CDC-Detainment, imprisonment, forced medical examinations, forced treatment, forced vaccination…

Contributed to TLB by Marcella Piper-Terry

I am currently reading the Federal Register article on the CDC’s proposed measures for “Control of Communicable Diseases.”

This is REAL.

If you remember the movie, “Contagion,” the CDC’s power grab reads like the script.
Detainment, imprisonment (indefinite), forced medical examinations, forced treatment, forced vaccination…

The CDC is lumping MEASLES in with Ebola.

If you have seen the outrage over Colin Kaepernick refusing to stand during the national anthem, and you don’t think he has reason to protest the actions of the United States, you need to read this article. The United States government is rapidly surpassing Hitler in their oppressive and illegal use of force against citizens who refuse to inject themselves or their children with experimental vaccines that have never been tested for carcinogenic or mutagenic effects, or for impairment of fertility.

Our government is so financially invested in vaccines that they are passing rules and regulations to take away your BASIC HUMAN RIGHTS to say NO to forced vaccination – for what is a mild, childhood infection, and for which the death rate in the United States had decreased nearly 100% BEFORE the vaccine was even invented.

If this regulation passes, entire cities could be under forced quarantine and citizens lined up and vaccinated under government force – whenever there is a case of suspected measles identified. That means this will be happening routinely – and especially at the beginning of every school year when recently vaccinated children are spreading measles to their classmates.

Melissa Sfura has put out a very important ACTION ALERT – which I fully support and hope you will attend to.

This is NOT A JOKE.

If you value your liberty and the principles on which the United States was founded, you had better get active NOW and work to protect them.


Alright, so the CDC wants to Round up citizens and force vaccinate them without medical testing, just because they think they can. See the proposed regulation here:

Next, submit your public comment by October 14, 2016 (CDC Rally day, interestingly enough) here:

After that, you need to contact YOUR representatives. Find them here:

FINALLY, let the CDC Quarantine Oversight Committee know how you feel. Find them here:


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2 Comments on CDC-Detainment, imprisonment, forced medical examinations, forced treatment, forced vaccination…

  1. help me understand. does this not go to vote, committee? sounds like this FOR PROFIT Corporation just closes public comment and can just in act an unconstitutional ‘rule’ as the law of the land without input from our Constitutionally elected officials. How did a Corporation get this much power? How do we strip their unconstitutional power FROM THEM?

  2. Good article. Go back to Obama’s Exec Order in ’13 where he revised the Prep Act. That action laid the groundwork for HHS to do this. I wrote about this issue back in 2014.
    We need to let everyone know about this action and how to alert your election officials

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