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Meko Peled

Miko Peled is a leading inspiration and beacon of light in the liberation of a nation from an oppressive Regime, in the heart of the Middle East. We are observing a chapter in world history that surpasses the violence of Apartheid … The Israeli military occupation of Palestine.

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Palestine … Without Zionism

Ariyana 1By TLB Staff Writer: Ariyana Love

Born in Jerusalem in 1961, to a staunch Zionist family who was intricately involved in the founding of the Israeli state, Miko’s grandfather was a prominent leader who co-signed Israel’s “Declaration of Independence.” Miko’s father, General Matti Peled, fought as a young officer in the 1948 war and was a General in the war of 1967 when Israel conquered the West Bank, Gaza, Golan Heights and the Sinai, creating a single, bi-national state, with exclusive rights for Jewish people.

Miko BookIn his book titled, “The General’s Son, Journey of an Israeli in Palestine” Miko shares how he came to the realization that the story he was raised on was a lie.

In 1997, a man desperate to end his own suffering and the suffering of his people, tragically killed Miko’s niece in a suicide bombing in Jerusalem. The gut wrenching reality was embraced by the Peled’s with enlightened courage and propelled him on a journey of self-discovery. A painful transformation was activated. Urged to re-examine the belief’s he was raised on, Miko morphed into a human rights activist for justice and truth, dedicated to exposing the false Israeli narrative, tearing down the separation barrier and transforming the apartheid system into a secular democracy, with equal right for all.

The General’s Son is a memoir, relating the history and development of the idea of Zionism, the state of Israel, the Israeli Palestinian conflict and the role his family played in it.

Miko believes that reducing Palestine to the West Bank and Gaza was the biggest mistake the Israeli state made, because Palestine is the entire country with the suffering of it’s people taking place everywhere.

For Palestinians, the 1948 war was an exodus, with 774,000 Natives expelled from their homes and land and another 15,000 massacred.

The Natives remember it as “Al Nakba,” which is an Arabic word meaning, “The Catastrophe,” or “The Cataclysm.”

Al Nakba

To this day, Al Nakba continues for Palestine, with 67 years of slow, systematic ethnic cleansing and genocide. The Native Palestinians currently live on just 12% of their original land. But the real scandal here is that it’s been funded with our tax dollars! US aid to Israel is the number one source of financial support for the Israeli occupation. AIPAC, the Jewish/Zionist lobby, has been the most influential lobby in America, guiding policies in favor of Israeli “security,” which is really state terrorism and to the complete detriment of America’s security. Another central reason for the continuation of war crimes in Palestine is the fact that 97% of the world media has been systematically bought up by Zionist corporations. So, if you ever wonder who is behind the mass media mind control programming and the dumbing down of the American society in general, there’s the answer. I dare you to prove me wrong.

Tzipora Menache

“You know very well, and the stupid Americans know equally well, that we control their government, irrespective of who sits in the White House. You see, I know it and you know it that no American president can be in a position to challenge us even if we do the unthinkable. What can they (Americans) do to us? We control congress, we control the media, we control show biz, and we control everything in America. In America you can criticize God, but you can’t criticize Israel…” – Israeli spokeswoman, Tzipora Menache

Is there any logical reason why a Palestinian child cannot live like a Jewish child

Child Arrest

Palestinian Child Arrested by Undercover Israeli Police at a Peaceful, Unarmed Demonstration in West Bank”

Child torture and arrest are a daily occurrence in Palestine.

Child Rights International Network (CRIN) published in its first 2015 report, that some 700 Palestinian minor children are arrested per year and face “ill-treatment” by the Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF).

Subject to torture, forced confessions, sexual assault, solitary confinement, underage minor children (some as young as 8) are held as political prisoners in Israeli detention centers for months on end and without due process.

When they are charged, it’s for the offense of stone throwing and confessions are forced under torture. About half of these minor children are taken during targeted night raids of their family’s home.

Many of the testimonies by these children revealed that soldiers went into their rooms, “aggressively woke them up, and shackled their hands and feet while they were still in bed.”

It’s shameful, unjustifiable and happens on our watch and our dime!

Home invasion

Gaza Home Invasion

In the 1967 war, Israel took the rest of Palestine, West Bank and Gaza, crossing Palestine off the map completely, creating a single Jewish state over the entire country.

GeneralMiko’s father, General Peled, was a war hero turned peacemaker, who after the 1967 war saw the need for the Palestinian people to have their own state. As a member of the Israeli High Command, he tried to influence an electoral process to this effect. He brought intelligence reports proving the local leadership was willing and interested. He warned if Israel did not give an autonomous state for the Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza, then Israel would become an occupation force; there would be resistance and no chance for peace. He said it would affect the moral fiber of the nation and eventually Israel would become a bi-national state. With bulldozers already destroying Palestinian towns and villages Israeli soldiers were forcing hundreds of thousands of Palestinians to leave their homes in the West Bank. A massive building project began immediately, just like Israel had done in 1948. Having the largest underground water supply in the region, Israel issued the order that all the water in the West Bank now belonged to Israel. Nothing was done by mistake.

Unfortunately, General Peled could not influence a peaceful resolution. Instead, a bi-national state, with exclusive rights for Jewish people was created and everything General Peled had predicted, came true. After retiring from the army, he spent the rest of his life dedicated to the achievement of Israeli and Palestinian peace. Going against the Israeli narrative, he exposed that the 1967 war was not the result of an “external threat” to Israel, but in fact the war was started by Israel, in order to expand it’s territory.

In his memoir, Miko dispels the myth that being Jewish has anything to do with a nationality. Raised on the Zionist ideal of a Jewish state, Miko understands how hard it is for many Jewish people and Palestinians alike, to let go of the dream of having a state that is exclusively “our own.” He insists that Israel/Palestine is one state.

In his public speeches, Miko dares to say what others still choose to deny, debunking myths that Jews around the world hold onto with blind loyalty. In order to steal the land of Palestine and ethnically cleanse the population already living there, a deceptive narrative had to be created to justify these actions. And the Israeli narrative is a powerful one, appealing directly to gut emotions, using the holocaust card and cries of anti-Semitism to silence inquiry, criticism and discourse. For example, Israeli’s and Zionist Jews around the world, celebrate Al Nakba as Israel’s “Independence Day.” They deny altogether that ethnic cleansing took place. Now, how on Earth could ethnic cleansing be equated with independence? That is a real question.

Al Nakba-1948

Facts on the ground speak for themselves; with multi-billions of US tax dollars invested in Jews only infrastructure, Jewish only highways dissect the landscape and connect to a maze of unlawful settlements. The continued construction of an illegal 3-story high Apartheid wall spans the hillside from a distance of 520 km, cutting deep into the West Bank.

Once completed, the Zionist State would succeed in annexing the Palestinians from 46% of the West Bank! Leaving the Palestinians with just 12% of their remaining lands, which they are currently residing as political prisoners with virtually no rights within the Israeli state system. More than half of the Native population living within the Palestinian territory is an internally displaced refugee. A great injustice has been done to this precious and historic civilization and it must be made right.

Palistinian 1800sBefore the Zionist state was created in 1948, Palestine knew peace. Jews, Muslims and Christians lived harmoniously with each other for thousands of years. A holy land, infamously known as a “land for all people.” Palestine enjoyed a thriving, rich economy based on agriculture and trade. Jerusalem was a bustling city in the Middle East, with movies theaters, courthouses and a train station. Palestine also had an internationally licensed airport called, Al Lod. In 1948, the railroad was confiscated for Jews only use and the Al Lod was also confiscated and transformed into Ben Gorion airport. Palestine never had an army, to this very day.

Palastine Airport

Over 100 checkpoints control the daily movement of Palestinian lives and all this has totally destroyed the possibility of a Palestinian state. There is no West Bank, there is no possibility and there never was a possibility for a “two-state solution” because Israel doesn’t want it. In Miko’s words: “there is no scenario in which the state of Israel will allow the creation of a Palestinian state, or recognize Palestinian rights.” Just like the apartheid Regime of S. Africa could not recognize the rights of black people, it’s also impossible for the Israeli society to embrace Palestinian rights. This is why we need to reframe the solution to this struggle in our own minds, purge ourselves of the Israeli state narrative and refresh it with historic reality.

The West Bank and Gaza strip were captured in 1967, leaving 22% of the pre 1948 Palestine. Upon signing the Oslo agreements, the Palestinians agreed to settle for this 22% of land and recognize Israel within the Green Line boarders. This was a historic sacrifice for peace, lead by Yaser Arafat.

However by 1993, there was no more possibility to create a Palestinian state because there was no more West Bank. It was already fully integrated into the Israeli state. Miko says the Oslo Agreement was never about peace. Oslo was an attempt by Israel to bring the Palestinians to surrender. And because the Palestinians would not surrender, there is no peace.

Loss of land

Resistance is an internationally recognized human right according to the 4th Geneva Convention, which states; “A militarily occupied people have a ‘duty’ to defend themselves.” So, why are Palestinians treated with such brute force by the Zionist state? Is it because the Israeli education system mind control brainwashes its Jewish population from an early age, to hate and want to kill Palestinians?

Nurit Peled-Elhanan points out in her book, “Palestine in Israeli School Books,” how Palestinians are marginalized and demonized by Israeli textbooks.

Are Zionist Jews threatened by thousand-year-old olive trees that were tenderly cared for at the hand of generations of farming families of Palestine? Is this why they must uproot thousands of them each year, creating economic hardship for these families? Does their jealousy stem from the fact that every stone, mountain, spring, avenue and landmark in Palestine has a traditional Arabic name? Or, do Israeli’s hate Palestinians because they resist with heroic bravery, acquainted with the reward of sacrifice and imbibed with life’s greater values and wisdom?

Although all these reasons may be true, Palestinians pose the greatest threat to the Zionist state because the Israeli state does not have legal legitimacy to this day. Israel exists on brute force alone and runs from international law and UN Resolution 194, “Right of Return.” The additional 4,766,670 Palestinian refugees living outside of Palestine have an internationally recognized right to return to their homeland. This is the most powerful right the Palestinian people possess. There is also the question of retribution for the outstanding loss and suffering that’s been inflicted on the Native population. If there is to be a sanctuary, Israel must give up the idea of Jewish dominion over all the land and it’s resources.

Check point

Miko asks the simple question to Israeli’s, worldwide Jewry and the international community: “What kind of a state do we really want to see?” An apartheid state with half the population isolated and confined to intolerable Bantustans, ghettos and “military zones,” without access to proper nutrition, medical care, clean water and humiliated, shot at and killed every day?

Or, will Israel/Palestine transform itself into a secular democracy for the 5.9 million Israeli’s and the 6.1 million Palestinians between the river and the sea?

Israeli wall
Jerusalem is now a segregated city, so Israeli’s don’t meet Palestinians. Jerusalem served as Palestine’s capitol for thousands of years. It was confiscated by the Zionist state in the 1967 war and is used today as Israel’s capitol. The Palestinians still inhabiting East Jerusalem are subject to home demolitions, illegal evictions and forced to accept a “third-class, Israeli citizenship.”

The Israeli government just issued 20,000 housing demolition orders for Palestinian residence in E. Jerusalem.

Forced eviction

Israel has recruiting offices all over the world, enticing Jews to immigrate to Palestine. When a Jewish family’s makes an Aliyah, the Zionist state gives them Israeli citizenship. Often times, a 24 hour eviction notice will be given to a Palestinian family in E. Jerusalem, so the newly arrived Jewish family from Brooklyn, NY, or where ever else they are recruited from, can now inhabit a home that belonged to a Palestinian family for generations. The newly arrived Israeli citizen is given 20,000 USD per person initially and then paid about 3800 USD per couple every month and an additional 1000 USD per month, for each child they produce. Again, it’s US tax dollars funding this!

Elder evicted

Being right wing radical Jews, illegal settlers have no qualms taking Palestinian lives and living in illegal settlements within the Palestinian Territory. After all, it is their G-d given right because “the Bible says so.”

Settler violence is rampant and unchecked. Allowed to carry guns and backed by IOF, they continue claiming lands by simply seizing it with brute mob force. They terrorize the local population, raid villages, poison wells, uproot olive trees, kidnap children and run them over in their vehicles. It’s not uncommon to see adult settlers throwing stones at Palestinian children on their way to school. It would be fair if these international settlers were returned to where they came from, when Palestinian Right of Return is finally honored.

Armed settlers

Bethlehem City is just on the other side of the separation wall, 3 km South of Jerusalem. Bethlehem is part of the Palestinian territories, known as Area “A.” The majority of Israeli’s live their entire lives without ever entering the Palestinian territories and psychological warfare is used to keep the Israeli Jews segregated from their neighbors.

Seperation wall

Miko describes an epiphany, when meeting Palestinians for the first time as equals in San Diego. The chapter begins with the line: “My journey into Palestine began in San Diego, I was 39 years old.” He had never before met Palestinians on equal ground, because there is no equal ground within the Israeli state.

Overcoming his fears, Miko describes entering the Palestinian territories for the first time:

“Driving alone into the Palestinian towns in the Galilee or the West Bank in a car with license plates that identified me as Israeli, I imagined a terrorist lurking behind every curve of the winding road following the rolling hills. Heading towards the village of Bil’in for the first time, I silently questioned if I was crazy to trust “these people”? I was afraid but kept on driving until I found the village and was greeted by friends.”

