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Things you MUST Stop doing to Protect you and your families health. Stop eating, taking medication, getting vaccinated, breathing, drinking water and complaining !!! And the plot thickens …


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Rene Steinhauer

TLB: Do you want to know what transpires daily on the front lines of global trauma and disaster? Would you like to hear it NOT from the corrupted mouths of choreographed Mainstream Media, but from those who suffer this reality, who volunteer their lives and safety daily to bring help and relief to those afflicted with disaster and disease such as Ebola.

Leslie Carol Botha is (as usual) leading the pack with this brilliant and heart wrenching interview. In this interview Leslie discusses just such scenarios with a true soldier of compassion and care! Please listen and share …

Rene Steinhauer, author of Saving Jimani, Life and Death in the Haiti Earthquake. On Holy Hormones Honey!

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Rene Steinhauer: Ebola RN working in Liberia and author of ‘Saving Jimani’

By TLB Contributor and Talk Show Host: Leslie Carol Botha

January will mark the 5th year of the Haiti earthquake. While most of us watched the unfolding events in sound bytes – tempered with celebrities who made appearances and who pitched in after the disaster – we shook our heads and muttered ‘glad its not here’, then the earthquake made it through the news cycle and we returned to our daily lives. But not for Rene Steinhauer, RN, EMT-P, an accomplished nurse with skilled disaster training experience. Rene responded to the earthquake crisis because the need was far greater than the few good men and women actually trained to respond to an incident of such magnitude. With every minute lost in packing, traveling, and organizing the team and supplies before the flight to Haiti, Rene was counting off the lives of Haitians lost before the disaster team arrived.

‘Saving Jimani’ is so much more than the reporting of life and death in the Haiti earthquake. It is a story of raw human emotion, grappling with the reality of hundreds if not thousands of people with broken bodies and spirits seeking medical help in an area where there was none. A story of raw human doubts and fears about gathering and organizing a team in the midst of the fear of failure; finding supplies, and rudimentary equipment to perform surgical theater-type operations in an abandoned orphanage. It is the story of heart break, faith, failure and triumph. I am honored to bring Rene’s story to you.

Rene and I have spoken and exchanged communications via Skype and I have read and listened as he shared his profound insights about his experience in Haiti as well as in other disasters – including the Asian Tsunami, the typhoon in the Philippines, and Hurricane Katrina. Rene has been on front lines of the Ebola outbreak mobilizing, training and working with the ‘Ebola Army,’ to fend off an global imminent disaster. His work in Liberia is just about complete and Rene will find himself coming home at the beginning of the New Year – ready to be with family and friends until the next disaster strikes.

“Working with Ebola is unlike any nursing job in the world. A measurement of success is directly proportional to resources and as many as 50% of your patients may die. Failure can result in the death of the nurse or another healthcare worker.” ~Rene Steinhauer

Excerpt from “Saving Jimani” available now on Amazon:

Jimani42070The earth shakes, buildings fall, hundreds of thousands of people die in minutes.  Others lie broken and infected in the streets of Haiti begging, and waiting for help. An empty orphanage is the battleground for life and death in the Haiti Earthquake. Two hours from civilization, a small team of doctors, nurses and paramedics frantically struggle to save two thousand patients as the hope of survival dwindles minute by minute. The battle has just begun. And the medical team asks, “Can we save any of these people?”

Managing the twelve-person team, Rene Steinhauer, a weary combat medic, stands witness to human suffering greater than he ever encountered in Iraq.  Rene partners with Danya Swanson, a “daddy’s girl” with a nursing degree who thinks she has what it takes to save the day and suddenly finds herself as the disaster manager for Jimani. Rene dries his tears and gets up to fight in a brutal battle where amputated arms and legs are piled up until somebody, anybody, has time to drag them to the fire pit. The battle rages, hopes are raised and dashed and thousands of lives hang by a thread.  Can an inexperienced nurse, with no disaster experience, really save Jimani?


Before authoring books and magazines, Rene Steinhauer started a career in medicine as a photographer with the American Red Cross. As he responded to disasters he felt more Rene_Steinhaurer_Author_Photo_for_bookinclined to assist in the disaster than to take photographs of it. During one disaster exercise he encountered a beautiful flight nurse from the University of California at Davis Medical Center. He wanted to meet this woman and a friend suggested he volunteer in the emergency room where the helicopter crew was based. He did it.

