A Santa Wish List From An Activist

Editors Note: Brian Porter is a Radio Show Host and an occasional contributor to TLB. He recently interviewed  TLB founder Roger Landry on his show I Am Nature.  Brian is based in Canada and has been ‘an activist for Humanity’ for many years.  In the following article he submits his Santa Wish List for his fellow Canadians.  Brian also wanted our readers to know this is his Wish List for everyone Globally. ~ TLB Staff

Brian Porter

Dear Santa,

Here is my Christmas list for this year:

1) Can you please explain to your believers that while we enjoy great material wealth in Canada, many are starving because we of our rampant consumerism, we should therefore make our consumer goods on our own soil.

2) Wars exist mainly because of Gov’ts like ours in Canada support a Military Industrial Complex, many Canadians work for this complex that thrives off of war and conflict, 66 nations at war, as I write this note.

3) While we in Canada pride ourselves on not being Americans, we are in fact the girlfriend of the mafia boss to the south, we benefit in many ways from having them as our main trading partner, 80-85% of our economy depends on this relationship with the U.S.

4) We bring primarily rich Syrians to Canada, its called “Brain Drain” and helps the western nations stay ahead of the 3rd and 4th world nations of the world. So any “foreign aid” we offer poorer nations is pretentious and ineffectual.

5) Our present system of gov’t is not democratic, nor is our media network honest with Canadians on a wide range of issues. Thus, while you bring gifts to our children, their natural world, a world they depend on for their very survival is dieing all around them.

6) Santa, its imperative that you bring no more material wealth to the children of Canada, but instead, a clear understanding to the parent’s, media, politicians and business leaders of our country that the world around us is dieing. The pacific ocean is on its last legs, millions of species of precious life being eradicated by the minute, hour and day. These facts are ignored on CBC and CTV and other mainstream media outlets.

7) Geo Engineering, Fukushima and all types of radioactive release, other industrial waste, chemicals in our water, air and food, our atmosphere that is destroying our ozone, shipping of goods places far from our borders, toxins upon toxins are ensuring that our biosphere will be dead or incapable of supporting most species in 10 or so years.

8) Of course, our lieing climate scientists will tell us that the biosphere is dieing cause we burn gas in our cars and want to tax us for it. In fact, CO2 is a net positive gas that is vital for photosynthesis and has little to no effect on the crisis that we presently face on this planet.

9) Please bring what the children of this world really need, PARENTS THAT TRULY LOVE THEM!!!:

– PARENTS that wake up to the real dangers that face their children, – opportunities for renewable energy sources to thrive and prosper here, – awaken the conscience of Canadian PARENTS and ask them to stop paying taxes to Gov’ts and business operations that are killing their children and the future of all life on this planet. – instead of consuming endlessly, all PARENTS need to become activists, real activists fighting to naturalize all processes on this planet.

10) For starters, listen to I AM NATURE –  and also visit The Liberty Beacon.com to become informed about the real issues we face and join these movements to fix this planet and ensure that your kids have a future MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Merry Christmas Brian to you, your family and our Canadian brothers & sisters.           ~ From everyone at TLB

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