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Linderman Unleashed 070315 TLB EP09

By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

This week on Linderman Unleashed:

The corporate fascist governor of California; Jerry Brown has signed SB277 into law, effectively destroying the first amendment right of every citizen of California while enriching the coffers of his pharmaceutical masters. Will there be a mass exodus out of the state by concerned parents? Will the public and private schools take a serious financial hit as home schooling becomes the norm among thinking parents across the state? It’s too soon to tell but vaccinating under this draconian law is not an option!

I’ll also be discussing other vaccine news. While the dumbed down Americans watch their corporate controlled media that never says a detrimental word about their pharma master’s products…other countries are looking into the negative effects that vaccines are having on their citizens. India’s Supreme Court is currently looking into the Gates’ Foundations HPV vaccine trials perpetrated on the young daughters of India’s most poor and illiterate citizens. Many are dead, hundreds damaged for life while others may not realize the damage done until they reach child-bearing age.

With everything in the news recently, is the end game nearing fruition? While I don’t know for sure, it seems that way to me. One of the signs that I will be discussing today that suggests that the end game is nearing its end stage is geo engineering and the prolific rise is the chemtrails all across the planet. The vaccines, GMOs, dead, processed food and fluoride just doesn’t seem to have dumbed us down enough to accept what is to come. I’ll explain how nuerotoxic aluminum is the weapon of mass destruction that will finally prepare the people for their servitude.

Along with all of the other shenanigans, the weapons of mass distraction are working quite well for the NWO. While many Americans have lost their minds with trivial flag issues (the rainbow flag and confederate flag) the SCOTUS and POTUS have been wiping their butts with our founding documents. From the ruling on Obamacare and gay marriage to the complete B.S. that is TPP, we are being summarily destroyed while concerning ourselves with the most trivial of things…just as planned.

Join me at 7 PM EST on Friday night for yet another hard hitting, in-your-face look at America, the world and our future.


Linderman Unleashed is on every Friday night at 7 PM EST at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network and can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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Toxic-America 1

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

There is a rising tide of dysfunctions/diseases occurring all around us, whether we are speaking of multiple forms of Cancer or Diabetes, Autism, ADHD, Alzheimer’s, Dementia or numerous other dysfunctions/diseases. This affects our entire society and robs us of resources, wealth and most important … our loved ones. Of ever increasing concern is the rising number of our children afflicted by these life altering conditions, because they are our future.

Could there be a direct correlation between the ever increasing number of vaccinations (containing heavy metals) we are exposed to, the massive increase of bio-toxins (GLYPHOSATE) that have accumulated in our environment over the last few generations, the work place exposure to toxins, or the increasingly toxic food and water we consume daily … and the rising tide of poor health and mortality we suffer as a society today?

Presently we are witnessing occurrences of so many dysfunctions and debilitating diseases that are reaching catastrophic proportions, yet we see relatively little (certainly nowhere near enough) being accomplished by our government agencies to research and combat these blights. If they can mandate vaccinations and healthcare … why not ramped up testing for heavy metals, pathogens and other components (toxins) to build a national database for causal or correlative research. Don’t hold your breath.

But what if there was a way for us to accomplish this ourselves?

A non-intrusive (no blood letting or extraction required) way to test ourselves and our precious children for just about any harmful substance within our bodies.

A procedure that could be done anywhere, without generating bio-hazardous materials.

A procedure that was over 99% accurate in the detection of targeted pathogens, chemicals, hormones, heavy metals, glyphosate and more.

A procedure much more within the range of a concerned mothers budget.

What if I told you that through the efforts and dedication of two outstanding men and their support team … This mechanism is a reality today as the TOXYScreen TEST KIT.


With TOXYScreen oral fluids test kit, screening is no longer painful, invasive or costly. Our laboratory’s highly trained technicians use patented equipment and procedures to analyzes the blood plasma found in oral fluid samples.

Below you will find amplifying data on this new mechanism relating to its ease of use, accuracy and simplicity. Understand the information presented (in the attached video and information) centers mostly around lead as a component (otherwise it would be a book), BUT this test is versatile enough to test for just about anything that a concerned individual or parent is interested in such as Mercury, Lead, Aluminum, Glyphosate and so much more …

So lets take control, find out the level of various poisons, toxins and heavy metals in our, and our vulnerable children’s system, and take preemptive action against future disease and dysfunctions! Because if there is one thing we are sure of from past action (inaction) and rising health issues … Our government wont or is not interested !!!

Please listen as TLB discusses this innovation with the two inventors most responsible for its inception and path to reality.

 TLB Presents Gene & Ed of OFT Labs, TOXYScreen

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Funding Raising Project

Would you like to see this (lifesaving) mechanism available to every concerned parent or caregiver? This is how you can help get this patented, innovative product into the hands of millions, and help put a stop to so much suffering through early detection …

Ed and Gene believe in the technology they have discovered, and their mission and goal is the development of analytical techniques and instruments for identification and measurements of chemicals in biological and non-biological matrices. By providing easy collection and accurate measurements of a wide range of organic and inorganic substances.

They are looking for contributors who believe in their innovative  product and can help them bring it to market. By choosing to donate, you will be part of a fundamental change, a Paradigm Shift  in the way testing is conducted. The potential is clear – painless, accurate oral fluid testing for heavy metals and many other components, is on the horizon, and you can be part of ushering in this change.

These funds will help families identify metal, toxin and other poisoning early, avoiding long term medical problems. Any help or considerations are greatly appreciated.

TLB recommends you visit the fundraising site to find out more and become a part of something very much needed and special … Your help is vital in getting this innovative concept disseminated to the masses as quickly as possible!





