2013 GMO Labeling News

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California’s Proposition 37 is so last year. As legislatures convene and a national coalition of grassroots organizers coalesces, GMO labeling efforts are popping up across the nation. Watch this page to keep up with the big developments in the ongoing story of labeling genetically modified foods.

Hover over the map below for the latest news on state GMO labeling across the United States.

The headlines below link to select external media coverage:

Connecticut Latest news: Connecticut bill moves to House Proposed labeling rules for Connecticut getting closer Vermont, Connecticut, Washington to take up GMO labeling laws

Hawaii Latest news: Supporters say bill’s demise not the end Hawaii lawmakers move forward with anti-GMO bill Hawaii takes up GMO labeling law

Maine Latest news: Crowd pushes for GMO labeling in Maine

Minnesota GMO labeling bills introduced in Minnesota

Missouri Missouri bill introduced to require GM fish and meat labeling

New Mexico Proposed labeling legislation dies in Senate Senate juggles GMO labeling bill with additional committee assignment First-of-its-kind amendment would require labeling for GMOs

Oregon Oregon set to ban GM salmon and mandate GMO labeling

Vermont GMO labeling push heats up as close of session nears Vermont cooperatives push GMO labeling bill GMO labeling bill passes first committee hurdle Vermont AG: GMO labeling bill ‘risky’ Ben & Jerry’s supports Vermont right-to-know movement

Washington Latest news: Washington voters will get to vote on GMO labeling Washington initiative debated Washington legislators to hear GMO labeling testimony on Valentine’s Day Enough signatures gathered to push food-labeling rule to legislature


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  1. Need to add the Prop 37 in California that failed and Hawaii has a bill on the front burner as well.

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