5G Smart Cows Milked By Robots In England

A Note from TLB Staff
When this story from ZeroHedge hit our In-Box this morning… Silence… Blank Stare… Deep Breath. WTF… it’s not a joke.
Big Tech is Steam-Rolling 5G into every nook and cranny of the globe. In spite of the Pier Reviewed Research, Public meeting and testimony at the local, state and federal levels; as to the Dangers and Risk to Humanities Health,  Big Tech and their CEO’s remain aloof and continue with their plans. Even the fact their own employees in the field of deployment are getting Cancer, some already dead, has no effect on these Tel-Com Corporations and their Stock-holders.
Money over Life! It’s a Sad Day. ~ (TLB)

5G Smart Cows Milked By Robots In England 

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