By:  TLB Staff Writer  |  David-William

June 17, 2016


BEWARE!  The content within this Article is intended to expose a “worldwide, ruthless, and monolithic conspiracy” as J.F.K. so accurately described.  In the style and spirit of truth, beauty, and reality, the writer of this Article, me, remains unshakably grounded in the parallelism of political accuracy with political correctness.  “Correct” is not a negotiable euphemism in valueless grey.  There are absolutes in this world.  That’s the way it is, and that’s the way it’s going to be.  There is a bullseye on the center of the dartboard of life.  Not hitting it means a miss!  1 + 1 = 2, EVERY TIME!!!    

We at The Liberty Beacon are not graduates of Common Core stupification.  A lie is a lie.  If you know what you are omitting is in fact relevant and you have a specific motive, well that is most definitely a lie. Any attempt at deception is the same as a lie, regardless if it is done through delivering false information or the omission of critical information.  Those who cannot handle the truth are dangerous, social engineers whom we do not serve.  Those who lie, demand truthers remain silent, and they want our guns to make sure they gain control.    

As I watch my nation and my people get raped and pillaged by the human sickness of satanic imposters pretending to be “God’s chosen people,” who clearly are not, but are in reality the enemies of the planet, and in spirit, the enemies of the universe, I assure you that I am going to nail these bastards between the eyes, so hang on, screaming doesn’t help.  



“Jurisdiction” covers vast “territory” and “subject matter.”  The irony extends to the “tentacles of presumption” for “presumed contracts.”  “Lack of full disclosure” usually goes along with “fraud and misrepresentation” and “criminal intent” (mens rea) by “those” engaged in organized crime in parallel with “conspiracy” to perpetrate fraud.  “Those” engaged in such conspiracy aren’t doing such simply because they’re corrupt.  They’re operating a continuing criminal enterprise as a Military occupation of a specific “territory.”   These conspirators are pirates.  In these modern times, such land piracy is perpetrated by an organization that resembles a Mafia more similarly than a Military, as their uniforms are business suits with ties, brief cases, and titles of nobility.  They are aided and abetted by “JACKASS COPS” who act more as a Military than “Peace Officers” and as of late, they’re trained by the “Israelis” to behave as the occupation forces on Palestine.  These are the rules for the “100 Club” (jack-booted thugs with guns and badges, and the I.Q. of 105 or below) because they take “Federal funding,” which mandates they cue up for Department of Homeland Security subservience.  D.H.S. is a foreign entity, just as U.S. is.  These imbeciles with the I.Q. of a fish are meat puppets on steroids for the pirates with higher I.Q.s who are also of a foreign entity.  

The disturbing, ugly, and unacceptable truth is very difficult for the intellectually dishonest and the intellectually lazy general population to find palatable.  Ignorance is not bliss.  It’s ignorance.  Willful ignorance is called cognitive dissonance.  Those who lie to themselves are incompetent imbeciles.  Freedom comes with responsibility and accountability.  People are required to pull up their pants and act with good conscience and good faith.  Circling wagons with the doomed is not a strategy, it’s suicide.  

Throughout modern times, we’re tormented and tortured by what seems to be genetic disaster, human sickness that looks down upon everyone but themselves as their harvest to reap for their own personal gain.  They even fight each other for their designated front seats in HELL, as they step on everyone along their paths along the way like hogs at Walmart at opening time, stampeding upon others to get their diseased tentacles on the newest video game.  

Look around!  You and everyone you know are their victims, whether we are willing to smell the coffee, or not.  There are evil, criminally insane, sociopaths who’ve stabbed their way to the top of world domination like ice climbers with pics.  They rob and kill like gluttonous sharks in a feeding frenzy.  They deal in DEBT, and steal in the name of the Lord.  They’re the Banksters, the B.A.R. Attorneys, the Zionists, the Jesuits, and the ruling families.  Their words cannot stand upon their own merit, to they control MEDIA to indoctrinate you.  They control the educational institutions to indoctrinate your babies.  They finance wars to kill you and your babies.  They murder entire civilizations and nations to displace their victims with their own inbred, demonic scum, mischaracterized as religion and culture.  They use police to gather people as if they’re DEAD entities, to enforce commercial code upon them.  They enslave people in DEBT as they kidnap them in prisons for profit.  They steal homes and land as they throw families and babies on the street as the LIE pretending that they loaned money to them, when they have no money to loan.  