When entering the Palestinian territory’s, including all cities, towns and villages, this is the sign that will greet you. It reads in Hebrew, Arabic and English: “This road leads to Area “A” under the Palestinian Authority. The entrance for Israeli citizens is forbidden, dangerous to your lives and is against the Israeli law.”

Psychological Warfare

Israeli State Government actions go far beyond Apartheid. Israeli law is derived from Talmudic principles, which are the most evil, racist and sadistic teachings ever written. It is the fundamental practice of Zionism. This a complex subject and I won’t go into detail here, as that would require another article in itself. To fully understand the rogue behavior of the Zionist state, one has to invest a little time and research.

Anyone can see the Israeli state gives no credence to our international laws, with the blatant siege on Gaza, bi-annual weapons testing for the US and Israeli arms industry, land grabbing and slow genocide by occupation.

As a horrified audience witnessed Israeli war crimes in Gaza last summer, many more eyes were opened to the frightening policy the Zionist state has been inflicting for decades. 86% of deaths resulting from Israel’s targeted bombing of mostly Palestinian homes in Gaza this summer were civilians, according to the UN. 89 entire families were exterminated right in their own houses! Make no mistake about it this is genocide… on our watch and on our dime. To call it anything else is a lie.

Gaza Baby

I do believe that critical mass in cognitive awareness of Israeli war crimes was achieved after this summer and a historic shift has taken place. Millions of people of all nations around the world have entered this conflict on the side of Palestinian justice and Palestinian justice is playing a transformative role in world history because it challenges centuries of racism, colonialism and neo-capitalism.

Miko Peled delivers a powerful message and an international call for justice to be done. If the ancient land of Palestine is to once again be a united country, Zionism has to go. Are we going to wait until the Palestinian civilization is pushed into the sea? Or, into the Sinai desert before we raise our hands to make a difference?


Miko Peled with photographer & Author Hamde Abu Ramha at a protest in West Bank, 2014

If we support the state of Israel, we are supporting a brutal, racist Regime. Accepting and talking about a “two-state solution” as if it’s a solution means allowing Israel to do anything and everything it wants, as it has been doing for years. Entertaining the “two state solution” also means allowing Israel to continue existing and maintaining a brutal racist state. Considering the illegal plethora of nuclear and hydrogen bombs Israel possesses, which BBC exposed in a documentary and it’s terrifying Samson Option policy, not to mention Israel’s direct involvement in 9/11 and the hijacking of the US Government, I’d say the Zionist state is a viable threat to each and every nation on Earth.

Do we have an option to remove the Zionist state? Yes, absolutely, YES! But for this to happen, there needs to be an anti-Zionist movement. Removing Zionism and establishing democracy will allow Israeli’s and Palestinians to return to a nation of peace. The myths and fears have to be brushed away. We must support organizations that are making a tangible impact on the Israeli state, like Boycott Divestment & Sanctions (BDS), and SDSU Divest.

We must get behind courageous leaders and embrace the higher values of equal rights and justice for all. Involve yourself. Reach out to your community. Join and create anti-Zionist and anti-AIPAC movements. When enough people are involved in a Twitter Storm for example, it has the power to influence our leaders whom are all using Twitter. Use these Tweets to send a message to your Congressmen: #Zionismhastogo #ShutDownAIPAC #StopTheBlankCheck #un194 #RecognizePalestine #res428.

In the famous words of Nelson Mandela: “Our freedom is not complete without the freedom of the Palestinians.”

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Gaza family living in bubble
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Gaza survivor 2015


By Jon Rappoport | March 2, 2015 | Contributor,

“…if all records told the same tale — then the lie passed into history and became truth.”(1984, George Orwell)

The New Scientist has the stunning story (2/28/15, “Google wants to rank websites based on facts not links,” by Hal Hodson):

“THE internet is stuffed with garbage. Anti-vaccination websites make the front page of Google, and fact-free ‘news’ stories spread like wildfire. Google has devised a fix – rank websites according to their truthfulness.”

Great idea, right?

Sure it is.

The author of the article lets the cat out of the bag right away with his comment about “anti-vaccination” websites.

These sites will obviously be shoved into obscurity by Google because they’re “garbage”…whereas “truthful” pro-vaccine sites will dominate top ranked pages on the search engine.

This is wonderful if you believe what the CDC tells you about vaccine safety and efficacy. The CDC: an agency that opens its doors every day with lies and closes them with more lies.

The New Scientist article continues:

“A Google research team is adapting [a] model to measure the trustworthiness of a [website] page, rather than its reputation across the web. Instead of counting incoming links, the [ranking] system – which is not yet live – counts the number of incorrect facts within a page. ‘A source that has few false facts is considered to be trustworthy,’ says the team…The score they compute for each page is its Knowledge-Based Trust score.”

Right. Google, researchers of truth. Assessors of trustworthiness. Who in the world could have a problem with that?

Answer: anyone with three live brain cells.

Here’s the New Scientist’s capper. It’s a beaut:

“The [truth-finding] software works by tapping into the Knowledge Vault, the vast store of facts that Google has pulled off the internet. Facts the web unanimously agrees on are considered a reasonable proxy for truth. Web pages that contain contradictory information are bumped down the rankings.”

Right. Uh-huh. So Google, along with its friends at the CIA, will engineer a new and improved, greater flood of (dis)information across the Web. And this disinfo will constitute an overwhelming majority opinion…and will become the standard for measuring truth and trustworthiness.

Think about what kinds of websites will rise like foul cream to the top of Google page rankings:

“All vaccines are marvelously safe and effective, and parents who don’t vaccinate their kids should be prosecuted for felonies.”

“GMOs are perfectly safe. ‘The science’ says so.”

“The FBI has never organized a synthetic terror event and then stung the morons it encouraged.”

“Common Core is the greatest system of education yet devised by humans.”

“People who believe conspiracies exist have mental disorders.”

In other words: (fake) consensus reality becomes reality. Which is the situation we have now, but the titanic pile of fakery will rise much, much higher.

Also, think about this: the whole purpose of authentic investigative reporting is puncturing the consensus…but you’ll have to search Google for a long time to find it.

In the field of medical fraud, an area I’ve been researching for 25 years, the conclusions of standard published studies (which are brimming with lies) will occupy page after page of top Google rankings.

Let me offer a counter-example to the Google “knowledge team.” Here is a woman who has examined, up close and personal, more medical studies in her career than the entire workforce of Google. She is Dr. Marcia Angell. For 20 years, she was an editor at The New England Journal of Medicine.

On January 15, 2009, the New York Review of Books published her stunning statement:

“It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion, which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as an editor of The New England Journal of Medicine.”

In two sentences, Angell carries more weight than 20,000 blowhard “science bloggers,” to say nothing of lying drug companies and that criminal agency called the FDA.

Angell torpedoes an entire range of medical literature, based on her hard-won experience.

But you can be sure that when it comes to “medical facts,” the Google “truth team” will ascribe absolutely no merit (ranking) to her conclusion or its implications.

You may say, “But these search engines are already slanting the truth.”

power outside the matrix

The new Google program is going to double down. It’s going to set up its own Ministry of Truth. It’s going to standardize algorithms that unerringly bring about officially favored lies.

Stories on vote fraud?

Stories contradicting the official line on mass shootings?

Stories on the US government funding terrorist groups?

Stories on the hostile planetary intentions of Globalists?

Stories on corporate criminals? Secrets of the Federal Reserve?

Stories on major media censoring scandals?

Counter-consensus stories on 9/11, the JFK assassination, the US bankers and corporations who funded both sides in WW2? All anti-establishment versions of history?

After Google launches this Ministry of Truth program, you’ll have to put on diving gear and go deep underwater to find any trace of them.

Welcome to a new day.

“It was a bright cold day in April, and the clocks were striking thirteen.” (Opening line, 1984, Orwell)

Let’s take all this one step further. Google’s director of research is Ray Kurzweil, who many people know as the promoter of a “utopian” plan to hook the population up (through direct brain-machine interface) to a vast super-computer.

The super-computer will pass along virtually all human knowledge. Kurzweil believes such a momentous breakthrough will endow humans with a mystical level of consciousness.

Even if this technological wet dream could be realized, we can now see what “connecting to all human knowledge” means:

It means accepting all official knowledge. Being blind to counter-knowledge.

It’s time to reverse AI (Artificial Intelligence) and call it IA (Intelligent Androids).

IAs would be humans who are programmed to be androids. IAs accept truth as delivered to them by official sources.

Google makes its contribution by promoting official sources.

And hiding other sources.

Yes, this surely seems like Nirvana.

You will be fed the Good and protected from the Evil.

Sound familiar?

Thank you, Google. When are you going to apply for non-profit status and open your Holy Church of Information?

“Today’s sermon will be delivered by the director of the CIA. It is titled, ‘Data: everything you need to know, everything you must not believe.’ Breathe deeply. Your neuronal circuits are now being tuned to our channel…”

Jon Rappoport

The author of three explosive collections, THE MATRIX REVEALED, EXIT FROM THE MATRIX, and POWER OUTSIDE THE MATRIX, Jon was a candidate for a US Congressional seat in the 29th District of California. He maintains a consulting practice for private clients, the purpose of which is the expansion of personal creative power. Nominated for a Pulitzer Prize, he has worked as an investigative reporter for 30 years, writing articles on politics, medicine, and health for CBS Healthwatch, LA Weekly, Spin Magazine, Stern, and other newspapers and magazines in the US and Europe. Jon has delivered lectures and seminars on global politics, health, logic, and creative power to audiences around the world. You can sign up for his free emails or OutsideTheRealityMachine.

See article here:

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Mike Fagan

TLB Special with Mike Fagan

TLB radio

Click on above image to hear show

By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Update: Added at bottom of article 03/01/2015

Mike Fagan has a deep desire to awaken people to what is transpiring right under their very noses, stating “This is a labor of love.”

Mr. Fagan is a Spokane City Councilman, a Regional Board of Health member and also co-hosts the “Right Spokane Perspective,” with George McGrath, a longtime attendee of Spokane City Council meetings. The program focuses on local politics, but also includes national and health related issues.

Mr. Fagan is now under fire for his researched and stated anti-vaccination views and is rallying supporters who are opposed to a state bill designed to eliminate the “personal reasons” exemption for childhood vaccinations, stating to his followers and supporters, “This is a war,” Councilman Fagan has clearly stated his disdain for HB 2009. Under the proposed change to Washington’s laws, the bill would still allow for medical and religious reasons … but even in the case of these exemptions … for how much longer?

HB 2009, has passed out of committee and it could be considered for a vote by the full House in the coming weeks.

Speaking to this subject Mr. Fagan said, “Can you imagine a world where we would have to show our shot records to get on an airplane? That’s coming next!”

TLB asks you to remember back to Nazi Germany or the old USSR … “Papers Please”! But this is America, and things like this are not supposed to happen … Right ???

Mr. Fagan is facing pressure from the Spokane City Council, which wants him to relinquish his position on the Spokane Regional Board of Health over his personal anti-vaccination views.

This is just a sample of what Mr. Fagan is facing …

“I don’t think he would have been appointed to the board of health by this city council had we known that he had anti-vaccination and anti-science views on this issue,” said Ben Stuckart, the Spokane City Council President.

TLB: “Anti-science views” REALLY? That in itself sets the bar for all further comments from Mike’s detractors because Mr. Fagans views are totally based on proven science displaying the ignorance and closed mindedness of these very vocal critics of his. Their message seems to be “You think as we tell you to, or your representation is not needed or wanted” (tyranny).

Mike has stated he would not resign, and that he would remain on the board to represent families who are opposed to forced childhood vaccinations.

TLB believes this is a demographic (large and growing) that truly suffers from a LACK of representation and feels this is exactly the type of representation We The People desperately need more of … Not Less!

Mr. Fagan goes on to say, “Every time this particular subject comes up, people are talking about the tinfoil hat-wearing folks”. Mike continues “But these people have a valid concern. I have a valid concern, and these people are not represented on the Board of Health.”

TLB Question … Isn’t this supposed to be a Representative Government? The fact is many parents today are painfully aware of the proven dangers associated with Vaccines, and a lot of this is tied to the recent CDC Whistle blower MMR vaccine to autism link revelation, HPV vaccine studies, Flu shot danger etc…

Mr. Fagan, who hosts the ‘Right Spokane Perspective‘, radio show on the American Christian Network in Spokane, also opposes the Affordable Care Act (another point TLB strongly supports him on).

The Spokane City Council demanded that Fagan reconsider or clarify his remarks or resign from his position.

“In light of these comments the Council has cause to reconsider your appointment to the Spokane Regional Health District Board. While you have the absolute right to your opinion and to freedom of speech, you do not have an absolute right to represent the Council and the City with your personal views on an appointed board. The Board of Health has a responsibility to ensure the well-being of the community as a whole and use scientific data to support public policy decisions. Stating that vaccinations somehow have risks that cannot be proven, that they do not have proven benefits to the community or that vaccinations are somehow comparable to enforced sterilization is at odds with the mission of the health district you represent and not supported by scientific data.”

TLB: For anybody who has done even the most basic level of research into vaccine dangers, the above comment is so naive and inaccurate (or Big Pharma propaganda) as to be absolutely  ridiculous.

