Our Federal Government Needs an Intervention

May 22, 2024 1

By: John Green Allison Pearson has an important article in the Telegraph about the British National Health System (NHS). People in Britian are dying of treatable conditions because the NHS will not provide quality care […]


‘Experts’ Continue To Spread Misinformation

February 18, 2024 0

‘Experts’ Continue to Spread Misinformation By: Ian Miller In a stunning turn of events, the CDC may be deciding to update its guidance to the year 2021. In February 2024. Not about masks, which unequivocally […]


Uncontrolled Migration Of Infectious Diseases

February 6, 2024 2

Uncontrolled migration of infectious diseases By: Leo Goldstein The current policy of allowing illegal migrants from across the globe without even screening for infectious diseases is disastrous. The epidemiological situation in the world has worsened […]

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