40 Sheriffs Walk Out of State House After Senator Demands They Disarm


By: Rick Wells

The annual meet and greet is a chance for sheriffs and legislators to come together and discuss the needs of the state as well as an opportunity to just to get to know each other better. It took place this year in the same location it has in previous years, the Oklahoma State Capitol.

One thing was different this year that had a major impact on the event. An anonymous senator requested that the sheriffs be asked to disarm. Even in Oklahoma, gun-grabbing fever is rearing its ugly head.

The Oklahoma sheriffs didn’t disarm. They decided that it was time to end the meeting and all forty walked out.

Wagoner County Sheriff Bob Colbert was miffed, as were the others. “We’re the people that protect these people,” adding, “If the state troopers are satisfied that we’re ok in that building I’m pretty sure that the legislators should have something else to worry about such as the economy or something.”

The reach of the long arm of gun-grabbers has reached the long arm of the law. And while this may be uncommon, it is not uncharted territory. A similar incident occurred last year during a city council meeting in Washington State, involving a military veteran who was asked to disarm.

That request was voted down by the council and that lone councilman left the building.

There is no apparent limit to the extent to which the progressives will go in their efforts to disarm the American public. The key is to stand up to them, to make certain that they fail at every turn.

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