesia is a dangerous phenomenon, not only because it undermines moral and intellectual integrity, but also because it lays the groundwork for crimes that lie ahead.”–Noam Chomsky

4. Organize amnesia.

Avoid serious recall of previous media manipulation. This would make the public too suspicious. When a Great Power prepares for or triggers a war, would it be the time to recall the MSM lies of previous wars ? To learn to decipher the information provided by the interested Military HQ? Each time and conveniently, the new war is labeled a “just war,” even more immaculate than its preceding ones; and as usual, it is not the time to be divided on the issue, the debates will be for later…or never? A clear case: The infamous and ever elusive WMD that served as the springboard to launch a war of aggression against Iraq!

It is said that peace is a dividend of war, this premise prompts one to ask about the judicious nature of the said peace when it is constantly challenged with threats of a new war. War is always a failure, war brings out the worst in people, it unravels the moral sensibilities of men. Today, the world has never been that closely connected, isn’t it time to evolve into a paradigm of understanding and “live and let live,” on this planet we all must share?

“Whoever fights monsters should see to it that, in the process, he does not become a monster. And when you look long into an abyss, the abyss also looks into you.” –Friedrich Nietzsche, Beyond Good and Evil


Zine Larbaoui is a TLB Staff writer and Director and Sr. Admin of TLB’s website The Falling Darkness



Written by : Joe Martino

If I told you there was a plant available to us today that could be grown in pretty much any soil, requires no pesticides and it takes very little maintenance to grow, and this magical plant could be used for a very large number of necessities and goods we use today yet we don’t use it, would you think to yourself “Joe you must be high or on some other cheap drug?”

Well potential naysayers out there, I’m not high nor do I get high, but let me tell you, there is a plant available right now and it is often mistaken to be marijuana but has capabilities that are beyond what you could imagine. It’s called Hemp. To be clear, even the plant we refer to has Marijuana is actually hemp. Most accurately, hemp that is composed of less than .3% THC is considered non-remedial hemp. Hemp that contains more than .3% THC is considered remedial hemp. This is the type many call Marijuana. Right off the top, Hemp looks very much like marijuana as it technically is the same plant. But unlike maryjane, it does not contain anywhere near the amount of THC needed for someone to get high if they tried to smoke it. Funny thing is, in the United States, Hemp is just as illegal to grow as Marijuana is. How can this be? The plant doesn’t even provide THC to get high and yet it’s still illegal? Yes…

Hemp used to be used for many things: clothes, cars, plastics, building materials, rope, paper, linens, food, medicine and so on. In fact, it used to be mandatory in the United States for farmers to grow hemp if they had the land. There are plenty more stats regarding hemp you can find here.

The fact is Hemp was very popular throughout the 1800’s and 1900’since it was incredibly useful for so many reasons. But one day that all changed, and now it is illegal.. so how did this happen?

The History During Hoover’s presidency, Andrew Mellon became Hoover’s Secretary of the Treasury and Dupont’s primary investor. He appointed his future nephew-in-law, Harry J. Anslinger, to head the Federal Bureau of Narcotics and Dangerous Drugs.

Secret meetings were held by these financial tycoons. Hemp was declared dangerous and a threat to their billion dollar enterprises. For their dynasties to remain intact, hemp had to go. This then led these men to take an obscure Mexican slang word: ‘marihuana’ and push it into the consciousness of America. The reason why they changed the name was because everyone knew of hemp and how amazing it was for the world. They would never be able to get away with banning hemp, so they used a name they knew no one would care about.

Not long after this plan was set in place, the media began a blitz of  ‘yellow journalism’ in the late 1920s and 1930s. Yellow journalism is essentially journalism where stories with catchy headlines are put into the mainstream media to get attention, yet these stories are not well researched or backed up. They are often used simply to create public opinion. Many newspapers were pumping stories emphasizing the horrors and dangers of marihuana. The “menace” of marihuana made headlines everywhere. Readers learned that it was responsible for everything from car accidents to losing morality and it wasn’t long before public opinion started to shape.

