Are the Globalists Facing the End of the Road?


BY TLB contributor: Steve Cook

On the face of it this looks like a smart move by Russia.

What we have been witnessing for quite some time is a scam begun by Western bankers to dupe governments into accepting a debt-based money system. If you want to understand how this scam works, you can pick up a free book that explains it in layman’s terms here.

But, put simply, these bankers persuaded governments to hand to them the privilege of creating the money supply and then lending it into circulation at interest. It has been in operation for a long time. One of the very first governments to fall for it was that of Great Britain. Eventually all governments of the West fell for it, including America. This handed to the bankers control of the governments and economies of those countries and ever since they have been seeking to extend that control globally. In that they have had a fair degree of success.

Unfortunately economies trying to operate on what is a fake money system tend to be inherently insolvent, unstable and not work too well. It has been in our view only a matter of time before governments in some countries, with agenda of their own, began to see through it and to resent the possibility of being part of an empire run by Jewish/American/British bankers from Washington or London.

They may or may not like the inherently immoral aspects of the scam but it seems reasonable to us that the men running China or the men running Russia – or hoping to do so – or indeed anywhere would not acquiesce to a scheme that puts foreigners in control and elevates those foreigners to seniority over their own privileged elites. If the world is going to be run from anywhere, they would much rather it be run from Moscow or Beijing. Thus what we may be seeing is a move by Russian and possibly Chinese top-dogs to re-establish their own hegemony and move out from under the hegemony of Western banks, corporations and their political proxies. In short, they have their own agenda. Those agenda might be patriotic, noble, criminal or simply derived from their personal ambitions but they are in competition with the Western cabalists.

If Vladimir Putin and his group sincerely wish Russia to prosper – and prosper beyond all imagining – we hope that their move will incorporate the following (and Abraham Lincoln’s Monetary Policy, published a few weeks before his assassination gives a fair idea of the principles):

Do not have Russian banks “print” the rouble and lend it into circulation at interest. Print your rouble according to your economy’s need for its means of exchange and in line with its actual creation of goods and services and then SPEND it into the economy without a debt behind it. In other words, base your currency on PRODUCTION. Even gold is only as valuable as you can buy things with it – and the degree to which there are things to buy.

Boost production in your home economy by removing all impediments to honest production of goods and services – particularly by dispensing with all taxes on profits and incomes. If you must levy taxes at all, do it through a purchase tax.

Remember that the wealth of any nation is ultimately dependent on its ability to produce goods and services for consumption or exchange with others for what they have produced – all other routes to wealth are charity or theft. And that the value of the rouble, pound or indeed any currency is ultimately derived from what can be bought with that currency.  The value of the rouble will therefore increase to the degree that people can buy desirable Russian-produced goods and services with it (food, manufactured goods, gas, oil or whatever.)

The danger for the New World Order cabalists is that should any country adopt these measures it will boom beyond imagining. A country as large and powerful as Russia or China would therefore become an economic powerhouse whose example all people of the world will wish to follow. People in Britain, America, Europe, Brazil and so forth will sit up and take notice and demand the same reforms.

The danger to all of us is simply that the Globalists face a very real threat that might shatter completely their dreams of dominion, for when nations cease to subscribe to their debt-based money system their power will be gone. Therefore they will seek to avert such a “calamity” at all costs. They will almost certainly try to get a war going. Like any dying beast, its lashing tail can be dangerous.


A New Financial System independent from Wall Street & City begins to take shape concretely in Russia?

by Umberto Pascali

Russia “forced” by the sanctions to create a system independent from the Dollar.

Russia announces that it will sell (and buy) products and commodities – including oil – in roubles rather than in dollars. The move is towards the development of bilateral.

Putin has been preparing this move — the creation of a payment system in roubles completely independent and protected from the Dollar and the killer speculations of the big Western financial institutions — for a long time.

