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By: Zen Gardner

This may seem to be common knowledge to most, but to what degree? Do people really see the depths and breadths these wicked conniving controllers are willing to stoop to in order to control the mass mind according to their greedy, parasitic intentions?

Here are a few examples that will resonate and help plant your feet squarely in the camp of the observing enlightened. These exposures portray clearly what we’re witnessing daily in the constructed matricized world around us, and why we should steer clear of it.

First, an overview of the subtle yet obvious trickery of modern advertising. Pay close attention, it’s not as simple as it may appear and you’ll soon see these memes and themes all around you in a fresh and empowered fashion.

The Generic Brand – How Advertising Works

Now an example of one item that was manipulated to be considered of value and again used to strip humanity of its energy and cause more misguided attention:

The Cleverly Constructed Diamond Illusion

But let’s go deeper and see who exactly “fathered” this modern propaganda machine. A very clever, well connected bastard, Edward Bernays – and his ilk.

The Ways of Bernays and Social Programming

The profound power of marketing and advertising is taken for granted in today’s society. People watch and listen as if they are immune to its clever intricacies.

Not so. Exposure to any form of this manipulative sorcery  is toxic. Hence this conclusion by modern day prophet Bill Hicks:

Telling It Like It Is

Stay free. Turn off the mainstream bullshit and avoid staring at advertising in any form.  It’s very cleverly designed to affect us in every way possible, whether we think we’re aware of what’s going on or not.

Turn it all off.

Love, Zen


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MSM Complicity

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Propaganda has been used as a tool by existing power structures to mold and shape the thoughts and reactions of societies for time immemorial, maturing in this task with the advent of the modern day mainstream media. We are constantly bombarded with streamed media today, and if you control this stream … you control the thoughts and actions of the societies consuming it.

We talk about whistle blowers in many fields such as Intelligence agencies, Health agencies and the Military, but rarely do we see a member of the western worlds Mainstream Media step up to bare their soul to the public.

This gentleman is an exception. It appears his conscience weighs heavy on him due to his past participation’s and endeavors.

Intelligence agencies are heavily ingrained into western mainstream media, possessing influence that goes well beyond the good of their respective societies … and the CIA is the proverbial king on the hill!

What you are about to see may not shock those in the know, but it does confirm what we preach to those mesmerized by this mechanism. A truly free and independent mainstream press … died a quiet death long ago …

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FBI journalism

Contributed to TLB by: Susanne Posel

James Comey, director of the Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) defended the use of an FBI agent posing as an Associated Press journalist in order to install spyware into the computer of a teenager from Lacy, Washington State.

Comey said in an open letter published in mainstream media that the FBI did not “overstep its bounds” while using deceptive tactics during their investigation into the teen who was in communication “online with the” FBI agent.”

According to Comey: “An F.B.I. agent communicated online with the anonymous suspect. Relying on an agency behavioral assessment that the anonymous suspect was a narcissist, the online undercover officer portrayed himself as an employee of The Associated Press, and asked if the suspect would be willing to review a draft article about the threats and attacks, to be sure that the anonymous suspect was portrayed fairly.”

To entrap the student, the FBI produced a fake news report provided by the FBI agent to the Associated Press regarding a “technology savvy student holds Timberline High School hostage.”

The FBI agent made sure the teen saw the article which facilitated the downloading of spyware into the boy’s computer in order to track the child’s online whereabouts.

Kathy Best, executive editor of the Seattle Times commented : “The FBI, in placing the name of The Associated Press on a phony story sent to a criminal suspect, crossed a line and undermined the credibility of journalists everywhere – including at The Times.”

The FBI maintains that “the operation was aimed at preventing tragedy. We were fortunate that information provided by the public gave us the opportunity to step into a potentially dangerous situation before it was too late.”

Kathleen Carroll, executive editor of AP said : “This latest revelation of how the FBI misappropriated the trusted name of the Associated Press doubles our concern and outrage, expressed earlier to Attorney General Eric Holder, about how the agency’s unacceptable tactics undermine AP and the vital distinction between the government and the press.”

The Reporters Committee for Freedom of the Press (RCFP) wrote a letter to Holder and Comey explaining : “The warrant for such action apparently did not mention that the tracker was delivered as an AP article, with an AP byline “and therefore impersonated a news media organization.” Concerned that the FBI not only failed to follow its own guidelines for such activity, but also did not make clear to the judge who signed the warrant or FBI counsel that the software ‘impersonated a media organization or that there were First Amendment concerns at stake’.”