There are the most despicable rats in the history of time and they’re murderers.  They hate love as they love to hate.  They’re doomed to oblivion and they want to take as many as they can with them.  They are vaccinating people by force with animal DNA, fetal tissue, toxic chemicals, viruses, and they’re getting caught while they broadcast that they’re not!  They murder the doctors who dedicate their lives to healing those affected.  They engineer genetically perverted food to poison people and their loved ones.  They pollute the water with effluent, fracking, fertilizers, herbicide, insecticide, industrial waste, petroleum products, which gets into the food.  They spend trillions to fill the atmosphere with toxic chemicals and metals.  They create BIRTH CERTIFICATES to own you as DECEDENTS, insure you and kill you for profit.  They occupy land they steal with no lawful claim as they commit genocide against the inhabitants.  They jail people who dare expose them.  They rewrite history to steal the world.  They traffic kids for their demonic sexual rituals, often resulting in murder and cannibalism.  They buy and sell “aborted” babies for industrial products.  They murder the babies who survive the process.

These sick, diseased rats transform living people, baby John and baby Jane, into JOHN and JANE DOE to enslave them as the CIVILLY DEAD.  They support cops who kill people for commercial CODE violations based upon fraud.

They CALL THEMSELVES VICTIMS of holocausts after they murdered more people than every genocidal maniac combined.  They use filthy B.A.R. Attorners to rob people and tax them as slaves and destroy families.  They use their pirates in black robes to steal babies from their mothers and fathers.  They protect themselves with Neanderthals in uniform.  They destroy any nation without central banks under their Zionist-Jesuit money-changers.  They lie about biblical history just as they lie about their own history.  They murder for their GOD, Gold, Oil, and Drugs.  They created the FEDERAL RESERVE to get you and your babies to finance and die for their wars.  They demolish World Trade Towers to put everyone under their Patriot Act and their MOSSAD controlled D.H.S.  They use Monsanto and affiliates to poison Earth to destroy all of God’s bountiful creation.  

They are NOT God’s chosen people.  They are imposters.  They murder Palestinians and Christians and Semitic people, and call you anti-Semitic if you dare demonstrate they’re not Israelites.  They are Foreign Terrorists who call patriotic Americans “Domestic Terrorists” who wish to protect their rights.  They’re Satanic, rabid dogs who call Christians “Extremists” because they know Biblical history and that they have no rights to pretend to be the whores that they are.  They want one world government so they can control everything.  They formed the Jesuits, calling themselves the Society of Jesus to infiltrate the Vatican, when they’re really FAKE JEWS!!  They claim the whole world’s population is in debt to them!   

They are the owners of the Crown-Vatican-Swiss Banks, and they are the owners of the Crown Temple B.A.R.  They own the FEDERAL RESERVE.  They stole everyone’s gold.  They sold America to foreigners as they arrest and murder those who fight for their land out west. They financed and started EVERY WAR America bled for throughout it’s history.  Israel is a fraud, a lie, and they are not our ally.  They are murdering the Middle East.  They’re bombing so many countries, they’re the ones forcing entire populations to swamp the west.

 Since the Zionists are controlled by an intelligence that is far greater than what humans possess, no one I know of can give you all the reasons for Zionism bringing Hitler to power and then financing the Nazi war machine. But the fact that it was done is provable.  The financing of Hitler and his war powers was largely handled by the Max/Paul Warburg controlled Mendelsohn Bank of Amsterdam (all Zionists) and the Schroeder Bank of Frankfort and London (all Zionists).

While history has been sanitized, some historians can still discern the truth, which is the Zionists have sacrificed their fellow Jews to gain the “moral authority” in order to institutionalize their “Holocaust” and to steal and plunder Palestine and eliminate all Palestinians with constant genocide.

In Jewish writer, Ben Hecht’s book, “Perfidy,” he tells how the Zionists sacrificed 1,000,000 European Jews by refusing Adolph Eichmann’s offer (with authorization from Hitler and Himmler) to free those Jews in exchange for merely 10,000 trucks and 1,000 tons of coffee and tea.