The accuracy of the ELAN DRC2 ICP Mass Spectrometer are well beyond the ability of a graphite furnace Atomic Absorption machine and very far beyond the abilities of a lead (Ph.) electrode, the current standard equipment for blood lead analysis. These machines, in most cases of low blood lead of children in the single digit capabilities, have a consistent error of between 33% and 50% at best. This range of error is not widely accepted in the area of biological statistics <5% error and especially the medical statistical range of error which is <1%.

The capabilities of the DRC2 in regards to lead analysis allow detection limits as low as 17 ppt (parts per trillion) and confident capabilities as low as 30 ppt. Lead is currently measured in Ug/dL or micrograms per deciliter. [1 Ug/dL = 10 ppm (parts per million).] Simply put, the instrument is well within the capabilities or being able to produce an accuracy well over 1,000 times the current accuracy used, even after sample dilution and instrument error. Nerve cell death plays a role in a number of neurological disorders including restless leg syndrome, Alzheimer’s disease, Parkinson’s disease, Wilson’s disease, amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) and Huntington’s disease. Because the mechanisms that control nerve cell death are complex it has been difficult to develop effective strategies for treating and preventing these diseases. More research is needed.

Recently the role of trace metals in regulating nerve cell death has been recognized. At present there is an ever increasing body of evidence implicating metals in the onset of these neurological conditions. This new evidence suggests that detecting increasing amounts of metals in the body will become an important diagnostic tool that can lead to earlier intervention strategies to slow the progress of these conditions, early detection is the key. The chelation process can only halt further effects of the poisoning; it cannot reverse neurological damage already sustained.

In addition to the examples described above, the effects of lead on the human nervous system are so well known that testing of adults and children who may have been exposed to lead is commonplace. At present evidence is mounting that biological interactions of other metals is important to normal brain function and in the development of nervous system disorders. As the role of metals on human function and disease development is elucidated there will be increased demand for accurate and rapid determination of metals in healthy people and in persons suffering from these conditions.

Present methods for measuring metal loads require blood, tissue or urine samples. However, it is known that metal concentrations in saliva reflect those found in blood and other fluids. Therefore, Oral Fluid testing for metals can become a valuable strategy for meeting the increasing demand for metal testing. Oral Fluid testing for metals is as accurate and reliable as other tests but because it is much safer and easier to collect, handle and store than other body fluids, Oral Fluid offers significant advantages for both the medical professional and the concerned citizen. By exploiting these advantages Oral Fluid based testing will retain the benefits associated with testing of blood or urine and be available at significantly lower costs. This will enhance the ability of medical professionals to monitor metal levels and may open up entirely new markets for metal testing.

Human oral fluid tests are noninvasive, reliable tests designed to be the new Gold Standard in diagnostic testing — for government agencies, businesses, and families. Oral Fluid is described as an “ultra-filtrate of plasma”. Oral Fluid testing has recently been well established as a diagnostic tool in detecting many of the molecules that are found in plasma, and at levels equivalent to those found in blood. Therefore, by Oral Fluid testing, one can obtain similar information on the status of a person as one can obtain from whole blood, without the need to collect a specimen invasively.

Saliva had long been regarded as one of the prodigal children of biological specimens. However, Oral Fluid changed everything. There has been a steadily increasing interest in the use of oral fluid in pharmacokinetic studies of chemicals and drugs in general and in therapeutic monitoring in a variety of clinical situations. In recent years, this interest has extended to the measurement of 10 drugs of abuse plus Steroids and toxic heavy metals, e.g., lead, mercury, cadmium, arsenic, beryllium and others, in oral fluid. The advantages of oral fluid as the specimen of choice have been identified by psychiatrists studying methadone treatment, investigators involved in therapy for HIV-infected patients and in anticonvulsant treatment for epileptics, and by laboratory directors involved in drug abuse monitoring. Our Oral Fluid test confirms the negative result or positive result for Drugs of abuse. Oral Fluid tests are 99.19% accurate. They cannot be adulterated or substituted and the technician observes and administers every collection.

Other advantages cited are:

• Ease of administration for Doctor Offices & Clinics. A non-invasive lead test as accurate as blood analysis without the hazards of drawing blood.
• Economic advantages and no medical waste Oral Fluid is not a biohazard, thus disposal costs are eliminated.
• Time savings a trained technician can complete 25 tests in an hour, saving time and money for Doctor’s Offices, Contractors, Parent Group wellness events, State & County Clinics.
• Psychological advantages.
• Third party collection fees are eliminated by using your own personnel trained by OFT Labs team to collect samples.

OFT labs is looking to eliminate needle sticks. “Can you imagine getting rid of medical waste and also the risk of coming into contact with an infected needle?

The use of oral fluid for lead screening should improve screening success by:

Reducing parental refusal rates.

Eliminating inability to obtain an adequate sample.
Decreasing sample collection times.

Allowing for large groups of children to be screened more quickly and easily than conventional methods.

“Seniors are another group that might be particularly interested in this test,” he says. “Collapsing veins may not make them the best candidate for a blood draw, but oral fluids can be tested painlessly.”

Based on these results, we believe that oral fluid can be used as a screening tool instead of blood to accurately screen for lead poisoning in children Using our kits will give you peace of mind and alert you if there i a problem. Lead, mercury and other heavy metals are potentially deadly elements that can cause a host of health problems. Often the symptoms of both lead and mercury poisoning are misdiagnosed, and patients may receive the wrong treatment.

Exposed Prevention:

Many people are exposed to these elements and don’t even know it. Older homes often contain paint and water pipes that are laced with lead. Mercury is found in “silver” dental filings and has also been used as a preservative in some medications. Both lead and mercury are environmental pollutants. Eating fish from streams polluted with mercury is a common source of mercury poisoning. Sun Flower Seeds contain Lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), and arsenic (As).

