When the rhetoric is more extreme than the weather

June 25, 2019 0

Introduction This is not an argument against responsible husbandry of the planet. It is desirable and proper diligence regarding the care for our planetary home and the management of its resources with the survival of […]


How To Create A Country With No Heart

June 24, 2019 0

How To Create A Country With No Heart Australian Outback Take a lesson in the ultra-radical anti-human, green agenda: It is the identical story in every nation, as clearly seen in Australia. It is not […]


The basic, basic principle: Survive!

June 23, 2019 0

This is Essay Three in the series Lighten the Load, a re-think of government. What should a government be and do? What should it definitely NOT be and do? Is it even necessary at all? […]


Lighten the Load

June 23, 2019 0

This is a series of essays in which I try to strip back the thing known as government to basic principles – principles on which, hopefully, we can all agree and working from there, design […]

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