The Zionists needed Hitler and the war in order to have their Holocaust and to be able to steal Palestine. That much has proven true. But, there are undoubtedly deeper reasons for the Zionists bringing Hitler to power and the following war ­ and that, I believe has to do with the ultimate mutation and extermination of the Semitic gene (both Jewish and Arabic). But again, I cannot prove any of that except for the use of depleting uranium (DU) in the Middle East.

The blue shield of Israel is identical to the red shield of the Rothschilds ( Rothschild –  red shield ) formerly known as the infamous Bauer family who changed their name in the 1600s to distance themselves from a legacy in the Asian heroine trade and ties to the Russian mafia.  To this day the head zadrota gambinos of the Soviet mafia oddly enough are “Jewish,” which is not that odd to those who know the Ashkenazis Turks also from Russia.  The truth is written in the symbols to see things clearly you must get symbol literate to read the writing on the wall .  It’s also wise to get familiar with the occult to truly understand the way this world actually works behind closed doors.  Russia lost its Romanov Christian family and the entire government was eventually replaced with Zionists.  Since 970 A.D. Russia was lost to inbred Europeans, so the Monarchs’ bloodline control things.  

Rothschild, J.P. Morgan, Rockefellers, Bernanke, Geithner, Yellin, Volcker, Greenspan, and back to the 1700s, Mayer Amschel Rothschild states, “Let me issue and control a nation’s money and I care not who writes the laws.” 1791: The Rothschilds get, “control of a nation’s money,” through Alexander Levine Hamilton.  This scum has crippled every effort for the people to free themselves from Zionist enslavement.  Don’t mistake Satanism for talent.  Obsession works much better than intelligence.



Anti-Zionism is NOT Anti-Semitism.  It’s Anti-Satanism, Anti-Genocide, Anti-Apartheid, Anti-Globalism, Anti-Slavery, Anti-Murder, Anti-Usury.







What was the origin of this BIG number?  The Balfour Declaration was written in 1917.

The Balfour Declaration (it its entirety)

Foreign Office
November 2nd, 1917

Dear Lord Rothschild,

I have much pleasure in conveying to you, on behalf of His Majesty’s Government, the following declaration of sympathy with Jewish Zionist aspirations which has been submitted to, and approved by, the Cabinet.

His Majesty’s Government view with favour the establishment in Palestine of a national home for the Jewish people, and will use their best endeavours to facilitate the achievement of this object, it being clearly understood that nothing shall be done which may prejudice the civil and religious rights of existing non-Jewish communities in Palestine, or the rights and political status enjoyed by Jews in any other country.

I should be grateful if you would bring this declaration to the knowledge of the Zionist Federation.

Yours sincerely,
Arthur James Balfour

When was the Holocaust?

SIX MILLION JEWS – 1915-1938


Who exactly are these people?  Semitic Israelites?  Hebrews?  Jews???




The Genies are out of the bottle to stay.  The world is held hostage by these crazy, warmonger, Zionist Banksters.  Hear the explanation in the video below so you can comprehend the Talmudic psychopaths who are working 24/7 to take over the world at any cost,  and their mission is funded by you!











Rothschild runs the Crown Vatican Banks, and the Crown Temple B.A.R.  Read below about how these pirates control UNITED STATES OF AMERICA 4 from the Inns of the Court Middle Temple B.A.R.  They deceive Americans into slavery by coercing :john-henry:  Doe into the OFFICE OF THE PERSON, JOHN HENRY DOE, the U.S. citizen.  This is land piracy, as they bring Admiralty Maritime Law onto the land.  They created a Corporation, UNITED STATES, put it into bankruptcy, put it under Martial Law Rule, the Lieber Code, then the Crown Temple B.A.R Attorners/Brokers make YOU surety for the DEBT, and prosecute you even though you never harmed anyone.  This is a hangable offense, punishable by death.  The sick, Satanic, Jesuit Zionists have captured America via the foreign, bankrupt, private Corporation, U.S.  They even have you thinking you’re a U.S. citizen.  You use FEDERAL RESERVE military scrip DEBT Instruments, charge you taxes you don’t owe for using it, and when you pay it, you increase the DEBT, and the money goes to them, not America!  GOTCHA GENTILE GOYIM!!!  AHHHH HA HA HA HAAA!

