Open Letter to the Alternative Media


By: Glenn Canady

I want everybody in the truth movement to read this letter and pass it on.  If we continue to run around in circles without a game plan that works, then the new world order will win.  Fortunately we have a solution that has already worked in Colorado.  It’s called RECALLS and two plumbers there recently recalled three gun grabbers using the recall solution.  Before we get into that we need to discuss a few things and I need to get some things off my chest that many of you do not know because it’s been carefully hidden from you.

I have a few questions for anybody out there that is involved in spreading the truth and who knows Alex Jones.  Did you know Ted Gunderson was a satanist that molested kids? Stew Webb, a recognized federal whistlebower, has the affidavit that proves it! Why did Alex Jones promote Ted Gunderson, a satanic child molester that worked for Gov infiltrating the patriot movement and putting patriots like Dave Hinkson in prison?  Ted Gunderson actually tried to kill Stew Webb in a fake SWAT raid!  When Alex Jones fans found out about this Ted Gunderson raid on Stew Webb many years ago, they relentlessly called in to the Alex Jones Show about it and Alex lost a lot of his fan base.  That all happened before I knew about Alex Jones.  Alex sucked me in for several years before I learned the sad truth that he has lied, censored and is really nothing more than the slickest gatekeeper of them all.

McMartin Preschool Pedophilia Case: Mother Targeted by FBI Ted Gunderson

Alex Jones also promoted FBI agent – Anthony Hilder!

Alex Jones also promoted FBI agent, Anthony Hilder on his show.   Anthony Hilder ran with Ted Gunderson and Ken Adachi and infiltrated the patriot movement by attending all the patriot meetings.  Here’s are the links to interviews with Roland Hinkson where he describes how Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder help set up his son, Dave Hinkson on a bogus murder charge to steal his business.  Dave Hinkson was a patriot with a very successful business called Wateroz that was making millions.  Dave was using that money to spread the truth to America!  Ted Gunderson, Anthony Hilder and Ken Adachi setup Dave Hinkson and got him thrown into prison for life based on their total lies!  Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder were seen at the courthouse celebrating when Dave Hinkson was sentenced to life in prison by a corrupt judge!   Here’s much more information on Ted Gunderson and Anthony Hilder.  Why did Alex Jones promote these known FBI stooges that did so much damage to the patriot movement by covering up real crimes and putting real patriots in prison?  Why didn’t Alex Jones report on patriot Dave Hinkson being wrongly put in prison after doing so much good for the “truth community” that Alex says he now leads?

Stew Webb is one of the most hardcore patriotic whistleblowers that has ever come out.  He was just a normal guy that built homes but unknowingly married into an Illuminati family!  His life has been hell ever since.     He has exposed things that have helped US Intel built cases against many of the top leaders of the new world order system.  Stew Webb has appeared on thousands of radio shows and was widely known in the patriot community before Alex Jones ever came on the scene but sadly most Alex Jones fans have never heard about Stew Webb because Alex has censored him completely from his network after originally telling Stew he would be on his program while he pumped him for everything he knew!  Does a patriot censor a federal whisleblower who has done so much against the new world order?  It makes no sense that Alex would censor Stew Webb when you learn about the information that Stew Webb has learned from his hundreds of contacts in US Intel that he made while being falsely imprisoned with them.  US Intel thinks very highly of him as you’ll see by their words on his website at and by offering him a position as a special writer for exposing corruption and what he’s learned from his very high level contacts.  Be sure to visit Stew’s page on Veteranstoday.  Spread his stories everywhere if you want to really get more heat on the new world order!  He names the names that gatekeepers like Alex Jones have run from for 19 years!  You’ll learn a LOT!

Why has Alex Jones never told you about Stew Webb or the great website that many in US Intel and the military use to post the truth –  This is a HARDCORE website put out by the good guys in our government but Alex Jones pretends it doesnt’ exist!  Why has Alex Jones not promoted RECALLs in 19 years now when it has already worked!  He sure drives a brand new Charger though!    Did you know that Stew Webb and actually broke the biggest story in 2013 when a man walked into a Walmart and was killed while trying to kidnap a kid for an Illuminati blood sacrifice?  It was all caught on camera!  This man admitted that he was being paid to kidnap a kid for an Illuminati sacrifice and police later confirmed the man’s story when they searched his home!   Here’s that incredible story that Alex Jones had no interest in telling you about even though he says he fights against the Illuminati!   Does it make any sense that Alex Jones would censor the biggest story on the Illuminati that was all caught on camera?   Here’s the story that should have been on Jones’ sites and Drudge IF they were really interested in beating the Illuminati! Why was it censored?

