12/30/2015 — Washington State Struck — Seattle / Vancouver M4.9 (M4.8) Earthquake — West coast unrest obvious

After several months without seeing much earthquake activity, a noteworthy M4.9 (M4.8 revised) earthquake has struck between Seattle, and Vancouver BC in Washington State.



The latest round of seismic unrest should now stand out to almost everyone.   As if Oklahoma being struck, causing power outages, and widespread damage isn’t enough of a sign that heavy movement is currently underway.

Multiple dormant volcanoes were struck, as well as multiple larger earthquakes along faults extending to the North and South of the West coast United States.  People along the West coast, and edge of the craton need to be on watch for similar (or possibly even larger) activity to occur over the next several days.

This graphic below shows the past 7 days of earthquakes M3.9 and greater — clearly things are in a state of flux along the West coast and Midwest United States.

Above (December 30 2015) Past 7 days of M3.9 and greater earthquakes in the United States. 11different events from M4.0 to M4.9 in just 7 days time – a few downgraded to M3.9.


This earthquake follows on the heels of a series of other larger M4.0+ earthquakes which struck over the past several days along the West coast / California + Nevada border.

This newest M4.9 earthquake epicenter in Washington State was warned for coming movement, quite literally Washington was named for M4.0 to M5.0 activity to strike in the near term.

The warnings were issued multiple times over the past several days.


Warning Issued Yesterday for Washington State:

December 29, 2015 4pm CT / 2pm PT

“Overall, this recent uptick in volcanic earthquakes along the West coast is a sign of building pressure in the region, which means we need to be on watch for larger activity in the near term in the adjacent areas to this current activity.

This puts the areas of Oregon / Washington into the mix, as well as Southern California along the Coast going into Baja Mexico.  Keep watch over the next several days for possible similar (or larger) movement to strike.”

Warning issued 2 days prior for larger West coast movement to strike:

December 28, 2015

West Coast / California earthquake Warning / Watch:

ANOTHER Volcanic earthquake along the West coast — This now makes FOUR different volcanoes struck in the same amount of days (4 days time)… all along the West coast in California.

Keep watch for greater possible movement in the near term.

Get the word out to the people on the West coast — almost every time we see the ancient / dormant volcanoes show movement, we usually see followup larger movement within days.”


Even warnings were issued to my viewers / readers via text replies I hand typed in comment form.  Seriously trying to get the word out for preparation.

Just a few hours prior to this M4.9 striking near Seattle / Washington State,  a viewer replied and asked me if Washington state would see large movement.

I  replied that we should see similar size movement as the other activity currently striking in the M4.8 – M5.0 range.  Now we see that a M4.9 has struck.

Quote the viewers question and my reply:

Mandie Briggs
Mandie Briggs Is Oregon/Washington still in the mix for larger ones?


Dutchsinse Yes. Most likely similar magnitude, if anything larger I’ll be surprised.

Mandie Briggs

Mandie Briggs Thanks so much for your answer. Been watching your page for weeks and trying to get as prepared as possible.


Information on this earthquake from the USGS:

Magnitude/uncertainty 4.9 ml± 0.3
Location/uncertainty 48.604°N 123.307°W± 0.6 km
Depth/uncertainty 58.7 km± 2.2
Origin Time
Number of Stations 24
Number of Phases 19
Minimum Distance 11.62 km (0.10°)
Travel Time Residual 0.16 sec
Azimuthal Gap 90°
FE Region Washington-British Columbia border region (25)


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