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By TLB contributor: Steve Cook

Robin Koerner ‘s excellent article on paradigms (https://www.thelibertybeacon.com/2014/02/15/paradigm-lost-why-the-revolution-has-not-been-televised) is well worth a read and it got me thinking, bringing to the fore something that has been on my mind for a while. It’s this:

What’s OUR paradigm? Which is to say: what’s our dream, our ideal scene for humanity? We know what we are fighting AGAINST but it’s not enough to be forever fighting against something.  We need a dream that we are fighting FOR, something that will inspire people and bring them hope above and beyond an effort merely to prevent the decay of the status quo, something to which the enforced paradigm of the New World Order crew is just an obstacle that needs to be swept out of the way so we can get on with the REAL task – of building a Golden Age for man.

I recall, back in the eighties and nineties, being involved in a modest way in the fight to expose the huge banking scam known as the “European Union.” European Union is something that had been foisted on the British people by stealthy increments, liberally interlaced with the usual platitudes and lies. It was not something that ever engaged the imagination or enthusiasm of the people. It itself offered no inspiring goal for which people would fight or to which they would devote their creative energies. Thus it had to be moved in on us by stealth. And thus it remains even now without popular support and the subject of massive quiet but helpless resentment. It is something that is tolerated because no-one has yet come up with a future that people might actually WANT and be willing to strive for.

The problem with campaigning against the “Promised Land” of European Union was that no-one was offering an inspiring alternative either. The people had an apparent choice between European Union, which nobody cared much for, and the status quo, which no-one cared much for either. The status quo was a Britain already in economic and social decline, led by Muppets to nowhere in particular. No-one was setting goals for the nation that people could agree with or aspire to. So the people had a choice between drab and disappointing mediocrity on the one hand and a vague something-or-other on the other.

I always wondered what might have happened if someone had come up with a third alternative that people really could get behind. There was “Empire” of course but that was a non-starter because the Brits were never that staunchly behind the empire builders either, empire-building being what it is: a sort of international mugging and thuggery that very few people in their heart of hearts can feel truly proud of. In any case, no-one ever asked the British people if they wanted an empire; it was again something foisted on them by an elite without consultation and on the basis that if some elite is going to embark on the game of Empire, the first people they must subjugate are those of the home nation who are going to be its drones and cannon fodder.

But, of course, expecting anything imaginative or even sensible from the British establishment was a bit much considering the best they had been able to come up with (probably on the basis that some kind of goal for a nation, however dire, is better than none at all) was “let’s beat everybody up and grab their stuff.” Nations who embark on that kind of criminal activity always end up in the soup in any case – Americans, please learn from the erstwhile folly of your friends

.Anyway, the upshot of all this is that it’s all very well fighting against something – a very desirable thing when that “something” happens to be a global totalitarian dictatorship run by psychiatrists, bankers and other criminals – but can we please dream up a goal, a future that people will REALLY get behind, of their own free will?

I know this a new and radical idea for Planet Earth, where the long tradition has been to have an elite and then have that elite proceed to con and shaft everybody else. But I thought it might be worth a try, especially as the “let’s-enslave-everybody paradigm” has such a dismal track record.

In other words, how about we dream up a new paradigm that REALLY works for the long-term survival of all people, their friends, neighbours, colleagues, children and future generations? 


It would give us a hell of an advantage because what the NWO crew is offering isn’t inspiring or captivating anybody except the criminals themselves. People are steadily waking up to the fact that the New World Order – whatever it is exactly – is not clearly stated (for the very good reason that if it were clearly explained everybody would hate it, which is the usual reason things are not clearly explained) yet at the same time firmly associated with turmoil, war, misery, pollution, GMOs, vaccines, corruption and so forth. In other words, the PR of the NWO brigade is dreadful and getting worse. It is dreadful BECAUSE they have nothing to offer that anyone is going to like. PR can be defined as “good works well advertised.” The problem the NWO crew are up against is that they don’t HAVE any good works to advertise.

So the only way they can “improve their PR” is to lie – and the LAST thing you should do in PR is lie. It will kill you stone dead if you do.

So what will be left to them in the end is the last resort: force; the bully boys with guns; the mad doctors with their syringes and so forth. Yet, while it can gain short-lived victories, force always loses out to reason in the end.

We, on the other hand, have so many advantages: we are sincere for one thing; we have no financial investment in the outcome and are not even seeking power for ourselves but rather to empower all men.

If we can harness this to an inspiring vision of a future that our fellow human beings will find highly desirable, we’ll wipe the floor with a NWO gang that is already desperate and afraid.

A measure of how afraid they are comes from “Brainwashing,” a synthesis of their psychopolotical manual for the subversion of civilisation:


“The enslavement of a population can fail only if the rebellious individuals are left to exert their individual influence upon their fellow citizens, sparking them into rebellion, calling into account their past nobility and ideals of freedom. Unless these restless individuals are stamped out and given into the hands of psychopolitical operatives early in the game, there will be nothing but trouble as the conquest continues.”

Well, that’s us! There are more of us than there were yesterday and there will be even more tomorrow and the next day as, one by one, we continue to wake people up.

For me, the NWO gang and their degraded, despicable dream of dictatorship are getting underfoot.

They are standing in the way of a new dawn that seeks to welcome us all.

They need to be swept aside.



Steve Cook

Steve Cook is the author of several works of fiction and non-fiction, including The Worm in the Apple

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