If humanity loses to the new world order then I say it’s because Alex Jones did evil, censored and lied with all that money he made as a PAYtriot!  Jones has some real explaining to do to any patriot that thought he had their best interests at heart!   He needs to make things right now.  If he’s a real patriot like he says his ancestors were then he needs to start organizing RECALLS on everybody that broke their oath to the Constitution or put somebody in his chair that will actually work the ONLY TRUE solution that works – Recalls!   It would all be very easy for Jones to make an announcement on this and promote a real patriot to organzie and promote it!  If he can make money selling Iodine why can’t he promote recall solutions to fix the country?  Does it make any sense to ignore recalls when they worked in Colorado so well?

Amazingly, Alex Jones wouldn’t even promote the great men who were behind the successful recalls of the three NWO gun grabbers in Colorado but Stew Webb and sure did!  Stew wrote about it and the men who did the recall paid thousands of dollars to develop a template so that all patriots could use their methods in any state with a few simple changes!  These plumbers are begging others to follow in their footsteps and begin nationwide recalls using their templates!  Why is Alex Jones not helping them?  Does that make any sense to you?  If you’re an Alex Jones fan then you’ve heard Alex screaming “I want to beat these people” all the time!   Here we have a known solution that works – Recalls, we have patriots begging others to join them but Alex Jones ignores them totally?   He has the money, people and coverage to make this work right now but he’s NOT interested at all.  He knows all about the recall solution but he runs away from it!  Why?  He’s fully aware of VeteransToday also because one of his writers wrote a story for them!  So why is he hiding all the HUGE stories they are breaking?   Why is he not naming the names of the new world order within the US that have been identified now by US Intel?  This is all covered in VeteransToday but if you’re an Alex Jones fan living on the Alex Jones / Drudge plantation then you’ve never heard about it!

Colorado recalls three gun grabbers using recalls!

I’m sick of Alex Jones trying to throw the football game against the New World Order by lying, censoring and not using the money patriots gave HIM to beat these NWO scum by promoting and organizing nationwide RECALLS!   Patriots gave Alex money because they want to WIN this fight.  Alex begged them to give money so he could FIGHT the new world order – not just report on all the new world order victories as humanity spirals the drain!  Patriots did NOT give money to Jones so he could lie, censor and ignore RECALLS but yet use that money to drive a new Dodge Charger, built a nice house in the country and have fun shooting his .50 Cals while the country goes to the dogs!  That’s outrageous when you think about it!

Alex Jones is a complete fraud until he admits his mistakes on Ted Gunderson, tells the truth about Leo Wanta who he said was “as real as the Easter Bunny” (he actually writes for, quits censoring all stories on (US Intel) and pretending Stew Webb doesn’t exist!  Jones needs to do NOW what he should have done 19 years ago – use the money patriots gave to him to organize state by state Recalls of the NWO scum who broke their oaths!  Recalls have already worked in Colorado but Alex Jones runs away from the recall solution faster than Obama runs away from a Bible!   Why?  Does that make any sense when recalls have already worked so well?

Get SERIOUS Alex Jones or put yourself on the bench and put somebody in there that wants to WIN and will NOT censor, lie and run away from the RECALL solution!  I can prove everything I’m saying in this letter and I dare any Alex Jones fan to investigate what I’m saying and ask Alex the questions he needs to be asked now.  And if you think it’s okay that Alex Jones has not pushed recalls then you’re simply beyond hope!  You’re the reason that this country is going down the drain!  Any patriot that excuses any lying and censoring from Alex Jones is the reason our country is being destroyed!    If you think it’s OKAY that Alex Jones says he wants to “beat the new world order” but he runs away from the only known solution that has worked – the recall and lies and censors then you’re allowing the NWO to win just because you think Alex might be funny or entertaining!   This isn’t a game.  People want to kill us all and start World War III and Alex Jones is not doing what needs to be done!.    Yes, Alex has done some good reporting and work but what good is that if he has lied, censored important information and run away from the recall solution that works!  What good is it if he has actually helped the new world order by not organizing the recall solution he’s known about for 19 years?  What good is writing the same rehashed stories about Fluoride when you stuck a knife in the back of Stew Webb when you could have promoted him and put bad guys in prison a long time ago!   None of Alex Jones’ actions make any sense unless he has an agenda and has a handler.  I believe he does have a handler because no patriot would lie and censor very important information like Alex Jones has done.  This is not my opinion, this is a FACT that nobody can deny when they look at all the evidence in this article.

