Red Flag over Colorado – A Citizen Alert & Recall

Red Flag over Colorado – A Citizen Alert & Recall

by The Liberty Bacon

Constitutional loving Patriots can only be pushed just so far before they start pushing back. And so it is with the Patriots in the great state of Colorado, U.S.A.

The Red Flag is flying over Colorado’s State House in more ways than one.

Colorado’s new Governor Jared Polis took office in January of this year. From that time forward it has been a bumpy ride down a road, that originated with a “left fork” in it, for Freedom Loving Patriots throughout Colorado.

A Call to Action


PO BOX 460926 · GLENDALE · COLORADO · 80246 · (303) 720 -7066

[email protected]


WE THE PEOPLE of the great state of Colorado, have united together despite differences in political affiliation, socioeconomic backgrounds, race, sexual orientation and religions to announce our redress of government. The Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis grassroots movement, includes 64 counties, and over 35,000 concerned Colorado residents to date.

As citizens, we have witnessed the excessive use of administrative power to compose radical legislation aimed towards an extreme agenda harmful to our state’s booming economy. The passing of arbitrary legislation with a complete disregard of the Constitutional right to vote, has been the determination of like-minded Coloradan’s to conduct a recall of Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

Together, Patriots far and wide are uniting together by the thousands every day. In one months time our collective number has gained 33,000 new members, becoming one of Colorado’s fastest growing private membership organizations. To our opposition, we have been referred to as “sore losers” by Jared Polis himself. As individuals, we have had our voices silenced by this very man representing our state.

We will no longer be suppressed. Jared Polis has made claims to how he is creating a better Colorado for everyone, ”We want a Colorado that works for everybody.” – Jared Polis. We are here to say Governor Jared Polis DOES NOT speak for the hundreds of thousands of us whose jobs are in jeopardy. A state whose future generations will feel the invited recession of Jared Polis’s assault on our liberties, our education system, our economy, and our safety.

Together, all 64 counties have chosen to combat this tyranny, for Colorado. In 3 months time, Governor Jared Polis and his affiliates have infringed on the very Constitution they have taken an oath to uphold by:

Disenfranchising Colorado Voters through the National Popular Vote Compact (SB19-042).

Destroying our Oil and Gas Industry with broad and unsustainable environmental laws, that will have a devastating economic impact on our state, and has frozen new drilling permits. This was voted on and DID NOT PASS in the November 2018 elections. (SB19-181)

Proposing to eliminate TABOR and Gallagher, violating the Colorado States Taxpayers Bill of Rights.

Corrupting and indoctrinating our children with outlandish Sex Education mandated for public schools, beginning at an early age. (HB19-1032)

Stripping our Constitutional rights to protect ourselves and our families, disguised as a mental health regulatory bill bypassing every citizens right to due process and illegal search and seizure. Red Flag Bill (HB19-1177)

Proposed tax payer funded “free” all day kindergarten, without a set in stone funding projection.

Drafting a proposed Rent Control bill, causing stagnant municipal economies throughout Colorado. (SB19-225)

We are Patriots of Colorado, all in favor of the Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis.

Our common denominator in our unity is our right to individual freedom.

Colorado concerned citizen’s statements:
“I oppose the Red Flag bill as it is written.” – Adams County Sheriff Rick Reigenborn
“I applaud the tenacity of this group. What makes this recall campaign great is it is truly a grassroots effort- coming from the people! Governor Polis could learn from their passion to support ALL families in a manner that doesn’t damage the economy of our state” – Barbara Kirkmeyer Weld County Commissioner District 3
“Almost daily, expensive new legislation is added to our state tax burden, the Green New Deal bills are literally on the floor every week. This majority tyranny is destroying the highest revenue contributor to our state; Energy.” – Sherronna Bishop Co-Founder Freedom VS. Force
“I am retired Air Force, I fought for and defended the very freedoms that Jared Polis and his socialist cronies are trying so hard to take away from, We the People of Colorado. I swore to support and defend the Constitution of the United States, against all enemies, foreign and domestic. My oath has no expiration. Jared Polis is an enemy of our state, therefore he must be recalled.” – Mandy Nelson ORCGJP Larimer Chair
“The oil and gas industry is the heartbeat of this state, which generates BILLIONS of dollars in revenue and taxes…If you think this bill SB-181 will not affect you, think again.” -Jim de Steiguer Coldwell Banker Global Luxury
“SB19-225…Rent controls in general have never been shown to have a positive effect in terms of keeping down the natural increase in housing cost, in fact they have been shown to do just the opposite. In mandating specific limits on rental rates or rate increases deployment is disincentivized and the market is not allowed to fill the needed demand.” -Troy Hageman Owner RE/MAX Momentum

ORCGJP Headquarters Grand Opening is Saturday April 13th, 2019 From 10am-2pm, 410 S. Main St. Longmont, CO 80501.

Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis Board Members:
Chair: Juli-Andra Fuentes- Arapahoe County
Vice-Chair: Mandy Nelson (Amanda)- Larimer County
Co-Vice Chair: Karen Murray- Douglas County
Treasurer: Lisa L Passell- Montezuma County
Secretary: Lisa Pascoe- Fremont County
Board Member: Mollie Hart- Adams County
Board Member: Jason Williamson- Weld County

WE NEED YOUR HELP TODAY FOR A BETTER COLORADO TOMORROW. Please send any corporate or individual contributions to:
Official Recall Colorado Governor Jared Polis
P.O. Box 460926
Glendale, CO 80246

Click Here for the Recall Committee’s Facebook page.


You don’t have to live in Colorado to support this recall of a Socialist Governor that is shredding the Constitution with his agenda. The address above will gladly accept your support in any amount.

This is Grass Roots Patriotism in Action. This is America. Don’t let it fail! (TLB)


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