At a young age, he never had the courage to speak with the flight nurse, but his career was initiated. He became an emergency medical technician (EMT) in 1991 and then went on to become a paramedic in 1992. By 1995, he was already working in international medicine with adventures in Saudi Arabia and a brief experience in war torn Sarajevo. After working in a refugee camp in Rwanda, he decided that he needed to obtain his nursing degree. In 1999, he completed his degree and continued on his quest to save lives, volunteer overseas and travel with medicine. Since then, he has practiced medicine on all seven continents including working as a flight nurse in Antarctica, a combat medic in Iraq and a disaster manager in Hurricane Katrina, the Asian Tsunami, the Haiti Earthquake and most recently Typhoon Yolanda in the Philippines.

In addition to writing Saving Jimani: Life and Death in the Haiti Earthquake, Rene Steinhauer has written for numerous medical journals and magazines including: The Journal of Emergency Medical Services, the American Journal of Nursing, Parachutist Magazine and Soldier of Fortune Magazine. Learn more about Saving Jimani at


I loved the book! I found myself crying several times. I could not put this thing down and I really should have been studying some other material this week!

– Dawn Carrol, Waco, Texas

“An inspirational account of the Haiti Earthquake from the front lines of the disaster. Educational and sometimes heartbreaking it is a must read for all disaster management personnel.”

-Martin Boyle, Certified Emergency Manager

Australian Antarctic Division


BOTHA-BannerLeslie Carol Botha is an Author, publisher, radio talk show host and internationally recognized expert on women’s hormone cycles. Social/political activist on Gardasil the HPV vaccine for adolescent girls. Co-author of “Understanding Your Mood, Mind and Hormone Cycle.” Honorary advisory board member for the Foundation for the Study of Cycles and member of the Society for Menstrual Cycle Research.


TLB Recommends you visit Leslie at her great website:

HOLY HORMONES JOURNAL The Greatest Story never Told

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Listen to this recorded show here.

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Things you MUST Stop doing to Protect you and your families health. Stop eating, taking medication, getting vaccinated, breathing, drinking water and complaining !!! And the plot thickens …


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Now This, My Fellow Lab Rats … Is Connecting The Dots Of Tyranny !!!

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GMOs … Stop Eating

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Big Pharma … Stop Taking Your Medication

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Vaccines … Stop Getting Vaccinated

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Geo-engineering … Stop Breathing


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Ben Swann 1

TLB: There is a voice who will speak to the issue of the militarization of American in a fashion many of us have come to trust and look to for information untainted or corrupted by the Mainstream Media. TLB is proud to have Ben Swann as a partner in the constant struggle to eradicate programed ignorance perpetrated by this government and their willing puppets the Mainstream Media. Please listen to this outstanding presentation and read the attached information …


Truth in Media: The Root of Police Militarization

This vital information was contributed to The Liberty Beacon project by:

Ben Sawnn

Activate: 10 Step Action Plan On Militarization

In the latest episode of Truth in Media, Investigative Journalist Ben Swann looks at the root of America’s current problem with the militarization of police.

“The militarization of America’s police forces has captured the nation’s attention, largely because of Ferguson, Missouri,” said Swann. “But what media has not told you, is how police forces got militarized in the first place, and why militarization is about a lot more than just military equipment.”

Michael Brown, an unarmed black teenager was shot and killed by Ferguson police officer Darren Wilson during a confrontation in August. His death triggered protests, some of which led to rioting and looting.

Swann points out that what really “stunned the nation” was the way police responded to the protests. Rather than responding like a police force that intended to serve and protect, Ferguson police responded like a military unit, complete with armored vehicles and flash grenades. Swann said that for millions of Americans, “this was a stunning site on American streets.”

Swann said that while has been working to raise awareness about the militarization of police for over a year, “the rest of the media acted like they had no idea.”

The program ignored by the mainstream media is the 1033 program. Also called the Department of Defense Excess Property Program, this platform is used by police departments to obtain military equipment. Swann explains:

“It is a federal program that provides surplus DoD military equipment to state and local civilian law enforcement agencies for use in counter-narcotics and counter-terrorism operations, and to enhance officer safety.”

While the 1033 program does provide armored vehicles and flash grenades, it also provides police departments with other emergency supplies that go beyond weaponry.

Larry Kirk, the Police Chief in Old Monroe, Missouri, which is just a few miles from Ferguson, said that he is against banning the 1033 program altogether, due to the fact that it gives smaller departments certain supplies they would not have been able to afford.

However, while Kirk is in favor of keeping the program, he is also one of the few police chiefs in the country who is opposed to departments receiving military weapons. Kirk explained that he is skeptical about the level is militarized weapons that he has seen come through the program recently.
“Being realistic, there is no reason I would ever need an MRAP,” said Kirk. “Most departments would never need one.”

Swann further described the “MRAP,” which is one of two armored vehicles that police departments are given by grant, through the 1033 program. The vehicles, which were originally made to fight in the Iraq and Afghanistan wars, were kept by the Department of Defense after the wars cooled down, and are now being granted to local police departments.

