A Third MMR Vaccine is Happening Because We Did Not Fight Back

A Third MMR Vaccine is Happening Because We Did Not Fight Back

By TLB Staff Writer: Christopher Wyatt

This week the CDC is set to vote on recommending a 3rd MMR vaccine for college students. The troubling part is that they have no idea how much antibodies one needs to show in order to be immune to the mumps.

Janell Routh a medical officer from the CDC has said  We don’t know the level of antibody required to stop a case of mumps in a person, so that question of knowing if the vaccine works less well over time is something we’re still working to investigate.” I am very troubled by Routh’s statement because it makes it clear that the vaccine is not effective.

I know exactly how this will play out mumps will seem to disappear from college campuses but ONLY because mumps will be misdiagnosed. Mumps will suddenly be called an unknown viral infection, tonsillitis, and it might be mistaken for strep throat or mononucleosis (mono) but they will not be calling it mumps because a third dose of doing the exact same thing over and over again has saved the day.

Prior to the late 1960’s it was very common for people to experience mumps, measles, or rubella and it was considered a non event. When the MMR vaccine first came out the public was told that one dose would protect children from ever catching mumps, measles, or rubella. This seemed to hold true until the 1980s where suddenly there were outbreaks of measles among the fully vaccinated.

The pharmaceutical industry with the backing of the CDC began to lobby states to mandate a second dose of the MMR for anyone entering school or college. In 2015 Dr Richard Pan used a minor measles outbreak at Disneyland to sponsor and ultimately get SB 277 passed into law that removed California’s philosophical exemption to vaccines leaving only the medical exemption in place. Now in 2017 the same tactics are being used to promote (mandate) a third dose of the MMR because of a mumps outbreak on college campuses.

Social media has become the new tool to claim that all of these mumps outbreaks are coming from the unvaccinated and from immigrants. The United States has long had a policy of forced vaccination when it comes to immigration which for the most part is not public knowledge. Pro vaxers play on this lack of knowledge to stir up a mass hysteria that people from outside the United States are spreading disease and that a strict mandated vaccine policy is the only hope for survival.

This is the same tactic used with anyone who questions vaccines, such people are unfairly looked upon with suspicion, judgment, and even hate from the pubic as a whole. THIS IS BY DESIGN! The vaccine industry would not survive if they did not emotionally manipulate and play on the fears of the public. How could they sell vaccines to a public that is not fearful and aware of just how dangerous vaccines really are? The answer is they couldn’t.

Credit: CDC

All of us need to be aware of what is happening and we need to do far more than what we are currently doing. Where I live in Syracuse NY there is a mumps outbreak and this is being used to push the 3rd MMR vaccine and remove the unvaccinated from campus.

No one is speaking out and as far as I know I am the only person pushing to get education out to college students in my area about the dangers of vaccines.

I am very angry about this because it is a symptom of a much larger problem in the anti vaccine community. Unless people stop being afraid and find the courage to get involved there will soon be no one left without a severe vaccine injury.

We The People NOT They The Elite (CW)

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