Heavy metals may enter the body in food, water, or air, or by absorption through the skin. People may come in contact with heavy metals in industrial work, pharmaceutical manufacturing, and agriculture. Children may be poisoned as a result of playing in contaminated soil.

Because exposure to heavy metals is often an occupational hazard, protective clothing and respirators should be provided and worn on the job. Protective clothing should then be left at the work site and not worn home, where it could carry toxic dust to family members. Industries are urged to reduce or replace the heavy metals in their processes wherever possible. Exposure to environmental sources of lead, including lead-based paints, plumbing fixtures, vehicle exhaust, and contaminated soil, should be reduced or eliminated.

Who should I purchase a TOXYScreen kit for?

Anyone you love! You should purchase a kit for your family and friends, especially if they work in one of the following industries, Petro Chemical, Power Plant, CO/Generation and Refinery Industry or live in an older home. Since lead poisoning and exposure to mercury can cause developmental delays and serious, life-long health problems.

Other people at high risk are:

Children under 5 years old – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Children with developmental delays – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Children who live in an older home – lead (Pb)

Children who live in homes that contain antiques – lead (Pb)

Expectant and nursing mothers – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Family members who eat a lot of fish – mercury (Hg)

Families who have a member working in certain industries – lead (Pb), mercury (Hg), cadmium (Cd), and arsenic (As)

Anyone who has a hobby that deals with lead, such as hunting or sport shooting – lead (Pb)

Your Children and you Pets can be poisoned:

Lead poisoning is a common source of accidental poisoning in pets, mainly puppies.

Many Dogs are lead poisoned every week!

If you have a pet that is diagnosed with lead poisoning – chances are that you may have been exposed as well.

Other lead sources are toys, improperly glazed ceramic water or food bowls, plus CONTAMINATED TAP WATER and CHILDRENS CHALK.

TLB Highly Recommends you visit for much more information.

Please donate and help to spread the word … take charge of your, and your children’s future by knowing what is poisoning you or them now. Find out what you can do to help at:



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By Author & TLB Contributor: Duke Lakeland

America needs help!  Financial instability, fighting factions, corporate greed, irresponsible Congress, etc.  Have you tried to influence politics but failed at it?  Maybe you did contact your members of Congress and got no joy – then gave up.  Have you at least been able to help things at a local level?

We have to get control of the federal government which is spiraling out of control by stopping the things that aren’t working to our benefit and change to things that will benefit us all.  First comes understanding – then comes action!

There is a group that is sucking the life out of this country that is behind the fighting, the racial strife, the corporations buying up Congress, struggling to make ends meet, an inadequate minimum wage, financial bubbles and bursts, etc. The people in this group appear to have no allegiance to any country and especially none to the common man.

However, the other part of the equation has to do with citizen participation.  Do you know people who complain about the way things are going but don’t do anything about it?  Have you ever done that yourself?

There is an old military tactic – DIVIDE AND CONQUER.  If an army could splinter up its enemy and get the splinter groups fighting within their own ranks, the splinter groups could be picked off one by one until they were completely conquered.

The first task is to find out who is really pulling the strings.

If we just fight among ourselves, we won’t make it.  We have to expose and cut off the head of the snake.  We need to expose the head of the snake – the one group that pushes all the other agendas on us.  It doesn’t matter if you are Left or Right, Democrat or Republican, old or young, we all need to work together to get rid of this group from our country because nothing will get fixed until that happens.

Every day the federal government runs up debt that our children and grandchildren are going to have to pay.  There won’t be enough money to pay this debt, so they will have to pay with their homes, their jobs, their future.  They are rapidly becoming slaves to this debt and it’s not fair to them.  Those who stand to benefit from this are the group I mentioned above.  They are pushing their agenda in the halls of Congress with millions and even billions of stolen dollars.

With understanding comes hope, with hope comes action.  We cannot leave it up to our children and grandchildren to fight the snake alone and unarmed.  We all need to work together to fix this now.  If we do this, we will be able to create a new civilization that will outshine anything we have ever seen in the history of Earth.


Now lets get a little more specific …

The Truth Behind the Veil: (or Dig Deep – Your Life May Depend On It)

For anything broken to be fixed, one must know the truth. Lies and false statistics will give you wrong answers.

Yes our country is in trouble. Let’s look at Washington, D.C. and what is passing for politics there. The federal government is in free-fall. This would be the time to know exactly what the altitude of the plane is, how fast it is falling, whom we could talk to who had been in this predicament before and gotten out of it, etc. Unfortunately, the experts who really know what they are talking about are being laughed at or ignored.

You have to look under the veil. If you don’t, you will miss the big picture. Here are some of the areas that the federal politicians have put behind a veil:

Unemployment Rate: On the Bureau of Labor Statistics website, it shows that unemployment peaked at 10% in 2009 and has gradually gone down to 5.5% as of March of 2015. Searching on the internet, I came across an article that was in Forbes. According to this article, as of August 2014 when the rate was being reported as 6.1%, the rate was really 12.6% if you took all factors into consideration. Some of those factors are that the lower rate is computed by removing all people from the list who have run out of unemployment benefits and doesn’t take into consideration people able to find only part-time work.

Social Security Trust Fund. A “fund” is an account with cash in it put aside to be available when needed later. “Trust” means someone is in charge who will protect it. We are told that the Social Security Trust Fund has $2.6 trillion in it which will run out of money in 2033. Looking a little deeper into that we find that ALL THE MONEY HAS BEEN SPENT, probably by Congress, and it has been replaced with IOUs called U.S. bonds. All those bonds have to be replaced with current revenues. Looking a little deeper we discover that our members of Congress are not themselves covered by Social Security – they have a cushy retirement plan that pays them their entire salary for life, even when they are voted out of office.