They tell you every day that their big flim-flam, ISRAEL is your ally!  HA HA!!!!  The joke is on you!  They tell you with their Zionist MEDIA, EVERY DAY!  EVERY DAY!  EVERY DAY!  They get you to go to war for their GOD, Gold, Oil, Drugs, and you’re footing the bill, with your labour, your lives, all at the expense of America!  Now they’re stealing your land!  They puff up the DEBT, get you to buy property, then they shrink the circulation of DEBT Instruments, put you into a fraud called foreclosure, they they throw you and your kids on the street, then they launder the land and funds through the Jesuit Zionist controlled H.U.D., Catholic Charities, FEDERAL RESERVE, under the watchful eyes of the guardians of the Vatican Treasure, the Jesuit Knights of Malta!  How does it feel to learn that you have been hoodwinked!  The joke is on you, and they’re laughing all the way to the Banks and they’re dancing on your heads as stepping stones!  They’re not Semitic!  But don’t tell them that, or they’ll lie again and call you anti-Semitic.  They’ll call you a Christian Extremist Domestic Terrorist threat, while THEY are the Foreign/Domestic Terrorists.  Silverstein and Lowey bombed the Trade Towers on New York down to the ground, and told you it was Saudi hijackers with box knives, just to see how stupid and gullible the Americans really are!  They are screwing America to pieces as they tell you they’re our ally!  HA HA HA HAAAAA!!!  STUPID GOYIM GENTILES!!!  They’re laughing at you!















This is just the tip of a ginormous iceberg.  There are thousands of similar sources of information.  There’s a big pill for America to swallow.  Zionist Jesuits are unmasked and the word is spreading like wild fire.  These people need to be tracked down, hacked, foiled, undermined, shut off, boycotted, brought to trial, and hanged, kicking their way off our planet into the fiery pit of HELL that awaits them.  They’re jailing people who exposing them.  They’re starting war after war after war, and they’re screwing America with their Banks and their filthy B.A.R. Courts.  Read below at how they attorn living people into DECEDENTS.  Don’t ever hire B.A.R. Attorners, because they are a mafia, not your friends.

Judge Admits Admiralty Jurisdiction  –  Friday, January 14, 2005

Judge Admits Admiralty Jurisdiction by Robert Moore Summary: Communique has no shortage of evidence proving judicial corruption in local courts. In fact, such activity is so well-known among old fashioned investigative reporters that stories of this nature are seldom published anymore. But rarely does a judge admit on record and on tape that the “court” over which he presides is actually under a foreign jurisdiction. As we like to profess, if one digs hard enough, the truth is bound to surface. And so it has. On March 5, 1998, Monterey County Municipal Court Judge Albert Maldonado, in the case of PEOPLE v ROBERT GARVIN MOORE, stated on the record that the yellow fringed flag displayed in his courtroom puts the court under Admiralty Jurisdiction. Whereas every courtroom in the state of California takes place under a yellow fringed flag, those courts are also operating in Admiralty. Why is this the most important story of 2000? Because Admiralty Jurisdiction nullifies the Constitutional rights of the parties involved and gives the judge authority as judge, prosecutor, jury and executioner to do as he wills, regardless of his oath to uphold and defend the Constitution of the United States.

Audio-Tape-98/99 (March 5, 1998):

Judge – Robert Moore, Robert Moore… Good morning Mr. Moore, you are charged with driving without a seatbelt and driving on a suspended license from October 28 1997. Judge Anderson issued a bench warrant for your arrest because of a failure to come to court and you were arrested on February 13 and you bonded out. Would you like to talk to lawyer or would you like to plead this morning or would you like to go to trial? What is your desire, Sir?

Moore – I don’t recognize who you are. I don’t recognize the venue and jurisdiction that you move from. However, if you come down from your plane and join with me on my plane under the flag of my country and the constitution of my government, I might understand you better?

Judge – Could I have the tape played again? <>

Judge – … driving on a suspended license and driving with no seatbelt. On October 28 1997, a California highway patrol officer issued a citation. I ask if this is your signature on the ticket.

Moore – I don’t see a signature, I don’t know… I don’t understand the nature and cause of your process, I don’t understand… I don’t recognize the venue and jurisdiction that you move from.

Judge – Do you see the flag to my left…

Moore – I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Judge – Do you see the flag to my left… behind me?

Moore – I don’t understand what you’re talking about.