After sanctioning several Russian banks to punish Russia for Crimea, the Washington politicians were told by the financial power-to-be to step back because obviously, the Wall Street vampires understand that putting Russian banks outside the reach of their blood sucking teeth is never a good idea.

For Wall Street and the city’s financial services, countries like Russia should always have an open financial door through which their real economy can be periodically looted. So Washington announced that it was a mistake to enforce sanctions on all Russian banks; only one, the Rossiya bank shall be hit by sanctions, just for propaganda reasons and to make an example out of it.

It is what Putin needed. Since at least 2007, he was trying to launch an independent Rouble System, a financial system that would be based on Russia’s real economy and resources and guaranteed by its gold reserves. No  tolerance for looting and financial speculation: A peaceful move, but at the same time a declaration of independence that Wall Street will consider as a “declaration of war”.

According to the Judo strategy, the sanction attack created the ideal situation for a “defensive” move that would redirect the brute force of the adversary against him.  And now it’s happening. Bank Rossiya will be the first Russian bank to use exclusively the Russian rouble.

The move has not been done in secret. On the contrary. A huge golden rouble symbol will be set up in front of bank Rossiya headquarters in Perevedensky Pereulok in Moscow “to symbolize the rouble’s stability and its backing by the country’s gold reserves,” the official agency Itar-Tass explains quoting the bank officials.

In fact, the officials  are very clear on their intention to punish the western speculators that have been looting their country for a long time:

“Russia, at its present stage of development, should not be dependent on foreign currencies; its internal resources will make its own economy invulnerable to political wheeler dealers.”

This is only the first step, declared Andrei Kostin, the president of VTB, another bank previously sanctioned:

“We have been moving towards wider use of the Russian rouble as the currency of settlement for a long time. The rouble became fully convertible quite a long time ago. Unfortunately, we have seen predominantly negative consequences of this step so far revealed in the outflow of capital from this country. The influx of foreign investments into Russia has been speculative and considerably destabilizing to our stock markets.”

According to Itar-Tass, Kostin was very precise and concrete:

“Russia should sell domestic products – from weapons to gas and oil – abroad for roubles and buy foreign goods also for roubles   … .Only then are we going to use the advantages of the rouble being a foreign currency in full measure.”

Putin himself lobbied for the new system in meetings with members of the Upper House of the Duma, the parliament, on March 28, overcoming the last doubts and indecisions: “

“Why do we not do this? This definitely should be done, we need to protect our interests, and we will do it. These systems work, and work very successfully in such countries as Japan and China. They originally started as exclusively national [systems] confined to their own market and territory and their own population, but have gradually become more and more popular…”

Alea iacta est!

[Editor’s note: alea iacta est is Latin for “the die is cast”]

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[Editor’s note: alea iacta est is Latin for “the die is cast”]

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  1. Sure, why not allow the mass murdering, warmongering US in? It is my belief that, at this time, the US is the #1 operative of the UN. It looks to me like Russia, which has ousted the IMF and their “elite” buddies, is not currently “playing” with the UN. But the US steadfastly clings to the Elite conduit, the Federal Reserve and does the bidding of the UN unquestioningly.

  2. “All the world is a stage” No more aptly put than the formation of the Communist Jew United Nations to form their stage plots and stage sets.

    Russia being one of the 5 founding members of the Communist Jew United Nations is merely just the main actor to provide the divide of command and conquer shadow wars for the spirit. The spiritual cover to their mass murders. Of course why not allow such a mass murdering country as China into the UN security council? With Communist China as a foundation and Communist mass murdering Russia, along with Communist mass murdering fire bomb cities, nuke cities America and Britain I am “shocked” to see the world about to explode due to incompetence.

    The worlds machinery works as in all Communist economies not to provide “industry” but to provide community organization and jobs, where no real advancement occurs. Agriculture has become the same. The machinery of outside plant remains the same but they have gutted it’s nutritional value and thus its value to humans. A truely communist concept at it’s rotten core.

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