According to a report from the New York Times, “about 500 planes, helicopters, and mine-resistant armored vehicles have been obtained, alongside 94,000 machine guns.”

Swann said that following the protests in Ferguson, Americans began to realize the size and scale of the military equipment that was available to local police, and they “began calling for police departments to do away with military vehicles.”

Swann also pointed out that while the mainstream media has covered the protests, it hasn’t worked to provide Americans with the keys to the root of the problem.

“What media has not helped the public understand is that the real problem with militarization is not military equipment,” said Swann. “It’s the use by police of military tactics.”

Swann gave three examples of incidents in which police used military tactics to serve warrants on drugs:

The first example occurred in Detroit, Michigan, when 7-year-old girl Aiyana Jones was awakened in the middle of the night by a stun grenade developed for wartime raids, called a “flash bang,” which was thrown by a SWAT team, and immediately set fire to her blanket. Following the release of the grenade, the SWAT team stormed into the house, and mistakenly shot Jones through the neck, killing her.

A second incident occurred in Tucson, Arizona, when a SWAT team attempted to serve a search warrant as part of a multi-house drug crackdown. Jose Guerena, an Iraq war veteran who lived in the house, instructed his family to hide while he got his gun, after his wife became alarmed at the sight of a shadowy figure standing in their front yard, holding a gun. Guerena retrieved his gun – leaving the safety on – and stepped into the living room. The SWAT team then entered the house and shot him 60 times.

Swann noted that the police “have still never said whether they found drugs” in Guerena’s home.

A third example occurred in Atlanta, Georgia, when a SWAT team visited a family’s home in search of a small amount of drugs they believed were in the possession of the family’s nephew. The parents, three daughters, and a 19-month-old baby boy were asleep in a converted garage when police opened the door and threw a stun grenade in. The grenade landed in the 19-month-old baby’s crib. It blew a hole in his chest, and resulted in such severe burns that the baby was placed in a medically induced coma.

Swann said that, according to author Radley Balkow, “The most common use of SWAT teams today is to serve narcotics warrants, usually with forced, unannounced entry into the home.”

These raids have become increasingly frequent, with as many as 40,000 occurring every year. Swann pointed out that the raids are “needlessly subjecting nonviolent drug offenders, bystanders, and wrongly targeted civilians to the terror of having their homes invaded while they’re sleeping, usually by teams of heavily armed paramilitary units dressed not as police officers but as soldiers.”

“Despite what the media spin-doctors will tell you, militarization has nothing to do with the war on terror, and it has everything to do with perpetuating the war on drugs,” Swann said.

Kirk said that he believed the United States has created so many different wars, from the war on crime to the war on drugs, that it has left police officers in the perpetual state of needing to be a “warrior.”

“If you continue to tell people they are in a war, you are going to create warriors,” said Kirk. “You are going to create soldiers that you are now putting on the street.”

Swann traveled to Washington DC to investigate the root of militarization. He noted that although DC has military gear and uses military tactics, “it does not participate in the 1033 program.”

Swann spoke with Seema Sadanandam, the ACLU Director of the Nation’s Capital. Sadanandam explained that while the picture of tanks in the streets was the “most visceral and extreme example” that came out of Ferguson, there is more to the concept of police militarization.

Sadanandam said that the fact that DC does not utilize the 1033 program would be surprising to members of the black communities who have been “subjected to law enforcement’s militarized war on drugs.”

While DC does not participate in the program, it does use military tactics on a daily basis. One of the tactics used, is referred to as the “jump out car.

Sadanandam explained that a “jump out car” is an unmarked car containing four to six officers, dressed in tactical vests, who jump out of the car to ambush their target. “They literally jump out of the car and surprise people,” said Sadanandam, who went on to say that the main objective is to convince people to submit to a so-called “consent search.”

According to Sadanandam, the tactic of using jump out cars is only acceptable in black, brown, and indigent communities, and is not seen in all-white communities.

“In Dupont circle, for example, which is a largely white community and where we know that there is regular cocaine use and cocaine possession, you would never see jump out cars jumping out on a group of white men in business suits, and police saying they fit the description of regular cocaine users,” said Sadanandam. “That would be considered completely unacceptable.”

Swann attended a meeting in southeastern DC, where black residents gathered to express their frustration with militarized police. He noted that people living in these neighborhoods say militarization for them is “not about the idea that so many of us have been confronted with” in the last few months. Instead, it is something they have been dealing with their entire lives.

Orlando Bego, the Pastor of Centerpoint Baptist Church, said that in the midst of the events in Ferguson, the nation was watching the wrong problem, and that getting rid of the 1033 program will not solve the real problem.