I’m sure Benedict Arnold did some nice things for our side too to keep his cover from being blown!   We don’t WIN against the new world order until Alex Jones promotes RECALLs, stops censoring and lying and acts like a quarterback that wants to win the football game in the fourth quarter instead of intentionally fumbling the football the patriots gave him in Colorado with the recalls!  We know the play that works – RECALLS – we know that they can’t stop dedicated patriots so just RUN THE PLAY and quit pretending you want to win.  Just do it!   If Alex Jones is a Benedict Arnold which I put the odds at 99.99% then of course Alex Jones will never do the right thing and promote recalls and he’ll continue to run from the issue.  Remember when Alex had the GREAT IDEA about two years ago – his idea was to reupload the Constitution and he was really excited about it and then nothing ever happened?  I don’t even trust Alex to do the recalls now because of his actions but he could promote a neutral 3rd party like Mike Harris or somebody that already has a working relationship with US Intel and then I would know it would be done right guaranteed.  But would Alex ever promote somebody else to save the country – I very much doubt it!   He won’t do ANYTHING unless patriots who drank his koolaid wake up fully and hold his feet to the fire and hound his posts worldwide.  That needs to be EVERYBODY’s mission now.  See an Alex Jones post – create a link to this article or tell people to search for “Glenn Canady Open Letter to Alternative Media” if they won’t let you post links.  Unless you want to see Alex Jones ride away into the sunset with his new Dodge Charger while America goes down the drain, everybody needs to push the recall solution and SHAME Alex Jones into doing something or getting out of the way!

By the way, If I didn’t have undeniable evidence that Alex Jones has lied, censored and continues to run away from the recall solution then I would still be his fan like I was for years until I discovered the truth.  If Alex Jones was having the patriots at VeteransToday on his show and not censoring and he was pushing recalls and organizing them and doing everything possible then I would LOVE it if he made $100 million a year and had 10 new nice cars to drive!  I would be very happy about that in fact.  I know the recall solution works and I know that Alex Jones has the money, the people and the reach to take it nationwide EASILY and make a huge announcement for it that would literally have the new world order demons shaking in their boots!   Those new world order demons were absolutely terrified when Colorado voted out the NWO scum!  I loved it!  But Alex Jones totally fumbled the football and didn’t even promote the guys who scored the biggest victory in years.  Alex wasn’t interested at all in their story!  Does that make any sense?

If Alex Jones was promoting recalls, not lying and censoring then he would be my hero and I would want him to be making  hundreds of millions a year like the frauds like Hannity and OReilly – super traitors to this country.  But when you’ve make millions per year and brag that you don’t even do all the shows and interviews you can do any more.  When you get manic and say “I want to beat these people!” but then lie, censor and ignore the recall solution that you know has already worked, then I have a problem with that and I know you’re acting just like a quarterback trying to throw the game!

If you’re a patriot then no matter if you think Alex is funny (as I do sometimes) you should be outraged that Alex has lied, censored and is doing everything to run away from the recall solution he knows all about.  Paul Watson even wrote an article for VeteransToday but Alex still refuses to give US Intel any credit for their hard hitting stories!  It’s outrageous!   Here we have a completely uncensored website controlled by true patriots, telling the truth about Obama, Chemtrails, the Secret Government, the Illuminati, Government Corruption and so much more and Alex Jones hides it from everybody!  Censoring the good guys in US Intel that are making arrests and forcing corrupt congressmen out of office is just wrong on so many levels and there’s simply no excuse for it unless you have a hidden agenda and a handler that is telling you what to do behind the scenes.  Alex always says this is not about ME but listen to his commercials sometimes – “I found this product, I did the research, I found the doctor – ME ME ME!”  Alex sometimes talks about how he might just bail out to Switzerland – he mentioned this on the February 21st program!  Well good Alex, ignore recalls for 19 years when you could have voted out scum and then just bailout to Switzerland with your millions!  Sounds like a really honorable thing to do!

