4 Month Old Texas Baby Seized from Parents in Medical Dispute

4 month old Kathryn Blalock

By: Terri LaPoint

The Texas mother of a four-month old baby girl writes, “I just want her back home in my arms and love and kiss on her! To hold her and never let go!” But it has been a month now since little Kathryn Blalock was literally taken out of her mother’s arms by CPS and the UMC Children’s Hospital in Lubbock, Texas, in what appears to be another medical kidnapping.

Lorie, the mother of Kathryn,  feels as though she is living a nightmare, amidst contradictory information and diagnoses from the doctors. Despite doing everything she could to follow all of the doctors’ instructions, her baby was abruptly removed from her custody and is now in medical foster care away from the family who loves her.


Baby Kathryn’s Story

Kathryn was born on June 9, 2014, with a rare genetic condition called Pierre Robin Sequence. She also has a cleft soft palate and feeding problems that go along with it. Originally, Kathryn was diagnosed with craniostenosis, an abnormality in the fusion of the skull plates. That diagnosis was later thrown out, but now the doctors have gone back to the original diagnosis.

She has experienced a number of medical problems in her short life, but despite the confusion, her mother has always followed the doctors’ directives, trusting that they knew best. Now that system has turned on her and her daughter.

Lorie sought to give her baby the best start in life that she could, paying attention to good nutrition and prenatal care with a licensed midwife. Even though she had planned for a natural birth, Lorie felt intuitively that something was wrong at the end. Though continual fetal monitoring at the hospital showed variable decels for six hours, with the heart rate going up to 180 with each contraction, the staff assured her that everything was fine. Lorie’s maternal instincts proved correct. During the emergency c-section that she readily agreed to, they found that the cord was wrapped around her baby’s neck twice and was causing complications.

Unwanted Vaccine

Because of her own history of reactions to certain vaccines with convulsions and an 18 hour period of unresponsiveness, Lorie requested that the only shot that her newborn be given would be the Vitamin K shot. Her concern was ignored, and Kathryn was given the Hepatitis B vaccine in the hospital.

From the beginning, Kathryn was having difficulty feeding, which is very common for babies with cleft palates. Lorie sought help from the hospital’s nurses and lactation consultant. After that, the baby latched on immediately, but had a weak suck. The nurses said it was nothing, blaming it on the anesthesia. It was the lactation consultant who figured out that Kathryn had a cleft soft palate.

Seizures and Medical Problems

In late July, Kathryn began to have seizures.

On September 4, baby Kathryn had an ALTE (acute life threatening event) where she stopped breathing. Her family took her to the local hospital, where they airlifted her to UMC in Lubbock. That is where mother and baby would spend the next two weeks. It was determined that they would do surgery to insert a gbutton in order to insert a long-term feeding tube into her stomach. It would remain until she could have surgery to correct the cleft palate.


The surgery went well, but by the 15th, Kathryn began urinating more than she was taking in. She underwent a number of tests. On the 17th, she threw up 5 times in a 15 minute period. Just before this, her fortified breastmilk had been switched to formula. After more tests were performed, Kathryn was released to go home with her mother.

During the entire two week hospital stay, pictures of her show a happy baby. Her mother reports episodes of baby giggles, even in her sleep. With all the surgeries, and tests, meds, and wires, Kathryn was a happy and secure little girl, as can be seen in numerous pictures. Her mother spent the entire two weeks by her side, holding and nurturing her, only leaving the room for brief trips to the cafeteria.

Though they couldn’t figure out the cause of the seizures, it appeared that the medications were getting the seizures under control. The nurses showed Lorie how to give Kathryn the proper dosage of medications via the gbutton. They went home on Thursday, September 18, after a two-week ordeal.

Back to Hospital – CPS Steps In and Takes Custody

It was short-lived. Only two days later, on the 20th, Kathryn again began having seizures, and was rushed to UMC.