“Ferguson is not new,” said Bego. “It may be new for the mass of people who watch it on media outlets, but for people who live in inner city, urban neighborhoods, that is a common tactic that is used.”

Bego believes that even if the 1033 program were eliminated, the military mindset instilled in police officers would still be present. He said he dreads the day that his 10-year-old son, who currently wants to grow up to be a police officer because he views officers as heroes who serve and protect, is “pulled over for driving while black,” or “stopped and harassed for making eye contact.”

Ben Swann maintains that while Americans should be outraged at the idea of militarization, it should not be just because police show up in tanks to a protest. It should be because of the tactics that have been used by police for years, such as using battering rams to knock down people’s doors, and throwing stun grenades through windows, all for the sake of serving drug warrants.

“The militarized mindset isn’t about gear, it’s about tactics,” said Swann. “When we talk about things like ‘no hesitation targets,’ where police are taught to shoot a child holding a gun, or shoot a pregnant woman holding a gun, at what point do we as a public tell police, ‘Stop. We want you to hesitate.’”

Swann noted that while there are still many men and women who become police officers to serve and protect their communities, the problem occurs in the militarized way they are being trained. “They’re being taught to kill or be killed, that every suspect they encounter could be their last encounter, and that every person walking the streets of every community, is a threat, when in fact, it’s simply not true,” Swann said.

“Militarization takes good cops and teaches them to act like they’re in a warzone,” said Swann. “But the streets of the United States of America are not a warzone, and it’s up to us, the public, to keep it that way.”

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See featured article, episode and read comments here:


HR 4432 01

TLB: When over 90% of the American population polled consistently state the desire to have the GMO content of the food we eat labeled, and a representative government not only ignores us, but attempts to pass laws taking this choice out of our realm via legal tyranny, one must conclude said government no longer serves We The People, but instead serves their true masters, the corporate entities that own them!

These political criminals not only wish to rob you of your voice and vote … this bill will also make it legal to label GMO foods as … NATURAL … REALLY !!! … ???

TLB radioTLB presents a great discussion …

The Liberty Beacon Special: TLB discusses “Deny Americans the Right-to-Know Act (DARK Act)”, House Bill HR 4332 with Zen Honeycutt, Founder of MOMS ACROSS AMERICA

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ZenBy: Zen Honeycutt, Founder of Moms Across America

To the readers of the Liberty Beacon Project

Our children, our citizens, our soil, water air and wildlife are being poisoned.

The DARK ACT, House Bill HR 4432 wants to hide, not only the GMOs and pesticides in our food, they want to protect the profits of the entire chemical farming system.

After World War II, the chemical companies needed a new market for the chemicals, so they declared war on bugs and insects. They created a market for chemical farming. Most of America does not understand that genetically modified organisms or GMOs were invented simply to be able to resist toxic chemicals and allow chemical companies to sell more chemicals. If they can spray our food crops with a weed killer and kill every weed in the field while our food continues to grow, they have effectively eliminated the need to pay farm workers a wage while increasing the demand for their toxic chemicals.

Most of our farmers are now enslaved to a chemical farming system which is destroying the soil, polluting our planet, contaminating our children and very likely slowly killing millions of American people.

Our farmers are dying too, male farmers are 4 x more likely to commit suicide to their male counterparts in other careers, and researchers indicate that depression from exposure to pesticides is connected. Glyphosate (in Roundup, the most widely used herbicide in the world) is an antibiotic which destroys gut bacteria. The gut bacteria is the only place in the body that makes Tryptophan, Seratonin and Melatonin. Without these hormones the body cannot balance and prevent depression, bi polar or acts of violence. Glyhosate has been found in urine, tap water, air, rain and breast milk.

The majority of our farmers trusted the chemical companies and no longer trust their own ingenuity to farm as has been done for thousands of years, without toxic chemicals. The result is that they are growing million of acres of GMO food crops: soy, corn, sugar beets, cotton seed, canola, Hawaiian papaya and some squash, which are in 85% of our processed food and there has been an increased use of pesticides/herbicides of up to 26% per year.

These foreign proteins and the related toxic chemicals have been connected to allergies, auto immune issues, asthma, autism, Non Hodgkin’s lymphoma, Parkinson’s, diabetes, obesity and many more skyrocketing illnesses in America. The chemical companies deny the connection to health problems of course, because they profit from the system. Many of them, Monsanto, Bayer, Dow, Syngenta, all make the chemicals they put on the food crops and the drugs, like GMO insulin, allergy, digestive, and depression medication, that make us “better” when we get sick. It is a perfect profit circle for them. So they don’t want you to know that there are GMOs in the food. Because then you might wonder what they are and how they are made. Then you might not buy their GMO food products. This would mean a loss of demand and profits for their GMO seeds and the chemicals needed to grow them.

