A Quantum Jump: Escaping The A.I. Technology That Is Altering Our Biology


Throughout the years, behind the scenes, the powers that be have been attacking humanity through the use of many devices. Some of us are experiencing that acute stage of disease, where our immune system kicks in, and does it’s thing to fight it off. Unfortunately, with the A.I. technology running in the background, we have become the host to many of the toxins that they use within our environment, to literally block the healing process, this is changing us, biologically.

We are living in their simulation, inside their control grid of poison and fear. We have been indoctrinated to ask ourselves ‘what we should do?’, instead of ‘what do we WANT to do?’. It is time to turn this bus around, and take the quantum leap, to regain our health, happiness, and our futures.

We can begin the detoxification process in many ways, by literally spitting out their poisonous foods, to rejecting the control and belief systems woven into the tapestry of our lives, that have stunted our growth by design.

I could go on, from agriculture, to geoengineering,  but the following video is such a great presentation of the how it all is manifesting, and not in our best interest at all. During the interview, Randy Maugans, from OffPlanet TV, has an open “heart to heart’ chat with German scientist Harald Kautz- Vella. Together, they clarify what the problem is, how we can maneuver ourselves off of this chessboard, and stop being the pawns of our own planet.

It all seems so far out to people, because they have not awakened enough to even understand that they are being manipulated physically and mentally, but it is not. It is all very user friendly information that includes help, for those of us that are facing health problems. If you think you  are going to make a doctor’s appointment, and get results from someone that does not even know what problems to LOOK FOR, you will find a brick wall in front of you, as many of us have experienced. We know this is no accident, for the powers that be see us as predictable, and we have fallen into the perpetual trap of seeking answers from a health system that has been rigged, to keep us in a circular pattern…failing to heal us. We must do this ourselves, and do it NOW.

Being unpredictable is NORMAL, and if we can get back to being ourselves, we will be rid of the artificial, and very unhealthy changes, that our bodies do not need to be exposed to. We are creative and resourceful people. We do not need to be reduced to the binary beings they wish us to be. MC





OffPlanet TV – Harald Kautz-Vella: Silent Assimilation: A.I. Black Goo, Control of the Human System:



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