I heard Alex get manic on his February 10th show and rant and rave how he was really going to take the gloves off in the fight! That’s what prompted me to write this letter!  I just can’t take his lies anymore and I will not stop exposing him now until he does the right thing and announces he is pushing recalls and he starts posting stories from US Intel.   Alex pretends that the entire Universe revolves around Alex Jones and Drudge when the sad fact is that Matt Drudge is a gatekeeping shill – US Intel reports that Matt Drudge is not even his real name and he’s a SHILL!   How can anybody seriously think Drudge is going to save the country when he has censored all information about Chemtrails, Free Energy, natural cures and so many other topics.  If “Drudge” was real then ALL the truth would have gone mainstream almost 20 years ago now instead of just a tiny trickle from Drudge the gatekeeper.  I wrote Drudge about Chemtrials in 97 and still to this day he hasn’t reported on Chemtrails!  He is a shill that only goes so far and that’s exactly what Alex is proving himself to be through his actions on recalls and his censorship and lise that I prove in this letter.   He’s the shill that goes the furthest with the truth he’s the top of the line Benedict Arnold model that has fooled many millions.  If you’re putting your faith in “Matt Drudge” you’re going to be dead by the time he puts out hardcore truth.  In fact, if you go to the dictionary and look under the word “Gatekeeper”, Matt Drudge’s picture is right there!   If Matt Drudge wasn’t a gatekeeper all of the stuff most of you know about would have been mainstream 20 years ago!  Look at the links on his site, 99% go to mainstream stooge sites but yet he’s Ale

Alex Jones – To whom much is given – much MORE is expected!  I’m now calling you out about recalls, censorship and lies!   Get SERIOUS NOW or get off the air and let a REAL patriot who will push recalls do what needs to be done!  You owe it to this country to quit messing around and push recalls and quit being a stooge gatekeeper to keep people on the Alex Jones reservation while huge stories are breaking at by patriots who are actually beginning to fix some of the problems and make arrests!  It’s not about making money, it’s about winning the fight!  Without winning the fight, none of us has a future!   Go retire and live on a beach somewhere if you can’t be a man and quit lying, censoring and running from the only solution that works – recalls.  We’re all sick of it and we’re not going to take it anymore!

I’ve risked my own life getting out Stew Webb interviews for the truth movement in the past so I’ve earned the right to call out Alex Jones or anybody else that I know is doing wrong.   Any patriot that spreads truth has the right to call out Alex Jones when you see he’s done the entire movement wrong!  Watch one of the interviews I was part of when you get a chance – “Gordon Duff & Stew Webb Blasting the Truth” This interview rocked because Gordon Duff blew out the information that Daddy Bush was worth more than $60 Trillion and so much more information from US Intel.  In fact by the end, Gordon was a little worried he might have said too much!Did Alex Jones ever tell you that Daddy Bush was worth over $60 Trillion!   Did Alex Jones tell you that Daddy Bush is about #5 on the chart for richest men in power positions of the Illuminati?  No, he did not EVER tell you that because then he would have had to reference Gordon Duff, chief editor of VeteransToday and my interview where the story that should have rocked the planet was broken!  Why would Alex Jones censor this information? Does it make any sense?

I don’t want Alex Jones’ job in any way and I’m not jealous of his money.  I just want to win against the new world order.   I have my own projects I do for spreading the truth about natural cures, free energy and God who is the ultimate solution for new world order evil.  You’ll hear about them if you friend me on Facebook.   I’m not here to promote anything I do.  I’m here to tell you the truth that it took me 3 years to discover so you can go verify it for yourself and see the information Alex Jones has hidden from you.  I want you to see how we could already be much further ahead against the new world order if Alex would have done what ANY patriot would have done and pushed RECALLS this entire time and not censored anything from you.  I don’t like liars because all lies come from the Devil.  Censorship comes from the Devil also.  Those in Christ would not knowingly lie or censor.  If George Washington was in Alex’s chair and had his own radio show, I promise you that he would have been pushing the recall solution from day one!   Alex knows this too!