Mainstream media have joined RCFP in support of exposing how the FBI uses news media to infiltrate the public:

• Association of Alternative Newsmedia
• Center for Investigative Reporting
• Committee to Protect Journalists
• First Amendment Coalition
• Freedom of the Press Foundation
• National Newspaper Association
• The National Press Club
• National Press Photographers Association
• The New York Times Company
• The News Guild – CWA
• Newspaper Association of America
• North Jersey Media Group Inc.
• Radio Television Digital News Association
• The Seattle Times Company
• Stephens Media LLC
• Tribune Publishing Company
• Tully Center for Free Speech
• The Washington Post

The RCFP continued in their letter: “The utilization of news media as a cover for delivery of electronic surveillance software is unacceptable. This practice endangers the media’s credibility and creates the appearance that it is not independent of the government. It undermines media organizations’ ability to independently report on law enforcement.”

Ironically, the FBI have a program targeting teenagers called, “The FBI Teen Reporter’s Workshop” where “selected” high school students in New York are brought to the FBI field office to “learn about how the FBI interacts with the media. In addition to hearing about the overall mission of the FBI and the mission of the Office of Public Affairs, the teens have the opportunity to meet members of the media and to take photos with FBI equipment.”


Susanne Posel is a Investigative Journalist and the Chief Editor of Occupy Corporatism and The US Independent

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Toto 1

Discover the truth about the men behind the curtain who own and run the U.S. Government.

These men are totally evil, ruthless, greedy and vicious individuals who will stop at nothing to gain control of the world and the enslavement of us all.

They are now taking steps to control and shut down the internet because it is the last means for people to come together, and voice their opinions freely

If We The People decide to ignore this mother of all threats, and out of apathy, complacency or fear of self preservation, do nothing … May God have mercy on our undeserving souls !!!

Please watch, learn and speak out …

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By: Roger Landry (TLB)

When you hit the play button on this outstanding and inspiring video please understand … This is not about the military or military power. This is not about politics or political power. This is not about wealth or the power of money. This is about humanity and the power of our hearts and souls … The absolute power to change the world for generations … for millions and maybe even billions.

That power is contained in each and every one of us, if we have the inner strength to call if forth … There isn’t one among us who cant take a lesson away from this great speech. But if you listen and come to the conclusion there was nothing here for you … I can all but guarantee you will have very little influence in helping to change this world …

So please take less than twenty minutes from your busy day and listen to some hard earned and well used wisdom, wisdom that may just navigate you onto the path of making a serious difference in a chaotic world in serious need of changing.


We at TLB would like to thank our longtime contributor Dave Hodges for bringing this video to our attention, and he says …

Do you want to change the world? Then listen  to the University of Texas graduation ceremony remarks made by Naval Admiral  William H. McRaven, BJ ’77, ninth commander of U.S.Special Operations Command.

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Dave and Mack

TLB is proud to present one of our longest running, most loyal and prolific contributors to this project Dave Hodges in a great, must hear radio show


My recent guest, Sheriff Richard Mack, appeared on The Common Sense Show at the beginning of this week. Sheriff Mack certainly needs no introduction. Sheriff Richard Mack has faced off against the gun confiscation crowd, over the Brady Bill as he prevailed in the defense of liberty before the Supreme Court.  Sheriff Mack is tireless in his pursuit of liberty.  He discussed how America’s Sheriffs are the last line of defense against the over-reaching and often tyrannical Federal government. Sheriff Mack also discussed how  CSPOA and he is asking for the audience to support their noble efforts in the defense of our freedoms.

CSPOA is the last line of defense from an overreaching Federal Government.

“If the peace officers in America do one simple thing – keep their oaths of office – we can save our constitutional Republic tomorrow.” – Sheriff Richard Mack

Don’t miss this riveting interview with Sheriff Mack beginning at six minutes after the start of the recording.