The profit increase of about 6 major chemical companies is coming at the cost of the health of billions of people. We have faith in our farmers that they CAN farm without toxic chemicals, but we need every citizen support the shift away from chemical farming and take action.

Savvy informed Americans say “We’re NOT Buying it!!” and work to Label GMOs, eradicate GMOs and chemical farming from our food industry. Protect state rights and join us at the DC Rally Dec 10 in Washington DC . Do not allow the federal bill HR 4332 to eliminate the current GMO labeling laws passed and future laws from being passed to label GMO food.

Do whatever it takes to be there. OCA is paying for free buses. Click here to get on the bus!

stop attack on states rights

OCA: Rally for States’ Rights to Label GMOs!

The battle for the right to know if your food contains genetically modified organisms (GMOs) could come to a screeching halt with the signing of one bill in Congress.

TLB recommends you visit Zen at her great website Moms Across America


By: Roger Landry (TLB)

Most Americans are sitting idly by and watching as our freedoms and rights are being destroyed or trampled over right before their eyes. They offer up the excuse that if you are doing nothing wrong, there is no issue. Please tell me WHO defines “nothing wrong”, because it most certainly is NOT you. Americans may one day very soon wake up to find an armored vehicle on every corner, a squad of armored and heavily armed military style police patrolling their neighborhoods, and helicopters and drones buzzing across their skies from dawn to … dawn.

Who do you think these municipal troops serve? The supreme court has already ruled that police have no responsibility to protect the public, their mandate is to EN”FORCE” the law. America is (as we where promised) being fundamentally transformed, but not to our benefit. This is a transformation into a police state and the proof can no longer be ignored.

With this massive influx of battlefield equipment, training and accompanying funds, the federal government affords our cities and towns comes … strings, influence and control never bargained for by the local citizens, but none the less a blatant reality! Big brother in Washington now pulls the strings of many local police departments, making them a de-facto extension of an over reaching and overzealous federal government. And the police state matures.


All across the country, heavily armed SWAT teams are raiding people’s homes in the middle of the night, often just to search for drugs. It should enrage us that people have needlessly died during these raids, that pets have been shot, and that homes have been ravaged. Our neighborhoods are not war-zones, and police officers should not be treating us like wartime enemies.

Every year, billions of dollars’ worth of military equipment flows from the federal government to state and local police departments. Departments use these wartime weapons in everyday policing, especially to fight the wasteful and failed drug war, which has unfairly targeted people of color.

As our new report makes clear, it’s time for American police to remember that they are supposed to protect and serve our communities, not wage war on the people who live in them.

Read more in a report by the ACLU here: War Comes Home: The Excessive Militarization of American Policing


There is a voice who will speak to this issue in a fashion many of us have come to trust and look to for information untainted or corrupted by the Mainstream Media. TLB is proud to have Ben Swann as a partner in the constant struggle to eradicate programed ignorance perpetrated by this government and their willing puppets the Mainstream Media. This is a show you must not miss!

Please share this event on FaceBook to all concerned friends and forums … It is well past time to wake up and push back America !!!

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Please visit Ben at his outstanding Truth In Media website:


Listen to this recorded show here.

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Things you MUST Stop doing to Protect you and your families health. Stop eating, taking medication, getting vaccinated, breathing, drinking water and complaining !!! And the plot thickens …


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Dimming the Sun


Also listen to Part 1 – 5 of this series (archived) here:

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Topic Overview

TLB RANT: Connecting The Dots-Part 2

Topic Overview (cont.)

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GMOs … Stop Eating

TLB RANT: Connecting The Dots-Part 4

Stop Taking Your Medication

TLB RANT: Connecting The Dots-Part 5

Stop Getting Vaccinated


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The Liberty Beacon Town Crier

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TLB Note: When the Demon reveals himself … how close are we to their end game. Centuries of secrecy, hidden messages and agendas, and now a revelation. If you have done any real research into this cult of self appointed elitists then you know this is anything but good. Their sole purpose is the domination not the salvation of humanity !!!

Now the question that begs to be asked … Is this commercial and website legitimate or a hoax (as Dave eludes to)? Look the information over well … Do some digging … Then you decide …


By TLB Contributor: Dave Hodges

I remember when the so-called elite used to expend vast amounts of energy and resources to conceal the existence of the Council on Foreign Relations and the Trilateral Commission. Now they are totally out in the open and the seeming love the publicity as if to say “We are here, we have won and humanity is enslaved”.

If one mentions the word “Illuminati”, people chuckle and say “Oh, you are one of those conspiracy theorists”.

Now the the Illuminati are openly proclaiming that they are here to save us!  Below is their first TV commercial.  They have sponsored even sponsored their first website.