I’ve caught Alex Jones red handed trying to throw this football game in the 4th quarter by ignoring recalls and I want patriots worldwide to hold his feet to the fire on this issue!   Will you do something about this?  Will you start calling in to his show and suggesting he organizes recalls and bring on the guys from Colorado?  Did Alex Jones ever tell you the truth about Ted Gunderson being a child molester and satanist?  We have the documents that prove this!  We have an affadavit proving that Ted sexually molested young girls and the documents proving that Ted Gunderson was a stooge that setup and even killed people for government.  The articles in this letter are just the tip of iceberg regarding the evil that Ted Gunderson did to the patriot community but listening to Alex Jones you would have thought Ted Gunderson was the second coming!   What a sick joke!  Ted was actually fired from the FBI for conducting a satanic sacrifice in his office!   Did Jones tell you that?  But after he was fired, Ted still worked for Daddy Bush “off the books” to infiltrate and silence those in the truth movement that had any real Intel damaging to the power structure.  All of that information is covered in this article that is backed up by many in US Intel who figured out that Ted Gunderson was a slick cointel operator sent in to infiltrate the patriot movement.  Ted even made copies of all Stew’s videos while Stew was falsely imprisoned  and made money from them at patriot conventions to give him credibility!  Ted didn’t expose ANYTHING that wasn’t already exposed.  All he did was infiltrate, find out what people knew and then report back to the corrupt in government on how to deal with people.  Stew and others in US Intel saw this first hand and was fooled by him for years too.  Why did Alex Jones defend this satanic trash until his death and still talks fondly about him?  Is it because Alex has admitted that half his family is on the CIA or FBI payroll?  Alex said this not me!  But if his entire family is infiltrated with FBI and CIA then it seems likely that Alex would be in bed with them to some degree.  Is that why Alex promoted Ted Gunderson?  Ted was an FBI stooge, satanist child molester who ripped off people, killed people and put patriots in prison for the FBI and tried to kill Stew Webb!   Would a patriot hide the proven atrocities of Ted Gunderson?  Here’s just a few of Ted’s crimes.

So if you are a patriot that wants to win against the new world order you better ask yourself some basic questions.  Why has Alex Jones refused to push recalls in 19 years when they were PROVEN to get rid of NWO gun grabbing scum in Colorado?  Is somebody paying Alex to avoid the recall solution he knows all about and just talk about the evil and act like a pressure relief valve?  Is this why Alex Jones is shown on the Illuminati card deck as a shill?  Why would you say you were all about “solutions” but ignore the only solution that has worked against the new world order – recalls!

Until Alex pushes recalls and quits lying and censoring he is certainly playing as the top of the pyramid of shills in my book.  Prove me wrong Alex Jones – it’s really EASY.  Just tell the truth and admit you were mistaken when you said on your program that Leo Wanta was “as real as the Easter Bunny” and tell people the truth that Leo Wanta was REAL and he was an ambassador for Reagan that brought down the Russian Ruble!  Here’s all Leo’s amazing stories about his life on VeteransToday.

Does Leo seem like the Easter Bunny to you?  Stew knows Leo personally and talks to him all the time!  So now you know Alex Jones is a liar because I have him on tape responding to listeners questions and saying Leo Wanta and his funds were as “real as the Easter Bunny”  As I said all lies come from satan.  Ask Alex why he lied about Leo Wanta and won’t tell everybody that his life story is right up on VeteransToday!

Alex Jones, could use a small fraction of the Tangy Tangerine and Iodine money to push RECALLS and we could start WINNING!    Every webpage on all his sites should be pushing the recall solution and organizing state by state recalls of all those that have violated their oaths.  He should have a short 15 second commerical for organizing recalls on every commercial break of his program.  These are things ANY patriot would do with his resources!  He has the money, personnel and infrastructure to start doing this today!  Alex, stop censoring real whistleblowers like Stew Webb who the Government has tried to kill many times now and pretending that you are the tip of the spear when your actions say otherwise.  Stew has suffered greatly for his information and you dare stick a knife in his back by censoring him and firing two hosts on your network who interviewed him?  That’s not right Alex and God sees what you have done to Stew when you could have helped him so many years ago.  From a Christian standpoint, Alex Jones should have something on his webstie that leads others to Christ, since all Christians are asked to save souls.  It’s so easy for Alex to do this!   He could have a graphic and link them to this prayer page by Greg Laurie!  Is God not as important as selling Tangy Tangerine?  He also shouldn’t play bumper music from artists on record as serving satan.  But that’s another entire story and not the point of this letter.