Mr. Fagan continued to post links about vaccine concerns to his FaceBook forums, and called for the public to email him with their personal stories of vaccine damage.

Mr. Fagan stated on his Facebook page, “I have seen enough damaged and dead children (little angels) in the last week tied to this vaccination debate,” His remarks have drawn increasing attention from across the country, Mike proclaims that he has chosen to be a voice for people who say they have children harmed by vaccination.

To date Spokane Councilman Fagan has refused to resign or back-peddle on his comments and recently updated his Facebook page with the following …

“Just so the question is answered, there is NO WAY that I will be resigning from the board of health. The council will have to remove me because they do not believe that democracy needs a broad spectrum of ideas and opinions to make it effective. If we were all of the same mind, we wouldn’t need a lot of things like councils, boards, and commissions.”

The Liberty Beacon project shares and supports Mr. Fagan’s views concerning the dangers of vaccines and the tyranny of forced vaccinations. Our shared views on this subject can be summed up in a quote from one of our most famous and revered founding fathers, Thomas Jefferson, when he stated …

“If people let the government decide what foods they eat and what medicines they take, their bodies will soon be in as sorry a state as are the souls of those who live under tyranny.”

Hasn’t the health of America dropped from the best to arguably the worst in the industrialized world in three short generations? Are we not the most GMOed and Vaccinated society on this planet over the last three generations? Did Mr. Jefferson have a crystal ball ???

All of the above facilitated TLB reaching out to Mr. Fagan resulting in the interview contained within this article.

The fact is We The People need more (not less) individuals like Mike representing us and our concerns … Not the interest and views of the corporatist entities who represent only their interests, interests which peer reviewed studies prove clearly represent a clear and present danger to the communities health.

After recording this show and guesting on Mike’s show I must say with no reservations “TLB Fully Supports Mike in every aspect of his ongoing struggle”.

UPDATE 03/01/2015

Update by : Mike Fagan

Had our regular monthly meeting of the county board of health. I was not on the agenda, and although there was noticeable tension in the air, we actually got some very minor inconsequential tings done.

A dozen folks came out in support of me and against HB 2009, they testified in open forum well. I did challenge the conventional thought when I posed a question to the county health doctor, something to the effect of; Doctor, if the CDC states on their web page that the current flu vaccine is only 23% effective then why are we as a board continuing to stand by the sidelines and be the cheerleader for this when it only works a quarter of the time? And, oh by the way, we have had 11 deaths in the county due to this years flu. His dancing around the the question showed everyone and the media in the room that I caught him by surprise. He had to come back with something to the effect of; Well, councilman there have been more studies on this and they have determined that the vaccine actually works in 1/3 of the cases ??? Either an educated idiot, or a shill for all that has been bad in this issue

… Man, what a country we live in now a days …

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By: TLB and Four Winds

Unbelievable Footage: Hillary Clinton BRAGGING About Being a Mafia Thug At a Charity Benefit for Epilepsy Sufferers
Why pay homage to disease victims at their own meeting when you can make jokes about your own corruption instead…just as did guest-stars Barry Obama, Rahm Emanuel, Paul Bergala and others:

From C-SPAN:
“Among the speakers were fellow Illinois politicians Senator Barack Obama and Secretary William Daley, as well as Senator Hillary Clinton and Senator Obama’s media consultant, David Axelrod, a co-founder of CURE.”

By: Four Winds
From: “BrotherGee” <>
Sent: Sunday, November 09, 2008 7:09 AM
Subject: Siterun Contact Request from Fourwinds10

Hello, Patrick, et al.RAHM EMANUEL, HILLARY SLIP AND USE THE \”M\” WORD – MISHPUCKA.On November 5th, 2008, C-SPAN (the American cable network which televises U.S. Government business), re-aired a “Roast of Rep. Rahm Emanuel\” that took place on September 20, 2005. The proceeds of the “Roast” were to benefit an epilepsy research foundation called C.U.R.E. headed by Susan Axelrod with the help of her husband David Axelrod.

The video of this event, which is 1 hour and 53 minutes long,should be available here:

Among the attendees (remember, this is 2005) were Senator Barack Obama, Senator Hillary Clinton, Senator Chris Dodd, Rep. Steny Hoyer, Rep. Harry Reid and other prominent Washington, D.C. Khazars.

I watch C-SPAN regularly. Every American should as a way of trying to keep up with the tricks of their traitorous legislators. This particular evening, I had C-SPAN playing in the background. I was paying half-attention until I heard the following word, a word that I had NEVER before heard uttered on television:


I sat bolt upright in my bed! Who SAID that? Don\’t they know that it is forbidden to speak that word in the presence of the Goyim?? I looked a the television to identify the person who had said the word…

It was Representative Rahm Emanuel (D-IL).

The roast ended, and now I had to scramble to find the video so that I could determine the context in which the word had been uttered. I located the video on C-SPAN and re-played it. To make a long story short, I found that the word \”mishpucka\” had been spoken twice during the roast. Who was the other speaker?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton.

The following is a transcription of what was spoken. First, from Hillary\’s speech as she “roasts” Rep. Emanuel:


You know, Rahm and I have been through a lot together. Now, there\’s a word my family always used when I was growing up to describe the relationship you have with someone who has shared triumph and hardship with you. That\’s the word WE used in the Rodham household in Park Ridge, Illinois.

The word was…\”mishpucka\”. (laughter, sly grin from Hillary).

So, Rahm, we\’re lucky to have you as part of our family! Bill and I cherish you as someone we count on and absolutely adore.


As the last speaker, Rahm got the opportunity to \”roast\” his \”roasters\”. When he came to Hillary, this is what he said:


And Hillary, I just wanna say this: you SAID \”mishpucka\” like somebody FROM Park Ridge, so… (laughter, applause). And for all the non-Jews, “mishpucka” is “family” or, another way…of…well, we’ll just leave it at that, it’s “family”. (laughter)


Hahaha, yeah, le\’s just leave it at that, you two-faced, traitorous Khazarian-Zionist front-man.

“MISHPUCKA” means \”JEWISH MAFIA\”. YOU know it, Hillary knows it and the people who attended your roast know it, including then-Senator Barack Obama whose first name (as you were kind enough to point out to all) comes from the Hebrew “Baruch” and means “Blessed”.

Sometimes “they” slip up. It is up to US to pick up the clues and put the puzzle together. They are the most effective crime family known to the civilized world. Why?


Why are they able to keep a secret?


I advise all to view this video ASAP before it is removed or edited. Also notable in the video is how Rahm Emanuel jokes about Obama running for President as if it were a foregone conclusion. AND THIS WAS IN 2005!!!

“MISHPUCKA”. Educate yourself. Look it up. The United States Government is infested with them. Which is how Britain (via Israel) maintains their iron-fisted control over that Government and its policies.

I\’m trying hard to be optimistic about the future, but the Obama administration has started off very badly. VERY badly. The Mishpucka – the global Khazarian-Jewish criminal enterprise dedicated to under-mining nations in order to crystallize the Khazarian-Zionist agenda to prepare a New World Order for their \”messiah\” – is still in control of the White House.

All Love,

~~ G

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“The name ISIS is one that every American knows”


Truth in Media: The Origin of ISIS

Contributed to TLB by: Ben Swann

Swann said:

The biggest threat to our national security since Al-Qaeda, right? They are a brutal, savage group known for public beheadings and mass executions. They are the face of the new war on terror.”

Truth In Media Episode: Origins Of ISIS

In this episode of Truth in Media, Ben Swann investigates the origins of the militant group referred to as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria (ISIS).

The name ISIS is one that every American knows,” Swann said “The biggest threat to our national security since Al-Qaeda, right? They are a brutal, savage group known for public beheadings and mass executions. They are the face of the new war on terror.”

Swann pointed out that while the U.S. Military is currently conducting airstrikes in Syria, in a supposed attempt to take out ISIS targets, the White House and U.S. military leaders are discussing possible boots on the ground in Iraq. These talks are arising just three years after President Obama declared that the war in Iraq was over.

Former Defense Secretary Leon Panetta told USA Today that in order to defeat ISIS, he believes the United States is looking at “a 30-year-war.”

As the U.S. goes to war in an attempt to defeat yet another terrorist group, the biggest question is: Who exactly is ISIS and where did they come from?

Angela Keaton, the founder of, said that ISIS is “entirely a creation of the United States’ behavior in Iraq.”

That’s how we got to where we are, because of war, because of occupation, because of torture,” Keaton said. “The United States government completely destabilized and wrecked Iraq. They caused it to fail miserably and that is entirely the fault of the United States government. There is no one else to blame.”

Swann explained that when the U.S. first invaded Iraq, it “blew the country apart.” By destroying the existing government, toppling Saddam Hussein, and destroying the infrastructure, the U.S. “left behind a power vacuum” that would never have existed under Hussein.

Daniel McAdams, the executive director of the Ron Paul Institute, said that the impact caused by the actions of the United States is a “historical fact that media just won’t discuss.”

This has to do with U.S. action in the region, which destroyed the infrastructure, which destroyed Iraq society, which destroyed the Iraqi government,” McAdams said. He explained that while there were a lot of people who weren’t “as happy as larks” while living under Saddam Hussein, they also weren’t at odds with Hussein in the same way they were with the government established by the U.S.

The militant group ISIS was formed as a small insurgent group in Iraq in 2006. Swann noted that while they tried to create problems for the U.S. military, they had no money and no real ability to recruit.

It wasn’t until 2009 that ISIS shifted its focus from Iraq, where it was largely unsuccessful in developing a foothold, and focused on the civil war in Syria,” Swann said.

While in Syria, ISIS still struggled to gain a foothold. Swann attributed this to the fact that two larger groups fighting against President Bashar al-Assad were overpowering them: al-Nusra Front – or al-Qaeda – and the Free Syrian Army.

Then, came a pivotal moment that most Americans aren’t even aware of,” Swann said. “In June 2013, a Northern General for the Free Syrian Army spoke out on Al Jazeera Qatar and stated that if international forces did not send weapons, the rebels attempting to overthrow Syrian president Bashar al-Assad would lose their war within a month.”

Swann noted that just months before this occurred he had personally confronted President Obama on the issue of why the U.S. was covertly funding Syrian rebels. Although Obama acted as if he was proceeding with caution, politicians such as Senator John McCain demanded action.

Within a matter of weeks of the Syrian general making his plea for international help, the U.S., the Saudis, Jordan, Qatar, Turkey and Israel began providing weapons, training and money to so-called rebel groups like the Free Syrian Army,” Swann said.

In September 2013, American media outlets began reporting that weapons were being given to Syrian rebels. CNN reported that while the weapons are not “American-made,” they were “funded and organized by the CIA.”

However, Swann said that things began to fall apart when less than one year after the U.S. supplied Syrian “freedom fighters” with weapons, those weapons ended up in the hands of ISIS fighters.

Those ISIS fighters came from the group McCain insisted would help the U.S. overthrow Assad: the Free Syrian Army. Swann explained that the army was not only sending the Islamic State weapons, it was also sending them fighters.

The Free Syrian Army has lost most of the land that it ever claimed and it’s entirely incompetent,” Keaton said. “The only thing that it has been good at is currying favor with western leaders.”

Swann said that it wasn’t until June 2014 that ISIS went from being a “no-name group in Syria” to a group that was “heavily armed and trained by U.S. and Coalition Special Forces.” This revitalized group made a dramatic entrance by crossing back over the Syrian border into Iraq and capturing Mosul and much of the northern part of the country.

One of the most important facts that mainstream media ignores time and time again is that ISIS was able to grow so fast, because of all the U.S. military equipment they were able to seize – equipment that our military left in Iraq,” said Swann. “Truckloads of Humvees, tanks and weaponry that instead of taking or destroying, the U.S. government simply decided to leave behind.

However, even when the U.S. government became aware that ISIS fighters were capturing U.S. equipment, it did nothing. Swann attributed the lack of action to the fact that ISIS fighters were taking the equipment back into Syria to continue fighting Assad, which was what the U.S. government wanted.

How is it that the United States, with all of its intelligence capabilities, didn’t know this threat was coming?” McAdams said. “How many billions did we spend, maybe a hundred billion on total intelligence community budge over the year? How did they have no idea?”

Swann said that the answer is simple: “The U.S. did know who ISIS was, but the so-called Islamic State was doing what the Obama administration wanted.”

The ISIS fighters continued to do what the Obama administration wanted, and in late summer 2014, they were labeled what Swann called, “the new boogeyman in the war on terror.”

Over the past few months, the U.S. government, who acted like they had never even heard of ISIS, suddenly, with the help of media has turned the Islamic State into the new focus of the war on terror,” Swann said. “Now, as ISIS has continued its rise, recruitment is exploding and the group is becoming stunningly wealthy.”

Swann noted that in response to the “ISIS threat,” the U.S. began “conducting airstrikes on Syrian oil fields, instead of going after those buying the oil.”

McAdams pointed out that ISIS makes $2 million a day off of selling oil, and the United States’ response, of “undercutting the competition” by blowing up oil fields makes no sense. He questioned why the U.S., which is known for sanctioning “anything that moves,” when it’s angry, is not placing sanctions on the banks or the oil companies that are involved.