Our Money System. Our money is controlled by the Federal Reserve System (the “Fed”), which is not part of the federal government even though a lot of people think that because of the word “Federal.” They are said to be able to control booms and busts, making them less extreme, but in reality they make them 10 times worse that if they stayed out of it altogether. The people running the Fed pretend to have divine inspiration when it comes to our money, interest rates, the economy, and promote the propaganda that they should be allowed to act in secrecy so that they are not influenced by politics. The banking and finance industry gives millions of dollars to Congressional elections. So do large corporations, but a lot of these corporations are really owned by the big banks. They are the plutocracy (“rule by the super wealthy”) manipulating us behind the scenes.

The above are just 3 examples among many others of the lies and half-lies coming out of the mouths of our government officials.

Duke LakelandI wrote my book Divided We Are Falling But United We Can Stand! to clear up confusion in the area of politics by defining the words so we will all be on the same page, giving examples of how good people are duped into believing propaganda and how you can see the men behind the curtain who are pulling the levers.

The book is more than an exposé – it is your guide to learn how to look behind the veil.

Read this book and recommend it to others. We have an election coming up next year and we all need to be as educated as possible so that we can make the right choices in that for the future of America.


Duke Lakeland 2

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Please visit Duke at his website for more pertinent information concerning his book.


General Vallely

Maj. General Paul E. Valley


Our friend and colleague Joe Messina has a brilliant Internet radio show where he discusses some of the most important issues facing our nation today. He recently had retired Maj. General Paul E. Valley on his show to discuss our involvement in the fighting in the Middle East. Valley said that the high-ranking military officials should be doing more to mold the President’s military foreign policy because thus far they haven’t been active enough. Messina wondered if Obama wouldn’t just replace any disgruntled military leader with officers who agreed with him, to which Valley replied,

“Well then we arrest him for treasonous activities.”

Valley continued:

“The Citizens Commission on Benghazi, counts at least fourteen different actions the president has taken that could be considered treasonous.

The general listed bringing the Muslim Brotherhood into the White House, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood against President el-Sisi in Egypt, supporting the Muslim Brotherhood in Libya, and supporting the Muslim Brotherhood’s operations in Syria among the acts amounting to treason.

Valley also excoriated the President for throwing the military under the bus when he said that the U.S. had no strategic plan to defeat ISIS yet. Fox News reported that one high ranking military official reacted to his statement by saying“What the f*** was that? We have given him lots of options he just hasn’t acted on them.”

The former General was unfazed by the dustup because as a retired military man he knows that military command is always formulating new plans to deal with the ever changing world. In Valley’s eyes the problem seems to be that President Obama …

“has no hearth. He is a loser. I think he’s a coward and he does not want to engage.” Further, “Vallely believes it is up to Congress to “shut down” the president on multiple fronts using the power of the purse, among other tools.

“I’m tired of the deceit, the lies, the deception of this administration,” Vallely told Real Side.


About the author: Onan Coca

Onan is a graduate of Liberty University (2003) and earned his M.Ed. at Western Governors University in 2012. Onan lives in Atlanta with his wife and their three wonderful children.


TLB recommends you visit EAGLE RISING for more pertinent articles and information.

See featured article here


The Liberty Beacon project (TLB) is proud to present a gentleman who personifies activism on so many levels including art, music, visual and audio media. The show you are about to listen to exemplifies a mindset we in the liberty movement wish so many had.

Listen to this recorded show by clicking on the image below.

TLB radio

Please listen and read the accompanying message by our guest … Neal Fox and understand … anything good should be nurtured … Please help Neal move forward in his projects vital endeavors here:

The Conspiracy Project Fund Raiser

Find out more here:

Sign up for Neal’s newsletter here:

A sample of Neal’s great work …


Conspiracy Project


By TLB Contributor: Neal Fox

We can’t leave the fight for freedom to a handful of overworked Patriots and expect to maintain or increase the level of freedom we’ve had for the last 200 years. We need more people and we need them fast!

But how do you get people who have been raised on TV and video games to put down their beers (or whatever else they use to relax) long enough to find out what’s really going on in the world. Can you get them to read a 700 page book or watch a 2 hour documentary? And if they see something that’s just too unbelievable, will they turn off to the whole movement?

That’s the problem I’ve tried to tackle with the CONSPIRACY Project. My forte is tacking difficult subjects and putting them into a form people would enjoy. I use music, film, art, animation, live performance and any other art form I can to create an entertaining experience with a message.

The first phase of the project is a one hour and twenty five minute “documentary in song.” I believe it’s the first of its kind. Seventeen songs that go into most of the basic “conspiracy theories” in a way that will leave the average person wondering and wanting to find out more.

I spent two and a half years writing and producing the soundtrack and film.
It was done all on my dime. I don’t owe favors to any special interest groups. This project won’t be getting any government grants so I’ve started my first crowd funding campaign.

A few weeks ago we did a private screening and the reaction was more than what I hoped for. Even a few very skeptical people came up to me and said I opened their eyes. After working on it every day for two and a half years, this made me tear up.

I have to raise the money to manufacture the DVDs and CDs, enter all the relevant film festivals, and start to promote the film any way I can. Crowd funding is the best way to keep the project exactly the way I intended it. And it gives people a chance to help and be part of the project.

All my life I’ve been trying to figure out what was the thing I could do for my fellow man that would make the most difference. I’m not about to run for office. I’m not a great business man so I don’t have piles of money. I’m just a songwriter struggling to earn a living like most other indie musicians.

But hang on. Songs can change the world. Artists create worlds. What better way to get ideas across to people than through aesthetics.
My good friend, artist, writer, rapper, David Carus says, “Artists run this planet.” I believe that’s true.

So the campaign is off to a good start. But we need your help. Anyone who donates some money will have some nifty perks to choose from. But more than money, we need to get the word out.

Go to the campaign and check out the five minute video that explains everything. Donate if you can. Then share, share, share!