Alex Jones, you are a Benedict Arnold that has intentionally lied to your fans and censored key information at critical times.  You better do the right thing right NOW so you can look your children in the eye someday when they find out the truth that their daddy could have rolled back new world order evil in a big way with organizing recalls but chose not to do anything with a proven solution!  If you don’t push recalls right now in this desperate time we are in, you are a traitor to humanity and will answer to God someday for it.

x’s hero because they are in bed together as gatekeepers!

Please make SURE Alex Jones sees this message by sharing this letter.   If you want to WIN against the NWO – SHARE this message and FORCE Alex Jones to answer these questions!  This is for your freedom and the freedom of your children.  This article has been censored in many ways already but they can’t stop you from reposting it and putting it on your Facebook and other websites.  If you want to WIN then force Alex Jones to either start promoting recalls or tell him to give his job to a true patriot that will do so.  He can go retire and sip Margaritas.   It’s time to bring in a real closer who won’t play patty cake with the Devil!  Somebody hardcore that will not lie, censor and gatekeep.  Maybe Mike Harris.  He doesn’t censor Gordon Duff and US Intel at VeteransToday!  He interviews real whistleblowers that write for VeteransToday and doesn’t even make any money!  That’s a hero in my book!  Start listening to Mike Harris and expose Jones until he responds.  If enough of you expose the truth – Jones will have to do the right thing or be completely discredited and move to Switzerland to make way for somebody that wants to win.  Either way, we all win.  So if you want to win, call Alex and post links to this letter on every Alex Jones post you see until Alex responds.  If every patriot posts links to my letter on all Alex Jones posts, he will have to respond!  He will be crushed with truth!  If he runs from it when you corner it or you get banned from his pages etc, then you’ll know I was right.

When will Alex Jones begin pushing the Recall Solution?

Here’s more recent articles from Stew Webb who has been exposing corrupt government for over 29 years – he warned about 9/11 months before Alex Jones who actually got information from but never credited Stew for it!

Alex Jones pretends to be a Christian on air but Mocks God in Private!

Most people that listen to Alex Jones are Christians and are under the impression that Alex Jones is a Christian also because he has told them that.  But listen to the first 1:30 of this video where Alex is caught in a private setting! (I have no other source for this footage so ignore the pirate act and all video after the first minute and a half because Alex Jones is a lot of things but he’s not Bill Hicks!)

While those around him mock God and say it’s great when Christians are killed and more should be killed like at Waco,  Alex never disputes this or defends God or Jesus Christ!    When pressed on why people believe in God, he says “Because they are afraid of death.”   He doesn’t say because God is REAL or that he believes in God!  A true Christian must always defend his faith when under attack!  How can Alex let Jesus be trashed so viciously and say people only believe in God because they are afraid of death.  That’s a flat out lie and it’s mocking God and his word!  ”But whosoever shall deny me before men, him will I also deny before my Father which is in heaven.” – Matthew 10:33    ””Who is a liar but he that denieth that Jesus is the Christ? He is antichrist, that denieth the Father and the Son.” – 1 John 2:22

Alex disrupts local Gun Rally in Austin – Lies on his show later and said Cointel operatives bothered him!

This is the clip that first started waking me up to Alex Jones.  There’s just no excuse for the behavior you will see in the video below.  Notice how Alex has to be the center of attention and just bullhorns over the people that organized the gun rally, the very people that invited him!  He even admits on his show that locals were doing a protest.  So he goes to the protest and proceeds to take it over and ignores all the organizers’ pleas to take turns speaking.  Then to top it off, he gets really nasty with a young lady and talks sexual to her.  This is a woman that Alex woke up but he says she’s a democratic operative!  The next day on this show, Alex lies again and says cointelpro operatives were at the gun show  – another lie as you clearly see on this video!  If this video doesn’t start waking you up, nothing will!  You’ll notice that Alex Jones MUST be the center of attention.  He takes all power away from local activists!  He says they don’t know what they are doing and that he’s the professional.  But on his show, he tells everybody he is there to build up others!   It’s always all about Alex Jones – me me me!   These are the actions of a non Christian cointelpro operative that has an agenda of control.  How can any sane person think that Alex Jones is going to “save you” when as I’ve shown he mocks God, lies, censors stories and key whistleblowers to serve his agenda, stabs activists in the back!

Jack Blood, longtime partner with Alex Jones details the disturbing things he saw first hand!