Swann added that in addition to those questions, Americans should also be asking, “Why is the U.S. sending $500 million to the Free Syrian Army to fight ISIS when the FSA is one of the biggest suppliers of fighters and weapons to ISIS?” and “Why are we sending new and more powerful weapons to the FSA like anti-aircraft missiles – weapons that we know will be in the hands of ISIS?

Swann maintained that while the mainstream media will say that ISIS is the “creation of American inaction,” the reality is that they are the “product of direct action.”

This direct action started with “the action of creating a power vacuum in Iraq” and manifested into the “arming violent Jihadists, hoping they would overthrow a leader in a neighboring Middle Eastern country.”

McAdams described the U.S. government as a victim of its own insane policies, due to the fact that it is “very good at blowing things up, but really bad at putting them back together.”

In determining whether or not McAdams’ statement was true, Swann listed three facts:

Fact #1: “Our government armed Osama bin Laden and the Mujahideen in Afghanistan and created al-Qaeda.”

Fact #2: “Our government put Saddam Hussein into power – we helped supply and create chemical weapons for him to use against Iran in 1980 – and then we overthrew him in 2003.”

Fact #3: “Our government trained rebel fighters in Syria who would become the group today known as ISIS. We have watched them commit every violent atrocity you can imagine to people living in Iraq and Syria, and now we want American taxpayers to fund a 30-year war with them.”

Swann came to the conclusion that it isn’t the U.S. government being held hostage by crazy policies; rather it is the American people.

It is time that we reject the destruction of people groups around the world for the sake of foreign policy that makes so-called defense contractors rich, and perpetuates violence, death, and the destruction of entire people groups,” Swann said. “This is the central issue of our time – because humanity is greater than politics.”


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Mexico-Journalist-Killed-660x372-460x259.jpg 460

February 24, 2015 |By: -


Freedom Outpost reports: In an incredibly strange coincidence, four journalists from several mainstream media outlets dropped dead within 24 hours of each other. NBC, CBS and the New York Times lost three members of their teams within 24 hours last week.

NBC reported on February 12 the former NBC New reporter Ned Colt died in Boston after suffering a massive stroke. Colt reported for NBC from Latin America, Europe, Beijing, Hong Kong and the Middle East. It was also reported that he was “instrumental in the network’s coverage of the Iraq War, and was part of a four-person team that was kidnapped and held for three days in Fallujah. He was 58.

Also on February 12, it was reported that CBS’ Bob Simon was killed in a New York City car crash. Simon, a correspondent for 60 Minutes, had covered a wide range of stories in his career. However, he was also held captive for more than a month in Iraq. He was 73.

Then, on February 13, it was reported that David Carr of the New York Times died suddenly after collapsing in the NYT newsroom. Carr had just completed an interview with NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden just hours before he died. He was 58.

Additionally, NBC’s Bob Hager was also involved in head on collisionon February 12, but he uninjured, even as his wife was taken to the hospital with neck and back injuries.

Consider all this happened following Brian Williams’ admission of lying about his time in Iraq, which led to his dismissal, as well as Jon Stewart stepping down from The Daily Show on February 10.

While there are some that are attempting to tie this all together somehow as conspiratorial, I’m not necessarily of that opinion. However, I do wonder about all of this happening at the same time, as well as the recent train wreck in New York City which claimed the lives of five prominent NYC figures, including 3 top investment bankers. Is there something that does tie these events together other than the hand of Providence?

I don’t often ask those in this audience for opinions, but in this case I would be genuinely interested. What do you make of all of this?


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Richard Linklater

by Kevin Barrett, Veterans Today Editor

February 23, 2015

 Who is the best working director in America today?

It’s a miracle Linklater’s film was even nominated.

If you ask the usual Hollywood suspects, they’ll give you a top-ten list featuring the usual Hollywood schlockmeisters. Sure, some are good at what they do. A few have occasionally produced breakthrough works of cinematic art. But even the “best filmmakers in Hollywood”  tend to keep their heads firmly ensconced in Hollywood – that “plastic asshole of the universe” in the immoral words of William Faulkner.

As far as I can tell, there are only two genuinely great American directors: David Lynch and Richard Linklater – and both are 9/11 truthers. Their greatness is in direct proportion to their willingness to tell Hollywood to stick its Oscars where the sun don’t shine. By supporting 9/11 truth, Linklater and Lynch are pointedly refusing Hollywood’s illusion du reel – its orchestrated obliteration of the audience’s ability to discern the difference between cheesy mythic fantasy and actual reality, in politics and social life as well as in the movies.


So I wasn’t really surprised when Linklater, a major force for 9/11 truth in Hollywood, was denied an Oscar for Boyhood, a movie that kicks the Hollywood style up and down Hollywood Boulevard and then punts it all the way to Texas, burns it to the ground, and reconstitutes filmmaking from the ground up as something far more beautiful and infinitely more real than anything ever dreamed of by the Plastic Assholians.

Instead, the Best Picture Oscar went to another anti-Hollywood opus, Alejandro Iñárritu’s Birdman. Far be it from me to seriously badmouth Birdman, especially since I haven’t seen it yet. But from what I hear, it’s another of those anti-Hollywood black comedies, like the Coen brothers’ Barton Fink. It’s said to be a technical tour de force, looking like it was all filmed in one shot, like Hitchcock’s Rope. But unless I miss my guess, it probably doesn’t have a whole lot of humanity, humaneness, or heart.

By refusing to hand the Best Picture Oscar to American Sniper, a typically Hollywoodian bit of satanic genocide propaganda, and instead giving it to the “artsy, anti-Hollywood” Birdman, Hollywood’s Elders of Zion pointedly avoided acknowledging the genius of 9/11 truther Richard Linklater, whose even more “artsy, anti-Hollywood” films engage heart, soul and mind.

Hollywood PR flacks sold Linklater’s Boyhood by emphasizing its unique artifice: Filmed over a dozen years or so, it shows the actors (and the characters they play) aging before our eyes. But unlike Hitchcock’s artifice in Rope (and, I’ll bet, Iñárritu’s in Birdman), Linklater’s helps reveal the souls, and thereby the beauty, of ordinary human beings living very ordinary lives.

The Hollywood Elders don’t give a damn about ordinary Americans or their ordinary lives, and they wouldn’t recognize the human soul if it snuck up and bit them on the ass. They’re too busy snorting cocaine in their hot-tubs and dreaming up soul-killing propaganda movies like American Sniper and Zero Dark Thirty and Argo and 9/11: Zelikow’s Scripted and Storyboarded Snuff Film.

So it was actually something of a miracle that Linklater’s Boyhood even managed an Oscar nomination. Somebody must have screwed up.

As Linklater himself has said, it was even a miracle that his movie ever got made. “Pro-9/11 truth anti-Hollywood director wants funding for a project that will take twelve years to film?!”  Normally that would be a non-starter.

So hats off to Richard Linklater and the crew that made Boyhood – a film that’s helping keep a tiny spark of decency and humanity alive in the vast wasteland of what passes for America.


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Ryan Dawson 1

Ryan Dawson

Find out more in the article below


AriyanaBy TLB Staff Writer: Ariyana Love

Geopolitical analyst, author and human rights activist, Ryan Dawson, is going to speak before the US House of Representatives in April, to present the case of Israel’s direct involvement in the orchestrated events of 9/11 which were undeniably the biggest conspired terror attack on the United States in US history.

Osama Bin Laden, Al Qaeda and Muslim terrorists did not carry out the massive detonation of the World Trade Center towers and building 7, as we have been programmed to believe.

In his documentary film, “9/11 War by Deception,” Ryan walks us through the events of 9/11, detailing with great accuracy which foreign states, together with a cabal within the US government, carried out the mass murder of nearly 3000 people on September 11th, 2001.

The catastrophic event was planned, executed and whitewashed by a continuity of government within a compartment of the CIA that acts as it’s own intelligence and with it’s own agenda. 9/11 was a staged national emergency with no other intention but to hijack the US Government and nullify our Bill of Rights and the US Constitution.

Take a deep breath because things are about to get real.

The US “shadow government”, cabal has infiltrated every department of the US government, utilizing with impunity US citizens tax dollars to execute massive crimes against humanity. This cabal has been financing their own secretive operations with illegal arms and drug sales for decades. Opium from Laos during Vietnam War, cocaine from Central and S. America and currently opium from the Golden Crescent in Afghanistan. Black market weapons sales and the sale of illegal drugs, are routine methods used for financing Black Ops projects.

CIA is entirely a front organization for the US cabal, carrying out covert and unconstitutional paramilitary counterinsurgency operations and preemptive political pacification projects that are in violation of international law, as well as counter-intelligence sting operations against foreign agents. The CIA is engaged in domestic surveillance, and manipulation of the U.S. political process, under the guise of “National Interest” and in direct violation of its congressional charter. Operating proprietary “false front” companies for profit while conducting a major share of international trans-shipment of illegal drugs, using National Security cover and immunity.

CIA and Israeli Mossad have been conducting countless covert operations and false flags, too many to name. Heads of state have been assassinated and puppets have been installed. Politicians are bought and paid for and mainstream media is nothing but a PR machine for the Pentagon and the Pentagon is non-else than a management arm of corporate welfare for defense industries, such as Lockheed Martin and Boeing.

The cabal remains cleverly out of sight from public scrutiny. Through privateering, a third party organization is hired to do their dirty work. This way, if something goes wrong, nothing can be traced back to their doorstep. Agencies of foreign states are serving a select few corporate business interests, namely DynCorp International, Sikorskey, Northrop Grumman and Bell Helicopter.

ISIS is another great example of privateering and deserves an article all of its own.

Mossad: Israeli Secret Intelligence Service (ISIS):

USA: Integrated Systems Improvement Services (ISIS): “Providing international security & intelligence services” to governments.

The cabal is responsible for trading our liberty for their security and subverting the US Constitution for a “Homeland Security State,” as they move us towards a New World Order. This could only be accomplished in the event of a “national emergency” such as 9/11.

The very same criminals involved in the Iran Contra Affair, were hired to whitewash the 9/11 investigation. These same criminals were also involved in the Niger Forgeries. These forgeries falsely claimed Iraq was involved in acquiring uranium from Niger and this acted as a central lie in the pre-war propaganda for Weapons of Mass Destruction, pre-emptively used to wage war on Iraq. And the same criminals hired to whitewash the Iran Contra scandal, are the same criminals George Bush hired to whitewash the 9/11 investigation.

The US Government cabal and Israeli Government did 9/11. The US Government provided protection, giving Pakistan money and Israel bombs, while Saudi Arabia provided financial backing and bodies; useful idiots being guided by Mossad within the “hijackers cells.”

The 9/11 “hijackers” were helped while they were in the US. There is solid proof that Israeli Mossad was spying on the “hijackers” and FBI was helping the “hijackers.” They did not die in the WTC bombings, but were arrested by the FBI and then released after being in police custody! Every one of the “hijackers” had either worked for Mossad or the CIA, prior to 9/11.

The US corporate media, being owned by none other than the cabal, served to cover up 9/11, reading from a pre-empted script. US media corporations are also complicit in genocide, overtly lying about weapons of mass destruction in Iraq – a crime punishable under the Genocide Convention.

TV media being state run lied to the public to create a war with Iraq. All mass media sponsors are from weapons industries and big pharmaceutical companies who are all tied into a corporate welfare game. They get money from the state, recycle it and influence the electoral process.

Urban Moving Systems was a front for the Mossad and had access to the basement of the towers prior to 9/11. Urban Moving Systems operated under the guise of being consigned to “install a new security system” into the World Trade Center. Some independent thinkers may have discovered already the three dancing Israeli’s or the three white vans that were confiscated by New York Police Department. Found near the World Trade Center on 9/11, the vans belonged to Urban Moving Systems and contained explosives and traces of explosives.

One of the Israeli vans was intercepted near the George Washington Bridge, containing enough explosives within it to blow up the GW Bridge! The van also contained two Mossad spies who worked for Urban Moving Systems and had passes to the WTC.
Listen to the NYPD radio transmission about the arrest of the Israeli’s on 9/11

CBS, ABC, WABC, CNN and NBC gave live reports about the Israeli van with explosives and said the NYPD believed they had “intercepted the next target,” (GW Bridge). After the live reports, media did not mention it again.

But that’s not all. There were 130 suspects arrested by NYPD on 9/11 and every one of them was an Israeli citizen or a confirmed Mossad spy!

Michael Chertoff, who at the time of 9/11 ran the Department of Justice “criminal investigations division,” had the dozens of Israeli’s arrested on 9/11, including the dancing Israeli’s and Mossad spies found with the van of explosives. These spies were all given polygraph tests while in police custody and each one of them failed the test. Never the less, Chertoff had them deported back to Israel for nothing other than “visa violations.” No further questioning, no further investigation.

Mossad gave the financial loan for Urban Moving Systems as well as Aero Trucks, both involved in the 9/11 attacks. The owners of Urban Moving Systems, Dominique Suitor & his wife, fled back to Israel. FBI raided the complex and confiscated over a dozen PC hard drives.

Michael Chertoff moved over to head of Homeland Security between Feb. 15, 2005 to Jan. 21, 2009. He is a co-author of the US Patriot Act, the totalitarian legislation (bill) that was pushed through Congress under the false threat of Anthrax, 7 weeks after 9/11. The Patriot Act nullified due process; Bill of Rights and the US Constitution, giving the US Govt. ‘card blanch’ impunity over citizen’s rights.

