America is in a State of Perpetual Warmongering

By: Roger Landry, The Liberty Beacon

We went into Afghanistan to get Bin Laden. He is dead (possibly for 10 years) but we are still there nation building! We went into Iraq to get the WMD, there where none, but we are still there nation building! We bombed Libya (a very modern nation) back to the stone age to (we were told) bring peace, now terrorists run the country! We are perpetrating drone strikes and killing innocents in Pakistan, Sudan and only God knows how many other countries we are NOT at war with on a daily basis because…we can!

We backed terrorists to overthrow Mubarak, now we are not sure how Egypt will go! We are now backing insurgents in Syria to overthrow their government, including Al Qaeda, our mortal enemy responsible for (supposedly) 9/11 (treason)! We will possibly start WWIII to keep Iran from getting a nuclear bomb, which they are years from achieving if at all!

In the mean time we have killed well over two million civilians, maimed at least that many, destroyed the vital infrastructure of at lease three countries and made more mortal enemies than this country has ever seen by our quest for “peace and security”!

Yet here we have a president who is not only perpetuating this madness but exacerbating it in a huge way by stating he will send troops into Mali! Another ten year occupation raping even more of our American economy, leaving us on the brink of total collapse, condemning how many more civilians of this region and bombing another nations infrastructure back to the stone age, and for what? So to be perfectly clear, regardless if we can afford it or not (we can’t), whether We The People want it or not (we don’t), now the stage is set to invade another sovereign nation!

Do ANY of these countries threaten our sovereignty, our freedom, our way of life, in ANY way? What the hell happened to our Nobel Peace Prize winning leader who promised the world an end to all this imperialism! Wake up my friends because this party of destruction for the benefit of the very few at the expense of the many is far from over…unless We The People speak with a united voice and ROAR!!!

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