A War On Boys In American Schools

Boys in School 1

In classrooms across America, being a male is an educational liability.

Literature and popular culture provide a pretty good illustration of the idyllic American boyhood throughout the decades. They also provide a pretty good overview of the type of mischief and restlessness that can be expected from many male children at certain ages.

Mark Twain’s Tom Sawyer and Huckleberry Finn, though imagined more than a century ago, share the mischievous spirit of Ron Ferdinand’s enduring cartoon Dennis the Menace. Meanwhile, “A Christmas Story’s” neurotic little Ralphie Parker, in his quest for a Red Ryder bb gun, came up with a few schemes that would have been the envy of Beaver Cleaver. The list and comparisons could go on endlessly; and male readers — now burdened with the many headaches of adulthood — wouldn’t mind, conjuring their own childhood memories of mischievous deeds and adventure seeking (which, no doubt, make better stories than any of the fiction mentioned) as they read.

Unfortunately, boys being shuffled through the many politically correct bureaucracies that exist in American education, and society at large, today might not be able to relate to a Dennis the Menace or Tom Sawyer by the time they reach adulthood.

Here’s Why:

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