The Patriot Act bill was so thick it equaled three novels. Not a single Congress member was able to finish reading the bill during the two weeks they were given to make a decision to sign or not sign the bill. They chose to sign our liberties away, without even knowing what they were doing!

Chertoff is the son of a hardline Israeli Zionist family and has dual nationality with Israel, as do most of the cabal’s appointed politicians. Chertoff is a foreign terrorist and one of many within the US Government today.

Ryan goes on to explain in his documentary that the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) briefly called itself the Office of Homeland Security, an executive post 9/11 spawn before the Homeland Security Act passed, which quietly incorporated Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

FEMA was responsible for the 9/11 cleanup and they were positioned in NY City on September 11th, the night before the attack for a “drill”. Bush senior was involved in FEMA’s inception.

9/11 is hiding trillions of dollars in unexplained funds. It’s very important to understand that the specific section of the Pentagon that was struck, was the financial wing of Naval Intelligence, responsible for investigating trillions in missing funds, as was the Security & Exchange Commission housed in WTC building #7 and the specific floors of WTC towers 1 and 2 that were hit, were not random.

The third building to collapse, building 7, was not struck by an airplane but went down in a controlled demolition on 9/11. It housed offices for the CIA where the Security & Exchange Commission was investigating tens of billions of dollars in corporate fraud.

9/11 allowed criminals to hide trillions in stolen funds and for a couple of NY billionaire’s to collect billions more on insurance. Larry Silverstein, owner of the WTC, called his lawyer the evening of 9/11 to arrange a new contract that allowed him to collect double on the WTC insurance claim in the case of an airplane hitting the towers.

The source of lies for 9/11 came from Israeli intelligence & the cabal nestled inside the Bush administration. The 9/11 Commission was hired to investigate. George W. Bush tried to block all investigations into 9/11, but when pressed, he agreed to order an investigation under the stipulation that he could appoint the members of the 9/11 Commission himself. And naturally, G.W. Bush hired his cronies, the exact same criminals who were hired to whitewash the Iran Contra affair.

President Bush inexplicably censored 28 full pages of the 800-page 9/11 Commission report before the report could be made public. Citing “national security concerns,” both the Bush and Obama Administration has fought every Congressional effort to declassify the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 intelligence report.

A pair of lawmakers who recently read the 28 redacted pages, say they are “absolutely shocked” at the level of foreign state involvement in the attacks.

The handful of House and Senate members that have read the 28 redacted pages, Thomas Massie, Walter Jones, Stephen Lynch and Bob Graham to name a few, were completely flabbergasted and co-authored a bill (Res-428) to get the rest of Congress to read the 28 pages of the 9/11 Commission report and for President Obama to declassify the information.

The resolution states that declassification of the pages is necessary to provide the American public with the full truth surrounding the tragic events of September 11, 2001, particularly relating to the involvement of foreign governments.

“Twelve years after the United States suffered a horrendous attack on our own soil, the families of the victims deserve to know all the facts concerning that tragic day,” said Congressman Jones.  “Furthermore, the information contained in the redacted pages is critical to our foreign policy moving forward and should thus be available to the American public.”

Bob Graham and others have said to the press, that they know the Saudis helped finance the 9/11 attack, however, they cannot reveal the other nation identified by the report without “violating federal law.”

So, they proposed that Congress pass a resolution asking President Obama to declassify the entire 2002 report, “Joint Inquiry Into intelligence Community Activities Before and After the Terrorists Attacks of September 11, 2001.”

Representative, Tom Massey of Kentucky after reading the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report said, “I had to stop every couple of pages and rearrange my entire perception of history, challenging me to rethink everything.”

Congressman Walter Jones, of N. Carolina added his shock saying the 28 pages have nothing to do with “National Security.” He said it talks about relationships in the international world that we live in and who we can trust and not trust.

In an interview with International Business Times, he said, “I was absolutely shocked by what I read.”

Conclusion: Message to the American people and to Congress:

When the American people understand Israel is not a friend to the US and come to know of Israel’s crucial role in 9/11, the billions of dollars in aid to Israel will come to an end. America’s aid to Israel is the number one source of funding for the illegal military occupation of Palestine. Without US funding, the Zionist state will be forced to enter negotiations and forced to stop its rogue state behaviors and violations of our international laws with impunity.

Ryan Dawson will speak before the House of Representatives in April, on behalf of every American and concerned citizen of the world. Presenting the evidence that Israel carried out the terror attack on America on 9/11 conspiring with the US cabal. He will urge Congress and president Obama to show us what was on the hard drives of Urban Moving Systems Mossad front, to release footage of the dancing Israeli’s with the Twin Towers burning in the background, to declassify all information on the 9/11 report, thus giving transparency to the public and impressing upon our Senate and Congressmen to read the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 report, to read the Joint Inquiry of congressional inquiry into the 9/11 Commission Report introduced by our House representatives and last but not least, to order a new official investigation into 9/11, tomorrow!

We can all participate by calling and writing to our House of Representatives asking them to pass Res-428 and urge our representatives to read the 28 redacted pages of the 9/11 Commission report. Share this information and tell your friends to do the same.”

Thanks to Ryan Dawson for inspiring this article and for providing most of the content for this article, which can be reviewed in Ryan’s documentary, 9/11 and War By Deception.

Ryan’s Donations Page

GMO labeling or banning


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Weather to label or go straight for the ban is a discussion we at TLB are hearing more about by the day, and this has the potential to split a strong movement gaining strength across this nation. This is what I see as the weakness of putting all our eggs in the labeling basket …

Labeling is a Trojan horse … Once successful it will dissuade many from continuing in the struggle to ban these poisons all together, and victory will be declared.

Except it will not outlaw the use of bio-toxins, it will not stop cross contamination or horizontal gene transfer, or any other evil associated with GM or GE products. The biosphere, the poorer factions of humanity and those without a voice will continue to be poisoned. How does this factor into your drive for labeling?

We at TLB do understand and appreciate the argument for labeling, but do not necessarily agree, because success on labeling will do nothing but hamper forward motion for outright banning with Biotech and the government stating, You asked for labeling and we gave it to you, and that is all you get (obviously not these words but you get the gist)!

So in retrospect most will wake up to the fact that they have accomplished next to nothing. Any struggle from that point on will be exponentially more difficult, if possible at all.

Do we at TLB appreciate all those who work diligently for labeling? YES! Do we believe their hearts (most, not all) are pure and in the right place? YES … but …

I used to support labeling strongly myself, but via all the research and digging TLB has done over the years I have come to realize … Labeling is a trap or a Trojan horse to placate the angry masses and put control of the endgame in Biotech’s hands!

The following (recorded) discussion delves into this topic much deeper. Please take the time to listed …

TLB Special (archived) with Lynnette Marie,

The Organic Guru

TLB radio

Click on image to hear show.

Please visit Lynnette at Fuel For The Body


YES or NO are the ONLY answers Needed

Do you demand answers as to why certain people want to stamp a label on a poison product, but not demand the poisoning of our children and planet be stopped?! We demand those answers.


By TLB Contributor: Lynnette Marie (Fuel for the Body)

Read on to understand my passion and stance of no compromise:


YES or NO.

Do YOU want a clean and toxic-free planet? Do you want clean food, clean water and clean air?

(back to these questions at the end of this note)

Many of you have asked, “ What led you on your organic crusades and mission out-reach?” Many of you think I just came from out of nowhere. Some think that I have “my own agenda”. Others can’t believe I stay grounded in this world of confusion and madness. I appreciate each and every one of you for your questions and continued support. I appreciate all of the companies which continue to support each of my (OUR) missions.

The answers are very simple. I began my studies, research and quest for truth, honesty and a cure for our son’s “incurable” disease, Recurrent Respiratory Papillomatosis. (Our son, Coty encountered 28 surgeries and 2 near death experiences with 7 different surgeons with this deadly disease). I began this quest 22 years ago, but with no avail or light at the end of the tunnel. Back then, I had only known to rely on the doctors of the western medicine to treat and keep our son alive. The years went on and the disease progressed further and further, UNTIL his 2nd near death experience. (more on our son’s illness and cure on my blog under, Not All Wheezers Are Asthmatic). This last terrifying experience led my family to a total shift in gears in which WE demanded answers and truths and direction from the doctors. Once we found the doctor who was able to treat and CURE our son just 10 years ago, I began my awakening and understanding of the truth of how the systematic pharmaceutical and medicine world works along with the greedy politics who slip their fingers in every move that is made.

This awakening led me to shout out from the roof tops to the world that WE FOUND A CURE for this deadly disease that takes more lives of children than HIV or heart related diseases do. Our family was on to something, on to curing and SAVING children and saving a ton of money for the families of children suffering this deadly disease. Wow, we can now help children all over the country suffering. Woo hoo, “We found the cure and lives will be saved,” so we thought. We started a foundation on our son’s behalf, The Coty Pate Foundation for Respiratory Papillomatosis. We set this up as a 501c3 with the IRS for raising money SOLELY for the purpose of handing every dime of that money back to the families who needed travel to the only doctor in America able to cure this disease. We held seminars, press conferences with VP’s of the children’s hospitals, otolaryngologist and scientist. We made our message loud and clear, so loud that we were SILENCED and shoved under a deep tunnel of confusion and deception. We were crushed to find that the powers that be were the ‘powers that deceive’. We lost 4 children in one year due to neglect, dishonesty and greed. We were insulted and accused of bringing ‘quackery’ to the public. Due to the fact that we lived in Memphis, TN (the WRONG place to even think about mentioning a cure or bringing a promising truth foundation) we had many big players and politics to contend with. This led us to heart break and financial ruin, for you cannot successfully operate a charitable foundation without a million dollars in the bank. We competed with St. Jude, LeBonnheur Children’s Hospital and the University of Tennessee for funding. Needless to say, we were vetoed before we even requested. None the less, we funded the organization our from our own family’s income until we could DO NO MORE. Then we just decided to at least get the message out and at least get the kids to Denver to be treated. We did get the help of Angel Flight life line to serve these precious souls. After a long stretch of continued slaps in the face and being told our information will NEVER be accepted, we became prey to the powers that be and we just gave up and decided we have a family to feed with our 2 other children. Therefore, we stopped all that we had begun in 2005. (We started this foundation in 2003).

Give up you ask? No, just stayed silent for all these years due to disheartenment and due to the fact that the USA wreaked havoc upon the curing doctor. Therefore, he left to go back to Switzerland. I saw this, and decided that if they run a doctor who practices medicine in a western medical hospital in Presbyterian St. Luke in Denver, CO then who am I to stand the test of time? Years of silent I became. During those years of silence, I silently researched, studied, worked at holistic doctor’s offices and took classes, direct education from amazing doctors. I studied the greed of the government and all the tangled webs they so beautifully weave. I studied all the many legs and strings to each web. I watched my dad work his way through the tightly woven web. (This later led to his murder in August of 2013) I worked in the world quietly and studiously.

We then opened our first organic retail shop and oxygen bar in Florida in 2009. This led me to study closely the purity of organic companies. We ONLY sold the best and the purest of products in our shop with the health of the planet and families in mind. As I sat in our shop, I began unraveling the twisted, knotted highway to deception. I began to become non-fearful and once again introduce the message about our son’s deadly disease. I began writing and documenting all I researched. This led me to write my first book: ‘Lose Weight…The Pate Weigh’. Then on to my next book: ‘Fuel for the Body’. As I sat in my shop, I realized that I am only reaching a small public in one town in Florida. I saw the need to get OUT and educate the masses with great organic and eye opening information. Therefore, I decided to QUIETLY prepare and organize a 3 person bicycle T.O.U.R. (Total Organic Understanding Ride). This T.O.U.R. would last for 30 days and travel from Cincinnati, OH to West Palm Beach, FL. This T.O.U.R. was to educate and empower the public about organic and sustainable living as well as help them to heal/cure and restore their health just as OUR family did.

This T.O.U.R. was completely SELF FUNDED by my husband and myself with the sales of my book. I did have the support of some amazing sponsors to help offset the food costs. These sponsors were Navita’s Naturals, Celtic Sea Salt, Guayaki Yerba Mate, Manitoba Harvest and Garden of Life. We had a great 3 person T.O.U.R. for the 30 days. We empowered the east coast, educated the colleges, high schools and elementary schools. We even made splashes at random events along the way. The rest is history, as noted on my web pages with the continued success of the T.O.U.R.s

I tell you all of this to make points that as I sought out quietly and persistently to get the solid message out and that I did NOT compromise my food and my family’s health. Hey, I was guilty of participating in the ‘Right to Know’ march, the ‘Just Label It’ campaigns, the ‘Just Say No to GMO’. Yes, I did all of that. THEN, as I remembered my past experiences with my son and his disease and my kidney surgery and my dad’s stories and the deception from the western medical doctors and pharmaceutical companies, I looked very deeply at what message I, myself was putting out to the public. I remembered that the very message I was putting out was MISLEADING. What, you ask? How could I think this? As I looked deep within and glazed at the public, I started to see the REPEATS of what deception I had already experienced years ago. THIS simply gave me another awakening. I will be damned if I am fooled again and deceived by the ‘green washing’ that appears to be going on. I mean as I turned my entire world around to come to RESTORE the health of my child, my kidney and my family, to find that the ‘safe haven’ I sought is also misleading the people! NO, I will not sit fearful by anymore and let this happen.

