4 Family Justice: Child Protective Services (CPS), Under the Looking Glass

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Child Protective Services (CPS), Under the Looking Glass

Hosted by Melissa Diegel & Karla Johnson On The Liberty Beacon Radio Network

Who is responsible for overseeing Child Protective Services if they are not doing their job ethically … listen to this important discussion.

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By: Melissa Diegel & Karla Johnson

Who is responsible for overseeing Child Protective Services (CPS) if they are not doing their job ethically … listen to this important discussion.

Thousands of families across the country are crying ‘foul” with seemingly nowhere to turn. Melissa Diegel and Karla Johnson discuss on this radio show a proposed plan for parents around the country to put packets together on a massive scale, which will be taken to the correct divisions, to hopefully hold the people in Child Protective Services who have committed fraud and perjury accountable.

According to the federal law,18 U.S.C. 1001 “whoever in any matter within the jurisdiction of any department or agency of the United States knowingly and willfully falsifies conceals or covers up by any trick scheme or device a material fact or makes any false fictitious or fraudulent statements or representations or makes or uses any false writings or document knowing the same to contain any false fictitious or fraudulent statement or entry,” authorizes prosecution and penalties of fines or imprisonment for conviction.

Besides taking these proposed packets to the FBI and the Office of Civil Rights, Melissa and Karla propose multiple other entities to hand the packets to, in order to start holding these agencies accountable.

How to Video: FBI and OCR Packets


OCR, how to file a complaint link (it is recommended you finish your packet before you file a complaint):



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Melissa Diegel is the mother of (3) children, two of whom were medically kidnapped. She is the voice of the voiceless and speaks out on humanitarian issues. She lives in Phoenix, Arizona and supports the constitution, family rights and believes in the right to freedom of speech. She is a radio talk show host on the 4 Family Justice National Radio Show sponsored by the Liberty Beacon Project. She is a published writer and has been a frequent guest on many international talk show radio programs. Currently there are 18, 265 children in the Arizona DCS system, more than any other state over 35 children a day are being taken. Two of those children out of those 18 thousand are her daughters!

Karla Johnson is a well-respected community advocate who has been exposing judicial corruption in Arizona for the last 6 years. She is known for her outspoken nature, videos, articles and guest appearances on radio talk shows. She is the the co- host on the national radio talk show 4 Family Justice offered through the Liberty Beacon Project. Karla’s excellent ability to research and her involvement with families in the community has helped to keep children free from a rogue DCS agency that has lost its original purpose to preserve families and protect children.  It is Karla’s mission to help educate the public of this humanitarian crisis and to one day see that justice is served, which includes the return of her 4 grandsons.

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