Judge – This is the flag of the State of California. I was appointed by the Governor of the State of California on January of the 12th 1995 as a Judge of a Monterey Municipal Court. On January the 12 of 1998, I was reappointed by the Governor of the State of California as Municipal Court Judge of the County of Monterey. On June the 6th of 1995, I was elected in this county as a Judge of the Municipal court of Monterey County. In February of 1996, the United States Supreme Court stopped all elections in this State concerning Monterey County under the voting rights act and confirmed my position as a Judge. Later affirmed and denied in a zero vote in a case called Lopez vs. Monterey County. I sit as a Judge Sir, appointed by the Governor of the State of California, elected by the People of this County and affirmed by the Supreme Court of the United States. I find you in contempt of court. You’re remanded into custody of the Sheriff at this time. Public defender is appointed to represent…

Judge – Christina Morales, Christina Morales… good morning Mrs. Morales… <>

Bailiff – Mr. Moore you need to stop communicating with….

Judge – There is a sign that you are not to communicate with the prisoners, you communicate with a prisoner it is a misdemeanor, you could be arrested. You communicate with the prisoner you will be arrested. This is my court and I’m not going to put up with people defying the orders of the court and the State of California. I’m not going to put up with it. I should correct myself. The court does not belong to me it belongs to the people. It’s the peoples court. Ha Ha Ha. <>

Judge – Well, there is a technical point. The fringe on the flag of the United States is really not etiquette. The fringe on the flag of the United States is for only admiralty and for sea. No it’s true, I was in the military. And in a court there should be a flag without the fringe. So I understand the argument made by many citizens that they don’t recognize this flag, I understand that. But for one who fought in Vietnam and for one who lost five childhood friends over there, it disturbs me when people don’t recognize the united states of America, it really disturbs me.

Judge – Ms. Duncan, I just appointed you on Mr. Moore what would you like to do on this matter.

Defender – Mr. Moore is not acknowledging me as a representative and the public defenders office and is not requesting my services.

Judge – OK fine. Mr. Moore if you wish to hire your own attorney, you have a right to an attorney under the constitution of the united states of america, do you wish to hire your own attorney or take council to assist you. I take it Mr. Moore by your silence you do not wish to acknowledge this court because you do not feel that I have venue or jurisdiction is that correct.

Moore – I don’t know who you are, I don’t have any evidence before me as to who you say you are I don’t understand the nature and cause of your process.

Judge – all right, that is the third time that you’ve given me that memorization that written speech, I do find that you are in direct contempt of this court, willful failure to acknowledge the province of this court. I make such a finding by your three statements. I give you the benefit of the doubt, secondly I find you in direct contempt of court by failing to recognize and tell this court that that is your signature on a citation issued on Oct 28, 97 promising to appear in this court. You refuse to acknowledge such signature. You’re in direct contempt of court. You are here, so you are not in contempt of not coming to court. You did make an appearance. What happened was on the 10 Dec 97 you promised to be here in court. You did not come on the 10th of Dec. and another Judge, Judge Marla Anderson, the judge of the Municipal Court who is also appointed by the same governor on the same day I was appointed and who was elected by voters of this county, issued a bench warrant for your arrest for $2500. You were arrested on Feb 13 and you posted a bond and on that bond you promised to come to court on this day. So you’re not in contempt of court for not coming to court. You’re in contempt of court for your failure to recognize the courts jurisdiction and province and for obstruction of the court in not processing this matter. You have a right to an attorney, if you could not afford an attorney, I would appoint one for you. You do not recognize the jurisdiction of this court and you claim you do not understand the process. We will set a jury trial in your matter, in this case on Apr 6 98 8:30 that’s within the 30 days for all those in custody. A pre-trial will be held on Apr 3 a Friday at 11:00 A pre-trial will be held in your matter tomorrow at 10:00 and at that time I will ask you again if you want the assistance of council. At take it by your responses that you are making no claim for an attorney at this time. And we’ll see how it goes tomorrow sir. The bail in this matter, first of all on the contempt of court, I’m not going to sentence him to 5 days in jail at this time. And I’m not going to fine him $500. I’ll give him the opportunity to reflect. But there will be no fine at this time. I’m going to take that under submission as to the five days I’m going to take that under submission. But he is been remanded into custody in this matter since he does not want to acknowledge the jurisdiction of this court and his bail will be set at. He posted bail at $2500 in the past, that bond is exonerated. There will be a new bond of $25,000.

Defender – Your honor, I know I’m not at this point representing Mr. Moore but there is some information that has been conveyed to me by the people, and perhaps we can discuss it at 10:00.

