American Liberty and Sovereignty Betrayed

Secessao[1]Presented by: The Liberty Beacon

What TLB presents here is a video compilation chronicling the events precipitating this advanced state of massive federal government intrusion in America today. If you push back against this you do so at your own peril, because this is long past the realm of conspiracy theory, and seriously encroaches on stark in your face reality.

The most surprising part of this video is that a sizable portion of it is taken from the mainstream media in short clips. That in itself is amazing as these venues are owned and run by the very entities perpetrating this overwhelming push against our liberties and our lives! Is this intentional, to desensitize us, to frighten us into submission, or to prepare us for the inevitable …

Has our liberty and sovereignty been betrayed? You decide, but understand reality is a persistent foe and your only choice is to either meet this head on, awake and prepared, or suffer the treachery of ultimate tyranny!

Please watch this video and THINK !!!

Your Government Is Collapsing!!

See original video here:

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