By this, I mean, it is ALL or NOTHING. Why on earth would I accept or expect the public to accept anything LESS than pure, clean and toxic-free foods? Why would I compromise my health only to choose the “better of the evils”? Why on earth would I slip back into a maze of mirrors? Why would I jeopardize my family’s health, the health of the planet? Why would I compromise MY integrity or health? I realized that the old saying stands true to the test of all times. “Watch where the crowd runs, then run the opposite direction, as they are usually wrong”. My dad was so true to this. He ALWAYS looked and WALKED the opposite direction of the crowd. I found myself doing exactly what I was taught NOT to do. “Snap out of it,” I told myself. Thus, my researching the research began again.

This long story serves to make my point and moral to these questions:

So our team of 6 and I have been accused of having ‘an agenda of our own Pure Integrity label’. Hmmm. Well, your honor, the jury is back and we have been FOUND GUILTY! GUILTY of wanting TRUTH, INTEGRITY, PURITY AND A TOXIC-FREE PLANET. GUILTY of spreading the TRUTH to a misled society. GUILTY as charged! But let us make ONE correction. You mentioned a ‘label’.
The Pure Integrity Verified Seal is NOT a label (sticker) it is a SEAL. SEAL of INTEGRITY. ;-)

Let me ask again the questions from the beginning of the blog.

  1. Do you want clean food?
  2. Do you want clean water?


  • Pick one: YES or NO

If your answer is YES. Then the only SOLUTION to combat the toxic world we live in is to help the public choose the TRUE companies who are already making their products with NO toxic chemicals, additives or hormones, period.

We DEMAND complete transparency and trust in the foods we purchase for our families. We simply can NOT pretend to solve the problem and ONLY require just a FEW ingredients to be pure. I mean, like taking the ‘yoga mat’ out of the bread from Sub Way was a great move. BUT WHY did it stop there? Why take ONE ingredient out, when the rest of the ingredients are cancer causing and toxic combustion ingredients. Just the same as demanding the cereal companies to remove the BHT from their cereals, only addressing ONE TINY aspect of the toxicity. Why compromise? Why not clean it all up? This is why it does NO good to go after the big food industry companies. They are going to do what they are going to do. HOWEVER, IF we approach the “Organic” companies to bring their foods clean and toxic free, then we keep the INTEGRITY ALIVE in the organic world and therefore the organic companies will see NO need to sell out to the big food giants. Because the food giants are NOT buying companies, THEY ARE BUYING YOU, the CONSUMER! What will YOUR choice be?

If you do NOT believe that YOU can make THIS vital difference, then please read this below short statement from one of our team members:

“I have to let you know, in the last 48 hours, a group of us went on a challenge spree. We created so much of a stir, we literally upset all 50 states, plus many many cities and towns across the US. We uncovered and challenged lies. Just 6 of us did this. Nothing we did was illegal. Everything was an exposure to help this planet. Many of these group’s explicitly demanded their teams and leaders not engage with us or read any of our remarks…..(yes, we saw the emails)….. Not because were mean or bullying mind you, but because they were afraid people would wake up to the truth behind the Labeling measures being pushed. Our group of 6. Imagine what would happen if the people being fooled all joined together to ask the very simple questions we asked…..we didn’t make statements……all we did was ask questions.

Do you want to help our movement grow? Do you demand answers as to why certain people want to stamp a label on a poison product, but not demand the poisoning of our children and planet be stopped!!!!!?????!!!!!!!

Do you? Do you want to know? So do I. Stay tuned and I’ll explain how you can help us, to help you.”
By: Rudy TwoMoon. You can find his awesome articles and more insight HERE

So as you can see from the above statement, WE DO have the power to end this madness. DEMAND NO COMPROMISES. ONLY a small group of six of us stirred some pots. HOW can YOU help US to help YOU RESTORE the health of the planet?

Come say YES with US. YES to clean food, water and air. Join us on our world wide YES T.O.U.R. and see where we will be SOWING SEEDS in our group mission worldwide out reach to truly BLOOM WHERE WE ARE PLANTED! Stay tuned for how YOU can join us in our Planet Saving grassroots, food-growing, seed-throwing style project…official press release is just around the bend!


Be Pure


TLB highly recommends you visit Lynnette to see the original article and much more pertinent information at:

Fuel for the Body


By Prof. John McMurtry

Truce on the First Anniversary of the US-Led Coup

February 19, 2015

“We can no longer find any willingness on the part of Poland to conduct serious negotiations with us. These proposals for mediation have failed because [of ] – – Polish mobilization.” (Adolph Hitler, 1939) 

These are the words of Adolph Hitler just before invading Poland and then the Soviet Union. I have replaced Poland with Russia (see below) to show the analogy of US and Nazi pretexts.

“We can no longer find any willingness on the part of Russia to conduct serious negotiations with us. These proposals for mediation have failed because [of ] – – Russian mobilization.”

This is not surprising given the very significant role that major US corporations like GM, IBM, Dupont, Ford, Standard Oil, Chase Bank as well as George and Jeb Bush’s grandfather Prescott who profited big as a bank-front director for the Nazi death machine run (not to mention the big Nazi corporations doing very well in the US during and after the war including Siemens and Allianz). There were also the deals German war criminals made to escape post-War trials, providing 70% of NATO’s intelligence after the war and direction to death squads in Latin America.

After the Poland invasion by pretext provided initial Lebensraum of large fertile lands and an open path to Russia for the Nazis, the invasion of Ukraine offered a bigger prize. Ukraine was and remains a breadbasket of the world, not much mentioned in Western reports as US-led corporate globalization now sweeps East. In 1940’s Ukraine, militant collaborators with Hitler’s Nazis arose at every level to assist in the genocide of Jews, German occupation, killing of resisters, and policing of concentration camps. These pro-Nazi militants featuring Stephen Bandera are still idolized today by their neo-Nazi descendents whose leaders have crucial armed-force posts and militias within post-coup Ukraine, as reports from Global Research like Michel Chossudovsky’s The U.S. has Installed a Neo-Nazi Government in Ukraine have observed. Yet  mockery of any Ukraine-fascist reality today keeps the memory hole closed. “Dream on”, sneers New York TimesInternational Weekly to the  facts without any counter-evidence, and so denial  publicly prevails as Ukraine neo-Nazis have armed militias, death squads  and the notorious Azov battalion on the ground and cabinet posts in the post-coup Kiev state.

All is “Putin’s paranoia” in the Western media in a pervasive campaign of vilification that holds the story together through all its lies.  Charges of aggression and crime against Russia and Putin are daily proclaimed with no evidence, but together provide a pretext for why “Russia must be stopped” and the US-led West Ukraine regime armed with US weapons to “teach Putin a lesson”.  The known five billion dollars spent on political destabilization of Ukraine in recent years, the covert special forces, and the direct financing and orchestration of the overtly fascist coup leaders all disappear into the anti-Putin/Russia propaganda field.

At the very same time, the descendents of the Eastern resisters to the Nazi occupation have been  resisting the reborn Ukraine fascist forces. Yet they are called “terrorists” now as then and war-criminal attacks on the civilian population and infrastructures by US/Kiev direction have followed ever since the illegal violent coup  year ago. For months only abuse and indiscriminate rocket and bombing attacks attacked the Eastern Ukraine civil resistance – until military mobilization occurred with Russian arms and volunteer assistance as well as captured tanks and armaments. That is where we are today with the resistance forces quickly gaining the upper hand against the real aggressor. Neo-Nazi gangs and militias are good at terrorizing and mass murdering civilians, and a mostly unwilling and drafted Ukraine army can pound civilians and infrastructures into hell with artillery, rockets and bombs. But an impassioned armed resistance against them of people speaking the same language and living the same culture will defeat them, and so it has happened here. The February 15 truce has been made because the Eastern-Ukraine resistance and forces have effectively pushed the Kiev forces, fascist militias and mercenaries out of the Donbass/Donetsk region. It was also possible because the US was not directly involved in the Germany, France, Ukraine and Russia meetings..

Is the Truce Just a Space for the US-led Forces to Build More War towards Russia?

No sooner was the truce signed than all onus was put on Russia to sustain it with none evident on Kiev or its US master. Is it just another pause before more weapons, special forces and advisers come in to prop up the US-constructed coup state in Kiev? Certainly that is what the West-Ukraine puppet leaders and US war party are pressing for.

Now most of all, the connections to the Nazi past in Ukraine and the US itself go down the memory hole. So too does the recent warning by Italy’s former Minister of the Economy, Giulio Tremonti, about the new forces at work in Europe – “financial fascism, white fascism” (translated from his apparently suppressed 2012 book, Emergency Exit: Ending the Tyranny of Finance). In short, all the degenerate trends across big bank dictatorship, corporate oligarchies running Europe, ever more armed forces against ever more dispossessed adversaries, squeezing workers wages and employment without limit, devouring attacks on public sectors and programs across nations to privatize their revenues, and now outright civil war in Ukraine are at work together  in a forming a situation which is hell on earth in the long social democratic Europe before 2008 (as diagnosed in global depth by my The Cancer Stage of Capitalism: From Crisis to Cure).   Ukraine is the where the war of movement and land clearance is focused now because the greatest resistance yet to the carcinomic program has arisen here.

Again we might return to the Nazi past to find connective threads of meaning. US and Nazi  justifications have much in common. Before being able to publicly justify Nazi Germany’s military extension into East Europe, Hitler had to have a pretext, to satisfy public opinion. This was managed by Nazi forces posing as Poles on 31 August 1939 attacking a German radio station, Sender Gleiwitz, inside Germany near the border. All went as planned. And so too the movement on to Ukraine and Russia unrolled, always to “stop aggression” – the very same words and reverse pretexts. And always resisters were “terrorists”. These central concepts are at the core of the official stories of Nazi Germany as well as the US. But not only Eastern Europe is thus subjugated. The US has moved far beyond where Hitler expanded, from Iraq to Honduras to Venezuela to Vietnam – where does it stop? Always the question is, “where will Putin stop?” None stop to reflect that no Russian regular forces have moved beyond Russia’s borders, as repeatedly divulged under questioning by a Ukraine intelligence spokesman, the Chief of Staff himself, General Muzenko, and Ukraine’ s spokesman, Major Alexander Raran, at truce time . On the other hand while continuously proclaiming the lie that “Russian troops have invaded Ukraine”, US armed forces move across borders around the world. Where do they stop? They threaten force everywhere, and one can always tell that a people is resisting when the US  embargoes, threatens or bombs them – here with doubled-troop deployments across all Russia’s Western borders.

The difference from the Nazis is the normal subjugation by financial and trade levers, and slower motion of armed forces against resistance.  World rule has already been largely achieved. But Putin, Russia and – most of all – Eastern Ukraine itself have drawn a long overdue line. Russia now is no longer an open looting basin for transnational oligarchs with a drunken puppet Yeltsin in charge. Armed resistance on the ground from the Donbass region has stopped the world’s most lethal ever war-and-money machine from taking all of Ukraine by a US-led and neo-Nazi enforced coup. The Nazis themselves would have kept going. The US does not, and the fascist rump of Ukriane is neither popular nor competent. But the war party is everywhere demanding Russian blood for support of the resistance.  It all started with Kiev-led sniper mass murders in  Maidan square, and was whipped further into frenzy at the downing of a European-filled passenger jet. Yet Putin and Russia have not been so easily blamed in the Internet age where facts come out despite corporate mass media monopoly and NATO dominance.

There is no need to idealize Russia or Putin. Yet they do show exceptional capacity to withstand never-ending terror and attacks from the West, saving the world from Napoleon, Hitler and – so far – the US war state going East today. The evidence of “Russia’s aggression” – armed invading or civil destabilizing of other countries against international law – is pervasive for the US, but sorely lacking in the case of Russia. Knowledge here can win the day. The mass murder, destitution, and oppression in Europe is becoming ever better known, especially in Ukraine itself, and so too the Nazi connections. Once people awake to the worst in fact, they will not go along with the next big-lie pretext for aerial war and destroying another society.

How the Quality Press Lies for the Official Story to Stay Believed

Today on the eve of the first anniversary of the US-led fascist coup in Ukraine and a new truce agreement, the anti-Russia propaganda peaks as if to ensure that any future violation is blamed on Russia. The underlying US-EU corporate plan to pry open Ukraine and Russia downstream as undefended looting basins is kept quiet because it is not supported by any public. And those who serve the program do not fight so well – as we have seen in Ukraine – when confronted by people fighting for their mother country and community lives. That is why the call is so fervent from the war party to get US weapons to the Kiev puppet state.  The official story, of course, is opposite. The weaker is, as always, accused of being the despotic villain that must be brought under control, here a country with a declining population two-thirds the size of Brazil.

