Now That Trump Has Declared A National Emergency…

February 15, 2019 0

Now That Trump Has Declared A National Emergency, Here Is What Happens Next (ZeroHedge) Now that President Trump has officially declared his plans to declare a national emergency to authorize an additional $7 billion for […]


DONALD TRUMP, DICTATOR [Adopting dictatorial mindsets?]

February 5, 2019 0

DONALD TRUMP, DICTATOR An American president adopting dictatorial mindsets and policies to oppose the dictatorial mindsets and policies of a foreign dictator. Recall what they taught us in our high-school civics classes… by Jacob G. Hornberger […]


The capture of Health Freedom

October 9, 2018 0

The capture of Health Freedom by Jon Rappoport “So you start off in charge, you’re an independent operator, you don’t work inside the system, but then you figure out the system thinks it includes you, some […]

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