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Founder of AmericaAgain! ~ David Zuniga (a TLB Contributor)

For five generations, the U.S. Congress has been an organized crime operation.  Instead of our public servant exercising only the strictly limited powers that We The People delegate to it in the Constitution, Congress has arrogated to itself anything it wants, as dictated by billionaires and their lobbyists.

Our presidents also either do the bidding of this 1%, or occasionally (as Mr. Obama is doing, and Woodrow Wilson attempted as well) they chase a Marxist dream of Utopia while leaving the Military Industrial Complex untouched, and feeding a cancerous new layer of federal bureaucracy.

Meanwhile, the clueless American ‘middle class’ — We The People — work all our lives as wage-slaves of this criminal arrangement.  In short: the New World is now very much like the corrupt Old World, and Latin America, because We The People have failed to enforce rule of law — the limited federal servant that we stipulated in the U.S. Constitution.

AmericaAgain! can help responsible citizens to restore sanity and rule of law to America.

We’re not Democrats or Republicans; that game of divide-and-conquer kept us fighting each other for five generations.  Now by God’s grace we will take back what we’ve lost over the past century, as this 2-minute video explains.


We The People are the most powerful sovereigns in the land, by law.  Our servant government is running organized crime, violating the Constitution at will.  The Supreme Law of the Land can control our servants…only if we enforce it.

The People alone have the power to assure that the U.S. Constitution is enforced.

We won’t improve things by posting quotes, patriotic pictures, and rants on social media, or by writing letters to criminals. We The People must oversee law enforcement to reclaim our lives, liberty, and property with the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™ as our weapon of mass liberation.

Parasites now make up a voting majority, but We The People can enforce the U.S. Constitution even if we are only 1% of the population because unlike politics, law enforcement doesn’t require a majority.

This is the TEA Party and Ron Paul Revolution action plan — to arrest the bizarre police state nightmare and restore lawful U.S. money and banking after the coming collapse of the FED cartel’s century-old counterfeiting operation.

Learn how AmericaAgain! will improve our lives by reading our FAQ page.

AmericaAgain! will inspire, educate, equip, and organize you to enforce the law against your members of Congress.

A perpetual charitable trust and start-up company, AmericaAgain! is the most realistic action plan in the country.  But it isn’t magic; to achieve the first round of indictments we need a world class co-founding team — Chief Counsel, CFO, and Marketing Director, and that requires funds.  If you have the ability and willingness to join us as a co-founding major donor, please get in touch with founder David Zuniga, who is waiting for God’s timing to fund his recruitment of another co-founder, a top-notch State Prosecutor and his R&D team for the AmericaAgain! Indictment Engine™.  Frankly, until that critical part of this team is in place, AmericaAgain! is just another idea.

If you want to help the cause without becoming a member, please donate.

To learn civics that you never knew, read our blog articles (click on ‘Blog’ above) or our founder’s book, This Bloodless Liberty.

To discover how AmericaAgain! will be governed and how you can be a leader, click on the ‘About’ tab (at AmericaAgain! )  and its sub-pages.

JOIN US NOW.  Then, when friends complain about America’s collapse, tell them about AmericaAgain! — a long-term action organization to restore our Republic.

TLB highly recommends you visit Dave at AmericaAgain! for great articles and information. No one organization will turn the tide of tyranny alone, it is only through our inter-organizational connections, affiliations and partnerships that we will accumulate the critical mass and mechanisms to take this struggle to our subjugators … and succeed!

TLB Radio show “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?” With AmericaAgain! Founder David Zuniga … ” Can Americans Stop the Cartels?”


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