A Child’s Vision for Standing Rock

By TLB Contributing Author: Luca Majno

I have a very difficult writing to do and this one picture is in a way forcing me to get this out…

I feel that, because I am spiritually involved with Standing Rock, or have been since its beginnings, I need to be a voice of some sort, a conscience, a reminder of what is ‘missing’ at Standing Rock for some time, and I feel compelled to speak out…

See that little child? Look at this image, PLEASE… one more time… This image (large image below) speaks volumes about the power that this Movement could have, if the right spiritual energies are applied… and in a big way.

This little child was giving an officer a branch of sage… and the result was his cowering, moving backwards, IN TEARS, and had to be removed… And then, my next thought was…

“WHY, if this one child could be so effective in breaking racism and ‘unplugging’ a potentially violent conflict, WHY haven’t others been effective at doing the same ‘en masse’?

This I know:

“Children are given Gifts, Knowledge that most adults miss” (because of EGO, denial, etc..)

This I also know:

“If we all joined hands in Prayer, and in One Mind, One Body and One Spirit, we could make it rain… We could make their fire hoses malfunction… We could make them all RUN AWAY in fear and panic…”

Enter EGO and ‘Invented Tradition’ ~

Because we are not living as before, because so many things have changed, because our relationship with our Elders has shifted and are not as important as they once were, we seem to have drifted towards a society that ‘reacts’ now, instead of staying strong in Prayer, firm and untouched…

These opposing forces do everything they can to incite violence, to make us react, to push our buttons… and most times, being so used to falling in the stranglehold of the oppressor and fighting to get free again, being such a routine for the last centuries, it is purposely done in order to MAKE us forget Ancient Tradition and have us go ‘awol’… and irate… The government is terrified, as they were on and before 1890, of the Original People of this land rediscovering their own Sacred Powers, and uniting in Prayer…

The people in camp watched in horror as crop dusters would fly overhead, spraying the Water Protectors at all hours of the day and night… There are no crops to spray this time of year! Now, the people are coughing, becoming increasingly ill, resulting in lung damage for a lot of them… and are also suffering from ENGINEERED WEATHER WARFARE… The proof is out there…

‘Invented Tradition’ says: “Women have to wear skirts all the time at Standing Rock., even on the front lines” …

This is not only false, but not safe, especially when you have to face a potential threat that would make you have to ‘run’) … This is more of a way of ‘inventing’ things ‘as we go along’, more or less fueled by EGO and the LACK of Spiritual Knowledge and Tradition… Also, and most importantly, NOT LISTENING to the Elders, and telling them they do not know what they are talking about, or even ‘arguing’ with them…

This writing is so important to me, because it screams of ‘taking the wrong path’ … or of ‘risking to lose the Fight’ … and time is of the essence …

Something else to consider: ‘THE WILLISTON BASIN’.

This basin is a huge oil and gas reserve, sitting underneath almost all of North Dakota, the northern part of South Dakota, and the north-eastern part of Montana… I did a post on this a while back, and did not draw too much interest, but here’s the thing:

On December 29th, 1890, this government did what they did FOR THE LAND and it seems now that they would be gearing up to do the same today FOR OIL and GAS reserves, sitting right beneath Indian Country… Again

I also believe, with a few other people, that THAT is why the authorities had such a ‘show of force’ at Backwater Bridge, because they cannot be allowed to lose this fight, which is the first leg in the attempt to PRIVATIZE Indian Lands, again, and to clear it for their own use, which, as we know, holds absolutely no advantages for we, the people … and we also see infighting at the ‘tribal and band council’ levels, ‘federally-recognized’ whatever, and who is fighting who, that line being almost completely ‘grayed out’, as APPLES fight it out to get a piece of this pie…

I was scrambling to find this picture of this child again, but had lost it for a while, and now it has re-appeared, which tells me that my Red Brothers and Sisters, as well as the non-Native Supporters, of which I am one, need to address this ASAP… Spirit, I am told, knows of no color or background… but sees THE HEART.

Perhaps it is time to remake this Movement into a Powerful Entity, led by the Elders and the right-thinking Women, in Absolute and Unaffected Spiritual Prayer, as it seemed to be in the beginning …

A Child’s Vision for Standing Rock

Written with Victoria Hogan
Photo by Alecia Onzahwah

About the author: Luca Majno is a TLB Contributing Author and Audio Visual Technical Consultant. Luca is also an ardent Protester and Activist as well as a Radio Show Host and Producer, see more at LEARN 2 UNLEARN


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  1. Tomma Hawk, thank you for your comment. Luca and I began to ask a lot of WHY questions. Why has there been such huge disrespect for the sacred sites and for the water. Why was there such a militarized force coming against the water protectors. Why has there been such approval by the government for the atrocities that were done to the water protectors. Why were the sacred sites allowed to be destroyed. Why the violation of the rights of the People. Then look at the information regarding Williston Basin and the oil company’s desire to gain access to that oil. More then that, why is this land being crisscrossed with pipelines. Why are towns losing their water supply from the fracking. If we are going to save any thing, then it is important to find those answers.

  2. So you want to privatize and monetize from the same people you stole from before. All this land belongs to the great nations.
    I have never seen such a gross disrespect for humanity.
    The tears from the officer show us that love is the strongest emotion. Unfortunately to have love you need to have empathy of which psychopaths do not have or want.

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