The next day, CPS and the staff at UMC informed Lorie that they were taking custody of Kathryn over the medical condition. She was only out of the hospital’s care for two days between September 4th and the 21st. Her mother had to beg to be able to at least say goodbye.

Lorie was stunned and devastated as they literally took baby Kathryn out of her arms, accusing her of not giving her the medications. She insists that she followed their instructions on how to give it to a T, detailing every step of the complicated process to me.  The basis for the accusation was simply a test that showed that the level of phenobarbital in her bloodstream was 9.5 mg, but it should have been at least 10 mg.

Since that time, Lorie reports that she has learned that seizures lower the level of phenobarbital in the bloodstream, so logically it would go down after the three seizures that day. She also reports that a nurse was supposed to come to her home each day for Kathryn, but “the nurse called me and said that she could have been here, but CPS told her not to.” Had she come, she would have witnessed the giving of the medications. The nurse could been able to correct any mistakes that she was making if she saw any. Other non-medical people were witnesses that Lorie did what the hospital told her to do, but CPS did not appear interested in hearing from them.

Lori has twins who are almost two, born prematurely, who are generally healthy. One of them takes albuterol as needed. There has never been any question that she has given medications appropriately to the twins. Lorie cannot understand why she is being accused of such now, when she followed all of the hospital’s instructions for her baby’s care.

CPS and Texas Attempt to Terminate All Parental Rights


The paperwork describing the case for removing baby Kathryn from her mother’s care is filled with contradictions, discrepancies, and according to Lorie, statements that simply are not true. On October 15, the state attempted to terminate all parental rights, but the Blalock’s attorney was able to keep that from going through. But, the battle is far from over.

Lorie and the rest of the family have only been permitted to see Kathryn twice in the month since the state took over custody. The last time was two weeks ago. For a four month old baby, two weeks is an eternity without mom. There is no way for her to comprehend what has happened to her.

Despite all the tests and procedures, when mom was with her, as moms are supposed to be, Kathryn was secure and happy. It’s clear from the photographs.

A Family’s Nightmare

Then, there are heartbreaking photos of baby Kathryn from the family’s first visit, an entire week after CPS kidnapped Kathryn. She is obviously different. She is distant, and despondent. She doesn’t make eye contact. The contrast between the pictures before and after she is taken is stark, and jarring. When babies aren’t with their mommies, it is devastating to them. No government official or hospital personnel can possibly substitute.

Kathryn Blalock With Mom Last Visit

On Monday, Lorie poured out her heart in a heart-rending post on the family’s Facebook Page. All she wants to do is hold her baby and have her back in her arms, where she belongs.

“Can’t sleep. Everyone is asleep but me and all I can think about is my baby girl. Just have this gut wrenching heart twisting feeling something is wrong….. don’t know why but I just do. And I know she is crying extremely bad I can feel it in my breasts…. still every cry and severity of cry I feel… and feel milk fill up…. Even though there is very little milk left……

“Miss her and love her so much and would do anything to comfort her and hold her skin to skin on my chest and let her listen and relax to my scent my touch the sound of my heartbeat!!!!

“Please pray that she is okay! That God keeps his protecting arms wrapped around her and heals her!!!!!”

It has been a month since baby Kathryn has been taken from her home. Babies are fairly flexible in that home is simply where mommy is. Psychologists tell us that the place where babies want to be is skin-to-skin with mom. When they are separated, the baby feels abandoned. Even Lorie’s 2 year old twins look for their sister Kathryn and cry since she is gone. They don’t understand this injustice either.

It is time for the public to be aware of the story of baby Kathryn Blalock who has been medically kidnapped from loving parents and siblings. Help us get this story out there.

Lorie Blalock has set up social media accounts to keep people updated. The Facebook page is “Bring Baby Kathryn Home.” Twitter is @bringkathome.