Listen to pre-recorded show below topic intro in full anytime after show start time

Linderman Unleashed 062615 TLBR EP6

By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Curt Linderman Sr.

This week on Linderman Unleashed: I begin the program with a special guest, Michelle Ford will be giving us an update on the California state Bill that will destroy health freedoms for families in that state and will probably set a precedent that will sweep the country. SB277 removes all but medical vaccine exemption for any child attending public or private schools. If passed, SB277 will likely be the catalyst for increased legislation across the country and destroy many more lives. We must all be concerned with this state bill.

I will also be discussing how the black community in California is finally becoming active with this very real problem and why they should be.

I will then be discussing the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement (that I refer to as the Monsanto Law) and the devastating effects it will have on our sovereignty and our economy. This is the issue that should prove my point that the right and left in this country is working side-by-side to destroy America and turn it into the corporate controlled oligarchy that the NWO has been planning for centuries. This could very well be the final nail in the coffin for our republic.

I’ll also be discussing the hypocrisy that the Catholic Church is witnessing with this new world order Pope. Could you ever imagine a pope saying that you aren’t “Christian” if you make or own a firearm because you are not “trusting in the Lord” for your protection… he is protected by the Swiss Guard (that is fully armed) and riding down the streets behind bullet-proof glass in the pope mobile?

The insanity that we are witnessing recently can be described as nothing but the end of this planet as we know it. The agenda is apparent, the end game does not bode well for freedom loving citizens and we are the only ones that can stop it.

Join me every Friday at 7 pm EST at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network for compelling dialogue and in-your-face analysis of what truly matters.


Linderman Unleashed is on every Friday night at 7 PM EST at the Liberty Beacon Radio Network and can be heard in full anytime after show publish time (pre-recorded).

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TLB recommends you visit Curt’s website, Linderman Unleashed for more great/pertinent information, links to everything discussed on the programs and other articles and information of value.


Walking The Kingdom Episode #7

Hosted by: Roger Landry (TLB) – With TLB’s very own Steve Cook (Walking the Kingdom) & Pete Dwan (Drug Counselor & Educator)

The quest:

No sane person has the goal of getting their kids or Grand-kids hooked on Drugs but many people worry what they can do about it. Some feel they don’t know enough about the subject to talk to their little ones about drugs. Others feel that scaring them or threatening them will do the Trick. Some even think their kids will work it out for themselves and don’t even broach the subject. All told it is a very real problem that faces our Children.

Steve Cook is taking on a huge challenge to help every parent on the Planet keep their kids away for drugs. Walk The Kingdom is a campaign that will take him around 9 months to complete and will require him to walk up to 20 miles a day to achieve the overall target of over 4000 Miles to cover the entire coastline of the UK mainland. Steve, who is in his SIXTIES, wants to raise money and awareness so that no child misses out on what he feels is Vital information to keep our kids drug free. The information he’s talking about is put across to kids from a very unlikely source.


Steve is over 850 miles into his walk as this show airs.

Each week on this show we will be hearing from Steve out on the coastline road, and Pete who will be giving key information you need to keep your kids drug free.


Click on the TLB radio Logo to hear Episode #7 of …

Walking The Kingdom

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By TLB Contributor: Peter Dwan

One Gritty Grandad has had enough of worrying about his kids and grandkids getting involved in Drugs. He’s sick to the back teeth of being told nothing can be done about it, that its all down to luck whether his kids will fall prey to peer pressure or even worse believe what the pushers are saying!

Steve Cook , a 63 yr old Grandad from the UK has taken to the Road and set out on a nine month quest to tell the rest of the world That you can do something about it!

His campaign “Walk The Kingdom” Will have him walk over 4,000 miles around the entire coastline of the UK. Why ? You may well ask!

Because Steve believes, along with thousands of teachers and children who have already received the information, that by arming our kids with the Truth and Facts about drugs, we can empower them so they can make educated decisions with regards to drugs and be able to lead drug free lives!

Drug Free Kids is a campaign to educate our future generations the true facts about drugs and change the future. I am a man who almost died at the age of 22 from alcohol and drug abuse, and for the last ten years I have been delivering these talks all over the UK, Ireland, Belgium and New Zealand. After speaking to over 80,000 young people …

Pete Dwan

What I have to say is:

“Our young people just need the Truth about Drugs. Its as simple as that really. Present them these basic true facts,

What is a drug?

How does the body deal with a poison?

How does the body become addicted?

How does the central nervous system work?

How do drugs effect the mind?

How to get a high out of life without putting a drug in your body!

Once they have these it gives them the underpinning truths to make good choices”.



TLB: Pete and Steve are the best of friends with the best of intentions and offering the best they possibly can … and the world is a better place because of them … !!!

Pete & Steve

Steve and Pete have a goal that no child misses this information not just in the UK ,where they hope to reach over 1 million kids with Steves campaign, but across the globe as well.

You can get more information on Steves huge task and the Drug Free Kids campaign on You can get more infromation on Steves huge task and on the Drug Free kids Campaign on

Check out his campaign for Drug Free Kids at


Find our more about Pete and his crusade at his website My Pink Bugatti

Please visit Steve at his website Walk The Kingdom for daily updates and videos. Donate to this worthwhile cause or help in any way you feel comfortable with, even if just helping to get the word out.

WTK Donate

Visit The Liberty Beacon Town Crier for Past Walking The Kingdom Episodes



Bernie Suarez, Guest
Waking Times

Throughout nature it is well known that species will experience changes in its DNA and adaptations in its physical expression and behavior solely for the purposes of surviving in its environment. There are numerous examples in nature of species genetically and physically adapting to its environment for survival reasons. So it’s not a far-fetched suggestion that humanity itself may now be experiencing a physiological mental and cerebral transformation which is changing its behavioral pattern and environmental response to the phenomenon of government.