Judge- Sure, ok thank you Ms. Erickson. Ok court will take recess until 10:00. Mr. Moore will be brought back at 10:00

Judge- The matter of Robert Moore, Mr. Moore would you care to stand up Sir. You can stand right there in front by Mr. Myer. Mr. Moore I find you in direct of contempt of court. You committed contempt in the immediate view and presence of this court. By your obstincence in not recognizing this court as a court of venue and direction. It was done at least three times. I gave you the opportunity to acknowledge weather or not you were cited to appear in this court. A bench warrant was issued for your arrest by Judge Anderson. You posted bail after you were arrested on Feb 13. I’m considering sanctions as to what to do for your contempt whether to place you in jail for a longer period of time or to fine you. Is there anything you want to say before I directly place the sanctions. Any apologies or reconsideration that you would like to address to the court Sir?

Moore – I don’t know who you are have any evidence as to your identity or authority. I don’t recognize the jurisdiction venue that you move from. I don’t speak your foreign language. However if you would step down from your plane and join with me on my plane under the flag and the constitution of my country, I might better understand you. The constitution of the united states of america is the constitution of my government and the flag of my country is the flag of the united states of america as described in title 4 section 1 –2 . Foreign language I don’t understand what your talking about.

Judge- Ok, well you speak the English language very well sir. I do find that you are in contempt of court the fine is $250. You are to pay that fine to the clerks office in 1 mo in by Apr 10 at 4:00. You did post bond in this matter you posted a bond of $5000. I’m going to release you from custody today, you’ll be released today. And your bond will be reinstated. It will not be forfeited. And you’re ordered to come back here for a pre-trial conference on March 12 at 10:00. You’re ordered to be here for a pre-trial conference. If you wish to hire your own council you may hire your own council your own attorney. Your jury trials, did I set Jury trial me Meyers? What were the dates?

Meyer – Yes Apr 6 and then the conference on the 3rd.

Judge- OK that will be written down for you we will give you that information Mr. Moore, you’ll be released from the jail. They’ll have to take you to the jail to do the book processing there after you are booked. We’ll see you on Mar 12 sir.


Angry yet?  Read below.  They all work for the Zionist Jesuits, of course.  The Crown is owned by the Vatican Satanists!!!

“Amicus Curia” – Friend of the Court?
Amicus – Friend, Curia – Vatican
Really they’re B.A.R. occupied, continuing criminal enterprises. There is no lawful or legislative authority for Lawyers or B.A.R. Attorners/Brokers to occupy the courts. The Crown Temple B.A.R. (the Middle Temple occupies The United States), the Inns of the Court, CITY OF LONDON, is a foreign Corporation under FARA, the Foreign Agents Registration Act.
Curia – (Catholic Church) In Roman Catholicism, a curia consists of a group of officials who assist in the governance of a particular Church. These curias range from the relatively simple diocesan curia, to the larger patriarchal curias, to the Roman Curia, which is the central government of the Catholic Church. Other Roman Catholic bodies, such as religious institutes, may also have curias. For example, the Legion of Mary has a rank called the Curia. It stands above the Praesidium but below the Regia. The Curia is responsible for several Praesidia.
These curias are historically descended from the Roman Curiae, and they keep that name even though they now have very different functions. When the Roman Empire collapsed, many of the administrative functions previously done by the state were subsumed by the only solid institution left, which was the church. The Bishop and curia took the place of the government officials, often to the point of actually sitting at the same chair in the same building. The Curia therefore passed into religious hands, and afterwards changed functions many times but always keeping its traditional name, at least in those Christian denominations that keep a strong continuity with the Apostolic tradition.
Diocesan Curia – Every diocese and eparchy has a curia, consisting of the chief officials of the diocese. These officials assist the diocesan bishop in governing the particular church.
This diocesan curia includes the vicar general, who is normally also the moderator of the curia, any episcopal vicars, the chancellor of the curia, vice-chancellors and notaries, and a finance officer and financial council. The bishop may also add other officials of his choice.[1]
Patriarchal Curia – Patriarchates and Major Archiepiscopates of the Eastern Catholic Churches have an assembly called the Patriarchal Curia, which assists the patriarch or major archbishop in administering the sui juris church. The patriarchal curia is distinct from the diocesan or eparchal curia of the patriarch or major archbishop’s diocese or eparchy.
The patriarchal curia consists of the permanent synod of the Church, the chancellor, assistant chancellor, and notaries, the patriarchal finance officer, the patriarchal liturgical commission and other patriarchal commissions, and the patriarchal tribunal.[2] Up to three bishops may be elected specifically to serve in the patriarchal curia.[3]
Roman Curia – The administrative unit of the Holy See is called the Roman Curia, which assists the Pope in governing the Catholic Church.[4] The Roman Curia includes the Secretariats, the Curial Congregations, the Pontifical Councils, Pontifical Commissions, the tribunals, and other offices.
Can. 469—494 of the 1983 Code of Canon Law
Can. 114—125 of the 1990 Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches
Can. 87 of the 1990 Code of Canons for the Eastern Churches.
Code of Canon Law, can. 360