Next came several films like ‘Reefer Madness’ (1936), ‘Marihuana: Assassin of Youth’ (1935) and ‘Marihuana: The Devil’s Weed’ (1936) which were all propaganda films designed by these industrialists to create an enemy out of marihuana. Reefer Madness was possibly the most interesting of the films as it depicted a man going crazy from smoking marijuana and then murdering his family with an ax. With all of these films, the goal was to gain public support so that anti-marihuana laws could be passed without objection.

Have a look at the following regarding marihuana from ‘The Burning Question’ aka Reefer Madness:

  • A violent narcotic
  • Acts of shocking violence
  • Incurable insanity
  • Soul-destroying effects
  • Under the influence of the drug he killed his entire family with an ax
  • More vicious, more deadly even than these soul-destroying drugs (heroin, cocaine) is the menace of marihuana!

Unlike most films with a simple ending, Reefer Madness ended with bold words on the screen: TELL YOUR CHILDREN.

In the 1930s, things were different than today. The population did not question things very much. They did not have tools like the Internet to quickly spread information and learn about things that were happening. Most built their opinions and beliefs off of the news via print or the radio. As a result and what was instructed by mainstream news, many people did tell their children about marihuana and thus shaping a strong public opinion about it.

On April 14, 1937, the Prohibitive Marihuana Tax Law or the bill that outlawed hemp was directly brought to the House Ways and Means Committee. Simply put, this committee is the only one that could introduce a bill to the House floor without it being debated by other committees. At the time, the Chairman of the Ways and Means was Robert Doughton who was a Dupont supporter. With vested interest, he insured that the bill would pass Congress.

In an attempt to stop the bill from being passed, Dr. James Woodward, a physician and attorney, attempted to testify on behalf of the American Medical Association. He mentioned that the reason the AMA had not denounced the Marihuana Tax Law sooner was that the Association had just discovered that marihuana was hemp. Or at least a strain of it. Hemp and Marijuana are both varieties of Cannabis sativa, but this distinction was purposely not made well known to the public. Since the law was not so much focused on banning one or the other, both found their way into the ban. The AMA recognized cannabis/marihuana as a medicine found in numerous healing products sold and used for quite some time. The AMA like many other’s did not realize that the deadly menace they had been reading about in the media was in fact hemp.

In September of 1937, hemp prohibition began. Arguably the most useful plant known to man has become illegal to grow and use both in its non THC strain and THC strain called marihuana. To this day, this plant is still illegal to grow in the United States.

To the public, Congress banned hemp because it was said to be a violent and dangerous drug. In reality, Hemp does nothing more than act as an amazing resource to virtually any industry and any product. As you can imagine, this was also a big reason for the ban of Hemp as it was a serious threat to many of the big industries out there. At the time it was mainly plastics, oil and paper.

Here we are in modern day times and it is clear we are in some trouble when it comes to how we treat our environment. The resources and practices we use today for energy as well as product creation is very harmful and toxic to not just our planet but ourselves also. Despite the full awareness that exists surrounding hemp as an option to transform how things can be done on this planet, governments continue to have the plant banned and it is still often mistaken for marihuana due to how it looks.



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By: Roger Landry (TLB), Founder of The Liberty Beacon project.

I would like to start by thanking all TLB Staff members, project partners, project affiliates, supporters and volunteers. It is because of your dedication to this project that we are realizing this mind-bending and explosive growth not only nationally but globally.

What you see listed here are the TLB forums and their readiness with respect to the viewing or listening public. Please remember as you look at this asset breakdown, TLB had one website and one radio show a scant six months ago, and eighty percent of what you see has developed over the last sixty days. Our reach is growing globally at an exponential rate and our ability to attract great partners and guests clearly reflect this reality.