That’s right, as humans we have an obligation to think critically and objectively when considering the plight of humanity as it struggles in these modern days against the new world order and the human control system. It is up to us to consider the objective expression of this battle for freedom against the oppressive and defective component of humanity known as government.

Whether you understand it or not, those that wish to control you are a parasite on the species. Their infective process is carried out by thought signals within other concurring members of the species. These thought signals of control, rules, laws, policing, and legal system of enslavement perpetuate itself within the species, and is the very system that we know as the controlling governmental system. It seeks to simply control and enslave others. There is really no other purpose for its existence. It generates the mental signals needed to perpetuate the control system of enslavement to take away your individual freedom and your wealth and money. It does all of this by the system of rules we logically understand today as government.

This same governmental system is a sophisticated apparatus. It didn’t just come about by any means. This concept of government, it turns out, is the very burden of life that ensures that life often is a struggle, is stress filled or not enjoyable. This control system is a challenge humanity has been trying to figure out for centuries. Anyone can read ancient history and see the exact same struggle humanity was in back then. It is not difficult to see the parallels throughout history showing how the history of freedom’s struggle is arguably the very history of humanity.

Unfortunately today, all of history is often taught to children from the point of view of the controllers. The concept of freedom is normally hidden from human consciousness from the start with the hope and intention that the human being will never comprehend what it means to be truly free. The control system’s logic instilled from youth is that life is what you are told it is by the control system and you are to obey. We are taught that freedom from controlling governments is not realistic, not possible and not even part of human history.

Realization and Awareness

However, with the advent of the information age and the subsequent advancement in human awareness and consciousness, many within the species (those who are awakened) are realizing that the sky is the limit. Humanity is realizing that truth itself is realized, not expressed to you by a voice on TV or a billboard. Awakened humanity is realizing that we are what we believe we can be. The rules of old are quickly dissolving before our eyes even as the control system marches on with control tactics to keep the masses enslaved.

Reality and fiction are on a collision course. The controllers are intending to force their fiction on humanity even if it means going violent. Today, this forceful violence designed to intimidate and push their agenda is known by many names today including “false flags”. These false flags are now the norm in the eyes of those who are awakened, and spontaneous coincidences in the eyes of those still asleep in the matrix of lies.

This epic moment in human consciousness is leading to something big. What we are now seeing is a rash of staged government violent operations, staged false flag violence and everyday lies from the control system’s mainstream media. As awakened humanity fights off a now weak storm of verbal attacks (“conspiracy theorists”) designed to discredit those awakened, it is primed to usher in a new era which is already underway.

The new era of human consciousness has many features to it. It’s already in progress and it’s all around us even though most people don’t realize it. Humanity is mentally advancing and adapting very comfortably to government lies and propaganda. Yes, that’s right! I believe humanity is adapting so well to government lies and propaganda that the control system is desperate to do whatever it has to do to control, fool and convince those that are still asleep that the dream they are in is still real. They are throwing the kitchen sink at this prospect. The dream of controlling humanity is, after all, a dream to the controllers. The same way you and I have dreams of success and happiness is the same way the controller have dreams of controlling. Like any member of the species, we (they) are wired to not give up on our (their) dreams.

This functional commonality within humanity is a very important reality we must all keep in mind. The same tenacity that we have for fighting for freedom and truth is the tenacity the controllers have for fighting for enslavement and lies.

Rendering the Control System Powerless

I believe our similarities within the species is something that is allowing the species as a whole to adapt to the problematic control system. This diseased portion of humanity known as the control system is losing its mass influence, and the loss of influence is growing and becoming more pronounced with every day that goes by.

For example, as I’ve discussed in the past, more than ever we are now seeing repeated government lies, propaganda, entire operations including false flags and fake terror operations all being pushed on the masses at all-time rates, all the while a growing significant percentage of the human population is not even blinking at these events. It’s as if these false flag shootings, lies, propaganda and staged terror is not even happening. The anxiety it’s supposed to produce is not there and the lies they tell are not believed. Awakened humanity is increasingly seeing government and its lying apparatus as an irrelevant part of life.

We all know the control system is very capable of violence. Yes, they will do anything they can to put every single one of us in a cage (jail, prison) or to take away our money (taxes). Yes they will write thousands of laws to make it easier and easier to attack your freedom and steal your money. And yes they will continue to attack your mind with staged fear (terrorism, false flags and engineered natural events). Awakened humanity is aware of what it is dealing with and it is aware of its individual limitations so it tolerates what it sees, quietly marches on ignoring the fear and quietly awaits the moment when all the cards will fall apart for the control system.

Human Progress

Many who are fully awakened realize that essentially all human progress occurs slowly and incrementally. That is the reason why we all have associates, friends and family who are still asleep in the matrix of lies. We understand it is a slow process. It’s the process of human mental, spiritual, and conscious evolution that we are seeing in motion in real-time. Its happening right now and it’s very real.

I firmly believe humanity is actually adapting to the problem of government. Advanced humanity sees the problem and now it is fully understanding what it’s dealing with. This new and evolving understanding is giving way to the evolutionary process of overcoming government. Humanity is intrinsically changing how it thinks in response to the problem of government. Think for a moment how just a century ago no one had any clue what a false flag was. Can you imagine that?

Here we are in the first quarter of the 21st century and humanity’s mentality is advancing beyond its years even as a huge segment is still stuck on the paradigm of entertainment allowing celebrities, Hollywood and TV to influence their perception of the world. Advanced humanity, nonetheless, is moving forward confidently. Those who are awakened cannot be un-awakened. The awakening process is a one-way street. It’s a process that moves forward not backward. Mathematically speaking there will be more (not less) awakened people on earth tomorrow than yesterday, and so on.