The above sounds more like a commercial for the arrival of Planet X. I guess I should forsake a lifetime of worshipping Jesus and trying my best to follow his teachings and simply lie down and relax so that the Illuminati can save me. Is all of this real? Does it matter?

Let me remind everyone, this is the Illuminati end game, and you do not have a place in it. The following details the REAL Illuminati, TV commercials and websites notwithstanding.

I highly recommend Steve Quayle's book, Xenogenesis, which details the intended end of humanity as we end of humanity as we know it.


About the Author

Dave Hodges is the host of the popular radio talk show, which airs from 9 PM to Midnight (Central). The show can be heard by clicking the following icon in the upper right hand corner of The Common Sense Show.

© 2014. The Common Sense Show. The Logo and Articles are protected by U.S. Copyright Laws, and are not to be downloaded or reproduced in any way without the written permission of Dave Hodges. Copyright 2014. Dave Hodges. All Rights Reserved

TLB recommends you visit Dave here:


See featured article and read comments HERE


An actual government report from the Department of Justice on settled cases for vaccine injuries and deaths that the mainstream media would rather not cover in their reporting.

Editor Comments:

Investigative reporter Jennifer Margulis has asked Health Impact News to re-publish a book review she recently wrote, which was published by The Washington Independent Review of Books. She reports that it was among the top five most read reviews for October 2014 which the Washington Independent Review of Books publicized in a second article.

Then the editor pulled the review off their website. Why?

Citing a supposed “conflict of interest” that Margulis states was cleared by the editors prior to publication, Margulis says the real reason she believes it was censored was because:

I  “express outrage that newborn infants are routinely vaccinated for hep B” and that I wonder why I was encouraged to vaccinate my daughter “against a disease she had no chance of catching.”

Censoring vaccine dangers and safety information is, sadly, common place in the mainstream media. The dangers of these vaccines are well known, and a matter of public knowledge.

The Department of Justice issues reports on settled cases from the National Vaccine Compensation Program which Health Impact News has published in the past. Here are some of the most recent settlements involving injuries and deaths associated with the hepatitis B vaccine, which is routinely given to newborn infants in almost every hospital across the United States:


How this journalist was censored for writing reasonably about vaccines

By Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D.

Potential Conflict of Interest Disclosed Up Front

When the editor of the Washington Independent Review of Books invited me to review a recent narrative book about vaccines, I said yes. It was a natural fit, since I’ve been researching vaccines for the past fifteen years, participating publicly in vaccine debates, and writing about the vexing issue of childhood vaccination for nearly as long.

But when an advanced reading copy came in the mail, I recognized the author’s name as someone who had mentioned me in a January 2013 article in Harper’s Magazine. I flipped through the book, and since her essay from Harper’s was printed there nearly verbatim, my name was also in the book.

I called the editor to ask if that might create the perception of a conflict of interest.

“Do you think you can write a fair and balanced review?” The editor asked me on the phone.

I do not know this writer personally. We’ve never spoken or met. We aren’t connected on social media. We did have a very brief email exchange after her Harper’s article came out. I wrote to thank her for mentioning me. I have never taken money from her, as many scientists who are asked to review industry products routinely do.

I told the editor I needed to read the book in its entirety to be sure, but I thought I would be able to write an honest review. I also told the editor I didn’t feel comfortable publishing anything about the book without disclosing that my name is mentioned in it. She took my concerns seriously and we decided together that the editor would include a note of disclosure at the end of the review.

Successful Review Pulled from Website

I wrote the review; and they published it on October 20. It was among the top five most read reviews for October, a fact the Washington Independent Review of Books publicized in a second article.

On November 21st I got an email from the editor saying the review has been pulled from their site.

They’ve taken it off their website. Why? Because Eula Biss and her publisher contacted them to complain.

Their problem with the review? I have a conflict of interest since Eula Biss mentioned me in one sentence of her book. Here is the mention: Biss reports that in a 2009 Mothering magazine article I “express outrage that newborn infants are routinely vaccinated for hep B” and that I wonder why I was encouraged to vaccinate my daughter “against a disease she had no chance of catching,” which is a perfectly accurate and seemingly neutral report.

This “conflict of interest” would, of course, have been happily ignored if I had written a positive review.

And, of course, a conflict of interest was avoided by being properly disclosed at the bottom of the review.

Censorship of Balanced Review on Vaccines

Censoring this book review is part of a larger battle reasonable journalists face whenever they write about issues related to vaccine safety and the very real and devastating problems in our current American vaccine system, which is sadly based more on maximizing profits and promoting special interests than it is on what is in the best interests of our children’s health.