This my friends is not just a blessing for the suppressed masses of this vast subjugated population, but a necessity! Please remember our project motto

Its time to roar 04

It is only through vast numbers that we will reach a critical mass that can no longer be ignored … and through the mechanism of TLB we are helping to bring unity on a global scale with that critical mass becoming more of a reality on a daily basis.

There IS a Light Shining Brightly at the End of This Tunnel

Tunnel 01

TLB active, underconstruction and projected forums …


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The goal of The Liberty Beacon project is to have the largest global print New Media, grass roots network in existence by January 1st 2015 and at our present rate of expansion … this is a done deal. Together through this community we can and will effect change across this great nation and this ever shrinking world.

This my friends is only the end of the beginning with many more surprises to follow in the near future! Thanks again from myself and Adam T. White the Executive Director of this project.


Lauren and Robert

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Along side a true republican system of governance of, by, and for We The People, Capitalism was one of the main cornerstones in the development of this great nation. Capitalism is directly responsible for the creation of the most powerful economic engine and middle class this planet has ever seen throughout all of human history.

Pure capitalism is the antithesis of the scourge we suffer today in America … Corporatism. Whereas Capitalism is based on innovation, dedication and unfettered competition, Corporatism is the destruction of competition through the control and monopoly of innovation, goods and services by powerful and government connected mega corporation resulting in the elimination of competition and a majority of the smaller less influential entities trying to compete on a rigged playing field.

A short while ago I had the privilege of talking to a father and daughter team who authored a new book “Our Best Tomorrow Students Teaching Capitalism to-America”. I learned from this very intelligent young lady and her father a shocking truth … Capitalism, its roll in the building of the America dream, and its importance for the continued growth and inherent strength of America, is no longer taught in our schools today. This should not have been all that surprising when you realize the powerful influence exercised by mega corporations on the curriculum our young minds are exposed to on a daily basis.

When I was contacted by Robert Hudson TLB jumped at the chance to talk to, and record a show with, both him and his daughter Lauren, and the attached link is the result of a great conversation. I am both pleased and encouraged in the fact that we still have inquisitive and intelligent young Americans who can see through the haze of deceit and deception to the true issues facing this nation … through them there is indeed still hope for a great and prosperous future in America.

Click on the blue text to listen to this great “The Liberty Beacon Special” show:


Our Best Tomorrow Students Teaching Capitalism to-America


This New Student Book on Freedom and Capitalism, Co-Authored by a 13 Year Old Student and Her Father, Needs Liberty Community’s Support

13 year old Lauren Hudson and her father, conservative business leader Rob Hudson, have co-authored a student book on capitalism and freedom. The book helps our youth understand how to make it in America through education, hard work and making responsible decisions. During its initial month of release in December 2013, Our Best Tomorrow – Students Teaching Capitalism to America, became an Amazon #1 Hot New Release and a #1 Best Seller for Free Enterprise and Current Event books. Fox News and Fox Business News featured it on national television a dozen times.

About the book, Rob commented, “We must start by teaching individual responsibility to our next generations. If they don’t understand the wisdom of true capitalism and freedom, our middle class will likely continue to shrink. Their success, and the country’s success, hangs in the balance. Through Lauren’s fictional stories of three childhood friends, coupled with our pointers on America at its best, no child who reads the book will ever view the world quite the same again. They will see possibilities and American dreams, not big government roadblocks.”

The book has been endorsed by conservative government, business and education leaders. Conservative Host Stuart Varney of Fox Business News described it as a “bright, shining example of capitalism and the American way.” National conservative talk radio host Roger Hedgecock said “Words of wisdom. I loved the book.” John Stossel commended the book as one which he hopes can “make a difference” with our youth. Elisabeth Hasselbeck of Fox & Friends praised the book as “A great idea. It’s such a hybrid, with creativity and the history of capitalism.”

If the book succeeds on a national scale, it will have a far greater chance of finding its way into more classrooms. Please look the book up FaceBoob or on Amazon at:

Or visit their website at:

Meanwhile, check out Lauren’s latest appearance on Stuart Varney, where she talks about the national debt and government mandates.