All of these factors put together define the evolution of humanity but not in the sense taught to children in public schools. This is the true and real evolution of the human thought process which includes its new awareness of itself, its new awareness of freedom, and full awareness of its enslavement to government and how it employs the current propaganda control system.

I believe this awareness alone is all that is needed for humanity to guarantee victory over the control system. It may sound crazy and exaggerated but this awareness alone will activate the spirit of freedom deep inside the minds of humans and it will activate the creativity in humanity to do whatever it takes to resist the control system. This resistance, when exercised on a mass scale will deal a blow to the control system in ways we can’t imagine.

So no one should be surprised that the control system will soon be using the U.S. military to practice intimidating Americans and pulling them out of their apartments (Jade Helm 15 operation officially starting soon). That’s because deep down the control system knows what it is up against. It’s up against a sophisticated species that is aware, is watching, is vigilant, loves freedom and most important, is evolving mentally. This new adaptation by the species to the problem of government will ultimately be the greatest threat to the control system. The controllers are hoping to overcome this by spreading fear. They know, however, that if they fail to spread their fear it is game over. Are you ready? Will you be ready when things get much worse? Is the greater picture finally coming together?

About the Author

Bernie is a revolutionary writer with a background in medicine, psychology, and information technology. He has written numerous articles over the years about freedom, government corruption and conspiracies, and solutions. A former host of the 9/11 Freefall radio show, Bernie is also the creator of the Truth and Art TV project where he shares articles and videos about issues that raise our consciousness and offer solutions to our current problems. His efforts are designed to encourage others to joyfully stand for truth, to expose government tactics of propaganda, fear and deception, and to address the psychology of dealing with the rising new world order. He is also a former U.S. Marine who believes it is our duty to stand for and defend the U.S. Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. A peace activist, he believes information and awareness is the first step toward being free from enslavement from the globalist control system which now threatens humanity. He believes love conquers all fear and it is up to each and every one of us to manifest the solutions and the change that you want to see in this world, because doing this is the very thing that will ensure victory and restoration of the human race from the rising global enslavement system, and will offer hope to future generations.


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Ellen Brown

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Banksters … A cross between a Banker and a Gangster, are the root of most of the evil and suffering taking place in this troubled world today.

Banksters are directly responsible for most (if not all) of the wars, recessions, depressions, and bubbles we have suffered in most of recorded history. These are mechanisms designed to siphon off the wealth of the people into the hands of the self proclaimed elites.

What are the solutions … and not just the any solutions but the viable and effective solutions that We The People have at our immediate disposal, for negating the power and influence of these Banksters … Read, Watch and Listen to the presentation below …


Ellen Brown 1Ellen Brown is an attorney, president of the Public Banking Institute, and author of twelve books including the bestselling Web of Debt. In The Public Bank Solution, her latest book, she explores successful public banking models historically and globally. Her 300 plus blog articles are at

Ellen Brown developed her research skills as an attorney practicing civil litigation in Los Angeles. In Web of Debt, she turns those skills to an analysis of the Federal Reserve and “the money trust.” She shows how this private cartel has usurped the power to create money from the people themselves, and how we the people can get it back.

In The Public Bank Solution, the 2013 sequel, she traces the evolution of two banking models that have competed historically, public and private; and explores contemporary public banking systems globally.


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Ground Zero 1

Are we witnessing another incident of “predictive programming” with the script of Jade Helm and ISIS? Is our military planning a contrived crisis with the intention of creating cognitive override within the American populace? Tonight on Ground Zero we explore this controversial topic with Roger Landry founder of “The Liberty Beacon Project” and Chuck Ochelli of “The Ochelli Effect” in …


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Contributed to TLB by: Ron Patton

The proposal of depopulation and the immoral dialogue that it carries into the notion of sustainability is once again being spoken of at the close of the Bilderberg meetings.

The attendees proposing their population reduction agenda is appropriate after the Pope’s leaked encyclical pushing hard for the elimination of six billion people on planet Earth in order to bring the planet down to what’s being touted as its “sustainable carrying capacity of one billion people.

Professor John Schellnhuber has been chosen as a speaker for the Vatican’s rolling out of a Papal document on climate change. He’s the professor who previously said the planet is overpopulated by at least six billion people.

In the wake of some very interesting stories that take on the topics of resource depletion and “Global Sustainability” there seems to be more compelling evidence that the mainstream narrative is being designed to prepare us for some interesting times ahead. Media companies exploiting your deepest fears are using viral marketing. Some believe that it is guerrilla fear mongering to coerce us into demanding more control from our leaders.

What we are witnessing is “predictive programming” aimed at preparing you with crisis seeds that can grow into full on crises that can be seen as reasons to declare a national emergency and turn over all government power to the executive branch.

The crisis seeds are planted and the public is unaware that there are false-flag perpetrators and Agent’s provocateur that carry out negligent acts that can harm or create a sense of fear or anger. It is not limited to industrial espionage it can also be carried out using media, print ads, even the Internet.

A lot of what we see and hear is created by intelligence ops in order to create discussion and action.


Ever since Aristotle spoke of humans as the “rational animal,” we’ve had a picture of ourselves as rational beings that are hampered by shortcomings like anger and fear and confirmation bias.

Cognitive science says just the opposite. Cognitive science shows us that humans just are a collection of messy little modules like anger and fear and the modules that produce confirmation bias. We have a few modules for processing logic and probability and rational goal-pursuit, but they are slow and energy-expensive and rarely used.

Reactionary override or cognitive override should prompt a rational thinker into understanding when something out of the ordinary may have the potential to be a danger in the future or even in the present.

Did you know that according to Daniel Freeman’s study published in the British Journal of Psychiatry found that paranoid thoughts are common among normally functioning people? In fact, the study concluded that some dose of paranoia is actually quite adaptive and can serve to keep us safe from danger.