Even the academic press gets into the reverse blame game. Yale University Press recently published a book – Ukraine Crisis: What It Means for the West – which was year glowingly reported in the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, USA Today and Guardian Weekly (among others) despite its reversal of the most basic facts of the Ukraine crisis. The serial mass murders by snipers which began Ukraine’s violent coup d’etat one year ago are falsely attributed to the pro-Russian President who fled the coup, even though EU evidence has itself shown Kiev agency in the mass murders and the US-led coup leadership refused to investigate (as documented ahead). Yale author Andrew Wilson also asserts with the corporate media that the shootdown of Malaysia flight MH17 killing 298 passengers was by a Buk missile “from Moscow”. Yet the European Union‘s Organization for Security and Cooperation (OSCE), the chief investigating body, has revealed no such evidence while the plausible possibility of a covert black-op to blame on Russia or the Donetsk resistance is blinkered out. The tragedy was certainly not in the interests of the resistance because it gained nothing and almost got war declared on it by NATO as Kiev has aimed for all along. As always, again, the first question of forensic justice – cui bono? – is never asked.

As ultimatums and embargoes from the US and the EU continually escalate blaming “Russia’s aggression” without sustainable evidence ever produced, the war-mongering by the corporate media simultaneously increases to foment war fever. None seem to have processed the undeniable fact that the neutrality and non-arming of Ukraine was promised by NATO and the US  Secretary of State James Baker in 1991. Still the war party’s favorite liars like John McCain and theNew York Times declare unsubstantiated war-pretext accusations daily. So the question arises: What will be the next big-lie pretext for NATO and US armed intervention?

State and media war mongers give a hint on what is being cooked up. Consider this paradigm example. The iconic British Guardian and its eminent writer on political affairs, Timothy Garton Ash, headline a February full-page story just before the new truce and coup anniversary, “Putin must be stopped. Guns will be essential”, the headline screams. Why? “Putin is the Slobodan Milosevic [convicted war criminal] of the old Soviet Union [KGB communist]”, Ash proclaims. Then he further alleges with no evidence that Putin and Russia only “spew anti-Western propaganda” and “if the [NATO] threat did not exist Russian television would invent it”. We may observe here another perfect reversal of Western propaganda operations onto the leader and weaker society it is attacking. Impartial observation of the Western press will find in fact continuous slanders at will, while Putin and RT are surprisingly polite in comparison. In general, there is no standard of truth or slander to inhibit free-roaming hate and falsehoods against any foreign force whatever the facts of the matter. Mass sales of product and expensive advertising also rise, and – key to the whole system – the audience is churned to aggressive diversion from their own oppression.

The Guardian story reproduces the old lies as well floating new ones.  Putin uses “energy blackmail” (that is, requirement for overdue payments for gas in the billions of Euros), and brings only “more blood and tears” to peoples (although staying on its borders while the US is war-gaming over 6000 miles from Washington). The New York Times feeds in with war propaganda from the other side of the ocean on the very weekend of truce (NYT Weekly, February. 14-15). It dismisses Russia’s encirclement by escalating US-led NATO forces in six countries and the Black Sea as a “preposterous fable – – to generate hysteria and buttress Russian aggression in Eastern Ukraine”. Breathtaking erasure of the most basic facts and reverse projection onto the designated Enemy here combine in a paradigm illustration of the big-lie system at work.

At the same time, news stories have silently shifted to a new slant – to finally report the civilians and infrastructures of Eastern Ukraine being one-way shelled and bombed to ruin by US-led Kiev, but with no identification of which side is aerial bombing and shelling civilians and civilian targets.  In this way the US-led West-Ukraine forces that perform all of the aerial bombing and – until recently – almost all of the artillery shelling of public and civilian structures and citizens are collapsed into the general fighting that is all blamed on “Russia’s aggression”. The same article under the bold-print heading of Intelligence describes the denial of “all the Russian forces” as “nonsense” and a “figment of the imagination” although as we have seen the denial has come under questioning from the top of the Ukraine armed forces and intelligence spokesmen themselves. The lying propaganda techniques are a study in their own right. The invariably feature the elimination and reversal of facts as their only consistent method.

The really unspeakable fact is erased altogether, but lies deeper still. The age-old Russian-speaking minority of Ukraine – almost the same in language but not beliefs – has been subjected to the biggest ethnic cleansing operation of the millennium. A now estimated 1,500,000 people have been driven from their homes by one-way Kiev bombings and bombardments of even hospitals, schools and public buses while stopping all access to Eastern citizens means of existence as far as possible (not done by Putin even in the height of the US-sponsored war in Chechnya). The distinction between the millions of Eastern Ukraine’s Russia-speaking victims by US-led Kiev bombing, terror and life means deprivation and those in Kiev-ruled Western territory who are untouched by any rebel bombs and terror is simply abolished. This is how a genocide of the Eastern Ukraine people stays in motion while all that is reported is “Russia’s aggression against Ukraine”.

The Unseen Genocidal Program of the US-Led Coup Government

Almost down the memory hole is the precipitating cause of the Ukraine civil war – a spectacularly violent neo-Nazi-led coup overthrowing the established elected federal government of the Party of Regions – the now collapsed federalist party supported by most citizens before the US-orchestrated coup. The federalist option was thus annihilated to cause the uprising of Eastern Ukraine which, accordingly, was targeted for annihilation too. There have three main methods for this genocidal clearance operation whose people produce 95% of the country’s coal and most of its exports as well being rooted in a different language, culture, social organization and political-religious belief system. The first has been cultural dispossession and erasure – abolition of past language rights and federal accountability to the region’s people, the initial spur of the East’s uprising along with the neo-Nazi leadership of the coup state.  Nothing but worse to come was promised by this stripping of cultural and regional rights and institution of a US-led extreme-rightist state led on the ground and in cabinet posts by open neo-Nazis with US support, along with a banker puppet as prime minister who bawls “terrorists” and “Russian aggression” every other sentence. I bracket out proper names to ensure the underlying design is clear because submergence in alien names is part of the cover-up of every deciding fact by the official story.

The second level of genocidal method is armed-force terror by fascist gangs and militias on the ground committing atrocities combined with indiscriminate one-way aerial bombing and relentless artillery bombardment of civilians and civilian sites, vehicles and infrastructures –  never reported in Western corporate media even as the fleeing people multiplied to far more than ISIS proportions. The third and most unrecognized method even by critics has been deliberate mass starvation. It has proceeded among other instruments by cut-off of all social security and pensions to Eastern citizens, freezing of bank accounts to be inaccessible, stoppage of electricity, and  proclaiming “Russian invasion” every time food lorries came in to provide water and food to the starving people, with NATO’s Supreme Commander war-mongering daily about Russian troop build-ups and intentions to invade. Meanwhile every more sanctions and manipulations of global markets to break Russia’s capacity to assist or to defend escalated along with pervasively lying propaganda (as illustrated above).  Most deeply, all the dots remained unjoined by any public observation – with for example, CBC and the NDP echoing the official story daily. .

Given the Russia-speaking citizens who have led the revolt against the fascist-led coup and its US godfather, one could see a preconscious reversal of history back to Nazi-led dominance, oligarchy of the rich and father cult in Ukraine, and hate propaganda as again the moving force of public opinion. As every turn of aggression projected onto Russia has shown for a year, economic war on Russia and cumulative total war machinations have formed with the EU and other satellite corporate states in a geo-strategic trajectory interested in “peace” only as space for more war of expansion and ruin, automatically reverse-blamed on Putin to sustain it. It is difficult to deny the operationalization of the familiar grand objective of totalizing world rule always blamed on the resisters against it. Certainly as in other US-orchestrated “regime changes”, official and media attention blame the very party who has been attacked and never report the catastrophic consequences on innocent people’s lives, even when the terror and destruction becomes genocidal in scope.

Certainly the US-orchestrated “regime change” in Ukraine and continuous subsequent war crimes never reported has led to the worst large-scale mass murdering in Europe since the Nazis, already beyond Bosnia – another US-led expansion of transnational corporate rule backed by NATO bombing. The US-orchestrated “regime change” in Ukraine and its war crimes never reported in the Western media has already executed a very large-scale homicidal planning which none dares to name in public. Consider the dimensions – one-way aerial bombing and indiscriminate attacks of civilians and infrastructures in the Donbass area alone, mass starvation of millions of mainly Russia-speaking citizens, armed-force land clearances and appropriations, one-way mass murder atrocities by the US-led side, documented torture and rape by neo-Nazi death squads and the infamous Azov battalion, and ever more hundreds of thousands of people forced to flee their homes and region in East Ukraine but nowhere else. A mounting ethnic cleansing’ has already happened but is still unspeakable to report in the West.

Instead month after month the audience has been conditioned to revile the new hate object of Vladmir Putin, and thus to justify any life-destructive action at all in East Ukraine. We have seen this movie before. Always focus on the constructed Enemy to keep all eyes of what is being done by the US with allies to destroy millions of peoples’ lives. It is the DNA of this system. “Economic war” too is ratcheted up to ever new levels on Russia to destroy its collective life base, always the underlying target in the society-wrecking program of US-led corporate and NATO globalization. It is a death machine.

Meanwhile the immense assets in line for military-led takeover by the US and allies are excluded from discussion. It is projected instead onto Russia’s “expansionists aims”, while US-led NATO military operations threaten war on all Russia’s East-European borders, ever more military training and the deployment of special forces in coup-state Ukraine, transfer of war instruments and directors, contract-violating sanctions strangling the Russian economy, and even manipulation of global financial and oil markets to “stop the Russian aggressor”. Yet not just the bombs and artillery terrorize the victims of Eastern Ukraine There has been a choking off of their foods, electricity, social supports and pensions, medicines, bank accounts, humanitarian aid, and even freedom of movement – with mandatory passes and check-points like Israel and unpredictable bombardments of citizens with no military target near.

All the while thunderous denunciations of Putin rise to divert all attention from this one-way  war on all fronts as the war crimes multiply by the US-Kiev axis with Harper joining in and warmongering for more. Peace talks are revived in February to “give Russia one more chance” after the Ukranian representative failed to show up at the last talks in Minsk. As peace is hoped for by the peace and hope president, ever more new NATO and US war forces are installed and called for around Russia and the Ukraine “to prevent Russia’s continued aggression”.

What about Russia’s Seizure of Crimea in Violation of International Law?

The war might end if the new truce terms are acted on by Kiev – namely that Kiev-governed Ukraine only regains control of East Ukraine “after local elections in Donetsk and Luhansk and after a full political settlement (deadline end of 2015)”, plus the further conditions of “humanitarian aid; restoration of full economic links with Donetsk/Luhansk, including welfare payments and banking services; Ukrainian state to help develop Donetsk/Luhansk and regions’ co-operation with Russia”.

These terms seem minimally reasonable for any democratic social order. But their deprivation and restoration have been long suppressed reasons for the civil war.  It is a good sign that they are finally made public, if the media carry them, and finally restored to stop the war, if the US-led Kiev wants to.

Yet so far there is little evidence of either commitment on the US side. So far all there is only  talk of “Russia “and “the separatists” breaking the truce, as always. The terms themselves expose  the lie that Russia is only after expansion. The terms allow for no such expansion. No Western media will pick up on this, I predict. It explodes the official story they have been running day in and out for a year. Yet still the terms of truce are there for the first time, and the agreement was brokered by Germany and France in the EU. So it is big advance even if it is doomed to violation under the usual false pretexts. What will come out strongly in the days ahead, I predict, will be that “Russia has won by still having marched into Crimea and seized it by force”, “Russia has violated the sacred territorial integrity of Ukraine and gotten away with it”, “Russia has received a big reward for its aggression”, “Russia has been encourage to go on expanding like Hitler” and so on and on. The millstone of Crimea is still around Russia’s neck, the war crime of invading another nation’s sovereign territory remains, the sanctions must stay on Russia and weapons be provided to Ukraine , and again the justifications for continued economic if not military war remain in place to be repeated ad nauseam. So it is good place to revisit Russia’s re-integration with Crimea to consider how much of all this holds up under scrutiny.

“Russia’s brutal invasion and seizure of Crimea” is, after all, the core charge on which all others rest as the grounding fact to justify the demonization of Vladmir Putin and Russia in Ukraine. The justification itself is never questioned within Western state and media circles. In Ukraine, any questioning of Russia’s crime here – any “public denial or justification of the Russian military aggression against Ukraine”, may now land one in jail. Informally such siding with Russia or the resistance may lead to execution, with many hundreds have already so murdered by Kiev regime’s killer gangs and militias with no Kiev investigations of them.

In the wider world, Russia’s re-unification with Crimea with massive electoral support – neither fact ever allowed discussion in official state and media circles of the US and its allies let alone Ukraine – is sufficient to condemn it to ruin by blanket economic and military attacks.  Ever increasing threats of NATO buildups and war preparations as well as war-like embargoes and violations of trade contracts have already happened because of “Russia’s armed seizure of Crimea” and “gross violation of international law”

Of course what the official story fails to report is that Crimea has been an historic Russian port and strategic peninsula for centuries since Catherine the Great. The Nazi-like narrative further  ignores the fact that Ukraine’s brief interregnum occurred by a 1954 decree from Nikita Khrushchev, a Ukrainian leader who was once led the Soviet Union whose laws now apply nowhere else.  Observe that this is “the sacred territory” that Canada’s toxic PM Harper has sworn will be retaken in pledging “family” loyalty on the September 18 visit of billionaire President Poroshenko. Observe too the patriarchal-mafia intimations.