We can change this country, one student at a time … But we can’t do it without your help.


Contact information:

Robert D. Hudson Member | Frost Brown Todd LLC

7310 Turfway Road, Suite 210 | Florence, KY 41042 859.817.5909 Direct | 859.817.5900 Main | 859.283.5902 Fax | 859.466.6192 Cell |


Ben Swann

By: Ben Swann

Season 2 of Truth In Media Project:

1 year ago we set out to restore Truth in Media and we’ve come a long way!
I’m investigative journalist Ben Swann. When I decided to leave my anchor position at Fox 19 in Cincinnati, I did so because I believed in something….finding truth.  With the help of Richter Studios and funding from thousands of passionate liberty loving people from here in American and around the world we launched the Truth in Media Project.

We created 12 episodes of the Liberty Is Rising, Truth in Media Project Season 1 covering issues like The Truth Behind The Syrian Civil War, NSA Spying, Rethink 911, 100 Years of the Federal Reserve Bank and Vaccine Court.  Those episodes have now been viewed over 1,000,000 times on YouTube, Roku and

Those episodes are now headed to Hulu Plus and Amazon Prime.

We are now ready to launch Truth in Media Season 2 and with your help we are going to take truth in media to a whole new level!

This season, we are leaving the studio and pursuing stories across the nation. From the militarization of police, to families using the Charlotte’s Web strain of cannibas to treat epilepsy, to Fukishima radiation hitting the West Coast and even Human Trafficking… we are chasing the truth and reporting on issues the mainstream media won’t touch.

We are seeking to put people first because Humanity > Politics!

What We Need & What You Get

To make this happen I need your help.  By contributing to the project, you can be listed as a producer or executive producer of our episodes, which will go immediately to Hulu, Amazon, Roku, Youtube and
In addition, we will have great prizes as you will see below including your own, Humanity > Politics T-shirt, bumper stickers, digital episodes and more.

This is a Project with Impact

Lets talk about what we accomplished with last with last season:

The 12 episodes of Season 1 of Truth in Media have been viewed over 1,000,000 times before reaching Hulu and Amazon Prime!
We also launched, a news site that works to shatter the left/right paradigm.  Our site had nearly 2,000,000 page views last month and 1.5 million unique visitors.
In January, we launched the Truth in Media Moment radio vignette and we are now being broadcast on dozens of radio stations and internet stations around the nation.

Other Ways You Can Help

Some people just can’t contribute and we fully understand that.. but that doesn’t mean that you can’t help!

  • Help to spread the word about our campaign.  Please share this campaign on your social network pages, including Facebook, Twitter and Google+.  Share about the campaign on Reddit , the Daily Paul as well as you favorite message boards
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  • Together WE are making great strides to restoring Truth to Media. Please partner with me and lets make Season 2 bigger than we had imagined!

TLB: Please go to indiegogo to donate and support Ben’s project, liberty and the future of Truth in Media …


LynnetteTLB Presents this We The People Special with our great Partner Organic Guru Lynnette Marie. Today we discuss the LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!Gala & Organic Festival. An annual event to support some very worthwhile organizations and people. Please listen (click on the blue link below) as Lynnette describes this event, it’s goals and ramifications.

This is a FUND raiser effort to help the American Anti Cancer Institute founded by Robert G. Wright, author of Killing Cancer NOT People. We also help the Gerson Treatment Clinic in Baja, Mexico founded by Dr. Patrick Vickers as well as funding to keep the Fuel for the Body bicycle T.O.U.R.s pedaling across the nation.

Click on this link to listen to the show -

We The People Special: Fuel for the Body Gala & Organic Festival



The Natural Health Event of the YEAR!

Fuel for the Body Presents:

The LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!  Black Tie Dinner Gala & Organic Festival

An event you can NOT afford to miss!

We Invite YOU To Participate In Our 2nd Annual


Benefiting: American Anti Cancer Institute & the Gerson Treatment Clinic.