Sometimes one has time to look into the black or the white of things. When there is no time and an urgency of action is demanded, a safe route would be to remain in the gray areas before making knee jerk decisions and irrational decisions.

For example, drawing pictures of the prophet Mohammed may sound like an important message of free speech and that it should be protected, however rational override immediately shows that it is a bad idea, because of what it attract a and what it draws out of the shadows. Unless you are capable of defending yourself against the consequences of starting a Jihad, you should rethink your decision.

But of course we have those around us that wish to tempt fate and with the full protection of the constitution. The constitution however does not protect anyone from the consequences of the type of speech that is presented.

For a while now the predictive programming that has been seeded in the public consciousness is that a coalition of homegrown terrorists, extremists, Christian right wing doomsday cultists may have acquired the means to carry out a mass casualty attack.


We have also been programmed to believe that such a strike may take the form of biological, chemical or even nuclear attack in one of the world’s main population centers.

We are told that these groups can strike at anytime and that perhaps they are waiting at the borders for their orders to move in and attack the United States.

In the event of an attack we would see hundreds of thousands of people perish in the first wave of a confrontation with police, National Guard, and or Military personnel.

However we most certainly have at our disposal various alphabet agencies to spy on the possible suspects who would carry out such an event. We are of course counting on the police forces to watch out for possible warning signs that something may be in the planning stages.

We also have our military that have conveniently set up an exercise of unusual warfare in many states across the country. This exercise known a Jade Helm 15 has already begun, with a few booms and explosions that have already intimidated the citizenry.

Meanwhile ABC news is now reporting that The FBI is in the midst of a broad campaign to disrupt potential terrorists inspired by ISIS that are already on American soil, with several arrests expected before July 4th.

The latest arrest that is part of this campaign came last Saturday in New York, where a college student thought al Qaeda was becoming too moderate and began “making efforts to prepare an explosive device for detonation,” according to the FBI.


Hundreds of investigations are underway in all 50 states. Many involve suspected ISIS supporters, authorities said.

In the New York case, Munther Omar Saleh was accused of being an alleged “fervent supporter” of ISIS and offering to translate the terror group’s propaganda into English. Court records quoted a tweet that read: “I fear AQ could be getting too moderate.”

Saleh had been under FBI surveillance since March when a Port Authority police officer saw him walking with a lantern on the George Washington Bridge, according to court records.

The FBI said Saleh told a confidential informant he was “in N.Y. and trying to do an Op.”

Instructions for a pressure cooker bomb were found on his computer along with images of New York City landmarks and tourist attractions including the statue of liberty, what court records called “potential targets for a terrorist attack.”

In a bit of weird irony the seed programming was unintentionally revealed on Google’s home page, June 17th, 2015. In what was a commemorative doodle showing the statue of liberty given as a gift to America by the French, the statue appears to be toppling or falling over as if it is about to be destroyed.


Saleh allegedly expressed support for the attack on the offices of the French satirical publication Charlie Hebdo and the attempted attack on the Draw the Prophet cartoon contest in Garland, Texas.

In roughly a month since two suspected ISIS supporters were killed in that attack, authorities have made at least five arrests of suspected ISIS supporters as part of what law enforcement officials tell ABC News is a broad campaign to disrupt potential terrorists encouraged by ISIS through social media.

Now we begin to see the possible mission creep that will happen during the urban warfare drills of the Jade Helm exercise. Even though the prevailing conspiracy theory states otherwise JADE HELM is not an operation designed to round up American citizens for FEMA camps. It is not a UN ordered invasion, however it can be utilized in a mission creep to provide America with a garrison to protect its citizens from a rumored invasion.

This is where America fears that Martial law may be eminent.

What we do know for a fact is that Jade Helm is a massive Field Training Exercise to enhance the Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape capabilities of American special operations troops.

The wording associated with the exercise pits Texas as a hostile area where there will be a Joint Operation Access Exercise This is where the 82nd Airborne Division will parachute into “hostile territory.” An exercise identical to this phase of Jade Helm was recently conducted in North Carolina.

America’s most elite units will most likely be committing a slew of minor crimes along the way. They will certainly trespass, engage in petty theft, sneak onto a train, hide in the back of an 18-wheeler; they might even steal a car.

Authorities are saying that this training is absolutely necessary for these troops’ survival in extreme situations; however, the public reaction to the above wouldn’t be favorable.

The drill could be premised upon one set of guidelines and quickly be morphed into another more dire set of circumstances. This is what is meant by mission creep.

There is no escaping the fear that is being perpetuated by generational projections of terrorism and attacks are not limited to one group. There is no escaping the fear that troops on American soil could be here for a “publicly known” reason and still know that there are other possible events that could force them into acting against terror cells in the United States.


War and the threat of war are central to U.S. foreign policy. Not just a war against us domestically but war that shapes the globe and prepares us for a New world order where the classes are destroyed and the rich remain sovereign over a enslaved workforce that is fed the idea that they are working for their freedom.

It has to be said that while Congress and the powers-that-be continue to hype up terrorism and the media parrots the Pentagon with its unchecked sources, the State Department has been seeing a virtual decline in terrorism worldwide.

However, the perceived threats of everything from terrorism carried out by ISIS to global warming. Global sustainability and Climate disruption have given the world power elite a way to abuse their power and ignore the rule of law and constitutional rights.

Extreme measures are now normal policy and not the exception. We should never take for granted that the government is here to save you… They are here to convert you to a new way of thinking.

The frightening thing is that the revelations are not producing enough outrage, paranoia or cognitive override.

This proves that the elite have succeeded in creating a flawed world, a world that can be cured of all of their perceived social ills and protected with a compartmentalized world power.

We now are told to welcome the new masters of our domain.


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