The claim that Russian soldiers “poured into Crimea to seize it” is, however, perfectly false.  In fact, it was a voluntary referendum with demonstrated EU Parliamentarian-observing its overwhelming public support for re-unification with Russia. No evidence suggests that the already-present Russian soldiers involved were not models of presence without abuse and threat. No doubt many Tatars wanted no part, but the soldiers did not arrive by instruction from the Kremlin “to overthrow with brute force”. They were already a long time in Crimea under contract with Ukraine and in fewer number than the undenied contract allowed.No-one disputes any of this. Diversion from it is the game, and lies about Putin is the strategy that sustains it. An 83% voter turnout elected re-integration with Russia by over 90%. No counter-evidence disputes this, only unsubstantiated innuendos.

In contrast, Poroshenko’s post-coup election in October 2014 was by a fraction of Ukraine’s total electorate with most of the Russia-speaking South and the East unable to participate. His October 26 snap parliamentary election was in the conditions of more than a million citizens driven from their homes, oligarch and foreign money pouring in to indoctrinate voters, and anti-communist and anti-Russian mass passions inflamed to terrorizing proportions. Under post-coup law, the Kiev regime’s sacred claim to Crimea is criminal to disagree with and liable to social destruction – the “new Western democracy and freedom”.

Also erased from the official story are the facts that the Supreme Council of Crimea referred to the United Nations Charter and “the right of nations to self-determination” (Article 2, Chapter 1). This is the very right Ukraine invoked in seceding from the USSR in 1991, and the same right invoked for the separation of Kosovo from Serbia – which was in fact enforced by NATO bombing. Further erased is the UN International Court ruling in July 2010 that “general international law contains no prohibition on declarations of independence”.

Facts and laws are not all that is automatically reversed in the official story and repeated like 2 + 2 =4. The contrast between Russia’s governing treatment of Crimea and the coup government’s treatment of the Ukraine people is also very revealing. While the oligarchs are setting up the  Ukraine people to be permanent debt-slave in exchange for banker-corporate control over the country’s life capital, Russia is far advanced in  upgrading the public infrastructures and life security of  Crimea as fast as possible.

The Underlying Geo-Strategic Pattern

The underlying global pattern is that any organised force standing against NATO-backed corporate globalization is selected for attack and dismemberment. We have seen this from Afghanistan to Syria in the last decade. NATO is the combination of all the white world powers that formerly warred against each other. Now they have a common cause which has switched from the wartime-generated welfare state leading the world to the very polar opposite under the same name – disemploying, defunding and skinning everyone alive without private money stocks from Spain and Greece to Ukraine.

The major strategy of rule is to divide the population into warring sides. The Republican Party has no other evident policy in the US, nor does the US itself abroad. So civil war was planned for Ukraine from before 2000 as reported by Germany’s former State Secretary for Defence, Willy Wimmer, who has since made public his meeting with the US State Department in Berlin on May 2, 2000 when  a map was presented regarding NATO’s future expansion to include the dividing of Ukraine into Eastern and Western regions. Five billion dollars of US foreign-operations spending in Ukraine from 2008 (acknowledged to a business audience by Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland after the Kiev coup she directed) was then directly invested in mass anti-regime circles and propaganda and financial support to key agents of the eventually violent overthrow. This was not the intention of the mainly peaceful and popular demonstrations before February 2014 against the government of Viktor Yanukovych, a corrupt president in a long line. But a violent coup was opted for instead led by neo-Nazi terror on the ground. The terror was then projected onto the government to justify overthrowing it, and then onto the resistance in the Eastern regions, Russia and Putin as patsies for Western public opinion.

As always in US-orchestrated “regime changes”, official and media attention turns to blaming the designated enemy while the catastrophic consequences of the violent overthrow are blinkered out. The Ukraine “regime change” has led to massive bombings of civilians and infrastructures in the East, deliberate starvation of millions of citizens, and armed-force land clearances, murder, torture and rape by neo-Nazi death squads.  This large-scale ethnic cleansing’ has been  altogether screened out of Western state and media reports, while the official story has daily flailed Putin as the villain and the cause of all the problems.

If we look forward and backward from the “weapons of mass destruction of Iraq”, the “genocidal plans of the dictator Gadaffi”, and “Assad’s chemical weapons” as a pretext for bombing another society with major strategic and economic resources to be pried open, we see that the pretexts always turn out to be false. But in every case a society formerly independent of US dominance and doing better than neighbours is torn apart and opened to transnational corporate invasion.

Thus not long after US-led bombing and destroying of Iraq and Libya on false pretexts, another story for more war and bombing arose. In Syria which followed a similar pattern, president Assad was “gassing his own people” and “violating international law”. This story went all the way to a White House plan to bomb Syria’s civilian infrastructures to correct the problem, as in Iraq and Libya – – and as in Ukraine if the war party had won. Even with Assad’s “war crime”, the truth found by multiple analysis was that “kitchen sarin” manufactured in Turkey and crude-missile lobbed by the al Nusra jihadists  allied with the US and funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar (the precursor of ISIL) was the source of the gas massacre – as Seymour Hersh finally made public. But neither this fact nor the plan to bomb Syria disappeared. The mass media including the New York Times continue to broadcast “Assad’s use of chemical weapons against his people” while erasing Hersh’s research from the record.

As long as all fault is projected onto the official enemy and the facts repressed, there is no release from the perpetual war for economic and military resources for more global strategic control and transnational corporate exploitation. Unlike British imperialism, there is no advance of civilisation for the ruined society. Life capital development is reversed, and socioeconomic genocide is the effective outcome.

How the Ukraine Was Turned Into Civil War

The initial demands from the Russian-speaking Donbass region of East Ukraine centred in Donetsk were not radical. They were rather like the demands of francophone Quebec that have been successfully negotiated in Canada – minority language rights and federal status allowing substantially independent government. Yet minority language rights were immediately revoked by the coup leaders. Past federalist status for the mainly Russia-speaking region was warred upon from the start with a new governor appointed from Kiev. Neo-Nazi gangs then started terrorizing Russian speakers in Ukraine as soon as the coup was completed – with, for example, mass murders of hundreds of unionists and Victory Day celebrants within months.

Bear in mind that the East Ukraine resistance was from the same region that resisted the Nazi invasion in the 1940’s. Now as then, only one side bombed civilians, deployed starvation tactics, and mass-murdered civilians. The official story is that Putin and Russia have led all the criminal aggression in Ukraine, but the coup murders and atrocities, the indiscriminate military bombing, and the embargos against income and sustenance all came from the US-led West Ukraine side.  They had already forced over one million people to flee their homes by September of 2014. This was documented by the UN High Commission for Refugees before last summer was over, but unreported by the mass media or Western  leaders who only bayed insults and threats at Putin. .

Violent overthrow of a people’s elected government, bloody mass murders by regime street gangs, criminal bombing and shelling of civilians and social infrastructures, mass starvation policies, blaming victims as “terrorists” if they resist, anti-communist hatred a moving passion throughout (and hushed-up anti-Semitism), and a regulation on hand for the slave labour of Eastern citizens – all the ignored facts eerily recall the Nazi invasion and nationalist Ukrainian collaboration in genocidal operations decades before. Certainly, a generic pattern remains constant across contemporary history. One society after another is torn apart. Not only is the society decapitated, as in Ukraine to begin the crisis, or Libya or Iraq, or as demanded in Syria. Its civil bonds are rent asunder, its social life supports are stripped, its productive base is run down or destroyed, its government is made a strategic vassal and permanent debt servant to foreign banks, and its environment and resources are hollowed out.

We may recall that Russia’s “plot to rule the world” was the storyline to explain the Cold War, with few noticing that world rule went the opposite way once Russia had its GDP halved in the grand capitalist experiment under the drunk Boris Yeltsin. This helps to explain why the US-led coup d’etat in Ukraine for another neo-liberal feeding frenzy has been resisted by force of arms. Before the coup, as US Assistant Secretary of State Victoria Nuland told a business meeting afterwards, $5 billion of public money was invested to turn Ukraine into US control. The method was a familiar one – ever-rising civil destabilization and US alliance with internal extreme-right parties, in this case, parties descended from Ukrainian Nazis supporting Hitler, Pravi (Right) Sektor and Svoboda (“Freedom”, formerly “Social Nationalist Party”).

Although Europe was near brokering a peace agreement, Nuland went ahead with the coup, hand-picking Arseniy Yatsenyuk as putsch prime minister and instructing him to consult with Oleh Tyahnybok  (whose Nazi salute is well known on the Internet) “at least four times a week”.  When reminded of the EU peace talks, she responded in undenied leaked reply, “Fuck the EU”. This US-orchestrated coup then occurred after three days of sniper murder and chaos were falsely blamed on the elected government to overthrow it.

In fact, the sniper murders of 21 people in Kiev in February 2014 which precipitated the bloody coup and started the civil war were part of the larger strategic logistics. The EU’s Foreign Minister’s verified and recorded conversation with Foreign Minister, Urmas Paet of Estonia, speaks for itself. He reported that all 21 murders were (his words) by “the same type of bullets” and from “the same handwriting” which could only be from “the new coalition [in Kiev] which does not want to investigate what happened”. Nor did any Western press.

Reverse projection is the master psych-op at work. Blame the enemy for what the US is doing as the reason to attack it. Even if the evidence shows a big lie in motion, only a few know it and it will not be reported in the corporate media. In fact, such serial mass murder as the Kiev sniper killings is grounds for prosecution of crimes against humanity under international law and prosecution by the International Court. But so far such due process of law and criminal prosecution have been deployed only to serve the unspoken global agenda while war-drums beat against all those who draw a line against it on the ground. The deprived become the Enemy whenever they fight back.

The post-coup words of former “Orange revolutionary” and gas oligarch leader of the Fatherland Party, Yulia Tymoshenko, are revealing of the mind-set long at work leading the Ukraine and denouncing Russia. When she was released from jail for criminal embezzlement of state property in post-coup Kiev, she said: “Take up arms and go and wipe out these damn katsaps” [Russian minority] – – – so that not even scorched earth would be left of Russia.”  The Russian-speaking city of Luhansk was levelled months later by artillery, rockets and air-bombing of civilian centres, schools, hospitals and water and electricity infrastructures, with 350,000 forced to flee from this one city alone by the Fall.

The Global Stakes of the Ukraine Crisis

Harper rule in Canada has joined the war-mongering genocidal game in character – refusing to respond to any diplomatic correspondence from Russia, blocking information flows, and proclaiming inflammatory falsehoods. The profound common life interests at stake are unnamed by all. Ukraine is the breadbasket of Europe and its biggest landmass. Public assets are all on the privatization block. Slash-and-burn budgets are set to service new unpayable debts to foreign banks with ample collateral on tap. Ukraine has large and untapped fracking-gas deposits, and it provides new strategic military control up to Russia’s main border and colossally rich natural resources on the other side. Yet the operation of reverse blame goes from Iraq to Libya to Syria to Ukraine to Russia in one society destruction to the next.  With one-way pervasive media abuse, cumulatively destructive sanctions, and incremental arming of neo-fascist-led Ukrainian forces, vast global power and treasure are at stake beneath discussion which affect us all.

The collapse of Ukraine’s GDP by 60% after 1991 is evidently not enough for the ravenous appetite of US-EU corporate globalization.  While mass media and states chorus “Russian brute force” and “what Hitler did back in the 1930’s” (Hilary Clinton), reverse projection is as usual the syntax of blame. The fire-bombing of the House of Unions in Odessa by regime gangs (May 2) and again in Mariupol on the anniversary of Victory Day over the Nazis (May 9) were major mass murders without arrest of any of those responsible on site, and all has been unreported in the Western media. Yet PM Yatsenyuk with US support keeps proclaiming “Russia’s war to take Ukraine”, and the US war party and its Canada servants lap it up. Public amnesia rules by the media selecting out of public view all facts not in the ruling script.

A new truce has now been entered by EU and Russia initiative with terms to resolve the US-orchestrated civil war. All voices of the official story wonder whether “Russia and the separatists” will obey  its terms. Yet when we examine the record of international law and agreements, especially life-protective promises and agreements, who do we really need to worry about as a violator of them? The record tells us very plainly.

The US state has refused to ratify the International Criminal Court to uphold the law against war crimes and crimes against humanity, and it has publicly repudiated the Court’s right to investigate US criminal violations including the “supreme crime” of initiating a war of aggression (including the Clintons). While the US perpetually invokes international laws to blame others, it repudiates anylife-protective law applied to its actions, or its key ally Israel. In truth, the US has systematically undermined virtually all international laws to protect life – treaties and conventions against landmines, against biological weapons, against international ballistic missiles, against small arms, against torture, against racism, against arbitrary seizure and imprisonment, against military weather distortions, against biodiversity loss, against climate destabilization, and even international agreements on the rights of children and of women.

The record of US war crimes and crimes against humanity, against human and planetary life itself, is suppressed. It should be foremost in the minds of those observing what happens next in this potential world war situation or – perhaps at last – non-US resolution.

John McMurtry is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Canada and his work is published and translated from Latin America to Japan. He is the author and editor of the three-volume Philosophy and World Problems published by UNESCO’s Encyclopedia of Life Support Systems (EOLSS), and his latest book is The Cancer Stage of Capitalism/from Crisis to Cure. 

Copyright © Prof. John McMurtry, Global Research, 2015

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