I realize a lot of people who read Health Impact News may disagree and I respect alternative points of view, but I am grateful to modern medicine for vaccines. I may be the most vaccinated person you’ve ever met, having lived and worked in West Africa twice. I’ve had the yellow fever vaccine and taken live oral polio before that vaccine was discontinued for safety issues. I have always supported a national vaccine program. My children, who have also been vaccinated, and I have not had any bad reactions to vaccines that we are aware of.

Nevertheless, I cannot ignore the problems with America’s current childhood vaccine schedule. A case in point: Scandinavian countries like Iceland and Norway, which enjoy much better infant health outcomes than the United States, do not vaccinate against hepatitis B in the absence of medical need. I also cannot ignore the very real financial conflicts of interest that motivate our current vaccine schedule. I encourage parents to research the issue for themselves and make their own informed decision, which should be respected by every physician and our fellow citizens.

But if Paul Offit, M.D. (whom I’ve interviewed and found to be smart, articulate, enthusiastic, and personable), one of the most well known proponents of America’s current vaccine schedule, had his way, I would go to prison for writing about vaccines. In March 2014 Offit said that journalists who write about vaccine safety issues should go to journalism jail.

Health Impact News has generously agreed to reprint the censored review so readers can read it, and decide for themselves where the real bias lies.

Review: On Immunity


Book cover image courtesy Greywolf Press.

On Immunity: An Inoculation

  • By Eula Biss Graywolf Press 216 pp.
  • Reviewed by Jennifer Margulis
  • October 20, 2014

This heartfelt ode to inoculations dismisses concerns about vaccines.

On Immunity is an extended nonfiction essay — an impressionistic, metaphor-laden, first-person account of author Eula Biss’ fears for her infant son’s safety and the questions and concerns she has as she educates herself about vaccines. This slim book combines real-life vignettes with literary criticism, information about the history of vaccines in the United States, informal  interviews with scientists, and chats Biss has had with friends and relatives.

Childhood vaccination, vaccine refusal, and vaccine exemption are evergreen topics that fascinate the American public, and this book could not be timelier.

Following on the heels of the recent disclosure by scientist William W. Thompson, Ph.D. —  a strong advocate for vaccines — that the CDC, in a 2004 study of the possible relationship between the MMR vaccine and autism, “omit[ted] relevant findings…for a particular sub-group  for a particular vaccine,” and the subsequent insistence by the CDC (and numerous television  journalists) that vaccines do not cause autism, hundreds of parents who believe their children  were injured by vaccines began sharing their stories online (under the hashtag #hearthiswell).

For her part, Biss is not interested in stories of vaccine injury, which she dismisses as exaggerated. Nor is she interested in the devastating fact that one in every 42 boys in America today has autism, or that we are seeing a rise in many other diseases among American children, including Type-1 diabetes and other autoimmune disorders.

Her book is ultimately such a staunch defense of the current vaccine system that she even  criticizes the pro-vaccine pediatrician Robert Sears, author of the bestselling The Vaccine Book, for giving parents worried about side effects from vaccines alternate vaccination schedules. (Sears also makes recommendations about which inoculations can be skipped entirely if doing so encourages vaccine-averse parents to have their children at least partially immunized.)

“The extra time and trouble required to follow Dr. Bob’s alternative schedule are hard to justify unless the dangers of contracting infectious diseases early in life are minimized and the dangers of vaccinating early in life are exaggerated,” she writes.

Though Sears’ book is meticulously researched, overtly pro-vaccine (he inoculates dozens of patients every day), and extremely balanced, Biss objects to it: “Much of The Vaccine Book is devoted to this minimization and exaggeration,” she writes.

Yet, ironically, Biss’ own son may have been vaccine injured. She explains that he suffers from debilitating allergies that sometimes leave him unable to breathe.

“My son has unusually severe allergies, which he developed at an unusually young age,” Biss writes. “His pediatrician calls him her ‘outlier’ because he is a statistical anomaly. By the time he turned three, his allergies had led to swelling in his nasal cavity, and this swelling had led to painful sinus infections, which we had cured with antibiotics several times, but which inevitably returned.”

She is told by one doctor that her son must never get another flu vaccine because he is allergic to eggs. Scientific studies, including this one, have shown a causal relationship between food allergies and food components in vaccines. Other research indicates that vaccines may play a role in causing or exacerbating allergies, including childhood asthma.

And a recent study published in the North American Journal of Medicine and Science by physician and researcher Elizabeth Mumper suggests that children with a family history of allergies can benefit from a delayed vaccine schedule.

Despite this, Biss evokes Greek mythology, deconstructs Dracula (a metaphor for contagious disease and pestilence that must be hunted down and destroyed), and muses about Voltaire in order to reiterate what you will find in every other mainstream book: Her unnamed “friends” who are foregoing vaccines do so because they are privileged, educated, and selfish.

