A Song for 9/11 – “Sin in the Game”


Liberty Songwriter / Musician / Activist. Mona writes songs in different styles of music to reach different demographics about issues that are important to Ron Paul supporters. Mona’s Ron Paul and also now Rand Paul songs are available for free downloads on her SoundCloud page. Turn It Up!

By: Mona Lidji Fishman

Why are the contents of the 28 pages of classified information of the “Official 9/11 Commission ( OMISSION ) Report”  hidden from the U.S. citizens ? It is OUR borrowed tax dollars that funded the investigation. We pay their salaries! It’s time to Fire Some Liars! We deserve to know the truth about 9/11, and so do the families of the victims.


Rand Paul Calls for the Release of 9/11 Classified Commission’s Report

Those who have seen the documents ( see Ron Paul video below ) said the information poses “no risk to national safety, embarrasses the Bushes and implicates the Saudis”. Why are we more loyal to Bushes and Saudis than to the American People? We are the Saudi’s favorite “Hit-Men”.  Do you recall how we were going to bomb Syria for the Saudis even though they are closer in proximity? Certainly you remember how Obama was foaming at the mouth to attack Syria ( for their own protection of course )

“Sin In The Game” is a song about 9/11 , and the possibility that some of the people in our government may have been involved.  This was my most difficult song to write, as I wasn’t sure how to approach it. Finally, I decided to make it from the point of view of the perpetrators of the crime.  I then saw a video explaining why the American people were willing to accept the fact that two planes brought down three buildings.

Psychiatrists were explaining the shock to our minds from the attack in the beginning – we could never conceive our own government could have been involved, so we were willing to accept whatever lame explaination they gave us.   However…we DO know that our government is at least involved in the cover-up of these 28 pages of classified information.

Then I made the 9/11 song all fun, made it danceable and hired the incomparable Dale Bozzio to sing it! Turn It Up!
“Sin In The Game” begins :

“My shock to your brain – Three buildings, Two planes – We brought you the day of betrayal. Our corruption and greed is what led to this deed – The “Death Industry” cannot fail. We make foes of our friends – You can’t comprehend – You think that we’re done – We just started. Our sinister plot gave you what you’ve got – Mourn now your Dearly Departed.”

Along with my song video, I have also included some of my favorite 9/11  proof videos. Let’s not forget that over 2200 Architects & Engineers for 911 Truth  ( http://www.ae911truth.org/)  put their reputations at stake to testify to their beliefs that the buildings went down under controlled demolition. These 2200 people are experts who you would usually see testifying in a court of law, and their opinions are considered expert, so keep that in mind and do your own research, and as my illustrious editor says….” Question Everything!”

Corporations and Lobbyists control it all – If you want REAL CHANGE, please support Rand Paul!

World Trade Center Building 7 Demolished on 9/11? – Home ae911truth.org

Please note: All of the songs are available for free downloads at www.soundcloud.com/Mona-Lidji-Fishman
Also, as a disclaimer , I am a grassroots supporter and do not speak on behalf of either Ron or Rand Paul.

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