911 Indoctrination Museum in New York City: The Urgency To Cement Narratives

911 Indoctrination Museum in New York City: The Urgency To cement Narratives

History Revisited ‘Lest We Forget’ … This article (first part) was originally published one week before the opening of the 9/11 Museum in New York.

The 9/11 Memorial (Indoctrination) Museum, opening May 21, will avoid the evidence of controlled demolition: nano-thermite, free-fall collapse, squibs and sub-basement explosions. Reading the 9/11 Memorial website, we see a focus upon the pathos of 9/11—the emotions of ‘remembering’. The 9/11 Memorial Museum parrots the official conspiracy theory of 9/11 which has been shown not to be possible.

The mission of the 9/11 Memorial Museum is firmly intertwined in Department of Education standards (Common Core) for indoctrinating the populace as early as possible. They have developed a curriculum about 9/11 for grades K through 12.

The messages the 9/11 Memorial Museum communicates: Oh, the suffering! Remember the suffering! Be very afraid! Muslim extremism is the boogeyman! We must protect our freedom! Praise the heroes!

Traumatic stress syndrome continues to be imprinted upon the mind regarding 9/11 through television, newspaper, and now museum exhibits. Exhibits at the 9/11 Memorial Museum will see to it that as many youth as possible get their programming of a PTSD reaction that shuts down their analytical processes—their willingness and ability to question. Such methods of implanting public myth have long ago been proven useful to keep the sheeple herding in the direction of the controllers with immobilizing fear and resignation to powers that are insurmountable.

Why am I not surprised to learn that a “Greenwald” (obviously Jewish) is director of the soon to open 9/11 Memorial Museum? Jews have made a profitable industry of revising history to suit their political agenda of conquest through deception while featuring their suffering via Hollywood and their Holocaust TM museums.

And such a deal that these ventures in philanthropy and historic revisionism are subsidized by tax-free status where the tribe members’ donations may be deducted from gross income. We, the goyim, subsidize the indoctrination schemes through tax breaks. Conquest is accomplished through economic leverage. The Supreme Court says so in Citizens United which gives money the status of “speech.” Money does talk. And money tells bunches of lies which keep us swimming in a matrix of deception.

Perhaps Philip Zelikow, Executive Director of the 9/11 Commission and primary author of the 9/11 Commission Report, received consultant fees in development of the 9/11 Memorial Museum? Philip Zelikow, traitor & Israeli agent Zelikow’s conflicts of interest include being a protege of Condoleezza Rice who was a core member of the Bush administration. Zelikow wrote a university thesis entitled, “Creation and Preservation of Public Myth”. Imagine that.


Common Core curriculum is fully integrated into the 9/11 Memorial Museum’s mission. Indoctrination from kindergarten through high school in the official government narratives includes a curriculum of propaganda in the guise of Common Core standards to measure students’ levels of having drunk the Kool-Aid.

Once in a while, this indoctrination industry needs a kick start … a genocide here, a bombing there, a shooting in Kansas City of non-Jews in a Jewish community center—all reinforcing the narratives of victimhood of Jews and righteousness of retaliation in the form of invasions, occupations, looting resources, installing usury banks and growing police state. Periodic control dramas reinforce the official narratives.

We cannot learn the lessons of history when the history forced upon us is big lies. A piece of each of us dies when we are deceived as to the cause and bamboozled into hating and fighting innocents.

Let’s examine the mythologies of Jewish suffering:

David Cole and his camera at Aushwitz:

(those who don’t know the faking of the Aushwitz gas chambers by the occupying Soviets need to see this for background)

Six million?

Faking an exhibition at the Museum of Tolerance:

I cannot persuade those of you who hold to belief. The physical proofs that there were no gassings at Aushwitz—except of clothing for sanitation purposes—are in the above Aushwitz video to learn about. Your belief is based upon stories … many stories. Who tells stories? Human skin lampshades, soap made from renderings—disproven. But, for those who believe, there is no questioning or exploring further.

Lies are Better Than Truth

In 1973, comedian Allan Sherman wrote THE RAPE OF THE APE. Here’s a quote from that book: “My prediction is that The Truth will be phased out of our society, almost unnoticed, in less than a generation. It will become a curio like the two-dollar bill. Probably, there will be museums where samples of The Truth will be displayed for the benefit of curious children who want to know what it was like. One can only hope that the curators of these Truth Museums will have the good taste not to fake the exhibitions.”

Imagine children being bussed from schools every couple of years through their education to this 9/11 Memorial Museum as children are indoctrinated into the HolocaustTM by being bussed to the holocaust museums. George Orwell knew what was coming.In Orwell’s novel, 1984, the arch enemy of the Big Brother state was named “Goldstein”. “Goldstein” stood for freedom of thought and freedom of speech.

