After Inviting Muslims in, Swedish Feminists Find Themselves Pushed Out

After Inviting Muslims in, Swedish Feminists Are Pushed Out


It certainly is poetic — whether you think it’s justice or not depends on your point of view. But after advocating an open-borders policy and demeaning its opponents as “racists,” some Swedish feminists are now leaving migrant-heavy areas of their nation that they say are controlled by Islamic fundamentalists.

This is all the more ironic considering how aggressively anti-Western some of these feminists have been in their advocacy of Third World migration. Just consider Social Democrat politician Mona Sahlin. Aside from theorizing that indigenous Swedes are envious of Muslims because the latter have a culture and Swedes (supposedly) don’t, she also reveled in the destruction of that native culture that never existed, stating in 2001 that “the Swedes must be integrated into the new Sweden; the old Sweden is never coming back.”

One of Sahlin’s former Social Democrat colleagues may be learning how true this is — the hard way. Nalin Pekgul (pictured below), once a minister of parliament (MP), has lived in Stockholm suburb of Tensta for 30 years. Now, though, she avoids its city center because she no longer feels safe there, owing to harassment by Muslim men, according to Swedish broadcaster SVT.

NahlinPekgulPekgul reports that “the situation for women in public life in the area has deteriorated over the past several years. She noted that there has been a rise in religious fundamentalism amongst the men in the area, many of whom come from migrant backgrounds. Pekgul attempted to combat the trend by organising coffee shop meetings but soon abandoned the idea,” relates Breitbart.

The site continued, “‘In Tensta I am a known face and I have no desire to stir up trouble when I get harassed,’ Pekgul said[,] explaining why she no longer goes into the centre of the suburb.”

While Pekgul is hunkering down but not yet departing, former Left Party politician Zeliha Dagli (pictured below) did end up fleeing her “no-go” suburb of Husby. She described the area, Breitbart further informs, “as having self-appointed ‘morality police’ who attempt to control women’s behaviour in the area. Aggression toward feminists, in particular, became an issue she said. ‘There were rumours that we wanted to take away women’s veils,’ she said.”

ZelihaDagliFinally, Dagli was warned to mind her own business. No longer feeling safe in Husby, she moved to an inner-city Stockholm area, where she says she can speak and dress as she pleases. Of course, this was a luxury enjoyed all over Sweden until she and her ilk decided to push multicultural madness.

Ironic here is that Dagli’s Left Party (its actual name) had in 2004 proposed the abolition of marriage; the creation of “gender neutral” names; and, to the point here, a “Man Tax.” This would have been a special levy on men designed to compensate society for “male violence” against women.

Unsurprisingly, it was not accompanied by a proposal to give men royalties for the life-enhancing male triumphs in technology, science, and medicine that have absolutely transformed human existence. (Note: Men once outlived women — until male-originated modern medicine made, for instance, death during childbirth a rarity.) But perhaps the Left Party can reintroduce their measure and tax Islamic fundamentalist men into submission.

Unfortunately for Swedish women, puerile policy proposals won’t change the fact that their problems with migrants — who hail largely from the Mideast and Africa — go far beyond harassment. As I reported in 2015, “Once an extremely safe land, violent crime in Sweden has increased 300 percent since 1975. That year, write Scandinavian journalists Ingrid Carlqvist and Lars Hedegaard, ‘421 rapes were reported to the police; in 2014, it was 6,620. That is an increase of 1,472%.’”

Note that Swedish feminists created this “increase” not just by advocating destructive migration, but also by greatly loosening the definition of “rape”; consequently, we can’t know precisely how much of the rise is due to importing rapists and how much is attributable to creating “rapes” via definitional manipulation.

Nonetheless, I mentioned 1975 because that’s the year the Swedish government decided to adopt an immigration regime that would transform Sweden into a “multicultural” country. This, too, is relevant because, as I also wrote, “77.6 percent of the country’s rapists are identified as ‘foreigners’ (and that’s significant because in Sweden, ‘foreigner’ is generally synonymous with ‘immigrant from Muslim country’). And even this likely understates the issue, since the Swedish government — in an effort to obscure the problem — records second-generation Muslim perpetrators simply as ‘Swedes.’”

In reality, this reflects the wider problem involving the so-called “no-go zones” that have developed in Sweden and other Western European nations. These are areas with large Muslim populations where civil law has, to an extent, broken down and been supplanted by Sharia (Islamic) law; they are budding nations within nations where governmental authorities often fear to tread.

And while leftist media have labeled the no-go-zone story a rightist myth — Fox News was even threatened with a lawsuit for reporting on it — know that it essentially was originated by New York Times Magazine in a 2007 essay titled “The Battle Over the Banlieues.”

The years since then have provided many striking examples of no-go-zone problems and crimes:

• In 2014, Swedish paramedics claimed they needed body armor to enter violent Muslim areas.

• Buses, taxis, delivery companies, mailmen, firemen, and even police officers have been targeted in such zones as well.

• “Ethnic Swedes are also being attacked. [For example,] [l]ocal celebrity Linda Edenström’s 12-year old son was savagely beaten,” reported the Daily Caller in 2014.

 “A Norwegian TV crew with an experienced war correspondent was forced to flee a Swedish cafe after they came under threat from young migrants shouting at them in Arabic,” Breitbart informed last year.

• Also in 2016, an Australian film crew was attacked by masked men in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby, which is known as “Little Mogadishu.”

• As reported last December, documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz was savagely attacked by five Muslims in Husby. He later said, “I can tell you for a fact they [no-go zones] exist” and quoted Swedish police as having told him, “If we’re chasing a suspect, and they cross into this no-go area, we simply stop pursuit.” Apparently paraphrasing them, he elaborated, “And if we want to enter this area, we have to go in with an armed convoy, as if you’re going into like the kill zone in Afghanistan.”

As for explaining Sweden’s plight, it may seem odd that the world’s most feministic nation is also the one that most aggressively invited Islamization — Sweden has accepted more Muslim migrants per capita than any other Western country. But it makes sense.

When a tribe or society in ages past would be taken over, its conquerors might kill all the men and boys above a certain age; for once neutered, a group is easily controlled. Likewise, Western masculinity has in a sense been killed off and the Western man neutered psychologically.

This is accomplished largely via “The War Against Boys,” as author Christina Hoff Sommers put it (video below), which involves an attack on all things characteristically masculine and the casting of maleness as dysfunction. This phenomenon is especially intense in Sweden, which is why it’s a case study in how a collapse in manhood makes a society ripe for conquest.

 Interestingly, the more masculine conquerors are treated relatively kindly by the feminists. A good example is how a Swedish Left Party politician claimed last year that it was worse for her fellow Swedes to commit rape than it was for Muslim migrants.

Why the double standard? It exists partially because nobody respects a pushover; consequently — and despite feminist dogma — women don’t respect weak men. The Mideastern newcomers are not only exotic, but are robustly masculine and take control (in the wrong way). Like the lion that ends up ruling the pride, they are the dominant males.

One of the unspoken reasons why feminists hold Western men in contempt, one of the things they hate most about their men, is that they can push them around.


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