(interview begins at minute 6.5)

Common Sense Show

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Bernie Suarez, Guest
Waking Times

Life is one huge psychological journey. This is what I believe. You are what you think you are. You control your journey and how much you actually enjoy it. You control how happy (or for that matter how sad and miserable) you will be because you control your own thoughts. Yes, you make decisions everyday on what thoughts you will allow into you mind. You also make decisions about how you will approach things in your life including new information. The choice of personal attitude toward things, preconceived notions, and good or bad assumptions about the world around us is all within our reach and control. For this reason I want to discuss a bit about how your mind should operate when you come across mainstream media news.

Believe it or not there are several thought processes you could and should practice to essentially keep your mind free of mainstream media’s poisonous lies and deceit. Anyone who believes some mainstream media news will likely find this article ridiculous, untrue, nonsense perhaps, exaggerations, or whatever. Those who think this way only do so because they are attached subconsciously to mainstream media news and the paradigm it offers them in their daily perception of the world. It feels real and your mind simply cannot fathom that mainstream media news is fabricated.

Well, it is.

It absolutely is, and that is why you should be noticing and asking question like why is it that all standard (big six) Western mainstream media outlets all report the same stories and all of them present the stories in the exact same way? Isn’t that a bit of a coincidence? Can you see the oddity in this? When was the last time CNN disagreed with CNN on a major story narrative? Start asking yourself, how can the entire mainstream media including the newspapers and magazines likeNewsweek and TIME and including politically competing networks (like NBC versus FOX) all narrate stories in the exact same manner?? In a world where we know factually that humans commonly have difficulties agreeing on anything, in this mainstream media system of controlled news there are never any disagreements. The big six private corporations that own all of the news in the United States and many regions throughout the world now, never disagree and always stay perfectly on script even when the script makes no sense and needs real-time revision. Isn’t that amazing?

While you are ruminating on that extremely intriguing oddity, let’s get to some nice tricks you can practice everyday to clear and protect your mind from mainstream media’s ambush-style lies and hypnotic deceit. These techniques will help exercise your mind in order to maintain a healthy strong mental freedom. Remember when you try these techniques you will be exercising how to remain mentally free from their enslavement.

Recall that mainstream media didn’t just happen one day. The mass media in the United Statesdates back for over two hundred years, dating back to the founding of America. Media was always a part of the plan. Fast forwarding to today, be aware that government Intelligence took control of the media as early as 1948 and even earlier. Try to appreciate the importance that media means to government and the control system, then push away any thoughts of the unrealistic argument that mass media news is all somehow coincidental and innocent honest news. If you really believe this then you are in deep trouble and need to get help. For everyone else let’s get started. Here are three simple things you can do to read mainstream media news and know instantly what to make of the story and how to categorize the story in your mind before believing the story blindly just because you saw it on TV or read it in a mainstream media website, or in a newspaper or magazine. Think of this as an exercise in mental freedom.

I – Look at the news through the eyes of history

Step number one: look at each breaking mainstream media news story through the eyes of true history instead of the artificial context in which the mainstream media presents the story. Does it fit into what we know of historical events? Or are those enforcing mainstream media narratives asking you to believe a sequence of events or a narrative that doesn’t add up logically?

Here’s an example: The mainstream media is reporting yet another new war on terror, but historically speaking we know that the war on terror equals massive loss of liberties and freedoms, massive increases of the State’s power and control over you, and no real evidence of terrorism being stopped. So why then would you, in light of history, accept this piece of mainstream media news?

In the bigger picture, history is a very significant tool for gauging where we are headed. As you practice these techniques you will notice your core beliefs will strengthen until finally news delivered by mainstream media will be powerless against you. You will no longer be vulnerable to artificial mainstream media contexts that allow mainstream media stories to expand in any direction that suits their long term plans perfectly.

II – Look at the news in light of stated goals of the State

If you were captain of a ship would you ever go out to sea without a compass and a map? So why would you watch and blindly believe mass media news for what it is without gauging where you are and where this story may be going. It is very important to be aware of all stated goals of the State. In the case of today, we know factually that the government and control system is focused on getting their new world order done. They have admitted and stated this publicly and many papers have been written, illegal wars launched, and decisions and legislation has been passed consistent with these publicly stated goals of controlling the world. Believe these clearly stated goals of the State and then consider all pieces of mass media events in light of these clearly stated goals. Then try to see how the agenda fits into the goals.