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  1. And this is what CPS is doing instead of taking kids from dope, herion, crack, drug addicted parents! Un-fuckin believable, they need to be taking the kids outa homes of parents that don’t seek medical attention for children, and dont bathe their kids or feed them. From parents that let their kids bully, or get in trouble constantly, cause there is parents constantly fighting at home and the children pick up on it and act out or from parents that live in dumps with hazards and pills, drugs, alcohol, and such in reach where the child/ren can get it and use it and then some even die and we read stories about stuff like that everyday, and it coulda been prevented if CPS was paying attention to those families and not the parents like this who are actually doing everything possible to get their child better. Uhggg it errks me. I’ve had to deal with CPS on many occasions and they are assholes. They are rude and whoever gives them the info they get sometimes its so stupid that you actually think it’s a waste of state money to come out on. But NO they come out for any bullshit story. And they have tried to take my kids from me for many reasons (long ass stories). Point here is this is wrong. And more people should speak up, to help people with cases like this. This being in TX, they have different rules. But those in TX should all repost and say something smart and something twards CPS for this being wrong and inhumane. They should return this baby now to her mother.
    Please Share This Story. Maybe the more that read it and share it, then more people will be aware of how CPS can ruin a family, more than help that they claim to offer in the long run.

  2. I wonder how many vaccines they have given this precious baby since taking her, the seizures are a clear indication she reacted to the hep b….. That was administered WITHOUT CONSENT (lawsuit!!!), and now not making eye contact etc, I’d like to see the baby’s medical records!

  3. This is my nightmare! I’m so sorry for both mom and baby. This is the reason we rarely ever see doctors and pray we never have to. Their arrogant god-complex is out of control. They are clearly abusing that poor baby and bullying her mother. Heart wrenching. I pray you get your baby back. I can’t imagine how you’ll ever trust doctors again after this. The fear of medical kidnapping a child is very reason I don’t trust any of them.

  4. This is horrifying! As a mother to a very medically complex child, and a veteran of the hospital, I can say if the basis for removing the child from this mother’s care was phenobarb levels… those tests have a huge range of variability. People’s bodies metabolize meds differently, seizures do effect med levels, as do dietary changes… there are other medications (like miralax) that effect med levels that most doctors don’t even think about… then don’t even get me started on lab errors! Poor baby, and her family

  5. This story is devastating. I pray this darling child is returned to her loving parents soon. I came across this book on Facebook today via The Truth About Vaccines page: http://amzn.to/1y7xsEs. Today is the last day that it’s available for FREE on Kindle. For those who don’t know, Carlos Morales is a former CPS investigator turned whistleblower who is now helping parents and children protect themselves from what is surely one of the most threatening government agencies in existence. Learn more here ➜http://amzn.to/1y7xsEs Or visit the website ➜www.legallykidnapped.net

  6. First i would sue the hospital for assault. (shot for hep b) Then sue for feeding the baby shit. It makes no sense that in this country you can go to the hospital to get well and they feed you crap that makes you sicker . What about families out there that feed their kids junk food and crap all the time. I don’t see them being told they had to come to the hospital and stay there. My prayers and thoughts are with this family and I hope you get a fabulous lawyer. This is unacceptable.

  7. Wow that is so very heart breaking. I am stunned that this kind of thing called medical kidnapping can happen without viable witnesses. There is no justice in what happened. The baby needs to be returned to her mother and medical assistance should be provided in the mothers home for the baby.

  8. The UPC and the CPS abducted this poor baby for her mother at Children’s Hospital of Lubbock, TX from her loving mother!!! Outrageous and unspeakable negligence and man-handling!!!
    Baby Kathryn is behaving lifeless as her spirit weakens with the absence of her own natural mother and breast-feeding!!! The hospital is killing this baby! They should be taken to court if they do not return the baby back to her own mother! The baby has been weakening in their system and may die there!!! :O. Shame and injustice for this poor baby who has conditions and needs the love and nursing of her own mother 24 hours!!!!!!
    Doctors say babies have a higher chance of surviving when they are skin to skin and nursed by there own mother!!! This hospital is negligent and denying this baby from life!!! Killers!!!

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