Jack Blood knows a lot about Alex Jones because he worked with him for years.  You must hear how things work behind the scenes!  Listen to these videos that detail things that every Alex Jones fan must hear!  Alex would call Jack up in the middle of the night and tell him they had to attack somebody in the alternative media that was getting too big!  Jack talks about all the times he caught Alex lying to his fans on the air too.  This is a must listen!     Jack Blood #1Jack Blood #2Jack Blood #3Jack Blood #4Jack Blood #5Jack Blood #6Jack Blood #7Jack Blood #8

The Alex Jones Stratford CIA Connection

Alex Jones created a firestorm on the Internet about a year ago when he hired Molly Maroney as editor and chief for Infowars.  Molly had previously worked with Stratford, a CIA front headquartered in Texas.  Jones at the time said it was no big deal, but banned anybody that brought it up on his websites.  If it was no big deal then why ban people that started asking questions?  Recently Stew Webb has reported that Stratford servers have been identified as the source for illegal hacking into his server which is a felony.  Many of the details are detailed in the article, “Alternative Media King Hires CIA – Stratfor Agent as Publishing Editor in Chief.”

That’s all I got.  I got everyting I wanted to say to Alex Jones off my chest.  If you want to win this fight we are in, push Alex Jones to do recalls and ask him about the issues I bring up here that are proven.  Stew Webb put up to document what was done in Colorado and I paid over $400 to host it feven though I didn’t have the money to do it.  I did it because nobody else would do it!   It’s really sad when the “tip of the spear” guy that says he wants to WIN won’t do the one thing that works – recalls!

Here’s the amazing interview with Stew Webb and Gordon Duff where they name the names that Alex Jones hides and protects so they never get exposed!    If you’re an Alex Jones fans you’re going to learn the people in the Illuminati that operate within the USA that Alex Jones is protecting!   Why?

Will patriots around the world press Alex Jones to stop throwing the football game and push the recall solution?   Does Alex Jones start doing what ANY patriot would do in his position and start organizing a state by state recall campaign with the resources he has been given by “We the People”?    I don’t think so, unless Alex Jones comes to Jesus real soon.  If you want Alex Jones, to push recalls that already got rid of three nasty gun grabbers in Colorado then make your voice heard and spread this article everywhere!   Share it to your facebook wall, twitter and all other websites.  You’ll know it’s a stooge website if they take it down!  Put links to this article and challenge Alex Jones on every video and post about him!  That’s the only thing that will get his attention and make him do that any patriot would naturally do!  ”Recall all that break their oath to the Constitution” is now our battle cry!   If Alex Jones won’t organize the recalls then he is OUTED as a Benedict Arnold and you’ll know it very soon because I will never stop exposing his actions until he responds and does the right thing!  If Alex doesn’t do the right thing then Force him off the air and put a real patriot in his postion that wants to WIN!  We can’t waste any more time with pretend patriots!  

God bless all the patriots who spread the truth around the world!  It’s an honor to work with you spreading the truth and the only soltuion – RECALLS!


Glenn Canady

PS – If you are a real patriot with a radio show or website then please contact Stew Webb about doing an interview about the recall solution.  All of his contract information is on his website at and friend him at Facebook so you get his posts.     Everybody is free to post this article in its entirety on any website.  I encourage it!


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  1. Glenn, just two points in response to your very long article.

    First, Alex Jones is only one of dozens of “conservative talk” celebrities. As we explain in this AmericaAgain! blog article, that industry is the enemy that holds us in a bear-hug, creating cynical couch potatoes and keeping citizens from their duty for action.

    Secondly, recall elections are still politics rather than law enforcement. Like nullification, they are rear-guard reaction to torts and crimes committed by our servants. They can never do what criminal indictments, convictions, and seizure of assets can do. This is the mission of AmericaAgain!; see it here:

  2. Can’t talk much about Alex Jones, we know the name but little else about him in Britain. Same problems with Naziism however, it goes by the name of the European Union (EU).
    Recently the (unelected) President of the EU Council had this to say on the topic of democracy in an interview with De Standaard newspaper. Van Rompuy speaks about his “dreams” that all the Balkan and former Soviety states states will join the EU. He calls it an “inspiring thought that in the long term the whole of European territory outside Russia will be tied in some way to the EU.

    He then admits he does not know if there is public support for such a move, “But we will do it anyway.”
    t like when the French, the Dutch and the Irish voted against further transfers of sovereign power to the bureaucratic dictatorship. The EU said “Sorry, wrong answer and just did it anyway.
    Well, that’s jus

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