War is Peace

Freedom is Slavery

Ignorance is Strength

Ironic, isn’t it?

“9/11 Is a Big Lie,” would be coming out of Goldstein’s mouth to counter the state-sanctioned indoctrination about the 9/11 false flags attacks.

Meet Alice Greenwald, Director of the 9/11 Memorial Museum. This sweet faced person wouldn’t lie to us, would she? Meet Alice Greenwald, 9/11 Memorial Museum Director Teachers, get your lesson plans here: Lesson Plans

Zionist museums are designed to reinforce particular narratives that steer the human journey in their favor—to cement the narrative as “reality”.

The following was added after the Museum opened.

Two revealing peer-reviewed scientific papers have been published since the opening of the 9/11 Museum. These papers contradict official government, media and Museum narratives about what happened to the three buildings in New York.

In the Bentham Open Physics Chemistry Journal is a paper by 10 US and European scientists about a finding of nanothermite—an exotic explosive-incendiary that should not be a component of a building except when the building is being demolished. Active Thermitic Material in Dust from the 9/11 World Trade Center Catastrophe

The principal conclusion of the University of Alaska Fairbanks WTC 7 study is that fire did not cause the collapse of WTC 7 on 9/11—refuting the official story about Building 7’s ‘collapse’. A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7

PDF full report: A Structural Reevaluation of the Collapse of World Trade Center 7 – Final Report

When will these scientific papers be included in the 9/11 Museum?

Is the PETITION FOR GRAND JURY even mentioned in the 9/11 Museum exhibits? Materials in these exhibits would take days to look over—great for an actual Museum that held truth in high regard. The Lawyers’ Committee for 9/11 Inquiry – EXHIBITS INDEX — Grand Jury Petition

Perhaps the most comprehensive documentary about 9-11: The New Pearl Harbor (full Documentary 9/11)

Who demand that their narrative versions of reality be superior to actual reality? Zionist Jews.

Who are privileged to memorialize their false narratives in the form of museums? Zionist Jews

911 Missing Links Documentary


Motive: Oded Yinon Plan, February, 1982

Israel should aim to bring about the fragmentation of the Arab world into a mosaic of ethnic and confessional groupings.[5] ‘Every kind of inter-Arab confrontation,’ he argued, would prove to be advantageous to Israel in the short term.

Means: Control of media, Congress, Executive and Judiciary. A petition for Grand Jury filed in Southern District New York Circuit Court was denied for “lack of standing”.

Face Up, World – History You Never Knew

It is said that the victors write the history. The Protocols have been firmly in place in this country for well over 80 years and should be obvious to everyone by now. Read Protocols #12, 20 and 21 to gain insight into present-day machinations by Zionists to deceive and dominate the world.

Qui bono” (who benefits?)

The usual suspects.


And then there is this …



Article By: Dr. Ed Kendrick

ReDiscover911.com Development Group 


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3 Comments on 911 Indoctrination Museum in New York City: The Urgency To Cement Narratives

  1. Have Massimo’s fine work – the video highlighted here, saved and re-watched plenty of times; same for Missing Links, which I just more or less re-listened to at night, a couple of weeks ago. If I were to pick a top 5 of 9/11 videos, these 2 would be included – they really should be must-viewing for society unaware and un-awake ~
    I would add CIT’s material, In Plane Site / 9/11 Ripple Effect, Incontrovertable, the Gordon Ross presentation (complete without dramatic music) – Investigation into WTC collapses (YouTube), any of Christopher Bollyn’s presentations – – Ok, I’m beyond 5, and of course the AE material and Richard Gage Unleashed. Met and spoke with him on March 20 2014 – the year of starting the look down the rabbit hole. Society has to shake it’s damn brain cramp. Good, thorough article. No wide brushes in my tool kit – though – just sayin’

  2. OK – I haven’t read through all of this article yet – or watched the videos – but “Alice” – the 9/11 Museum director – literally “having a laugh” – during the reading of the names of the fallen – @ the Memorial Ceremony, 2019, (“Ground Zero” – of course) – SAYS IT ALL. Hunankind? All a JOKE to some.
    I guess when you are indoctrinated as part of a (fictitious) SUPERIOR TRIBE – your inferiors are just a joke to you.
    NOT SO. It’s called “comeuppance” & you’re up against it you dasTURDly FOOLS ~

  3. It is so wonderful to see truths coming into the light… more and more as time goes on…
    So proud of the author of this piece, THANK YOU for your being so forthright in your article and setting us up with the videos as well!!
    And since everyone sees in a different light, we all have unique perspectives on these crimes against humanity… I suddenly feel the urge to do a show myself on these issues, just after doing THREE of them on OKC alone!!
    THANK YOU AGAIN, and please contact me!
    Luca Majno ~ [email protected]

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