All the World’s a Stage … And all the World is Staged



By Chris Veritas

One man believes the Democrats will solve America’s problems, that climate change is the world’s greatest threat, and that social progress is paramount; while another believes Republicans trump Democrats, Liberals can’t be trusted, and that radical extremists are an omnipresent omniscient threat. (The only thing they both agree on is that we are in constant danger.)

The training for this mindset starts early, as children are taught practically from the cradle that the pilgrims were thanksgiving heroes (and not litigious cranks), that America is a nation of destiny (and therefore cannot be undermined by the dark forces), and that one ought to trust implicitly the politicians and the press (despite their mercurial perfidy).

This early training, that is: worldview sculpting, is largely responsible for the irrepressible hope Americans have that next set of rascal politicians will be the ones to save the day. And of course, one must belong to one of these parties. You are an American, aren’t you?

In this way, the public is groomed from birth to serve a sociopolitical dichotomy engineered to generalize individuals, with Big Media bearing the lion’s share of the edge rounding.

Depending on your Network Programming, with CNN and FOX being the chief dialectical agents, you will more or less receive a worldview created for you by Big Money (which hides behind Big Media), thinking wholeheartedly you are objectively informed, and that by tuning in you are being a responsible citizen.

This sort of sincerity is exactly what is being played upon, as the Media trades on the trust its forebears enjoyed, exerting such authority wantonly, and brutalizing its audience with ubiquitous installments of quotidian fear.

Meanwhile, Big Media skirts you past crucial knowledge pertaining to the real Globalist threat, through the looking glass, down the rabbit hole, past Alice and the Cheshire Cat, Blitzer O’Reilly and Wolf Shepherd, and back again, none the wiser.

But don’t look too closely at the Foundations that corrupt through charity; the Food Giant that began by making poison; the Space Program that appears to be installing Control Grid infrastructure; the Science Insiders turned worldview promulgators; and let’s not forget those other worldview formulators, the Ad Agencies/Temptation Brigades.

But why cover these dreary things when you can harp endlessly on Slick Hilly’s emails?

Indeed, the American politician and his corresponding outlet exist in a scripted vacuum, where fireworks fly and fingers rise in a transfixing drama, with cardboard heroes and villains, where the stakes are real but the play is staged.

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The Perception Machine paints over reality and fact in a pure confidence game, doubling down by charading constantly (thus daring you to unmask it), and doing so by employing blatant word repetition downloads.

Here is a recent example:

Extremist, Extremist, Extremist. ISIS, ISIS, ISIS. I.S., Extremist, Radical, Rebel. Now multiply that times Infinity.

But perhaps I haven’t been fair to FOX and CNN. After all, their blues and reds are so pleasing to the eye, and the cascading stars that shoot across the screen look like liberty personified! If only America didn’t lock up such a high percentage of its citizens; and if only it didn’t invade countries fighting terrorism, meanwhile allying itself with the barbarous likes of Saudi Arabia and Qatar, perhaps I too could sink back into my easy chair and zone out to the soothing flicker rate.

But this is just the problem: Big Media crafts a scripted dream of liberty that no longer coincides with reality, even as it bombards with seemingly infinite information/crises from all over the world.

All the world’s problems are now our problems, and all the world must soon converge to save itself from the problems caused by going Global in the first place. The climactic moment appears to be approaching, and the climax of the networked drama seems eerily close to reaching its zenith.

With Media having taught the players how to act in the national drama, the curtain is now parting, and the stage is set for international tragedy.

To paraphrase Shakespeare: all the world’s a stage … and all the world is staged.

What it all seems to boil down to is that as the powers-that-be have become exceedingly corrupt, so too has the once venerable fourth estate. Working together, in fact merging and overlapping, they appear to be promulgating a universal narrative, twisting perception via all-encompassing Media, to create easily controllable, homogeneous clones.

The mind and reason itself are the targets. Peer pressure is used to coerce consensus. And television is the medium channeling the haunting of minds.

I don’t know about you, but my television’s days are numbered.

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