Remember that government is made up of people who (like you and I) have the need to organize and create plans for the future. Like everyone else, government systematically plans out its future. See how those at the highest levels of government have systematically controlled narratives to suit their stated goals of domination. Stop believing that governments and global elites put out stated goals just for fun without any meaning and significance to them. This is the world that those who are blind and lost live in. They actually believe the direction of the world and the news is all one big coincidence without any connection to it. They’ve been brainwashed into thinking that the simple and easy patterns we observe are all coincidence. This magical coincidence theory of life and news is a signature of a brainwashed state and a symptom to be avoided at all costs.

III- Try to appreciate what it is media is NOT saying

Like looking at something from the inside out, critically analyze mainstream media news. Focus on what it is they are not saying. Put their information through the fire then try to reconcile the reality of this non-coverage as significant and not an innocent oversight. Why should you focus on what it is the media is not telling you? Because that is a major part of critical journalism. Mainstream media has admitted that their stories are controlled by the government. They are not even hiding this fact. It is up to you, however, to critically walk yourself through the process and convince yourself why you will not blindly believe mainstream media news.

These three quick and easy suggestions will help break through mainstream media hypnosis and arrive to the other side of life known as reality. It’s about reshaping how you think and arming your thought process with common sense in light of known historical events and stated goals instead of being sucked in by professional powerful in your face CIA propaganda. You may think that propaganda won’t get to you, but these CIA propaganda and media techniques are proven to work.

They are proven to convince even the smartest of people throughout history and they will fool you too if you are not astute and watching carefully with a vigilant mind. These techniques are thus simple things you can do to be a smarter, more aware and resilient human being instead of a brain-dead zombie who absorbs mainstream media CIA lies and propaganda with every day that goes by. Keep in mind that literally as you sleep at night they are brewing new stories every single day. This is about protecting your mind and your thoughts from the outside world of deception and lies.

With time you will notice as you become solidly grounded in truth and reason, that mainstream media is not even that good at shaping their lies and deceit. You will start to see the comedy and surreal nature of the whole circus known as mainstream media news. You will also see the wide disconnect mainstream media has from the actual reality of truth and reason. Once you see it this way you will notice that you are completely mentally free from fake and deceptive government-controlled mainstream media lies. That is a huge reason to celebrate.

All aside, every day I personally enjoy a unique warm feeling of what I refer to as mental freedom. I wake up every single morning knowing that there is no mainstream media news that will penetrate my mind enough to alter my perception of reality in any way. I get it – we are and have long been in an informational war zone, we are at war, the enemy is fighting hard and we are conscious human beings inserted into this information battlefield whose goal is human enslavement. There are no amounts of “breaking news” that will dramatically alter this reality I live in. I clearly understand this overall scenario, thus from one day to another my life is stable and unchanging. In this example, waking up to the news of ISIS is no big deal. ISIS is another new fake terror experiment that the Intelligence agencies have funded and armed in order to maintain their long-term plans. I get it – the stated goals are clear and easy to understand. Why then would I spend extra energy actually believing that ISIS is coming for us here in America?

In this example, my response to ISIS is more of a fun chuckle and my life goes completely unchanged. That is, we are still in an informational battle, the new world order is still here and the mainstream media is still the mouthpiece of this empire.

Understanding these simple techniques to help shape your mental thoughts prior to hearing mainstream media breaking news will give you a mental stability that you cannot imagine. I leave the rest for you to critically think through and find ways to apply to your own life. Till then remember that life is simple not complicated.

It’s been said that there are two kinds of people on earth and nothing more. Those who want to control you and those that want to be left alone. Yes, life really is that simple. Once you begin to see the simplicity of all of this, you can be sure that you are beginning to taste of true freedom, mental freedom which is akin to spiritual freedom which is where true freedom actually begins. These are the foundations of physical freedom which is the freedom we tend to think of as the only kind of freedom. On the contrary, before you can truly be free you must be mentally and spiritually free. Are you making steps toward the latter? Or are you vulnerable to enslavement every day that you wake up?

About the Author

Bernie Suarez is an activist, critical thinker, radio host, musician, M.D, Veteran, lover of freedom and the Constitution, and creator of the Truth and Art TV project, where this first appeared. He also has a background in psychology and highly recommends that everyone watch a documentary titledThe Century of the Self. Bernie has concluded that the way to defeat the New World Order is to truly be the change that you want to see. Manifesting the solution and putting truth into action is the very thing that will defeat the globalists.

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