These moms care only about their own children to the detriment of society as a whole, minimizing the risks of contagious diseases (which are, to Biss, as terrifying as vampires), and overemphasizing the harms of vaccines.

As a thoughtful parent and journalist who is pro-vaccine and who has chosen to vaccinate her own children, but who champions parental choice and vaccine safety, I was disappointed by this book.

Biss’ metaphorical musing on vaccinations and how to protect our children from harm ultimately  reads like an extended attempt to justify her choice to fully vaccinate her son on the CDC’s current vaccine schedule. (The only vaccine her son did not receive, because the doctor told  her it was unnecessary, was the birth dose of hepatitis B.) Biss’ father, an oncologist, dismisses parents who want their children to get chicken pox naturally as “idiots.”

Because it so lyrically maintains the status quo, On Immunity has predictably garnered accolades. But the book is more notable for what it leaves out — the voices of thoughtful parents who  are foregoing some or all vaccines; the stories of vaccine-injured children; and the nearly infinitesimal risk of catching certain communicable diseases versus the much higher risk of having autoimmune dysfunction in childhood — than what it includes.

When you feel the need to construct an enticing narrative to convince people that an orthodoxy you follow should be followed by everyone else, as well, the curtain you are weaving over it serves to draw just as much, if not more, attention to the legitimate questions that lie underneath.

[Editor’s Note: We assigned this review to Jennifer Margulis because she has spent over 10 years researching and writing about childhood vaccination. Before accepting the assignment, Margulis informed us that, although she does not know Eula Biss personally, she and Biss have had cordial email correspondence, and that Biss mentions Margulis by name in both a Harper’s magazine article and in On Immunity.]

Jennifer Margulis, Ph.D., is an award-winning journalist and author of Your Baby, Your Way: Taking Charge of Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting Decisions for a Happy Healthier Family, which will be published by Scribner in February 2015.


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Contributed to TLB by: Ben Swann

Exclusive Interview By: Joshua Cook (listen to interview below)

You might have seen them on the news. The people protecting Ferguson businesses from the arsonists and looters ransacking Ferguson, Mo. But here is the real story about the organization protecting those businesses. They’re called Oath Keepers, and they have ex-police and ex-military keeping guard of four Ferguson businesses since late Monday night, Nov. 24, at the permission of the business owners.

They’ve been shown in the media before, but the report was incorrect, according to Stewart Rhodes, national founder of president of the Oath Keepers, who stressed that the group is not just business owners.

“We are not.  We are military and police veterans who are volunteer security for local businesses.  We have Iraq and Afghanistan combat vets in the rooftops, along with retired cops, guarding the shops,” he said.

The four businesses include Natalie’s Cakes and More, a bakery that was featured on Fox News, a beauty supply store, a dentist’s office and a Chinese restaurant.

In addition to their work keeping businesses safe, and the people living there, the group has also seen some totally bizarre interactions by the federal government and the state highway patrol.

According to Rhodes, “We had an alarming incident that happened last night with our team spotting what looked like a fed three-man sniper team moving into a nearby house on higher ground, and then pointing their rifles at our team of American combat veterans, while our team was guarding the buildings against looters.”

Rhodes said the team even observed the state highway patrol snipers deploy onto the roof of a nearby fire hall and point rifles at them.

“Our team leader called Unified Command to find out what was going on and then local police responded,” he explained.

He said that the local police were unaware of what the federal government were doing and that there was no coordination. “The local police are on our side and expressed gratitude for us being there, but the Feds are trying to run us out.”

The federal government is trying to badmouth this organization of ex-police and ex-military, even called them a “domestic terrorist” group.

“The local cops told the Feds it was crazy to label us terrorists, when all we are doing is guarding against arsonists,” said Rhodes.

Sam, a team leader in Ferguson,  told’s Joshua Cook in an exclusive interview that they aren’t there to protect property. They are protecting the people living in the buildings from firebombs. They are willing to use lethal force to protect lives allowed by state law.

Rhodes told Cook that law enforcement wants to remove their group from the rooftops by citing an obscure state law regarding paid security firms. Rhodes plans to organize a protest if local officials try to remove them.

Sam told Cook, “Buildings to the north are burning every night, buildings to the south are burning every night. Since we have been here no one has thrown a molotov cocktail through the windows or caught the building on fire.”

Listen to the full interview below:

Ben Swann will be anchoring  on RT on Monday at 4pm and 5pm eastern from Ferguson.


J CookAbout The Author: Joshua Cook is a writer and a political activist. His work has appeared on DrudgeReport, InfoWars,,,, DailyCaller and If you have any tips please email him at


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