LAW OF THE LAND: Finally, the Supreme Court says, “He owes nothing to the public so long as he does not trespass upon their Rights.” The Sovereign indivi-dual does not have to pay taxes.
If you should discuss Hale v. Henkel with a run-of-the-mill attorney, he
or she will tell you that the case is “old” and that it has been
“overturned.” If you ask that attorney for a citation of the case or cases that overturned Hale v. Henkel, there will not be a meaningful response. We have researched Hale v. Henkel and here is what we found : “We know that Hale v. Henkel was decided in 1905 in the U. S. Supreme Court. Since it was the Supreme Court, the case is binding on all courts of the land, until another Supreme Court case says it isn’t.
Has another Supreme Court case overturned Hale v. Henkel? The answer is NO. As a matter of fact, since 1905, the Supreme Court has cited Hale v. Henkel a total of 144 times. A fact more astounding is that since 1905, Hale v. Henkel has been cited by all of the federal and STATE appellate court systems a total of over 1600 times. None of the various issues of this case has ever been overruled.
So if the STATE through the office of the judge continues to threaten or does imprison you, they are trying to force you into the STATE created “OFFICE OF PERSON.” As long as you continue to claim your Rightful office of Sovereign, the STATE lacks all jurisdictions over you. The STATE needs someone filling the office of “person” in order to continue prosecuting a case in their Courts. A few weeks in jail puts intense pressure upon most “persons.” Jail means the loss of job opportunities, separation from loved ones, and the piling up of debts. Judges will apply this pressure when they attempt to arraign you. When brought in chains before a crowded courtroom the issue of counsel will quickly come up and you can tell the court you are In Propria Persona or simply “PRO PER”, as yourself and you need no other.
Do not sign their papers or cooperate with them because most things about your life are private and are not the STATE’s business to evaluate. Here is the Sovereign People’s command in the constitution that the STATE respect their privacy: Right of privacy — Every man or woman has the Right to be let alone and free from governmental intrusion into their private life except as otherwise provided herein.
This section shall not be construed to limit the public’s Right of access to public records and meetings as provided by law. See U.S. Constitution, Ninth Amendment If the judge is stupid enough to actually follow through with his threats and send you to jail, you will soon be released without even being arraigned and all charges will be dropped. You will then have documented prima facie grounds for false arrest and false imprisonment charges against him personally. Now that you know the hidden evil in the word “person“, try to stop using it in everyday conversation. Simply use the correct term, MAN or WOMAN.
Train yourself, your family and your friends to never use the derogatory word “person” ever again. This can be your first step in the journey to get yourself free from all STATE, COUNTY, and CITY Elected and public Servant’s control.

Thanks to Edward Johnston




The United States (Federal) Government Has No Jurisdiction Outside the District of Columbia (Part 2 of 3)


Here we arrive at the BOTTOM LINE.  Zionists and Jesuits are the money changers:





  1. Everything you wrote is not documented, You don’t read the world professors and researchers that wrote about all that happened.
    The 9/11 towers was your government that did it. Probably because it wanted to go to Afghanistan to war. You interviewed ignorant people and well known fundamentalists and ignorant jews that want the supremacy in Israel, not the world. The Rothschild bank was sold long long time ago, so go and interrogate your government.
    I have put a youtube (1) for you to look at. Please look at part 2 and 3.
    I will see if you will publish my post.
    Do your research before writing, probably they did not show you how to write an exact piece with all the info needed. I am sorry for you.

    Viviane (1)

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