A unique experience you will NOT want to miss.

Thursday APRIL 03, 2014

5:30 – 9:45 p.m.

(doors open at 4:00p.m. for silent auction/vendor shopping & hors d’oeuvres)

Lodge of the Ozarks  Branson, MO

3431 W. HWY 76

Do you know someone suffering from cancer or any disease?  Have you been told there are NO cures for this life threatening disease?

Are you one of the many Americans taking Rx drugs or OTC drugs?

Then this evening is for YOU!  We bring you solutions to the seemingly pressing problems.  A great opportunity to see and hear the truths about cancer cures and and disease cures. You will be armed with profound information and knowledge about KILLING Cancer and better yet, preventing it from ever sneaking up on you.

Featured speakers will shed light on the realities of this deadly disease and other diseases that can easily be PREVENTED and even CURED.  You will also learn about the toxic food supply that directly feeds and creates cancer and other diseases. Find out how to CURE your cancer, diseases and ailments. Prepare to gain control of your food and health freedoms.  You will find out why the Fuel for the Body Team tours across the nation 30 days at a time.

We bring the message to YOU!

An evening of organic fine dining for health. We will present to you some great speakers and hostess’. You will also be delighted to be entertained by amazing Branson celebrities.

You will be presented with amazing items being offered via silent auction. Our carefully chosen vendors will bring to you some great avenues of healing and living a radiant life.

Featured speaker: Bob Wright, Author of: Killing Cancer NOT People and founder of the newest wellness center in Washington state.

Keynote Speaker:  Dr. Patrick Vickers, founder of the Gerson Treatment Clinic in Baja Mexico.

Insightful speaker: Lynnette Marie, Author of ‘Fuel for the Body’, one of the best selling books around the world.  Founder/creator of grass roots efforts: Fuel for the Body bike T.O.U.R.s and creator of the Pure Integrity Verified seal of approval.

Guest Speaker:  Chris Wark, of Chris Beat Cancer

Guest Co-Mistress of Ceremony:.  Joni Abbott: Radio Host of Home Grown Health on Natural News Radio and 180 Radio

Guest Co-Master of Ceremony:  Matt Lord: Creator of The 3 Red Neck Tenors and stand up comedian

Host/hostess: Jon Howard, Lance Johnson & Lynnette Marie

Dinner ticket includes:

3 course fine dining organic meal (lamb, chicken or vegan option) catered by Chef Coty Pate Using all local and organic farmers’ food,

Gift bag at table with FREE 2 day pass for the organic festival to follow on Friday & Saturday

Plus 5 FREE raffle tickets for the festival give aways and of course your Hunger for Health fulfilled and mostly, a joyful heart knowing

“YOU helped to make a Difference~!

Dinner Tickets:

$80.00 per person.


we must get your RSVP NO later than March 25.  We have specific farmers we are ordering the menu items from therefore it is imperative that we know the head count of all planning to dine with us. Thank you for understanding and helping us have a smoothly running dinner for you all.

If YOUR company sponsors a table, you will have the opportunity to have your company logo on flyers and slide show featuring information about the tours and cancer treatment centers.  By being an event sponsor, your company will have many options available for reaching the public.

We look forward to meeting you and having  you as our supporting guest at the second Annual

LIVE HAPPY. BE PURE!  Black Tie Dinner Gala.

Then you will be empowered at our awesome 2 day organic festival.  Here you will gain a wealth of information to help you make informed decisions for your family.

We bring to you the best of the best expert speakers from around the nation!  Inspirational, motivational, and empowering is what you will be left with when you leave.  Check out the website for complete details on this amazing natural health event you will not want to miss.

What is YOUR health worth to you?  Want health care reform?  Invest in you!  Invest in your family!

TLB: If you cannot attend this event but wish to make a donation to support these worthy organizations and projects please do so at the following link.


TLB is proud to be a sponsor of this great event!

Also please visit Lynnette at:



  • Your support in the Liberty Beacon will be appreciated