A Government Engulfed in Scandals: Americans Deserve Better

By: Greg CampbellWas3237857

Don’t worry, America; this won’t be an “I told you so” moment decrying the re-election of a President who makes Nixon look like a Boy Scout. The re-election of Obama stands as a testament to the power of the Obama political machine, the indoctrinatory nature of the compromised mainstream media and yes, even the failings of the Republican Party who continually pushes “electable” candidates who turn out to be anything but.

We are lost in the woods and rather than try and figure out how we ended up here, America needs to yield to the sobering realization that we have enabled a government that has become rife with fraud, deception, and has been complicit in numerous crimes that they have gone to great length to try and conceal from the American people.

One scandal after another has hovered around this administration. America had not even come down from Obama-fever when Obama’s Justice Department dropped the case against the Black Panthers who had intimidated voters outside a voting station in Philadelphia. While America waited for the hope and change that had been hyped, that same ironically-named Justice Department was complicit in walking guns to Mexican drug cartels. When one of our own border patrol agents was murdered, the investigation was stonewalled in every way until finally the Attorney General was cloaked in executive privilege.

This past week has been one for the record books. On Wednesday, whistleblowers testified that the State Department knew of the security vulnerabilities at the consulate in Benghazi and still did nothing. They testified that help could have come but were ordered not to. They testified that after terrorists had stormed the consulate and murdered our ambassador and three other brave men that the State Department was aware of the true nature of the attack but still persisted to blame a YouTube video. They testified that the State Department attempted to intimidate them into silence and noncooperation.

And Obama’s reaction to this quest for the truth? On Monday, he called the Republican-led effort to uncover the truth a crusade stemming from “political motivations.” He then had the gall to praise the efforts of diplomats like the slain Ambassador Chris Stevens and said, “We dishonor them when we turn things like this into a political circus.”

As the rage over the revelations heard at the Benghazi burn hot as coal, another scandal has emerged. On Friday, the IRS admitted what too-many conservative organizations have known all along; the IRS had been targeting conservative nonprofits for harassment.

The mea culpa heard from the IRS was a short “sorry” followed by explanation after explanation as to why this isn’t a big deal. Americans are outraged to find that the IRS has been operating as a squasher of political dissent and the outrage has gotten so heated that even MSNBC has largely backed a full-scale investigation into the scandal.

Finally, still reeling from the realization that our government does whatever it pleases, Americans were confronted with the news that the Obama Justice Department has been maintaining records of the Associated Press’ phone calls with no real explanation as to why, what they’re looking for or from whom they are looking to get it.

There’s no sugarcoating it: we are saddled with a government that seemingly operates with reckless abandonment of law and order and feels justified in squashing dissent through any means necessary.

Nixon resigned in absolute disgrace because he was complicit in hiring goons to break into his enemies’ headquarters to ascertain their campaign strategy. Obama makes Nixon look small-time by comparison. America deserves better.


A TPNN contributor, a former contributor for The Oregon Commentator, a conservative journal of opinion, Greg is the Chief Political Analyst and Correspondent for The Tea Party News Network, and a regular contributor for RightWing News and DustinStockton.com. His main field of expertise is firearms and Second Amendment-related issues. He lives in the Northwest with his wife, Heather, and enjoys writing, marksmanship and the outdoors. View all posts by Greg Campbell →


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  1. Americans deserve better indeed. How many more scandals before they throw this scoundrel out of the oval office on his ear?

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